Chess iXSummary Overview per 2011    Date:        June, 10th 2011    Copy:        V1 – Chess    This document is prepared ...
Key figures Chess group                                                                                                   ...
Summary Chess iX                                                                                        Overview per 2011I...
The characteristics of Chess iX                                                                         Overview per 2011A...
Portfolio Chess iX                                                          Overview per 2011Chess main services          ...
Chess Payment Products & solutions                                                        Overview per 2011       Transpor...
Fit for Purpose, Use and Change                                                      Overview per 2011•     Fit for UseExi...
ALM as delivery model                                                          Overview per 2011 •    Pitch: -    Governan...
Communication                                                                           Overview per 2011       All commun...
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Summary Overview Chess June2011 V1


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Presentation Chess-iX (concept)

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Summary Overview Chess June2011 V1

  1. 1. Chess iXSummary Overview per 2011 Date: June, 10th 2011 Copy: V1 – Chess This document is prepared by Chess iT International BV Chess iX– Confidential
  2. 2. Key figures Chess group Overview per 20110100101110010110Software 01001011 130  1001011001010100Development 01101 employees  with  a  high  tech  ambi4on  0100101110010110Center 01001011100010110011100010 more  than   20 companies     €15   from  the  100  top  Benelux  are  customer  revenue  in  2011       million         8   building  blocks  in  porColio  for   handling  payments  &  transac4ons   0100101110010110   Payment 01001001more  than   10  innova4on  projects     0100101110010110 Product 010101001                                    in  progress  at  the  same  4me   0100101110010110 Management 01101   0100101110010110   Chess iX - Confidential
  3. 3. Summary Chess iX Overview per 2011Introduction Market•  Chess iX is an IT design and development center whose core •  Long lasting relationships with large and medium sized disciplines are system specifications, software design & companies: implementation and system integration. Chess-iT provides full life –  Main revenues in the financial and banking area, upcoming are large cycle management & support. eCommerce companies and bigger companies in need of critical IT•  The Company develops IT products and applications within the systems. financial service industry, the service industry in need of –  Long term contracts with clients; Project-contracts in combination transactions, ticketing, access control and payment solutions. with a long term Service contract. –  Over 25 of the top 100 Dutch companies are client of Chess.Propositions –  A selection of clients include: Amsterdam Arena, ANWB, Bank Mendes Gans, Equens, ING, NS (Dutch Railways), Rabobank, Royal•  Services Dutch Football Association (KNVB), TransLink Systems, Connexion.–  IT Consulting, Software Product Development, Application Life Cycle Management, Operations & Support •  Revenue Model:–  Building blocks for –  Consultancy on time & material; –  eCommerce, eTicketing, –  Fixed price projects, based on hours, rate, risk assessment ; –  ePayments (online, mobile, contactless), eLoyalty –  Maintenance & Support fees (SLA’s); –  eInvoicing –  Software licenses.•  Projects in the area of: Part of Revenues 2011 Part of Revenues 2011–  ePayments–  eInvoicing 10% Projects with ALM Banking, Payments–  eLeasing 15%–  eTicketing 40% Leasing 16% SLA–  Cashmanagement 20% Ticketing 75% Other; Consultancy/ 25% Other Licences 5 Chess iX - Confidential
  4. 4. The characteristics of Chess iX Overview per 2011A structured organization with a strong entrepreneurial spirit Employees•  A highly respected IT company with an excellent reputation •  Chess iX believes that employee satisfaction and shared known for its innovation, reliability and quality standards: objectives are crucial to strong business performance-  Chess iX is specialized in the creation of new products and -  Pleasant and challenging working atmosphere and culture. services with a focus on Java/J2EE architectures; -  Culture based on self-support; Top Talented style-  Market oriented development and service teams led by -  Highly skilled employees: Most of the Chess iX employees have a experienced principals complemented by a consultancy team; technical education and several years of experience with system-  ISO 9001 Quality and test capabilities integrated in the project engineering approach;-  Knowledge management is guaranteed as a result of availability of Education time for innovation and IT education. 2% 10% 44% 44%•  Range of opportunities :-  There is a new demand of high quality software development for critical applications and products;-  An increased demand of application life cycle management for Intermediate   (MBO) Bachelor  (HBO) developed software solutions and devices; Master  (University  degree) PhD  (Dr)-  A growing demand for ePayments in the online world as eCommerce is growing rapidly and looking for alternatives; MANAGEMENT TEAM-  Mobile is the next big thing: Based on current market trends it is clear transaction systems need to be available in the mobile channel and especially for Android, a Java/Eclipse based environment which is at Chess iX in place; PROJECTS O-  NFC is the emerging technology to bridge the online and mobile F world with consumer facing transactions (payment, ticketing, F advertising, identification). Chess iX has several IP owned SERVICE MANAGEMENT I software solutions available for this upcoming wave. C E OPERATIONS Chess iX - Confidential 5
  5. 5. Portfolio Chess iX Overview per 2011Chess main services Software components Experience Software development center PURE Router /PSP in the box eComm/Mobile Portals System Integrator PURE VAS / Virtual Account System Payments / Transactions Service management & Operations PURE eCommerce / Ticketing Cashless systems PURE Transaction Host E-Invoicing / Cash Management Pay4You Go NFC reader Ticketing/ Voting Rabobank ING Equens BMG KNVB Ziggo INGLease AH TLS Connexxion TUI NS Rabo Mobiel ArenA Chess iX - Confidential
  6. 6. Chess Payment Products & solutions Overview per 2011 Transport Restaurants/Bars Retail Sports Leisure/Culture Pay4You Pos Terminal Pay4You GO PURE Transactions EMV POS terminal: Contactless payment terminal: Ecommerce/Mobile platform: •  Mobile and stationary version •  Stationary/Unattended/Mobile •  Productmanagement •  PIN/Maestro •  Contactless interface •  PSP interfaces •  Mastercard/Visa credit card •  Chip reader •  Account system •  PCI2.0/PCI+ 2.0 •  Paypass/Paywave ready •  Payment Routing •  EMV L1 & L2 •  OV chipkaart ready •  eWallet •  Contactless interface •  Direct internet connection •  Topups •  Mag reader •  Event software •  Loyalty •  EMV card reader •  Account system Chess iX - Confidential
  7. 7. Fit for Purpose, Use and Change Overview per 2011•  Fit for UseExisting system was not fit for useComplete rebuild with focus on technical qualityTCO from 1.6 Meuro to 0.6 Meuro per year•  Fit for UseExisting system outdated and new techniques/functionalities requiredComplete new design, architecture and software developmentNew standard for all Football/Sport organizations for ecommerceFit for multichannel (pos, web, mobile) ticketing and ecommercetransactions•  Fit for PurposeQuotation process took 21 steps and 3 days,Now 3 steps and 15minutesSales volume +33% ; Market share +4%•  Fit for ChangeInitially online wallet for micro-paymentsModern, flexible architectureSuccessfully repurposed several times, currently a generic back officesystem for multi-channel payments 5 Chess iX - Confidential
  8. 8. ALM as delivery model Overview per 2011 •  Pitch: -  Governance, management & Operational Services -  Fixed team -  Constant reporting -  Constant Software Code Monitoring / Sonar + SonarJ -  Life Cycle Management Chess iX - Confidential 8
  9. 9. Communication Overview per 2011 All communication with respect to this document should be addressed to the Chess information Technology B.V. Mr. Rene Hodde M: +31 (0)6 50678778 Chess iX A Chess IT International BV company T: +31 (0)23 5149149 F: +31 (0)23 5149199 Postal address: P.O. Box 5021, 2000 CA Haarlem, The Netherlands Visitors address: Lichtfabriekplein 1, 2031 TE Haarlem, The Netherlands Chess iX - Confidential 9