Systems-of-Systems in our Future?

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“Systems of Systems” (SoS) is a new industry term that originated from the Department of Defense (DoD) in the mid to late 1990s. It is now used in civil sectors around the world and beginning in …

“Systems of Systems” (SoS) is a new industry term that originated from the Department of Defense (DoD) in the mid to late 1990s. It is now used in civil sectors around the world and beginning in commercial sectors. What are these and why should you care?

This presentation considers these questions and concludes that existing major systems (F/A-18s, B-2s, 787s, cars, satellites and more) will increasingly become part of larger SoSs, which in turn will impact their requirements. A number of SoSs will be addressed including the world’s 1st, global SoS called GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) supported at the highest levels by 66 countries including the US, processes needed and current and future applications within potential markets worldwide. It will also look at the important role professional societies like the IEEE have in shaping SoS.

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  • 1. " Systems-of-Systems in Our Futures? ” GP45126001.ppt Paul E. Gartz President-elect, IEEE Systems Council IEEE Distinguished Lecturer to India, China, Europe on SoSs and Systems Engineering AESS Chapter Meeting, Seattle 2007-05-30
  • 2. GP45126001.ppt Aerospace…A Key frontier…Still!
  • 3. Why Should You Care about SoSs?
    • Where Money is Made Will Change!!!
    • SoSs will Emerge as Macro-Integrators
    • “ Defense” Investments are Changing
  • 4. - SoS Applications
  • 5. Emerging Systems-of-Systems (SoS) Plan, Deliver, Store Materiel Defend and Secure Countries Observe Water, Air, Earth, Space to Predict Climate, Weather+ Transport People and Cargo in Cars, Trucks, Ships, Trains, Airplanes Some Major Societal Functions/Systems Assure Human Health & Productivity Logistics SoS Security SoS Earth Decisions SoS (e.g., GEOSS+) Transportation SoS New Markets + Societal Benefits 2005 2020 2010 2015 2025 Health SoS What’s New = Better Interoperability
  • 6. Different System/SoS Business Models Drivers = Public Benefit: Consumerism, Business, National/Global Goals I. Classic RFP Response (e.g., Defense, Government) II. Large Commercial (e.g., Airplanes, Autos) III. Internet (e.g., Google Earth, Amazon) IVc. Completely New, Very large SoSs – (e.g., Saudis) IVb. Evolved Commercial/Civil SoSs – (e.g., GEOSS) IVa. Evolved Defense/Security SoS - (e.g., Info Battlefield) Very Different Ways of Doing SoSs, Systems Engineering and Business
  • 7. - SoS Applications #1 GEOSS Global Earth Observation SoS Administered by GEO = Group on Earth Observation, Secretariat in Geneva
  • 8. GEOSS is Climate, Weather & More Plus their Economic, Earth and Human/Societal Impacts
  • 9. GEOSS Takes the Planet’s Pulse… Resulting Decision Data Affects Everything!
    • Chartered at Ministerial Level
    • 69 Countries
    • 44 Participating Organizations
    >$3T Disaster Exposure in US Alone
    • Architecture, Data, Standards
    • User Interface
    • Capacity, Outreach, Education
    • Science & Technology
    GEO Top Structure
  • 10. -
    • Lives Saved
    • Money
        • Less Lost (Expense Side of Balance Sheet)
        • More Made (Revenue Side of Balance Sheet)
    • Environment
    End Earth Observation Benefits All on a Global Scale
  • 11. Temperature & Greenhouse Gas Histories Starting at 400,000 yr BP Is the present a normal oscillation or is it Global Warming?
  • 12. Times are changing? Agriculture Industry ??
  • 13. Commercial, Civil and Security are Linked All Need and Use Earth Information
    • Annual US Weather Disaster Exposure >$3T
    • Global Climate Change Disaster >$xxQ?
    • Potential Business Increase >$100Bs
    Defense Security Transportation Construction Infrastructure Insurance + Almost Every Defense, Civil, Commercial Sector
  • 14.
    • Plan Accepted by GEO Members
      • 66 Nations; 43 NGOs; Feb 2005
    • Phases: 2, 6, 10 Years
    • 9 Societal Benefit Areas
    • Goal = “Comprehensive, coordinated, sustained Earth observation “
    • Architecture & Data Comm = Key
    • IEEE Very Active NGO Member
    GEOSS is Organized & Moving Forward 10-year Implementation Plan ICEO = IEEE Committee on Earth Observation Coordinates Many IEEE Societies for GEOSS Dr. Jay Pearlman, Chair VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher (Ret) Dep Secretary of Commerce
  • 15.  
  • 16. SoS Example - Weather Ocean and First Responders Systems Weather Systems Ocean State Systems Integrated Storm Impact & Response Measurements & Analysis System Products Responders’ Information California Pictures Satellite Radiosonde Radar Profiler
  • 17. Status of GEOSS Architecture What few things must be the same so that everything else can be different?
  • 18. “ Glue ” Needed for All SoS Architectures Networks Sensors Signal Processing Common- ication Computing, Software SoS Systems/Technologies & Systems in a SoS Architecture Navigation Geo- Spatial Data Governments + Science + Engineering + Users For Each Need: -Engineering & Science Site Defining Problems + Data Simulate Solutions -Users…Simulate Value -Governments…Simulate Societal Value Satellites, Airplanes, Buoys, Balloons, Weather Stations Aerospace Systems & Skills are Key to All SoSs
  • 19. - SoS Applications #2 UAVs/PAVs/ATM
  • 20. PAVs – “Flying Car” AESS Shanghai, China; Dec 2005 The Automotive World Today The Aerospace World Today
  • 21. M400 Demonstrator Test Flight – A Real Vehicle Davis, CA; USA; Moller Facility; 2002
  • 22. - SoS Applications #3 Global Infrastructure
  • 23. World Fastest Growing City
  • 24. Some US$ 90 BILLION (2005 EST.) projects are on-going in Dubai alone!
  • 25. Saudi Logistics “Land Bridge” Saudi Arabia Saudi Investment Announced as $1.1T over 10 Years Notional Possibilities Only New Logistics Infrastructure Europe China India Existing Infrastructure
  • 26. US Infrastructure is Behind “PERSI Formed of Non-Profits to Professionally Advise”
    • American Institute of Architects
    • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
    • American Planning Association
    • American Society of Civil Engineers
    • American Society of Interior Designers
    • American Society of Landscape Architects
    • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
    • ASTM International
    • American Water Works Association
    • Autodesk
    • Congress for the New Urbanism
    • Construction Specifications Institute
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    • National Institute of Building Sciences
    • National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • United States Green Building Council
    PERSI = Practice, Education, and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure;
    • Supports and shelters all human activities
      • Buildings of all types
      • Transportation of all modes
      • Energy generation and distribution
      • Water supply and waste treatment
      • Communications
    • One-eighth of GDP
    • Two-thirds of Renewable Wealth
    • Aviation D+
    • Bridges C
    • Dams D
    • Drinking Water D-
    • Energy D
    • Hazardous Waste D
    • Navigable Waters D-
    • Public Parks C-
    • Rail C-
    • Roads D
    • Schools D
    • Security I
    • Solid Waste C+
    • Transit D+
    • Wastewater D-
    • Overall GPA D
    Investment Needs $1.6 Trillion (5 years)
  • 29. IEEE Regional Activities Board (RAB)…Global Regions 31 December 2004 R8 – 53,471 R10 – 63,548 R1 - 6 221,141 R9 – 12,216 TOTAL – 365,483 R7 15,107 1 -6 7 8 10 9 (IEEE Canada)
  • 30. “ Glue ” Needed for All SoS Architectures RAB Regions EAB Education Stds Standards Networks Sensors Signal Processing Common- ication Computing, Software SoS Systems/Technologies & Systems in a SoS Architecture Navigation Geo- Spatial Data Governments + Science + Engineering + Users TAB Technical IEEE Boards
  • 31. IEEE Systems Council Addresses Systems and SoSs of “ National and Global Significance” … Will be key to GEOSS and all SoSs
  • 32. “ What we do in the next ten years affects our children and the next fifty” Courtesy of R. Anthes
  • 33. Questions?
  • 34. Question 1
    • How do we define what’s already there?
    • How do we determine what needs to be developed?
  • 35. Question 2
    • What professional opportunities are there for people to be involved?
  • 36. Question 3
    • How do we architect System of Systems to generate emergent behavior that meets previously determined needs?