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Snow white 1


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Snow white 1

Snow white 1

Published in: Education

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  • 1. “Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs’ Interviews” Happy- Wiktoria Sleepy- Szymon Sneezy- Patrycja Grumpy- Karol Dopey- Julia Bashful- Dawid Doc- Patryk We like our meetings with Snow White. She is clever and beautiful and we love her very much. She is taking part in an amazing event- Comenius Project. In October 2013 she played host to people from five Countries: Turkey, Spain, Italy, Latvia and Romania. We are very curious about the event and we have a lot of questions to her. HAPPY: What a funny situation I had yesterday. When I was walking in the forest, I met a boar. I escaped on a tree. Then it was terrible, but now it’s funny. Did you have any funny situations while your guests were in Poland? -Hmmmm. Somebody made a mistake with colors of Polish flag. I think it was embarrassing but funny. SLEEPY: Oh, yes. You’re right. It was embarrassing. If we’re talking about that, I had a scary situation yesterday. I was walking in the forest and suddenly I felt asleep, so I went to sleep near the nettle. When I woke up, my body was in pain. Did you sleep well in Poland? -Yes, of course. I love sleeping. SNEEZY: I also like sleeping. I had a terrible situation yesterday, too. When I was talking to a beautiful girl dwarf, I sneezed on her face. It was terrible. Did you have any terrible situations in Poland? - No, I didn't. Everybody was nice so I was happy. GRUMPY: Oh. I must go to Poland. Five days ago I had a nasty situation. Someone said, that I'm too short and fat. I was angry! Do you think, Polish people are nice? - Yes, I do. All people in Poland are very, very nice. DOPEY: Oh. I want to go to Poland! Last week I had a funny situation. I forgot my shoes and all dwarfs were laughing at me. Have you ever forgotten something? - Yes, I have. When I was going to Italy, I nearly forgot my passport. BASHFUL: I also sometimes forgot things. Last year I was going to the forest and I met a nice girl dworf. I was too shy and I didn't say nothing to her. Are Polish people confident? - Yes, they are. You must meet them and check by yourself.
  • 2. DOC: I like confident people. I also like studying. Did you teach your guests any Polish words? - Yes, of course. I learnt them some Polish words. They're " Dzień Dobry" ( Good morning), "Dziękuję" ( Tahnk you), "Proszę" ( Please) and some other. Comenius Project is really fantastic. It gives a lot of possibilities and it is really important to integrate partner countries.