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Cat Short

Cat Short







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    Cat Short Cat Short Presentation Transcript

    • Status Report on CATT and FASTNET R. Poirot, VT DEC & R. Husar, CAPITA, 9/29/04 CATT: Combined Aerosol Trajectory Tools FASTNET: Fast Aerosol Sensing Tools for Natural Event Tracking Both are Inter-RPO Projects, Conducted by CAPITA Managed for MANE-VU by: MARAMA (Serpil Kayin, CATT) & NESCAUM (Gary Kleiman, FASTNET)
    • Status: CATT & FASTNET have been Eaten by DataFed.Net
    • Within DATAFED.NET, CATT & FASTNET are 2 of many “ Projects” which Share Many Common “ Datasets” which are Archived & Accessible & can be Viewed, Compared, Exported, Analyzed & Interpreted, using a variety of Web-Based “ Applications”
    • Data Catalog(s) Provide Access to Many: Fast (rapidly available), Current (near-real-time, recently archived & continuing) and Slow (historical data Like IMPROVE Aerosol & ATAD trajectories)
    • Data Catalogs: Aerosol, Fire, Maps, Meteorology, Emissions, Images, Events
    • Data Viewer: Open & View Any File in Catalog(s). Many Files Include Time Series, Linked to Map – Point & Click. Zoom Map or Time series, Change Size, Symbols, Variables, Add Layers, Export Data – Copy Paste.
    • Data Files Accessed & Archived Specifically for FASTNET. Note Varying Start dates (1988-2004), with Most Continuing. VIEWS_CHEM (IMPROVE Aerosol) and ATAD Trajectories (NPS) are currently used in CATT Applications
    • Start with Kitty: http:// webapps . datafed .net/ dvoy _services/ datafed . aspx ?view=Kitty Kitty DataFed .net Large Collection of Projects, Data, Tools. Where’s CATT “Start”?
    • Change Species or Site Filtering & Data Export Change Sites by Point & Click Kitty Acadia SO4 > 15 ug/m3
    • 1. Start with Kitty to Explore Any Combinations of IMPROVE & ATAD Traj. Data (any/all sites & years). 2. Export CSV file of Selected Data & Copy/Paste into CSV Table Editor and Save for Subsequent Analysis.
    • 1. Change Traj Sort. 2. Plot in Kitty 2. Export file as CSV data. 3. Copy/Paste into File Editor,Save. 4. Open YourFile in TrajAggGrid… Save(d) as: ALLpost99OCge10.csv
    • Select All Sites and Dates after 1/1/99 if : Organic Carbon >= 10 ug/m3. Fires in the West & Southeast (but not much in MANE-VU) Save CSV file & open in Trajectory Aggregator/Gridder, Weight Traj. by OC Concentration (or not), Normalize (or not) & Plot.
    • Fine Soil >7.5, post-1999, All Sites & All Months Fine Soil > 7.5, All Years, All Sites, July-Only Western & Asian Dust (Primarily Spring) Eastern Sahara Dust (Primarily Summer)
    • All US sites, dv >=30 All US sites, SO4 >=15 Areas upwind of all sites for Highest dv = Highest SO4
      • From Kitty, http:// webapps . datafed .net/ dvoy _services/ datafed . aspx ?view=Kitty
      • select All Locations & YourSpecies >= X (using “Q” button)
      • Export CSV Data (“D” button) & Copy/Paste into CSV File Editor & Submitter: http:// webapps . datafed .net/ dvoy _services/ editfile . aspx
      • Save as YourFileName.csv
      • To Plot in Trajectory Aggregator & Gridder, substitute YourFileName.csv for ALLDVge30.csv)
      • http:// webapps . datafed .net/ dvoy _services/ datafed . aspx ?view= TrajAggGrid & csv _ url =ALLDVge30. csv &value_column=value&scale_max=0.004
      All US sites, SO4 >=15 Kitty “How To”, for Review
      • CATT Future:
      • Add Additional Ensemble Trajectory Metrics
      • “ Automatically” update as new Traj & Aerosol data are available (Kristi Gebhart has just updated ATADs for most recent IMPROVE)
      • Add Additional Aerosol (STN) & Trajectory Data (Kristi is Willing to Crank ATADs for Entire STN Network – triple site density)!!
      • Continued Support from MANE-VU, other RPOs(?) & other DataFed.Net Partners (NSF, NASA, EPA, etc.).