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Daniel ria photojournalist profile james nachtwey final
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Daniel ria photojournalist profile james nachtwey final


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Published in: Art & Photos

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  • 1. Ria DanielApril 26, 2013History of Photojournalism
  • 2. A Man with a Talentof Words and anEye for Art."I have been a witness, andthese pictures aremy testimony. The events Ihave recorded shouldnot be forgotten and mustnot be repeated."-James Nachtwey
  • 3. EraSome of James’ profound work was in the early90s.He unexpectedly did really good work on 9/11photos. There will be a few slides dedicated to showsome images that were unpublished by James. Inthis section along with the photos there will bequotes from Nachtwey.
  • 4. MotivationA direct quotes from James Nachtwey describes his motivation.“Why photograph war? Is it possible to put an end to human behavior which hasexisted throughout history by means of photography? The proportions of that notionseem ridiculously out of balance yet that very idea has motivated me.”Source:
  • 5. Technology•James uses a Canon EOS-1D 20-35 2.8 lens,•A TiffenBW•He attaches a uv filter on it•This is a top notch camera and the UV filter eliminates the haziness that is createdBy ultraviolet lights
  • 6. EthicsA very angry blogger “Mel” wrote “James Nachtway“Fights TB with Pictures?” The arrogance of this guyis astonishing. Exactly how is violating the privacy ofextremely ill people receiving medical care forpurposes of shock value and self-aggrandizementfighting TB? I guess this comment will never see thelight of day…” James like many war photographerswas faced with the ethical dilemma of having toexploit people in pain and in a vulnerable moment inorder to capture the “moment”
  • 7. Photo 1Subject’s Expression:Unfortunately we can not seethe subject’s expression. But basedon the surroundings and it is safe toconclude that their expressionswould be of pain or distress.Quality of Light:The quality of light is intenseand very dramatic, by having theimage black and white andeliminating the color it raises thesuspense of what is going on in thephoto. The water that is drippingfrom the man’s hand on the rightbecomes more intensified being inblack and white.Rule of Thirds:It is not certain whether thephotographer purposely placed thesubject off to the right and not inthe middle frame. Although there istwo men in the picture, the male onthe right is the main subject. Thephotographer made it clear to showmore definition of his body. If thepicture is dived into thirds , themain subject is indeed on the outerthirds.Photo by: James NatchweyImage Source: Taken: 2010
  • 8. Photo 2Obvious main subject:The main subject is both the doctorand the patient, there is anotherimage in the background of anotherpatient; but the patient that the doctoris holding is the main subject. If theperson in the background was takenout, the impact of the photo wouldstill be the same.Keep it Simple:The image is simple, it is notcluttered. The subjects are in a simpleroom and the image of the man’s skinthat is suffering from Tuberculosis isenough.In or Out of focus:The image is in focus, but theimage of the patient laying down onthe stretcher is out of focus. Theoutlets on the wall are also out offocus. I think the photographerwanted to eliminate everything in theroom that was not [portraying whathe wanted out of the picture.Photo by: James NachtweyImage source: Taken: 2010
  • 9. Photo 3Subject’s Expression:We are unable to see thewomen’s faces, but it isappropriate for their culture.Is the image black andwhite or color:The image is incolor, although there all of thesubject’s are wearing black.The sky is a beautiful blue andthe colors contrast of theblack with the blue isbeautiful.Use of lines:The women’s attire make itdifficult to see the lines oftheir images. The arm thatextends out from the blackclothing is interesting andeerie. Based on the lines, it ishard to see where the arm iscoming from.Photo by: James NatchweyImage Source: Taken: 2003
  • 10. Photo 4What image does the imagecreate?This picture creates manyemotions, includingsadness, pride, and anger.What in the image helpedcreate that feeling?The fact that the solider iscradling the child creates greatpride. As an American it isbeautiful and honoring to see thesolider caring for the child who isin need. It creates the sadness andanger because the child is soemaciated. A child should behealthy and the first priority.TextureThe texture is rough in thebackground, but smooth in thefront of the image. The lines anddepth of the image is clear.Photo by: James NatchweyImage Source: Taken: 2011
  • 11. Impact Made on SocietyJames Nachtwey made a huge impact in society. Amongst his manyaccomplishments, he was awarded the Heinz award and Overseas Press Clubfor six years. His images raised awareness about issues such astuberculosis, war, and poverty. Jame’s shot images that were very intense andshowed things that some people would rather not see.
  • 12. Major at AICI am a liberal arts degree with a concentration in psychology. I think thatbeing a war photographer could be detrimental on a person’s spirits, butit can also be rewarding. It can be detrimental because they run the riskof contracting whatever disease the subject has, they also run the risk ofbeing killed. Emotionally it is sad to see so many people in pain andpoverty.
  • 13. ViewpointThe image located below was taken by photographer ChristianFei shows Nachtwey in a different light, an angle that showsChristian in his work field. It is interesting to see JamesNachtwey surrounded by scared individuals on the ground andhe is not scared to be in the middle of the action. There will be asection of unpublished photos, with some personal quotes. Anexample of one is located on the next slide….
  • 14. Photo by: Christian FeyImage Source: taken: 2002
  • 15. References