Kuali OLE: Deep Library Collaboration and the Release of a Community-Sourced Library Management System

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This is the presentation for Kuali OLE form

This is the presentation for Kuali OLE form

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  • http://bit.ly/SY2Lx5


  • 1. November 7, 2012
  • 2. Kuali OLE: Deep LibraryCollaboration and the Release ofa Community-Sourced LibraryManagement SystemRobert H. McDonald-Indiana University@mcdonaldMike Winkler-University of Pennsylvania@winkler4 November 7, 2012
  • 3. Tweet Us: @kualiole #E12_SESS065 http://slidesha.re/PXdmeK #kualiole #EDU12
  • 4. Kuali OLE Engage PageTake Notes-Ask Questions?http://bit.ly/SY2Lx5
  • 5. Our Story A Journey towards a Collaborative Community  Community Development  Toward a Kuali OLE Collaborative Community  Architecture/Technical Foundation  Towards a Software Development Community  Supporting Collaborators and Sustaining a Community  Ecosystem for Vended Services  Investment in the Community  Towards a Global Community Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 6. Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 7. Kuali OLE Partnership
  • 8. Community Development Shared Vision – Software Development for Library Business Practice Knowledge – Reviewing and Choosing Models for Collaboration Effort – Functional Council/Subject Matter Experts/Software Developers Openness – Openness of Intellectual Property and Openness of Community Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 9. Marketecture Matrix Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 10. Communities of CollaborationParticipants in communities of collaborationembrace intentional interdependence asinstrumental to their individual success.These communities are built on principles ofshared investment and coordinated action toachieve mutually desired outcomes within aknown period of time. Collaborative communitiesrequire members to limit their autonomy in theinterest of directed action to pursue shared goals. From Wheeler and Hilton – The Marketecture of Community http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/marketecture-community Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 11. Collaborative Community Reality Reality Triangle SCOPE Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 12. Community Architecture Process Changing Environment & Risks Functional Scope & Description Select and Acquire, Describe, Deliver, and Relationship Kuali OLE Technical Architecture Research, Evaluation, Selection Kuali Rice, Kuali KFS, Apache Jackrabbit, Apache Solar Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 13. Community Architecture Choices Service Oriented Architecture Kuali Rice  KRAD-web-based workflow and interface  Kuali Identity Management Kuali Financial System Apache Jackrabbit Apache Solar Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 14. Kuala OLE as StartupVision & Resources Kuali OLE BoardManagement Project Manager Project Management Functional CouncilCoordination HTC Coordinator Core Team ScopeDevelopment Tiger Teams Manage HTC Global Describe Communications Relationships Resources HTC Consulting Select & Acquire Deliver ImplementationExpertise Consultants Subject Matter Experts
  • 15. Kuali OLE OrganizationVision & Resources Kuali OLE BoardFunctionality & Scope Functional Council CommunicationsCoordination HTC Coordinator Project Manager Core Team HTC Global Resources Describe Deliver System Consultants Select & Acquire Integration Development Subject Matter Experts
  • 16. Current Library SystemsIntegrated Other Discovery Library Systems tools System Next Generation Discovery Acquisitions Learning Management System Cataloging Course Reserve Metasearching Consortial Borrowing Circulation Special Collections System Serials Control Interlibrary Loan OPAC Others Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 17. Deployment Planning – One Partner’s View Tasks  Resources  Configuration  Local Staff  Data Migration  Kuali OLE Core Team  Customization  Kuali OLE Community  Integrations Consultants  Testing  Kuali Commercial Affiliates  Training  Kuali OLE Partners Go Live  Impact  Partners work together to marshal all resources  Knowledge feeds back into community to support all Partners Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 18. Ecosystem for a Vended Community Service Library Vendor Kuali OLE Community Partner Libraries Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 19. KCAs and Commodity IT Kuali Commercial Affiliates (KCA)  Diversity of Vendor  Diversity of Services  Support For Unique Functional Needs  Support for Like-Minded Partner Solutions  Commercial Activity Support the Community Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 20. Kanban Rules Toyotas Six Rules for Kanban 1. Do not send defective products to the subsequent process 2. The subsequent process comes to withdraw only what is needed 3. Produce only the exact quantity withdrawn by the subsequent process 4. Level the production 5. Kanban is a means to fine tuning 6. Stabilize and rationalize the process Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 21. Library Management System MarketplaceA smaller group of larger firms dominate thelibrary automation marketplace. They arelargely international, diversified, and privatelyowned. The mergers and consolidations thatmarked the recent history of the industry haveabsorbed the weaker products andcompanies. Marshall Breeding-Library Automation Expert Breeding, M. (2012). Automation Marketplace 2012: Agents of Change, The Digital Shift, http://bit.ly/YJy1UD Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 22. U.S. Academic Library Systems Sales 2011Breeding, M. (2012). Automation Marketplace 2012: Agents of Change, The Digital Shift, http://bit.ly/YJy1UD Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 23. Cloud-Lock In Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 24. Community Investment Current Vended Library System Service Models Require  Financial Investments that are funneled toward private equity  Large Personnel Investments that work toward future enhancements and quality assurance but that are not shareable in the community Kuali OLE  Focuses financial investment back into the community  Shares Personnel investment for long-term product enhancement and community knowledge Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 25. Global Community Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 26. JISC+JISC Collections+Kuali OLE=GOKb
  • 27. Global Community Now is the Time Models exist for pure open source libraries Cultural Differences Can Be Celebrated and Leveraged Total U.S. Centric Collaboration does not necessarily equate to long-term collaborative community sustainability How do we bridge the gap with existing organizations Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 28. Questions? Online – Tweet them to us:  #EDU12 #kualiole Or write them into our engage page  http://bit.ly/SY2Lx5 (open googledoc) Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065
  • 29. More on Kuali OLE For more on Kuali OLE• Visit our website: http://ole.kuali.org• See our Test-Drive - http://kuali.org/test-drives • Follow us on Twitter: @kualiole • Read our Blog at: http://kualiole.tumblr.com • Follow us on Ohloh - https://www.ohloh.net/p/kole• For more on All Things Kuali Related! • Come to the Kuali Foundation Reception • Wednesday Nov. 7 – Hyatt Regency Hotel Capitol Ballroom 3, Level 4 Tweet us: #EDU12 #kualiole #E12_SESS065