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Test one part _two_ruth_shumate

  1. 1. Ruth Harris Shumate’s Guide for Great Baking and Candy Making
  2. 2. Hello I am Ruth And I love Chocolate!
  3. 3. Introduction or All about me! I have been cooking since I was young child – many many years! I am consider an expert baker and candy maker . I have given seminars and demonstrations for groups and organizations. My chocolate chip cookies are my most requested baked item. I believe in using real ingredients – butter and sugar! Baking and candy making are not hard – just takes practice I bake to relieve stress! Let me show you the basics!
  4. 4. A great cook needs the right equipment to produce great food!
  5. 5. A supply of essential ingredients makes baking convenient and you will be ready to make most recipes.
  6. 6. Rock Road Candy Ingredients 2 cup pecans-broken 2 bags Nestlé's semi-sweet chocolate chips 3 bags miniature marshmallows Directions Melt chocolate chips slowly in double boiler on low heat – don’t let water boil Put marshmallows in a bowl with nuts Pour melted chocolate into bowl with nuts and marshmallows Mix and spread on wax paper on cookie tray Very Easy Recipe
  7. 7. Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients 1 cup Parkay margarine 1 cup Jif peanut butter 1 ½ cups white sugar 1 ½ cups brown sugar packed 2 teaspoons vanilla 4 eggs 4 cups of flour 2 teaspoons baking soda 5 cups of Nestlé's semi-sweet chocolate chip A recipe for a Crowd!
  8. 8. Chocolate Chip Cookies Directions Preheat oven to 325 degrees Cream sugars and margarine until light and fluffy Add vanilla and eggs and beat well Add flour and baking soda into creamed mixture. Beat until flour is combined Mix in chocolate chips Using a small scoop, place on to a cookie sheet Bake for 12 -15 minutes Cool on rack
  9. 9. Who gets my bake goods and candy?
  10. 10. Final Words! Find a good teacher or mentor to help you. You need the right equipment. You need a good supply of staples. Practice makes perfect – don’t worry if you fail at first. The trash can has been used in my house! Baking and candy making is great fun and will make you popular! You can become a Cooking Network Star! Star Award