BT Consulting Career Services


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An overview of the career services provided by BT Consulting

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BT Consulting Career Services

  1. 1. Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />Don’t let the economy keep you from achieving the success you seek.<br />It has only provided new challenges.<br />That’s why we are providing you new solutions.<br />Blitz<br />Team<br />Consulting<br />CAREER <br />SOLUTIONS<br />pp<br />R<br />X<br />A Prescription for Lifelong Success <br />on the Job<br />R<br />X<br />SERVICES<br />1<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />BT Consulting provides one-of-a-kind service.<br />With each program we offer you two options:<br />We guide you<br />Or <br />We do it!<br />We dare you to find another company that offers this level of support.<br />MANAGING<br />PLANNING<br />JOB SEARCH<br />2<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />
  3. 3. 3<br />Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />Why does anyone need help from a career consultant?<br />JOB STABILITY<br />Expect the next job to last<br />2 or 3 years<br />CANDIDATE SELECTION<br />19% of companies will use social media<br />to screen job candidates<br />RETIREES<br />30% of companies expect<br />to hire retirees to maintain<br />intellectual capital. 58% of <br />retirement age employees say <br />they’ll work longer.<br />WAGE LOSS<br />College grads lose 21% of <br />their salary after a layoff<br />CAREER ADVANCEMENT<br />26% of companies are planning to<br />provide promotions and a career path<br />CONTRACTORS<br />31% of companies expect<br />to hire contractors and <br />freelancers<br />GRADUATE DEGREES<br />23% of people feel a graduate degree<br />Is required to be competitive<br />PART-TIME WORK<br />Companies will increase use of<br />p art-time workers by 21%<br />CAREER JOBS<br />New entrants to the job market can<br />expect 8 to 10 jobs in their career<br />3<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />
  4. 4. 4<br />Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />Planning your career is more important now than it ever has been.<br />We’ve been asked many times HOW one can become successful.<br />So, we studied the successful and built a model that we walk you through on your way to stellar career success.<br />CAREER PLANNING SERVICES<br />Goal Setting<br />Establish a vision and purpose to your career. Timeline the steps and actions needed to get to your brass ring.<br />Environmental<br />Analysis<br />Assess and build the<br />surroundings you need to achieve your dreams.<br />Skills <br />Assessment<br />Analyze what skills, knowledge and abilities you have and the ones you need.<br />4<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />
  5. 5. 5<br />Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />EARCH<br />How it Works?<br />What Customers Say About Our Strategies?<br />Powered By<br />“you can save yourself months and even years in moving upward and onward in your job and your career.” – Brian Tracy<br />“provides fresh and creative approaches to navigating the employment and career jungle.” - Elliott Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM<br />5<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />
  6. 6. 6<br />Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />Maybe you’re not ready for a full blown job search <br />or <br />You feel you can handle most of it yourself.<br />Here’s a few services that will surely complement your efforts.<br />EARCH<br />Components<br />Portfolio Analysis – What jobs should you hold <br />Goal Setting – What do you need to accomplish at each step <br />Interests – How do you turn interest into a career<br />Skills Analysis – Are your skills and education enough<br />Network Analysis – Is your network big enough<br />Example<br />Result<br />Custom Contact Database<br />for your job search!<br />6<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />
  7. 7. 7<br />Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />It takes a lot more than just earning the right degree, finding the right job or making the right move to create a successful career.<br />You must find a way to do it over and over again.<br />The Team is the HOW!<br />managing<br />Team-based Approach<br />We can walk you through our unique team process for improving your upward mobility in your career. We’ll show you how to select, build and implement a high performing team.<br />Peer Groups<br />High performers don’t achieve their success all by themselves. They utilize highly effective peer groups that<br />they build themselves to further their own ideas, learn new<br />ones and reach audiences through these vast, intricate <br />networks. We can help you build this group.<br />“…a unique method for advancing your career that is invaluable whether you are just starting out or you are already a senior executive.” – Mark Kuta, Author of How to Think Like a CEO<br />7<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />
  8. 8. 8<br />Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />A Career is a lifelong learning process.<br />The field of play, the players and the rules of the game are changed constantly.<br />“Nine tenths of education is encouragement.” – Anatole France<br />We invite the world to validate our methods<br />8<br />© 2008 Blitz Team Consulting<br /><br />