Case study Capital Advisory Group


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Capital Advisory Group Transforms RIA practice

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Case study Capital Advisory Group

  1. 1. adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions CASE STUDY Capital Advisory Group A Search for Improved Client Reporting Led CAPITAL ADVISORY GROUP to Make a Host of Practice-Enhancing Upgrades with Help from AdhesionTHE PROBLEMCurrent reporting and investment management processes couldn’t handle CapGroup’s growingclient load and investing complexity.CONTACTW. Richard Smith III, President, Capital Advisory Group BOTTOM LINE BENEFITS • CapGroup’s internal staff has been freed to focus on advising clients and developing the business. CapGroup can now bring on additional books of business without concern about their ability to handle the added operational load. • Clients are getting a clearer, more comprehensive picture of their portfolio and its performance; CapGroup is projecting a more distinctive image. • CapGroup now has a superior investment management and delivery process to help them compete for added institutional and wealth management business. With Adhesion Investing and Reporting services, CapGroup feels they are now well positioned to compete for substantial asset growth from institutional and wealth management clients.Capital Advisory Group (CapGroup), based in Richmond, VA, grew steadily over the lasttwenty years to reach its current size of over $1 Billion in AUM. CapGroup has evolved intoa preeminent regional firm with specialized practices serving the asset management andinvestment consulting needs of high net worth families and middle market institutional investorsincluding pensions, 401k plans and charitable foundations.
  2. 2. Replacing the PatchworkHistorically, CapGroup used a patchwork of external and internal operationsresources to support its diverse array of client services. In recent years, thesesystems had become more and more inefficient and unable to keep up with thefirm’s demands for providing its clients with customized portfolio solutions andmeaningful reporting. With assistance from parent company, Focus FinancialPartners, CapGroup began an initiative in 2010 to upgrade and revamp its legacysystems to provide more client capacity and operating leverage with its presentsupport staff. As a result of their work with Adhesion, CapGroup is in the process of redefining its entire approach to investment managementInitially the goal was to improve client reporting. CapGroup needed to providecustomized reporting, featuring both electronic and hard copy delivery dependingon client needs. Also, CapGroup wanted to enhance its clients’ online queryexperience and make it more convenient for clients to access current account data.In deciding to engage Adhesion, the firm had to first abort an extensive processrequired by the previous vendor to transfer data from PortfolioCenter, as thisstep was no longer necessary in order for Adhesion to create CapGroup’s newclient reporting system.Adhesion’s Reporting ServiceThe quick implementation possible with Adhesion’s Reporting Service now allowsCapGroup advisors to leverage Adhesion’s powerful online inquiry tools formonitoring and analyzing the activity, holdings and performance of their clients’accounts. Clients will also have access to an online portal, branded by CapGroup,Case Study – Capital Advisory Group
  3. 3. to retrieve reports and view portfolio details. Soon, they will even be able to checktheir holdings via an iPad or iPhone.CapGroup Wondered What Else Adhesion Could Do to Improve TheirBusiness ProcessesWith their client reporting greatly improved, CapGroup wanted to pursue otherAdhesion services to upgrade their practice management. With a complex bookof business ranging from wealthy individuals to institutional portfolios, CapGroupfound Adhesion could help them leverage their investment consulting expertiseto establish flexible, model-based investment programs that can be efficientlyapplied across their wide set of client segments.Adhesion provided a structure and process by which CapGroup could deliver theirinvestment programs to clients via a unified managed account vehicle with externaloverlay portfolio management, allowing CapGroup to consolidate its researchefforts and provide closer account management and tighter risk controls overclient portfolio strategies. In addition, CapGroup will be able to apply sophisticatedtax management strategies, allowing taxable accounts to improve on after-taxperformance results.A New BeginningAs a result of their work with Adhesion, CapGroup is in the process of redefiningits entire approach to investment management. The firm is creating multi-managerallocation strategies for implementation via Adhesion unified managed accounts.Adhesion has added some of CapGroup’s preferred investment managers toprovide the models that CapGroup will incorporate in its investment managementprograms.  Adding value for your clients • Building value in your business
  4. 4. Adding value for your clients Building value in your business adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions 888.295.8351 www.adhesionwealth.comThis pamphlet is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended as and should not be used to provide investment advice and does not address or account for individual investor circumstances. Investment decisions should always be made based on the client’s specific financial needs and objectives, goals, timehorizon, and risk tolerance. The statements contained herein are based solely upon the opinions of Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions. All opinions and views constitute our judgments as of the date of writing and are subject to change at any time without notice. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.