The green telco business gsma bali 12 12-2012


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The Green Telco On Regulation - GSMA Meeting Bali-Indonesia 12-12-12

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The green telco business gsma bali 12 12-2012

  1. 1. 17/12/2012 Goverment matter ! • ....For government, old distinction between laissez- faire and intervention are obsolete. Government, first and foremost, must strive to create an environment sup- ports rising productivity... Govern- ment must strive to improve business environment in many ways. (It must not, however, limit competition or ease standard for safety and environment empact. Such “help” actually retards competitiveness by stunting innovation and slowing productivity improvement”) (Michael E. Porter, Competitive Advantage of Nations, 1998) RND Security Productivity Tax Leisure • The nature of the business in the future • The nature of the business environment in the future Regulation Profit ProductEmployment Affordability Business sustainability Social contribution Revenue 1
  2. 2. 17/12/2012A great many developing nations arein economic crises today, but notexactly because they are doing thewrong things. Rather, they are doingthe right things for times they nolonger live in.Michael Fairbanks & Stacey Lindsay (1997) Increasing service and Agenda : How to put product “green telco business approach, policy, and practices” on the “telco 2.0 platform” Reducing Business Costs (Capex and Opex) 2
  3. 3. 17/12/20121. People obsessed to bustle-an anti-social society, as there will be a hyper- social-networked society2. Technology driven civilization –and telco-internet-television at the forefront3. Virtual memory. In 2020, human brain can be downloaded: a) human being, (The Known of the Not (the Unknown of the Not Known) Known) 2) improved human being (Ian Person, BT Futurology, UK) The Unknown4. Fast is more important than accurate – as there are multitasking generation5. Free economy –content; network will be “public good”6. After virtual memory, then virtual bank: they are wall mart, apple, google, toyota…. Telkomsel.7. Supermarket will have more attendants than Disneyland (the Known of the Has (the Unknown of the Has8. Car owner will pay 5 times: car and its services, tax, fuel, carbon emission, Been Known) Been Known) and road-tax the Known9. Youth behavior. In 2017, 80% - 90% online trading by youth (15-19) through cellphones, and 75% of researches will be conducted online from cellphone10. Digital economy. In 2020 : 10% cash transaction, and up to 90% will be the Known The Unknown digital. Cellphone will be the most favorite wallet (AC Nielsen) “Improvement” “Re-engineering” “Malcolm Baldrige” 3
  4. 4. 17/12/20121. “wallet” then “bank” • To educate customer to conserve the SIM card2. Advertising3. Entertainment 1. A campaign for customer who change the number, but not4. Shopping mall the SIM card5. Research & education 2. A simple and effective system to handle number-change of customer• To educate customer to deliver the used cell-phone • To educate customer to preserve the environment from chemical pollution from cellphone battery1. A campaign for customer to give away the used ones2. The customer will earn a certificate as the “Role Model of the 1. A place where every customer may throw away the Green Customer” used/leak battery3. The business refurbished the cell-phone as good as it can be 2. A business process that enable the used/leak battery4. The cellphone will be deliver to the smallholders business recycled, or a safe used battery storage that need those refurbished cellphone …(in other less developed countries) 4
  5. 5. 17/12/2012 • To empower society to come with the light-bulb idea of green Telco Business 1. A competition 2. A corporate funded research – individual and/or in cooperation• To empower other business to do green business in regard of Telco Business: reducing the transport traffic1. Working from home2. Flexi-time Incentives ? Corporate ? Government ? 5
  6. 6. 17/12/2012Infrastructure Management Partners Producer Customer Seller/Retailer Passive Structure Outsource phones behavior direct Active Process Vendor supporting status mediated 6
  7. 7. 17/12/2012• …developing the method for “evaluating the green telco business” in Indonesia PP/Govt. Decree No. 5/2006 “In the making process” PMK/MoF. Decree No. 21/2010 Green Telco Promoting Regulation Developing the relevant “Convergence policy : Telco, regulation Broadcast/Media, IT/Internet” “Business synergy –from infrastructure sharing to Industries consolidation” Encouraging the business “self regulated” sector “competing for green business” 7
  8. 8. 17/12/2012 • Solar 1. Infrastructure sharing – Backbone and Backhaul – Tower Sharing – National Roaming Total capacity (installed): 1,148,645 Watts peak (Macro BTS) 2. Alternative Energy – less carbon Total capacity (installed): 426,640 Watts peak (Micro BTS in USO Project) Total capacity (on going) : 352,600 Watts peak (PO 2009) • Micro hydro Telkomsel is installing microhydro power generation as pilot project in : 1.Suoh – Lampung, Potential capacity : 16 kilowatts 2. Teluk Wondama – Papua, Potential capacity : 14 kilowatts• Hydrogen (Fuel cell) Total capacity (installed) : 11 system Total capacity (on going) : 22 kilowatts (PO 2008) 8
  9. 9. 17/12/2012 Issue Target Policy Market Incentives 1. The winning business in the future will only be the greenIndustry Business process Regulation for Competing toward Disincentives business, it is in telco indeed reengineering: business efficiency and best business process and incentives efficient & green service standard and its services 2. How corporates respond to the definite future by Industries Regulation on merger Competing toward Support developing a green business platform consolidation & acquisition best value business Economy of green Regulation on business Competing toward Support, 3. How government respond to the definite future by innovation innovation; regulation innovative service incentives providing the supporting policy on convergence and productMarket Green product Regulation on From green Support 4. How the global institution –ITU-- build the strong global promoting eco-friendly cellphone to green alliance toward green business in telco product content Green business Regulation on Green telco-business Support chain promoting eco-friendly ecology business chain at local, national, and global level 9
  10. 10. 17/12/2012 10