Survey updates 31 aug 2012


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Updates on what has been found and plans ahead for the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey by Dr Tan Koh Siang

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Survey updates 31 aug 2012

  1. 1.  Part I of CMBS 60 Mudflat surveys done since beginning of projects Lab sorting sessions held in TMSI (NUS campus) after each surveysNo. of specimens collected 10368 (More sorting n counting to go)No. of specimens identified to species 4012% of specimens identified to species 38.7%No. of species collected and identified 315
  2. 2. LATEST SURVEYS IN RED, PREVIOUSSURVEYS IN BLUEMF1, 34 Sungei BulohMF2, 12 Kranji (Beside nature trail)MF3,36, 46 Sungei CinaMF4 Pulau UbinMF5,23 Sungei PandanMF6, 37,43 Sungei MandaiMF7, 30 Lim Chu KangMF16 St John Island (Beside jetty)MF38, 41 Pulau Ubin (KampongMelayu)MF39, 40 Semakau LandfillMF45 SeletarMF50 Sungei Api ApiMF52 Changi CreekMF58 Pasir Ris (Between Sungei
  3. 3. LATEST SURVEYS IN RED, PREVIOUS SURVEYS IN BLUEMF8 West of Woodlands WaterfrontMF9 Pulau Ubin OBS sitesMF10, 53 St John IslandMF11 Lazarus IslandMF13 Pulau Ubin (Kampong Melayu)MF14 Pulau Ubin (Mamam Beach)MF15 Pulau Hantu (Big Lagoon)MF22,28 Pasir Ris (Between Sungei Api Api and SungeiTampines)MF24 Tuas (Tuas West Drive)MF25 Changi CreekMF26, 62 Western Catchment (Off Pulau Pergam)MF27, 30 Lim Chu Kang (Beside Girl Guide Camp, Oldwaterfront house)MF29 Seletar (North shore of Yishun Ave 1)MF31, 32 Semakau Landfill (Stonefish Bay, South replantedmangrove)MF33 Punggol (Along track 22)MF35 Sungei Jurong (Along Jalan Papan)MF 42 Pulau KetamMF 44, 57 Pulau Tekong (north)MF48 SerimbunMF 49 Sungei SimpangMF51 Coney IslandMF55, 59 Sungei LoyangMF60 Pulau Tekong (Sungei Unum)MF61, 64 Pulau Pawai
  4. 4.  Recce / TMSI team only  Random sampling to assess general biodiversity With volunteers  Belt transects (50 m) as standard protocol for qualitative biodiversity information Quantitative data for specific sites and targeted biota to be carried out in the future Material needs to be preserved for:  accurate species identification  voucher (reference) material in RMBR
  5. 5. Mudflat survey Sampling methodology Two major components of faunal diversity:  Infauna  Epifauna Infaunal sampling using simple manual excavation, 1 mm/2 mm sieves, yabby pumps Epifaunal sampling using seines/push nets Sampling for meiofauna (small benthic invertebrates that are < 1 mm in maximum dimension) using fine sieves
  6. 6.  Part II of CMBS Sampling of subtidal benthic fauna within Singapore Port limits Volunteers are needed both onboard vessel and in the laboratory for sorting and identification 10 nautical grids have been covered done since beginning of surveys Lab sorting sessions are held in TMSI (St John’s Island and NUS campus) after surveysNo. of specimens collected 1912 (More sorting n counting to go)No. of specimens identified to species 127% of specimens identified to species 6.6%No. of species collected and identified 54
  7. 7. Localities surveyed NAUTICAL GRIDS SURVEYED 3923 off P. Pergam (south) 3924 off P. Pergam (north) 4517 off Republic of Singapore Yacht Club 4516 off Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal 4513, 4613 betw P. Bukom and P. Semakau 4612, 4511 south of P. Semakau 4712 Betw P. Semakau, P. Sebarok, and P. Jong 5013 betw St John’s Island, Sister’s Islands, and P. Tekukor
  8. 8. Seabed survey Sampling methodology Rectangular dredge for benthic fauna Otter trawl for pelagic fauna Grabs and bottom seines
  9. 9.  Part III of CMBS Sampling of intertidal and subtidal reefs in Singapore Strait using SCUBA, supplemented by reef walks during low tide Volunteers are needed both in and out of water for sampling invertebrates and fish
  10. 10. Preliminary results from theMarch 2012 Ubin Mini Workshop
  11. 11.  Amphipods - 16 genera, 20 species Fish – 27 genera, 31 species Polychaetes – 22 genera, 25 species Hermit crabs – 4 genera, 15 species True crabs – 31 genera, 34 species Bivalves - >3o species and still counting Gastropods - >30 species and still counting
  12. 12. Stenothoe gallensis Walker, 1904 Caprella equilibra Say, 1818 Bemlos sp. Walker, 1904
  13. 13. Diopatra claparedii Grube, 1878New species record in Singapore! Loimia cf. medusa Spaghetti worm2 new family records of Singapore (Orbiniidae, Sigalionidae).17 new species records and still counting!
  14. 14. Batrachomoeus trispinosus Omobranchus punctatus Ichthyocampus carce
  15. 15. Calyptraeaextinctorium Lingula anatina Undetermined sea cucumber Syphonota geographica Philyra olivacea