Index to New Netherland Ships 1660


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John, this shows our Sebring ancestors arrival in New Netherland, 1660.

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Index to New Netherland Ships 1660

  1. 1. INDEX TO NEW NETHERLAND SHIPS’ PASSENGER LISTS 1660 The Love March 1660 from Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664 Wiggert Reinders, from Ter Gouw; Farmer Maritje Jansen maiden Bart Jansen, from Amsterdam; mason, and Wife and three children Cornelis Davitsen Schaets; wheelwright Laaurens Harmens, from Holstein and Wife Dirck Gerritsen vandien from Tricht; Agriculturer The Gilded Beaver (De Vergulde Bever) March 29 1660 Captain Jan Ryerse Van Der Beets in the De Vergulde Bever from Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664 Annetien Abrahams, maiden Jonas Bartelsz, wife and two children 3 and 4 yrs old The wife of Cornelis Niesen, Adeborst [cadet] Maria Jans, also called Besems, maiden De Vergulde Otter (The Gilded Otter) (The Gilded Otter) December 1657 voyages On 22 December 1657, with Capt. Jan Jansen Bestevaeer, The Gilded Ottersailed with the following individuals: Claes Pouwelsen, mason, from Ditmarsen Jan Jansen Van Den Bos, mason, and his brother, 13 years old Soldiers listed as about to embark for New Netherland in the ship Otter on 27 Apr. 1660 [It is believed Otter and the Gilded Otter were the same vessel]:
  2. 2. Jan VRESEN, Adelborst [cadet] from Hamburg, wife and 2 children, 11 and 9 yrs old J acob LEYSELER, from Franckfort Coenraet LOCKER, from Nurenbergh. Daniel LENGELGRAAFF, from Amsterdam Thomas VORST, from Bremen Harmen HELLINGH, from Reeda Gysbert DIRCKSEN, from De Schans te Vooren [near Voorne?] Teunis WARTEN, from Gorcum ~ assigns two month's wages per year to his wife Wybreg HARMANSZ, of ~~~~~~ Ferdinandus WILLAYS, from Cortyrck Reiner CORNELIS, from Utrecht, to be discharged whenever he requests it, to follow his trade Joost KOCHUIJT, from Brugge Jan VAECX, from Nieustad Jan RIET, from Bon Jan CLASEN, from Out-Seventeer Paulus METTERMANS, from Leuven. Pieter TEUNIS, from Flensburg The Faith (De Trouw) December 13 1660. Captain Jan Jans Bestevaer from Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664 Christiaen de Lorie, from St Malo, wife, mother and sister Hendrick Jansen Spier and Wife and two children 4 and 5 yrs old Adriaen Huybertsen Sterrevelt; Agriculturist Harmen Stepfer, from the Dutchy of Cleef Joost Adriaensen Pynacker, from Delft Philip Langelens; Agriculturist, and Wife and two children Hendrick Bos, from Leyden, and Wife and two children Gerrit Gerritsen, from Wageningen, and Wife and one child. William Aertsen, from Wagening.
  3. 3. Gerrit van Manen, from Wagening Albert Gerritsen, from Wagening. Jan Gerritsen Hagel Hendrick Jansen, from Wagening Jan Aertsen, from Amersfoort Tys Jansen, from Amersfoort Wessel Wesselsen, from Munster Adolph Hardenbroeck, and Wife and Son 25 yrs old. (Pieter Rudolphus agrees to pay passage for the son of Adolph) Claes Theunissen, from Gorcum, and his servant, and boy Lubbert Harmensen, from Overyssel Lammert Huybertsen, [Brink?] from Wagening, and Wife and two children Jan Harmans and Wife and sucking child Roeloft Hendricks from Drenthe Femmetje Hendricksen, maiden Maria Mooris, from Arnhem, maiden Marten Abrahamsen, from Bloemendael, and Wife and two children The Wife of Hans Sodurat, Baker, and two children Leendert Arentsen Groenevelt, and Wife Aeltje Jacobsen; maiden Willem Petersen, from Amersfoort [Van Slyke aka Neef, the nephew of Lorine McGinnis Schulze's Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyke] Claes Tysen, cooper, and two children March 1662 from Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664 Lysbert Harmens, from the Traert Jan Gerrits, from Embden; labourer Jacob Wouters, from Amsterdam Barent Witten Hooft, from Munster, Tailor, and Wife and two children Stoffel Smet, from Keurlo; Agriculturist Precilla Homes, and her brother, and one suckling Thomas Harmensen Brouwers, from Sevenbergen; farmer
  4. 4. Symon Cornie; farmer from France, and Wife Adriaen Gerritsen, from Utrecht; Agriculturist, and Wife and five children Albert Jansen, from Steenwyck; Tailor Reinier Petersen, from Steenwyck; Agriculturer Claes van Campen, from Oldenburg; farmer's boy Adriaen Aartsen from Thillerwarden in Guilderland Hendrick Arentsen, from the same place; labourer January 1664 from Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664 Maarcelis Jansen van Bommel; farmer Evert Tack, from the Barony of Breda Lysbet Arens, from Amsterdam, and child Johannis Hardenbroeck, from Elberveld, and Wife and four children Janneken Juriaensen, from Gorcum Corneliss Cornelissen Vernoey, and Wife and sucking child Lysbet de Roode, from Dantzick, Wife of John Saline, and child Sara Teunis De Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow) April 1660 voyage, Captain Pieter Lucasz from Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657- 1664 Jan Soubanick (Suebering), from Byle in Drenthe Albert Jansz from Drenthe Pieter Jacobsz, from East Friesland Cornelis Bartels, from Drenthe Steeven Koorts [Van Voorhees] from Drenthe, wife and 7 children; 22, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 years old. Jan Kiers, farmer, and wife from Drenthe Focke Jansz, farmer from Drenthe, wife and 7 children: 19, 17, 13, 11, 9, 3 yrs old, and nursing child Claes Arentsz from Drenthe, wife and 3 children: 6, 4, 3/4 yrs old and a boy aged 14 Gerrit Egbertsz, farmer's servant from Meppelt
  5. 5. Beertien Dircx, maiden from Drenthe [Barentje Dirks of Meppel who later married Nelis Matthysen] Egbertie Dircx, maiden from Drenthe [sister of Barentje above. Egberte married Hage Brunysen. Their sister Geertrie Dircx was already in the New World and married to Jan Metsalaer] Pieter Jansz, shoemaker from Drenthe, wife and 4 children: 15, 13, 9, 1/2 yr old Coert Cartensz, farmer’s servant from Drenthe Roeloff Swartwout, farmer (on his return to New Netherland where he previously resided) [married to Eva/Aeffie de Noorman aka Bradt] Cornelis Jacobsz Van Leeuwen in the employ of Swartwout Arent Mertensz from Gelderland in the employ of Swartwout Ariaen Huijbertsz from Gelderland in the employ of Swartwout Albert Heymans, [Roosa] farmer, from Gelderland, wife and 8 children: 17, 15, 14, 9, 8, 7, 4, 2 yrs old Peter Timkam, tailor from Nimwegan, in the service of Director Stuyvesant Jan Jansz Mol Annetie Harmens, maiden, resides with Paulus Leendertsz Van de Grift Beletie Foppe, resides with Jacob Leendertsz Van de Grift Elias Gijseling from Zeeland List Of Soldiers Embarked In The Ship The Spotted Cow 15th April, 1660 Claes Petersen, Adelborst from Detmarsum Claes Hayen from Bremen Jan Petersen from Detmarsen Gerrit Manneel van Haen Conraet Croos from Switzerland Hendrick Eyck from Srahuys Christian Bartels Ruysh from Amsterdam Hendrich Steveterinck from Osnasnigge Peter Martens from Laens John Hamelton of Hamelton Johan Verpronck from Bonn above Ceulen; a Smith and Baker Jan Wilekheresen from Bergen in Norway
  6. 6. Peter Petersen [Ostrander] * from Amsterdam, with his Wife and 3 children Brant Kemenes from Dockum Dirck Jansen from Rylevelt Harman Jansen Engsinck from Oldenseel Johannes Levelin from Bulhausen Michiel Brouwnal from (Berg) Mont-eassel * Pieter Pietersen Van Nostrand aka Ostrander , wife Tryntje, and children Pieter Pieterszen b ca 1652 married Rebecca Traphagen; Tryntje Pietersdatter b ca 1656 married Hendrik Albertse Ploeg; Geesje Pietersdatter b ca 1658 married Jan Pier. De Moesman (The Market Gardener) May 1 1658 The wife of Jan Adriaensen van Duyvelant * Christina Bleyers from Stoltenau Ursel Dircks, from Holsten and 2 children 2 and 10 yrs old Geertzen Buyers *A note attached states that passage and board was paid for his wife who came on the ship Gilded Otter on 26 April 1660 April, 1659 Lysbeth Arents, Wife of Corn. Barents, and daughter Aertje Leenders; widow, from Amsterdam Barent van Loo, from Elburg Willem Jansen, from Rotterdam, Fisherman, and Wife and suckling child and maid servant. Peter Petersen, alias Pia, from Picardy, and wife and daughter Dirch Belet, from Breda Louis Aeertz, from Bruges, cooper Gerrit Corn. van Niew-Kirk, planter, and Wife and boy and sucking child Engelbrecht Sternhuysen, from Soest Thys Jansen, from TerGouw, Tailor Albert Petersen, Agriculturist Geerty Claesen, mason Gerrit Petersen
  7. 7. Gillis Mandeville March 1660 Peter Lourens and Wife Hendrick Jansen, from Amersfoort, and Wife and four children Roll of Soldiers embarked in the Ship Moesman for New Netherland March 9, 1660 Peter Gysen, from Doornick, Adelborst, with his wife Harmen Hendricks, from Deventer William vander Beecke, from Oudenaerde Jan God-friend, from Brussel Jan Jansen, from Duynkerken Pieter Beyard, from Nieupoot Jacob Jansen, from Muyden Andries Norman, from Steenwyck Marten Petersen, from Steenwyck Willem van Schure, from Leuven Adrianus Forbiet, from Brussel Johannis Verele, from Antwerp Matthys Princen, from Waltneel *Source: Index to New Netherland Ships’ Passenger Lists, located at