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Cloud Computing 2013: Status and Trends
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Cloud Computing 2013: Status and Trends


Published on

Cloud Weekend '13 …

Cloud Weekend '13
ITI Smart Village, Giza, Egypt
11 May 2013

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • SiloIntegrated (SFDC, AD, Email)Dynamic (cloudbursting)
  • IaaS: Improved efficiencies, legacy applicationsPaaS: New custom and internal applicationsSaaS: Commodity applications
  • Mobile: increases need for Internet storage and runtimeSocial: Internet accessibilityBigData/Analytics: dynamic workloadAlso: mobile enables social, mobile provides location data, social provides metadata to analytics
  • Transcript

    • 1. 24/01/2013 1John Rhoton – 2013Cloud Computing 2013Status and TrendsJohn RhotonCloud Weekend, Giza, Egypt11-12 May 2013
    • 2. 24/01/2013 2John Rhoton – 2013Agenda• Status• Current adoption areas• Deployment challenges• Hybrid cloud evolution• Trends
    • 3. 24/01/2013 3John Rhoton – 2013Cloud Essence• NIST Definition generally accepted• Common theme: “resource pooling”• Attributes– Virtualization, Multi-tenancy, Automation, Self-service,Internet Delivery, Elasticity, On-demand provisioning,Utility Pricing, Service Orientation, Outsourcing…• Benefits– Cost Reduction– Increased Revenue (Agility)– Faster Growth (Focus)
    • 4. 24/01/2013 4John Rhoton – 2013Adoption Highlights• SaaS– Collaboration (Google Apps, Office365)– CRM (Salesforce)– HCM (Workday)• PaaS– Custom Applications• IaaS– Web Sites– Development & Test– Disaster Recovery
    • 5. 24/01/2013 5John Rhoton – 2013Niche Successes• Security as a Service– SPAM/Malware protection– Policy Enforcement• Availability– Archiving and Backup• Service Management– Service Desk• Development Support– Testing– Code Management
    • 6. 24/01/2013 6John Rhoton – 2013Emerging Opportunities• Enterprise Resource Planning• Vertical Applications• Line-of-Business ApplicationsRequire Flexibility, Control, Security
    • 7. 24/01/2013 7John Rhoton – 2013Challenges• Business/Financial– Capex/Opex, Cash flow, ROI• Risk & Security– Compliance, Governance, Privacy• Technical– Technologies, Integration, Automation• Process– Culture, Procedure, Project Management
    • 8. 24/01/2013 8John Rhoton – 2013Startups• Ideal Candidates– Small• No internal economy of scale– No legacy• Less integration effort– Unpredictable growth• Flexibility required
    • 9. 24/01/2013 9John Rhoton – 2013Enterprise• More Challenging Business case– Large– Significant legacy– More predictable future• Opportunities– Short term: Dev/test, Collaboration, Security,New outbound services– Long term: Private-> Hybrid -> Public
    • 10. 24/01/2013 10John Rhoton – 2013Private Cloud Optimization• Resource Efficiencies– Virtualization• Operational Efficiencies– Automation, Chargeback• Sourcing Efficiencies– Service Orientation, Modularization, GranularSecurityVirtualization is only the beginning
    • 11. 24/01/2013 11John Rhoton – 2013Private Cloud FlexibilityCustomersBusiness UnitsCloudProviderITCloudProviderCustomersLook for revenue potential
    • 12. 24/01/2013 12John Rhoton – 2013Hybrid Cloud ConvergenceSilo Integrated DynamicLeverage the benefits of each cloud
    • 13. 24/01/2013 13John Rhoton – 2013Business Continuity• Cold Site• Warm Site• Hot Site• Double-ActiveMulti-dimensional redundancy is critical
    • 14. 24/01/2013 14John Rhoton – 2013Cloudbursting• Network Connectivity• Compute Failover– Replicated Infrastructure• Storage Accessibility– Latency– SecurityData locality is pivotal
    • 15. 24/01/2013 15John Rhoton – 2013Stack ConvergenceProprietaryHardwareProprietarySoftwareOpenSourceConsortiumDrivenBalance ease with flexibility
    • 16. 24/01/2013 16John Rhoton – 2013Cloud TrendsIaaSPaaSSaaSFlexibilityEfficiencyLegacy Applications and InfrastructureNew Commodity ApplicationsNew Custom and Internal ApplicationsAim for the top of the stack
    • 17. 24/01/2013 17John Rhoton – 2013Complementary TrendsMobileSocialAnalyticsCloudLeverage cloud to enable other trends
    • 18. 24/01/2013 18John Rhoton – 2013Summary• Cloud adoption is replacing hype• Private cloud is the starting point• Public cloud is the final destination• Multiple stages of hybrid cloud in between• The cloud stacks are converging• Services maximize efficiency up the stack• Cloud is linked to mobility, social and big data
    • 19. 24/01/2013 19John Rhoton – 2013Contact DetailsFollow me: @johnrhotonConnect: linkedin/in/rhotonRead the the