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Group cohesion
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Group cohesion






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Group cohesion Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Title Group Cohesion
  • 2. Definition Group cohesion is when members of group are working and cooperating with each other in accomplishing the goals of the group.
  • 3. The following must be present in order for members of group to cooperate and achieve its goals Cooperation Commitment Conformity Social Control Punishment Reward l eadership l oyalty
  • 4. Leadership Influencing people by providing purpose,direction and motivation in order to accomplish a task
  • 5. Leadership Styles Perfect Leader Democratic Authoritarian Laissez-faire
  • 6. Characteristics of an Autocratic Leader Nobody is allowed to participate in the decision making Does what he /she sees fit Getting the job done is the only priority
  • 7. Characteristics of a Democratic Leader Shares decision making with others Acts as a guide Interacts with others
  • 8. Characteristics of a Laissez-faire Leader Leader involvement is minimal or non existent Little attention is paid to the goals of the group Leader has minimal influence on others
  • 9. Authority Authority is the legitimate right that a leader gets to give orders ,distribute the group's resources and to make decision on behalf of the group
  • 10. Types of authority
    • A leader may gets his or her authority from one of the following sources
    • Charismatic -Such a leader has special talents that is used to influence and inspire others
    • Rational/Legal- This leader gets his authority from the position he occupies in the group
    • Traditional- This leader gets his authority from customs and traditions practiced
  • 11. Social control This is the process by which the culture and values in a group are taught and re-enforced
  • 12. Forms of social Control
    • ,
    • ,
    • I
    • Formal
    • Informal
    • Police
    • Gossip
    • courts
    • Refusing to speak to
    • someone
    • Prisons,
    • schools
    Religious institutions Government Economic institutions Media
  • 13. Ways through which Social Control is Carried Out Laws Rules Folkways Norms Mores
  • 14. Definitions Rules- may be written or unwritten Norms- Ways of behaviour shared by most members of a group. They carry punishments if disobeyed Mores- rules which deal with respect for life and authority. They carry punishments if disobeyed Folkways- cultural traditions that have weak sanctions Law- rules that are passed as law