Ppt Romania Activities for mobility in Poland


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Romania Activities for mobility in Poland

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Ppt Romania Activities for mobility in Poland

  1. 1. 1. Cumhuriyet İlköğretim Okulu, Kirsehir TURKEY 2. Şcoala Gimnazială “Liviu Rebreanu” Mioveni, Argeş - ROMANIA 3. Gimnazjum w Kijach, Kije - POLAND 4. Istituto Comprensivo A. Leonori, Rome - ITALY 5. Publico Don Alvaro de Luna, Maqueda - SPAIN 6. Daugavpils Saskaņas Pamatskola - LATVIA Project realized with the financial support of the European Commission within Comenius Programme Lifelong Learning.
  2. 2. The first day we were welcomed by Italian teachers, host pupils and their parents.
  3. 3. The second day we all were guests of Istituto Comprensivo A. Leonori from Rome.
  4. 4. First we listened the project anthem, got flowers, cards, flags and watched a show.
  5. 5. Then we made the tour of the school, seeing a lot of project posters, taking photos.
  6. 6. We saw a History lesson about Guernica’s massacre which inspired Pablo Picasso.
  7. 7. In a show hall of the school, some gifted Italian pupils acted the play “Pinocchio”.
  8. 8. Later, we had lunch in the schoolyard, by eating Italian food prepared by parents.
  9. 9. That afternoon we visited Palazzo Farnese, the High Renaissance palace in Rome.
  10. 10. In the evening, the Italian school headmaster surprised us with a Rome night tour.
  11. 11. The third day of the mobility we had art workshop in the Presidential Estate Park.
  12. 12. The artworks made here were the fruit of our Comenius team pupils’ imagination.
  13. 13. They inspired the pupils to compose poems in English, the language of the project.
  14. 14. Then, we showed our activities, acted the artwork poems and listened to a concert.
  15. 15. We have dedicated the whole fourth day to a Vatican Museum documentary visit.
  16. 16. The fifth day we toured Rome to see Coloseum, Piazza Venezia, Fontana di Trevi.
  17. 17. Back to the hotel, we had the ceremony of receiving the certificates and souvenirs.
  18. 18. The sixth day we toured Ostia, a big archeological site showing the ancient Rome.
  19. 19. In the afternoon, we also had the opportunity to visit the tourist harbour of Ostia.
  20. 20. The seventh day we had to leave Italy, after a good cooperation within the project.
  21. 21. So kind, the host pupils and parents led the Romanian team to the airport by cars.
  22. 22. In our school online magazine we disseminated the mobility in Italy.
  23. 23. After the mobility in Italy, we had a meeting with our kids’ parents.
  24. 24. The pupils who participated to the mobility in Italy wrote their main impressions.
  25. 25. Our pupils took part to “Ludicus” Kids and Youth Theatre Festival.
  26. 26. We commemorated together “Heroes Day” at the school monument.
  27. 27. Our kids showed their joy of getting “European Flag” for our town.
  28. 28. Through a show, “Childhood, dream world”, we celebrated June 1st.
  29. 29. We wrote a release on the mobility in Italy on our agency forum site.
  30. 30. The Days of Mioveni Town was a chance to develop many activities.
  31. 31. We have posted in Shutterfly 5 albums for the online memory book.
  32. 32. Our pupils have improved their practical skills in a creativity camp.
  33. 33. We prepared the yearly progress report for sending it to our agency.
  34. 34. At the opening of the school year we updated our Comenius project.
  35. 35. Our coordinator’s speech was published on an online school journal.
  36. 36. We disseminated the first Comenius project year at Teachers House.
  37. 37. Through press releases we did the balance of our project’s first year.
  38. 38. Our team developed an activity on the European Day of Languages.
  39. 39. The pupils had a self-evaluation questionnaire of the 1st project year.
  40. 40. The kids saw our town French Library for doing advertising slogan.
  41. 41. We have established the participant pupils to the mobility in Poland.
  42. 42. On “Cleaning Day” we all developed a green action on the outskirts.
  43. 43. Our pupils took part to the launch of an Excellence Center in region.
  44. 44. We had an impressive Flash Mob on Mobility Day in Mioveni Town.
  45. 45. Before the mobility in Poland, we met with pupils and their parents.
  46. 46. Our pupils team made an exhibition of drawings describing autumn.
  47. 47. By promoting the project our teachers were awarded with diplomas.
  48. 48. A specialist of our region learned us how to protect the environment.
  49. 49. In their paintings our pupils showed Sumedru’s Fire and Halloween.
  50. 50. We shared to our partners the pupils’ autumn dry leaves art works.
  51. 51. Our pupils have written postcards to their Polish Comenius friends.