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Asia Pacific Link News - September 2009

  1. 1. Passing of Letty R. Aranilla together in the Asia Pacific Committee. She was very passionate about her work It is with much and it was contagious. I'll always sadness that the treasure the learning, experience and Asia Pacific Region confidence I’ve gained from the has learned of the opportunity to work with her. Her passing of Letty R. commitment, untiring efforts, strategic Aranilla on 15 thinking and professional integrity were August 2009. Letty par excellence. worked as Regional Executive, Asia Letty has been associated with the Asia Pacific at WAGGGS Pacific Region for nearly a quarter of a from 1981 to 2004. century (which is about 60 per cent of the Asia Pacific Region’s existence) that she was like a walking encyclopaedia for WAGGGS Asia Pacific Region. When her Goodbye Letty position was advertised I told her that her successor had a huge role to fill, as Kundhavi Balachandran, former they would struggle to reach the level of member, Asia Pacific Committee writes: familiarity and personal rapport she had “I was deeply saddened to hear the established with the volunteers and staff news of Letty's untimely demise on in the Region. She said: “It’s a good Sunday. Like most of you who’d have thing that the new person wouldn’t come received the news via email, I too sat in with the baggage I have, they can see front of my laptop and all the good things differently”. It showed that she memories we had shared came flooding truly believed in the need for a constant back. Incidentally, I was in London when change in leadership, which she the World Bureau bid farewell to Letty advocated for. on her retirement in April 2004 and presented a farewell message from the A funny attribute I always associate with then Asia Pacific Committee titled Letty is her steadfast belief that there ‘Goodbye Letty’. But I never thought I was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a will write again on the same topic, in a visit to the bathroom! When we were in very different context. the midst of a heated discussion at Committee meetings, and we were going I was first introduced to Letty in 2000 round in circles with no positive when she came for the Progress Report outcome, she'd always 'announced' time Visit in Sri Lanka. But I got to know this for a break. At the beginning I found it charismatic, energetic and interesting funny and even an irritating distraction, woman since 2001, when we worked but it almost always worked. When we 8 September 2009~12:58~MM R:Asia PacificPublication and PromotionLink News2009SeptemberAsia Pacific Link News September Final.doc
  2. 2. September 2009 came back, everyone was full of the only person to serve a double term in this alternate ideas. role, finishing in 1981. Letty’s attention to detail was beyond Lady Price served as Vice President of the belief. Anyone who has organized an Olave Baden-Powell Society from 1985 to 1994 event with Letty will have seen her and was a member of Dolphin Red Hill Trefoil infamous minute-by-minute document, Guild. where every single task was assigned, timed, documented and also had a Plan Further tributes will be placed in the next B. edition of “Our World News”. She worked hard and played hard. Nothing would come between Letty, a Why do I volunteer hotpot and a Thai massage. She hated troubling her body with exercise, which Miss Lucy Tan-atichat was one thing that JuSeon (Chairman, currently the Deputy Asia Pacific Committee, 1998-2004) and International she disagreed on. JuSeon would always Commissioner of the wake up early, go for a walk, and do her Girl Guides Association routine exercise way before our of Thailand writes about meetings started. The peer pressure her experiences as a affected Letty only to the point of volunteer: exercising her toes whilst lying in bed with her eyes tightly closed! “I heard the name and news about the Girl Guides Association of Thailand a She was not an outwardly emotional long time ago when the founder, Lady person. During her farewell party in Kanok Samsen Vil, raised a high profile Hong Kong, she kept telling people not for the organization, and then later to make soppy speeches and make her through my friend, but never had the cry. She said she wanted to have a ball slightest inclination to join and only and walk out on a happy note. I am started to be a Girl Guide late in life. almost convinced that she had the same outlook to death. She wouldn’t have Had it not been for our current wanted us to cry, but think of the good International Commissioner, Mrs. Ladda times we have shared and let her walk Phromyothi, I would have missed a life- out on a happy note. time opportunity. I started helping with the translation of documents from the Goodbye Letty, we’ll miss you. vernacular into English and sometimes vice versa. Through this and after Passing of Lady Price attending the training course to become a full member, I learned about the The Asia Pacific Region wishes to extend Guiding activities. its sincere sympathy to the family and Guiding friends of Lady Joyce Price OBE I felt that the more I volunteered for the CMG, who passed away on 19 organization, the more I learned. What September 2009. amazes me most is the recent translation I did for the FAO/WAGGGS Lady Price was a member of the Asia Challenge Badge Curriculum ‘Our World, Pacific committee from 1975 -1981 and Our Climate, Our Food Project’. Little worked closely with Letty Aranilla. Like Birds in my country, as young as six Letty she worked tirelessly for the years-old are already learning and Region to support the Member engaging in activities on how to reduce Organizations. the impact on global warming. On the other hand, I see lots of adults still not In 1975, Lady Price was appointed as conserving the energy, water, etc. Chairman of the World Committee and she is through their acts. I just wish they had the chance to learn about Guiding and 2
  3. 3. September 2009 Scouting, so that together, we all can On the other hand, Sangam is working help save the world. with community partners and we do some community service such as go to Why I volunteer at Sangam? the orphanage to do activities with the children. During events, participants will Gwen Lee, a Girl Guide from Malaysia go to the community partner that is writes on her experiences at Sangam: chosen for that event to do a project. “Namaste! 5 August 2008 was the first We also have children camps for two of time I was in Sangam for the Advocacy Sangam’s community partners. Seminar on Adolescent Health. I experienced a lot of fun, took part in Sangam is like a home to me. People cultural exchanges, met a lot of people here all very friendly and we live like a and learned new ways to do many big family. I like the feeling of being a things. So I decided to apply for the part of this family. So, girls! Grab the Monsoon Volunteer on my return to opportunity that you have! Grab any Malaysia. international opportunity that comes to you. You will never know what you will Now, I am back at Sangam as one of the discover unless you try it. Programme assistants. There are four of us in the Monsoon Season. We attended Once a Guide, Always a Guide.” three weeks of training before the event season started and we were exposed to Summer volunteers at Our Chalet Indian culture by visiting places such as the Aga Khan Palace, Temples, Laxmi Our Chalet has an eager team of 12 Road and the neighbourhood walk. Summer volunteers. They extend a During this time we also got used to warm welcome to a dedicated and India and prepared for the events that diverse group of volunteers for the were going to be run during the season from Australia, Japan, Uganda, monsoon. It was a huge challenge when United Kingdom and United States of I started missing my family, friends and America. especially Malaysian food. We also had sari tying lessons to make sure that we One of the current Summer volunteers is knew how to wear it as the sari is part of Janet from Sydney, Australia. She has our uniform and we need to help in sari been Guiding since she was seven, went tying during the event. This was very to an International Event at Sangam in exciting when we challenged ourselves 2004 and then returned as a Community for five minutes in sari tying. Volunteer Programme participant for five months in 2004/2005. She has visited During the three of the four WAGGGS World event, we were Centres, and only has Our Cabaña to go! not only in After visiting Our Chalet for a white charge for Christmas in 2008, Janet was very keen some sessions, to return to Our Chalet throughout the but we also fun crazy summer season before needed to lead continuing her international travels. a tour to Laxmi Road so that the international She says: ”Volunteering at Our Chalet participants could experience Indian has been like no other volunteer culture and get their saris or punjabi experience I have had: mixing both fun suit, bangle, and bindies for the Indian and adventure with domestic tasks. It afternoon. We therefore also needed to has been great to share my time here learn how to get a rickshaw to go to with people from eight countries as well Laxmi Road and back to Sangam. This as participants and guests from many was very tricky as most of the rickshaw more.” drivers did not understand English. Emiko from Japan has just been a Summer volunteer at Our Chalet. She 3
  4. 4. September 2009 attended a Seminar and wanted to make a valuable contribution in their return to the Centre ever since. She communities when they are adults. explains: “Volunteering at Our Chalet has been my big dream since my first Asia Pacific Committee is able to create visit for the 4th Helen Storrow Seminar in broader opportunities for girls and young 2006. I’m so glad to be back here and women to learn and use their skills in enjoy working everyday. Swiss Summer the Region, and Friends of Asia Pacific is amazing! I’m happy to meet many WAGGGS are very happy that their people from all over the world and share membership subscriptions are being our programme as international staff. used to support these initiatives. Especially I like to do the Swiss craft!” New members of Friends of Asia Pacific Volunteer opportunities at the World WAGGGS are always welcome. Forms Centres may be downloaded from the Asia Pacific website Volunteering at a WAGGGS World Centre ( is an opportunity for young adult es/documents/795). It will be very members to experience and deliver exciting when there are members in international Guiding and Scouting to every Member Organization of the Asia sisters around the world! Pacific Region. Our Chalet offers a number of Korea Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS volunteering opportunities ranging from are to be congratulated - on 27 October short term ‘Deep and Fast’ Volunteers they will celebrate ten years since their (for one week to one month duration) to foundation. During a special workshop three month seasonal positions for they will discuss fundraising for the Asia Summer (15 May-1 September), Pacific Region and how to train young Autumn (1 September-1 December), girls to be good leaders. Winter (1 December-1 March) and Spring (1 March-31 May). WAGGGS’ goals Applications close three months prior to the start of each season, so they are Goal 1 – Leadership now accepting applications for Spring 2010 and beyond. They are looking for Development an enthusiastic team for each season and aim to have team members from all Brunei runs Leadership training for five WAGGGS regions. We look forward teachers to receiving completed applications from Australia and the Asia Pacific Region! Sixty-eight primary school teachers undertook a Girl Guides leaders scheme Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS and workshop at Anggerek Desa Primary volunteerism School from 16 to 18 June. Jointly organized for the first time by the Many Uniform Group Division with the Girl women in Guides Association of Brunei the Asia Darussalam, the workshop aimed to Pacific increase leadership knowledge. It will Region also help leaders of Brownies at primary are school to manage the Brownies Scheme. volunteer Participants said that being a member of leaders the association was a great way to gain for Girl independence, enthusiasm and Guides and Girl Scouts. Through their confidence. Girl Guide and Girl Scout programmes, girls learn skills and experience Girl Guides IT Centre opened by opportunities that will allow them to Brunei 4
  5. 5. September 2009 organizations at the 3rd National On 15 May Her Royal Highness Princess Conference for the Promotion Building Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah launched the Beautiful Forests, held in Tokyo on 22 Girl Guides IT Centre at the Girl Guides June 2009. The Conference is a Association building at Anggerek Desa. movement to preserve precious forests Also present were Her Royal Highness contributing to the prevention of global Princess Hjh Masna and Pengiran Anak warming. Khairul Khalil Pengiran Syed Hj Jaafari. The Girl Guides IT Centre was part of Japan runs Senior Girl Scout the Girl Guides Association of Brunei National Camp Darussalam Action Plan 2007 and 2009 and is collaboration between the The Senior Girl Scout National Camp organization and Eles Academy, an IT gathered 350 members from 12 to 15 firm. years old in August at Togakushi Girl Scout Centre in Nagano Prefecture. The Hjh Siti Hafsah Hj Abd Halim, Chief theme was ‘My revolution -find new Commissioner of the Girl Guides selves’. Association, said the IT Centre was formed to expose members both adult They enjoyed camping and raised and young to Information Technology. awareness of environmental concerns. She also hopes government ministries Also through a patrol system, they and departments, private firms, parents, gained public spirits and cooperative non-governmental organizations and the attitudes. Overall, this camp gave an public would use the services of the opportunity for girls to raise the sense of academy. The Chief Commissioner said self-affirmation. that the centre would not be complete without a Guides cyber cafe and Hong Kong runs Guide Shield association's website, which she said Competition 2009 were planned to be launched in June. Guide Shield The Girl Guides Association had also set Competition is up other projects, including the planting a bi-annual of 25 fruit trees around the compound of event open to the headquarters with another 75 to be all units in the added, Hong Kong territory. In Girl Scouts of Japan raised the sense March, 34 Girl Guide and four Ranger of self-affirmation units completed in the first round selection, after which, 15 Girl Guides Girl Scouts of Japan conducted a survey units and three Ranger units with the about the sense of self-affirmation highest marks were eligible to enter the among girls as this is considered the competition held on 17 May at Hong most important sense for girls to Kong Centre for Youth development. become responsible citizens. They identified that the self-affirmation With the theme ‘100 years of Guiding’, consisted in eight elements and they the creations of the knot and gadgets analyzed them. The result showed that were really impressive and camping is the most effective activity to demonstrated the girls’ creativity and raise it. The Association will publish the skills. results in an aim to increase their membership. Health and fitness 2009 Forum held in Hong Kong Japan preserves forests Over 700 Girl Ranger Girl Scouts presented activities Guides and related to forests on behalf of all Ranger 5
  6. 6. September 2009 Guides of Hong Kong Girl Guides and provide opportunities of short Association enjoyed fashion parades and duration trainings in tailoring, enabling demonstrations on table manners, women to take ‘Order Work’ from the skincare and make-up, yoga and fitness local market. During the Camp three exercise at the Health and Fitness forum work centres were attended by 149 held in Hong Kong in July. women. Local instructors will now run these centres for duration of six weeks. They also received advice from guest speakers Mr Stephen Chan (General The second camp promoted livestock, Manager – Television Broadcasts dairy and agricultural training. Technical Limited), singer Ms Kay Tse and DJ Jim experts from the related Government on building self-esteem. Departments of Lahore imparted training to 40 men and 55 women from the area. India camp runs evaluation camp They ensured timely treatment of their livestock from nearby centres in Chung The Bharat Scouts and Guides of and provided training in poultry farming Mayiladuthurai Educational District and vegetables growing at the domestic organized a three-day Rajyapuraskar level. Award evaluation camp from 31 July to 2 August at Thiyagi G. Narayanasamy More than 130 Municipal Higher Secondary School, persons Mayiladuthurai. benefited from the third camp. 90 Girl Guides and 63 Scouts from 23 Health Schools of Mayiladuthurai Educational Education District participated in the evaluation Medical teams camp. Former Assistant Governor, from the Rotary R. Ashok inaugurated the camp Punjab Red Crescent Society, Lahore in the presence of Dr. ARC Shanmugam, carried out the testing for blood Assistant State Commissioner of the grouping, talked about common diseases Bharat Scouts and Guides, Tamil Nadu. – malaria, T.B, Hepatitis during the community camp of Pakistan Girl Guide Pakistan holds community camps Association, Punjab branch and provided The Pakistan Girl Guides Association medicines to the patients. A special Punjab organized three community session was held for women on ‘Mother camps at its project area of Mohlanwal and Child Health Education’ and Community Learning Centre from 12 to precautionary measures for ‘Safe- 18 May. The aim was to assess the motherhood’. Other topics included existing resources for solving people’s cleanliness of home and the problems by involving them in environment, the importance of drinking Community Learning Centre activities. boiled water and disposal of solid waste Girl Guides and CLC together can play a properly. role in arranging training programmes relating to health, literacy and income- Student internees in Pakistan Girl generating skills for men and women of Guides the area. A team of More than internees from 370 Kinnaird participants College had the have already opportunity to benefited work with the from these Pakistan Girl camps. The Guides Association in the community first one focused on skills training to service programme during June–July. identify local women to start work The internees learned to observe, learn centres in different mohallas/streets and implement based on the training 6
  7. 7. September 2009 methodology of the Pakistan Girl Guides issues and concerns and to encourage Association. everyone to be responsible for raising the profile of social conditions of young The internship programme was based on Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in order field visits to the project areas to have for them to take pro-active roles in interaction with the beneficiaries and nation-building. assess the impact of the work of the Girl Guides Project. Philippines runs Magic spot projects Five troops Girl Scout of the Philippines receives from different Soroptimist Award councils were presented the Norma D. Pereyras a Girl Scout leader, Outstanding trainer and advocate for women from Magic Spot Girl Scouts of the Philippines was one of Award on 26 12 Seroptimist awardees. She was May during the National Council chosen for “working with people from Convention. This award is a programme the grassroots and disadvantaged sector opportunity for a troop to work in who, despite scarcity of resources and partnership with the community to challenging conditions, worked convert an ‘eyesore’ area into a beautiful wholeheartedly to improve the lives and spot. The project helps every girl in a well being of other women and girls." troop to develop her planning skill, and ability to work with others in carrying Norma’s work is particularly evident in out a community development project. the awareness and advocacy activities involving 24,900 women members of The awardees are as follows: Junior Girl Tagum cooperatives that enhance their Scout Troop No. 196 – La Union Girl relationships with male counterparts Scout Council Senior Girl Scout Troop both at home and in the workplace. No. 193 – Quezon City Girl Scout Council Senior Girl Scout Troop No. 1473 – Philippines takes part in 31st Negros Oriental-Siquijor Girl Scout National Disability Prevention and Council, Senior Girl Scout Troop No. 85 Rehabilitation Week – Surigao del Sur Girl Scout Council and Junior Girl Scout Troop No. 150 – The Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) Zamboanga del Sur Girl Scout Council celebrated ’A Day with Girl Scouts with Disabilities’ in line with the Pilar Hidalgo Lim Troop achievement commemoration of the 31st National award Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. The event was held on 23 July at Nine troops the SM Storyland, SM Southmall, Las were conferred Piñas City. the Pilar Hidalgo Lim Over 240 Girl Troop Scouts from 15 Achievement councils came Award during and enjoyed the National the activities Council Convention last May. This award together with was conceptualized to encourage Girl their troop Scout troops to participate in community leaders and development projects. Dr. Cristina Lim- members of GSP headquarters staff. Yuson, granddaughter of former GSP Gespie, the Girl Scout mascot and the National President, Pilar Hidalgo Lim, mascots of the Storyland joined the fun. presented a plaque of recognition and a cash prize to Senior Girl Scout Troop No. One of the aims of the annual event is to 189 of Surigao del Norte Girl Scout raise public awareness of disability Council for winning the first prize. The 7
  8. 8. September 2009 troop’s project covered food production Lim, Chief Commissioner, Girl Guides and herbal gardening. Singapore. Girl Guides Singapore launch Youth Yvonne Lim urged Brownies to do their Olympic Games Interest Patch best in ‘Keeping the Brownie Promise’ and continue to contribute to Girl Guides Girl Guides Singapore Singapore. (GGS) is proud that Singapore has won the Reflections by the recipients of the Chief bid to be the host city Commissioner Badge Award included: for the Youth Olympics “Although it was hard work, I had a lot Games (YOG) of fun and my hard work had paid off. I inaugural in 2010. As a learned that a Brownie can do whatever pledge of GGS’ support she believes she can do”- Dion for this world’s first YOG, the Singapore “Brownies have offered me many 2010 Youth Olympic opportunities to go for camps and public Games (YOG) Interest Patch was events. Most importantly, I feel that I launched at the GGS Annual General have built up my character.” Tasha Tan Meeting on 16 May. “Being a Brownie really enlightens my The objectives of the interest patch are life! We learn leadership skills and meet to create greater awareness of the YOG new friends. I could do something which among our members and to promote the I loved and that is helping others.” three Olympic values of friendship, Claudia Ng excellence and respect, which are already encompassed in the Guide Laws. “When we help others, we will feel a sense of accomplishment which money The GGS-YOG Interest Patch is for both can’t buy.” Victoria Liu Brownies and Guides. Each member has to complete all clauses stipulated in the Sri Lanka Girl Guide aims to win a requirements to a satisfactory level to Gold at South Asian Games obtain the patch. Upon completion, the Guides/Brownies would have a better Sri Lanka Girl Guide Miniruwani understanding of the service, Samarakoon of Gateway College is one educational, cultural and sports aspects of the most outstanding and promising of the YOG. women’s swimmers in Sri Lanka. Miniruwani represented Sri Lanka at the GGS are confident that the interest South Asian Games in 2004, 2006 and patch will continue to be part of their 2007 and she bagged total of four silver programme even after the YOG in 2010 medals and nine bronze medals. She because of our government’s continuous became the only women’s swimmer to effort to promote sports as a way life. represent Sri Lanka at the World Swimming Championships and Singapore Chief Commissioner established a New Short Course National Badge Award Ceremony 2009 Record. On 25 April She is also a prominent Girl Guide with 2009 Girl 32 proficiency badges and has written a Guides book on Lady Olave-Baden Powell. Singapore held the Chief Sri Lanka holds “Friendship has no Commissioner barrier” camp Badge Award Ceremony.. Seventy-five Brownies received their awards, the highest More than 85 children attended the conferred to a Brownie. from Yvonne ’Friendship has no barrier’ camp. The 8
  9. 9. September 2009 organization of such events for the More than 100 Guides participated in disabled has been taking place in Sri each camp, held at Thambuttegama, Lanka since 1924. Nuwara Eliya, and Matugama. It was a fun and challenging experience for the The Girl Guides organize these camps Guides who had to camp in true eco- once every two years to make the style, having to find eco-friendly disabled children feel that they too play alternatives to many of the modern-day an important role in society. Participants conveniences they were used to such as created badges, took part in a bridal cutlery, crockery and even tents. show where they dressed their friends. As part of the many environmental Sri Lanka Girl Guides are organizing an friendly activities, Guides from each of international get together in 2011, the 15 camps took to the streets as they aimed at giving disabled children a visited markets and other public areas in better place in society. Thanks to an endeavour to communicate to the generous donors and a tremendous general public the dangers to the number of volunteers such camps were environment of using bags and other able to be held. forms of polythene and plastic packaging. Improving Adolescent Health in Sri Thailand runs service project Lanka The ’Valuing Sixty Senior Guides who completed the Girls‘ project Adolescent Health programme received was held from awards, while a further 217 Senior 15 to 30 April Guides received participation certificates at the sub- at the Chinthana Training Centre at training centre Nainamadama last 22 January. in Viengpapao, Chiangrai The Sri Lanka Girl Guide Association, province. It is a service project in the together with the Family Planning remote rural area of northern Thailand Association of Sri Lanka, introduced an performed by 35 girls aged between 12 Adolescent Health Badge for Senior to 16 years old. Guides in 2007. In a bid to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, the Adolescent The girls received value-based training Health programme carried out between in life-skills and leadership. Many special March and September 2008, saw youth thanks to Mrs. Eileen A. Smith, Trainer educating youth. Essay, creative writing from Northeast England, who and drama competitions, based on the contributed her tireless efforts to the theme, were held together with the project. Mrs Smith is a trainer from the education of 500 girls. UK who helped to train our girls in crafts, games and songs and basic Sri Lanka Girl Guides go Eco- English conversation. She also helped to Friendly fundraise for this project. From 6 to 10 The project also helped to save a girl's March, the Sri life who had a serious heart condition Lanka Girl during her training. Her parents were Guides very poor and could not afford the Association medical treatment but with our funding simultaneously assistance, the girl underwent a heart held 15 eco- surgery and is healthy now. She is able friendly to help her parents in their work in the District-level camps across the country. corn and rice fields. 9
  10. 10. September 2009 Fiji Girl Guides looks forward to the Goal 2 – Strong and continuous support from the Asia Pacific Growing Member Committee members and executives from other Pacific Member Organizations Organizations. Brunei membership continues to Growing membership at Fiji Girl grow Guides Association Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Close to 90 primary school girls signed Masna, President of the Brunei up for the Fiji Girl Guide Movement on Darussalam Girl Guides Association 24 May. Twenty-nine students enrolled presented warrant cards and pre- for Girl Guide companies and 57 enrolled warrant cards to 51 Girl Guides and in the Brownies pack. Chief guest at the Brownies Leaders nationwide. The cards launch, Fiji Girl Guides Association gave the authority and mandate for their trainer Alanieta Utovou reminded holders to carry out their tasks. students about basic values underpinning the programme. Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Masna also presented Tenderfoot Badges Hong Kong hosts Principles to 20 Ranger Guides, 115 Girl Guides gathering and 233 Brownies throughout the country. This year, new establishments The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association and re-activation of both Brownies Pack has introduced a new academic structure and Girl Guides Teams took place at in Hong Kong. Under the new structure, several primary and secondary schools schools are encouraged to make in the country. provision for students of senior secondary level to have ‘Other Learning Fiji reports back on 1st Pacific Experiences (OLE)’, including moral and Strategy meeting civic education, community service, physical development as well as career- The Fiji delegates to the 1st Pacific related experiences. Strategy Meeting presented their report to the Fiji Girl Guides Management In response to Committee, chaired by the President, Dr this, a Akanisi Kedrayate, last June. Principles gathering was The delegates shared their experiences organized on with great enthusiasm and noted all they 18 June. had gained and learned from this Principles and important meeting. Immediate action teachers from has already been taken on the review of 79 secondary schools participated and a the Educational Programme for girls. A number of schools indicated that they team was selected to review the would consider setting up Girl Guide programme in June and the Training units. Mrs. Amy Wong, Deputy Chief team would complete the Training Commissioner of the Association, Scheme by September. Membership highlighted the message that Guiding drive strategies were also put in place to offers programmes which match up with be carried out within different Guiding the five domains of OLE. companies, districts and provinces. The Association will continue spreading Members of the management committee the message to schools which do not were delighted by the report and noted have Guiding units. how motivated they felt to be part of the next Strategy Meeting in the Cook Islands. 10
  11. 11. September 2009 Commissioners workshop 2009 held Pakistan revises Junior Guide in Hong Kong Programme More than 50 Pakistan Girl Commissioners Guides participated in Association a workshop on (PGGA) 20 June to arranged a shared ideas three- day on how to take workshop for care of their the revision of Guiders and also to look for the Junior Guide Programme from 9 to opportunities to meet with them. They 11 June. The main objective of the learned how to assess risks in activities workshop was to make it able to cater and events and suggested answers to with the needs and demands of the the six core area questions which had present modern era. been raised at the previous workshop in December 2008. They also received Appearance and contents of the some information about the WAGGGS programme card and junior Guide books Leadership Development Programme. were analyzed. Participants pointed out different shortcomings of the UPS and WAGGGS visit to Malaysia programme and forwarded suggestions to revise the programme. National Girl Guides Association Malaysia (GGAM) headquarters’ staff presented some new were honoured by the visit of Mr ideas with multimedia presentations. Eduardo Martinez, Director, Programmes Participants designed many activities for and Corporate Relations, The UPS the Junior Guides during the workshop. Foundation, and Gill Wilcox, Global Afterwards few activities like caterpillar Projects manager, WAGGGS, on 17 July. race, role-play, and painting with The aim of the visit was to meet the vegetables were pre-tested with a Junior members of GGAM as well as to observe Guide company and Junior Guides the many changes and improvements enjoyed these activities a lot. that the UPS-ISP Global Signature Project have occurred within the organization from 2004 to 2009. GGAM Goal 3 - The Voice of has improved by leaps and bounds Girls and Young through its members, trainings conducted and constant efforts which Women are all done with the goal to increase membership and number of volunteers. Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO and Ministry of Education in Guests received a warm welcome from Fiji the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Branch, which comprised of Guides, The Ministry of Education of Fiji and the leaders and their commissioner Mrs United Nations Educational Scientific and Junie Simon. Mr Eduardo Martinez and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) signed Mr Mohd Naeem Butt were both a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) impressed and awed at the commitment with a total value of $US130,000.00 and cooperation shown by Malaysian ($F203,506.58). The MOU will uplift Guides. seven projects, one of them from the Fiji Girl Guides Association. The entire visit was a wonderful chance for GGAM to showcase their skills, The association received $31,000.00, talents and commitment to Guiding and which will assist them to meet one of the also an opportunity to thank UPS and main objectives: capacity building. WAGGGS for providing funds that have Young Guide members will be trained in truly improved the organization. T leadership and lifelong skills that will 11
  12. 12. September 2009 make them resourceful. The money will entitled, ‘Learning by Doing!’, Girl also be used to fund their publications, Scouting was introduced as an effective purchase of resource books and non-formal education organization to administration costs at headquarters. foster the ability to think and the zest for living. Akanisi Kedrayat, the President of the Girl Guides Association stated the Girl Scouts who enjoyed Day Camping “Donation will benefit the children of this as a Girl Scout's activity were published nation in giving them better facilities and with many photos in this magazine. infrastructure”. Record for Penang Girl Guides, Brunei Girl Guides camp focuses on Malaysia green initiatives The Penang Girl Guides Association Over 200 Girl Guides from 25 primary (PGGA) celebrated the recent listing in and secondary schools participated in a the Malaysian Book of Records with sing- three-day camp from 13 to 16 June along sessions, dancing and lunch at the organized by the Girl Guides Association PGGA headquarters in George Town. at its headquarters in Kampong Anggerek Desa. Themed ‘Doing Good The record was set when more than Deeds for the Earth’, the event involved 2,500 Girl Guides, Rangers and Brownies activities that focused on leadership and from schools in Penang formed an 8 community services, while fostering a kilometre line up, the longest human caring attitude towards the earth. chain in the country, to celebrate World Thinking Day. Hong Kong donates books for bush fires victims New Zealand Guides raise funds Brownies and Guides from Bauhinia Manawatu's Girl Guides had their Division collected 650 books, packs of dedication to charity tested at the cards and small puzzles to send to the Walkathon For Telethon fundraiser. child victims of the Australian bush fires. Guide leaders from the wider Palmerston They also worked very hard making North area planned a gala day with bookmarks, some with scenes of Hong prizes and activities donated by local Kong, and decorated them with words of businesses on 1 August but bad weather comfort and greetings. Bloomsbury meant the event was postponed. Books Limited also generously donated books. Cathay Pacific also offered to Over 100 Pippins, Brownies, Guides and deliver the gifts by airfreight completely Rangers were determined to show their free of charge. support for KidsCan by going ahead with the walkathon. The event was a great The Victorian Scout Association will success and the girls were proud of the arrange for the books to be transported money they had raised. to the Kinglake Scout Group who are based near Marysville, where the bushfires started. The books will be a Sports week run by Pakistan very welcome addition to a children’s new library. The Senior Guides took Girl Scouting Japan appears in the lead and prestigious magazine made possible to arrange a Girl Scouting in Japan appeared in – sports week for ‘Gakken Child-rearing book’, a young female students of F.G. Degree prestigious magazine which aimed at College for Women. The Northern areas fostering elementary student's ability to of Pakistan have an acute shortage of think. They had a special feature 12
  13. 13. September 2009 recreational and sports facilities bedding and utensils in three districts. especially for females. In addition, a comprehensive plan of educational and recreational activities Senior Guides and students participated for the children has been worked out to in different indoor and outdoor games help them recover from the trauma and e.g. cricket, badminton, tug of war, regain normality. short-put, discus throws etc. The PGGA has also worked on a ‘Skill Pakistan runs relief project Development Programme’ for the women at a work centre where skilled The Pakistan Girl Guides Association women will be helped to obtain work and (PGGA), Lahore branch, collected relief earn some money. Those who have goods and some cash worth of Rs learned cutting and sewing are being 300,000 for the Internally Displaced provided a sewing machine and related Persons (IDP) of Swat and Buner. Each equipment to earn livelihood within their family received basic kitchenware, homes. coolers, clothing, food, sanitary materials and cash. The rehabilitation programme also included health, hygiene, environment, Girl Guides volunteers are depositing education and awareness campaigns their contributions to an emergency fund with 1265 people so far benefitting from set up for the purpose. Staff of Pakistan these campaigns. Girl Guides Association also contributed one day of their salary. Pakistan runs workshop on ‘Material Development’ More than 55 families were identified in Pakistan Girl Guides Peshawar, with the help of PGGA, Association Punjab National and Peshawar Branch. They had organized a three-day taken refuge in peoples homes and workshop on material school buildings in Peshawar and they Development at the don’t receive any help from the Literacy Resource government or private sector. Centre Guide House, Lahore from 5 to 7 May As part of this programme, PGGA to finalize the Draft Booklet on ‘Child developed a self-sustaining vocational Development’ included in the Learners centre where women and young girls curriculum for Mother and Child Health (IDPs) can learn skills and recover from Education under SMILE (Supporting the trauma. PGGA has also started a Material and Child Health Improvement Health Awareness project for the IDPs. and Building Literate Environments). PGGA wishes to thank all those who made donations as well as all the This was a project sponsored by members and Girl Guides who UNESCO Islamabad and implemented in participated in purchasing and packing six Community Learning Centers (CLCs) the relief goods. in the districts of Shekhupura, Lahore and Nankana. The participants of the Pakistan Girl Guides works on workshop included Medical Practitioners rehabilitation programme and Literacy Material Developers. The Book will be used by mother learners as a post literacy material for mother and The National Relief Cell of Pakistan Girls child health education. Guide Association (PGGA) has started various relief and rehabilitation activities at 19 educational institutions of North- Pakistan runs Awareness Lecture on West Frontier Province. The members of Breast Cancer PGGA distributed family packs worth Rs 600,000 to the selected families which Pakistan Girl Guides Association Punjab, included food items, clothes, toiletries, as part of project on ‘Mother and 13
  14. 14. September 2009 Child Health Improvement’, organized a and Mindanao. The circle represents the one-day awareness session at Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide. Literacy Resource Center Guide House on 9 May with the collaboration of WEG Girl Scouts of the Philippines signs (Women Empowerment Group) on partnership agreement with UNFPA Breast Cancer. Former Girl Scouts of the The Pakistan Girl Guides Association is Philippines disseminating information on the causes, (GSP) symptoms and preventive methods on Programme breast cancer to the students and staff Committee of the Women’s Colleges, Punjab as a Chairman, pilot project. Catherine R. Banta, National Executive Director, Ma. Girl Scouts of the Philippines takes Dolores T. Santiago and, United Nations part in health campaign Population Fund-Philippines country representative, Suneeta Mukherjee The Girl Scouts of signed a Letter of Understanding (LOU), the Philippines which officially named GSP as the participated in the Implementing Partner of UNFPA in its Global Reproductive Health Program. Handwashing Day which at the SM As a partner, GSP received a grant of US Mall of Asia $50,000, for undertaking the GSP ARH Complex in Pasay City, on 22 April. Project. Various trainings will be conducted in the six GSP regions, which Girl Scouts joined prominent will focus mainly on peer education personalities from various sectors to programme. Through the grant, GSP will demonstrate proper handwashing be able to reach and train more young procedure and inform shoppers about women on Adolescent Reproductive preventive measures to hinder the Health. spreading of the A(H1N1) virus. Among the speakers was Girl Scout National Girl Guides Singapore Carnival President Teresita Choa who emphasized that the simple act of handwashing with Girl Guides soap must be done in order to help Singapore’s prevent the circulation of diseases. (GGS) biennial carnival dawned Launch of new Girl Scouts bright and sunny Philippines Logo over the Guide House in Bishan Girl Scouts of the last June. The Philippines launched carnival was officially opened by the its new logo during Guest-of-Honour, Ms Grace Fu, Senior the National Council Minister of State, Ministry of National Convention 26 May in Development & Ministry of Education. Tagbilaran City. The presentation There were muffins, candy floss, highlighted the 69th popcorn and fish balls to be eaten, Anniversary of the Girl Scouts of the fondue to be dipped, books, bags and Philippines. Modern and simple, the clothes to be snapped up at bargain loops form the trefoil, symbolizing the 3- prices, soft toys to be won from parts of the Girl Scout Promise: to serve challenging games, and countless other God and my country; to help people at merchandise painstakingly put together all times; to live by the Girl Scout Law. by the Brownies, Guides and the Adult The 3 stars represent the 3 major Leaders alike. islands of the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas 14
  15. 15. September 2009 students took part in activities such as For the first time ever, it was held in the reforestation and collecting and recycling Guide House. Also in line with the beverage containers. This project was WAGGGS Global Action Theme of girls carried out in 2007 and 2008 and will be worldwide say “together we can change continued in order to improve the online our world”, efforts were taken to reduce map and to share with other interested environmental damage through the schools. usage of biodegradable utensils and a rationing system to ensure there was no Thailand conserves the environment wastage. Lastly, the carnival was planned and executed largely by the Girl Guides Association of Thailand young adults with the invaluable Chiang Mai Province organized a guidance of the Chief Commissioner and campaign for young women and youth the Training Commissioner, amongst to be aware of the importance of the many others. environment and joined hands in conserving nature. Twenty-five girls and New Unit on Solomon Islands starts young women aged 10 to 16 years old environment project from the Young Rural Women’s Development Project at WiengPapao and The 1st Tulagi Guide Company and 1st the Young Women Making Wise Use of Tulagi Brownie Pack of Solomon Islands their Spare Time Project from the Girl Guides Association were established Banpongnua School joined hands to in April in Central Islands Province, make green energy, reduce global Solomon Islands. There are 20 Brownies warming and plant trees in the and 25 Girl Guides with seven leaders. WiengPapao Development Center. The trees that were planted included fruit, During the children’s mid-year school flower and herbal trees. break they had an assignment of nursing They also ran a campaign to encourage a fruit tree plant to return to school with the community to refrain from burning in mid July as part of the first phase of leaves and garbage, but instead used the project. In its second phase, the them to make organic fertilizer mixed girls will nurse fruit plants to plant with cow dung and Effective around Tulagi Township, the provincial Microorganism (EM). The fertilizer will be Headquarters of Central Province. used for the trees and home-grown vegetables that were planted in the Community Environmental Map center. published in Thailand The Girl Guides Association of Thailand is pleased to announce that the project on 'Community Environmental Map' has been selected to be published in the Second Collection of Good Practice, Education for Sustainable Development-UNESCO Associated Schools 2009 handbook. The students were invited to go out into their community to identify possible areas in need of environmental clean- ups and improvement indicating places that need to be well cared for. The 15
  16. 16. September 2009 they think they could achieve throughout World Centres the week. One popular highlight of the update Event (for the fittest and bravest guests) that has returned to the Programme this year is the Overnight Hike to 52nd Anniversary of Our Cabaña Bonderspitz. Guests start hiking after dinner, stay overnight in a mountain hut On 24 July Our for a few hours sleep and then continue Cabaña hiking at 0230 onto the Bonderspitz celebrated its peak to take in the new day at dawn. 52nd Other guests choose to spend their day anniversary by with a Dawn Hike to Engstligen, and welcoming follow the river as the day breaks to the volunteers second highest water falls in from the five Switzerland. Regions of WAGGGS. Limited space is still available for the 2010 Summer Events, and Our Chalet These were: would love to have some guests join us • Jue-Hee Choi from South Korea from Asia Pacific Region to be part of the • Fatima Espinosa from Mexico summer fun in the Swiss Alps! • Allison Charenko from Canada • Rima Haddad from Lebanon Winter Activities at Our Chalet • Hannah West and Samantha Gisborne from UK Places are still available for independent • Kelsey Wambold from USA guests and Rover Week in January 2010. • Opuriche Tony Brown from Nigeria. The event is open to members of WAGGGS and WOSM aged 18 to 30, and They will be collaborating with Our will provide participants the chance to Cabaña during the second half of they try winter alpine activities and contribute summer season and they look forward service hours to the Centre. to welcoming in the future more young women to their Girl Guiding and Girl Sally Thornton writes from Our Scouting home in Mexico. Chalet Warm Summer Greetings from Our I returned from Chalet, Switzerland! six plus years managing Summer Youth Events Sangam in Leading the way as a Centre of India, in time excellence for outdoor leadership and for Christmas environment, Our Chalet has recently with my family welcomed over 500 participants for their back home in own Swiss Adventure this summer. The Australia, only to be asked in February WAGGGS International Events have to take over at Our Chalet for an Interim provided youth and adult members with period of up to one year! So having a wide range of physical, cultural and swapped saris and rickshaws for fleeces mentally stimulating activities high up, and gondola’s, I am having a fabulous high on a mountain in Switzerland. time high up, high on a mountain at Our Guests enjoyed hiking and outdoor Chalet in Switzerland. adventure activities and day trips within Switzerland. Being the first World Centre, it holds a very special place in the Guiding hearts Feedback from participants says that the of many and so to be here managing experience is challenging, rewarding and this centre is a real privilege and fun. They often surprise themselves and opportunity for me to continue to work their peers that they can do more than globally with WAGGGS. Of course the 16
  17. 17. September 2009 environment and culture is very different Pacific Regional Summit. Please contact to India, but that’s what makes life so the Asia Pacific Region if you want to interesting and full of challenges which send in your bids or go to the website. help me to continue to grow and become stronger as a leader and a person. I really hope that many of you will seize the opportunities offered at a world Announcements centre and so make the journey of a lifetime. I look forward to welcoming Correction to May AP Link News many Aussies here to Our Chalet in the article beautiful Bernese Oberland of Switzerland! Lawmakers act to keep Girl Scouts state-owned in the Philippines – Friends of Asia Page 12 Girl Scouts of the Philippines have noted Pacific WAGGGS that the bill mentioned in this article does not seek to change the status of Update on funds raised by Asia the GSP to become a government owned Pacific Region and controlled corporation. On the contrary, the GSP wants to remain a One of the decisions from the 40th Asia non-stock, non-profit organization which Pacific Committee meeting held in March was chartered by law. While the GSP 2009 was to report information on funds was chartered by law, it does not receive raised by Friends of Member any budget from the national Organizations in the Asia Pacific Link government. In effect, the GSP is a News and on the Asia Pacific website. private entity. We are, therefore, pleased to inform you Japan announces 90th Anniversary that the balance of the Asia Pacific Fund events to date stands at GBP66,786.99 and the Asia Pacific Friends Fund stands at Girl Scouts of Japan will celebrate its GBP42,552.50 after deducting the 90th Anniversary in 2010 and many amounts agreed at the last committee exciting activities are planned meeting to be used for the Asia Pacific throughout 2010. They will hold the Operational Plan 2009-2011. 90th Anniversary Togakushi International Camp from 5 August to 9 The Asia Pacific Committee would like to August 2010 at Togakushi Girl Scout thank all Member Organizations and all Center which is a base of Education of Friends of Asia Pacific who have Girl Scouting in Japan. They have contributed to these funds. These funds already sent the invitation to Member have enabled many young women in the Organizations. Please contact your Asia Pacific Region to attend WAGGGS or Member Organization to get the Asia Pacific events. application forms and any information that you may need. They are looking 40th Anniversary Wall Hanging forward to seeing you at Togakushi Girl Scout Center! The 40th Anniversary Asia Pacific Wall To commemorate their 90th Hanging has now been Anniversary, they have also launched completed. “VIVA 90 ! ~ Message Project from Girl Scouts Around the World". They are Member Organizations aiming to collect 90 messages from Girl from across the region were invited to Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. submit blocks to represent their country. The messages will be displayed at The wall hanging was assembled by VIVA90 ! their 90th Anniversary event Dallas Langdon. This Asia Pacific Wall which will be held in Tokyo on Sunday hanging will be auctioned at the Asia 10 October 2010. 17
  18. 18. September 2009 May in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The new Girl Guides Association Malaysia bid National Officers who will serve for the farewell to former President triennium 2009-2012 effective 1 July are: Salud Bagalso, National President; More than 250 Susan R. Locsin, 1st Vice-President; members of Girl Cristina L. Yuson, 2nd Vice-President, Guides Susan N. Delos Reyes, National Association of Secretary; Paz H. Diaz, National Malaysia Treasurer; and Asuncion H. Sta. Maria, gathered at their Asst. National Treasurer. Dr. Amelita Headquarters on Dayrit-Go was elected International 20 June to bid Commissioner. They were inducted into farewell to their office by Judge Suceso A. Arcamo of former President Tun Jeanne Abdullah. Tagbilaran City Regional Trial Court. The function themed ‘Jasa Mu Dikenang’, which, upon translation, Solomon Islands bids farewell to means ‘Your deeds will be remembered’ Patron was attended by the Prime Minister's wife, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, Solomon Islands Girl Guide Association who succeeds Tun Jeanne as the new bid farewell to their Patron Lady Alice President of GGAM. Also gracing the Waena in Honiara on 1 July 2009. function was Her Royal Highness, Princess Azizah Aminah Maimunah The President Jean Tafoa noted that Iskandariah, the Vice President of the Lady Waena had been a good role model GGAM. to the young girls who joined the association and hoped that after her The function was made more memorable departure she would continue to carry when Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah pinned on her work with the association. She the Trefoil Badge onto Tun Jeanne's noted that she would be remembered for lapel as a symbol of appreciation and reactivating the association in 2007. respect. Subscribe online Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah in her speech said that as the New President, she will Asia Pacific Link News is now available to carry on Tun Jeanne's work with the help subscribe to online from the Asia Pacific of the Executive members and the micro site: Guiders. ubscribe Tun Jeanne Abdullah, who has held the position of President of GGAM since June Asia Pacific Region Video 2007 is proud to claim that she was Competition once a Brownie. In her speech, she said that she is very happy with the As we celebrate 100 years of Girl enthusiasm of GGAM's members and Guiding and Girl Scouting and 40 years high level of volunteerism, and she of the Asia Pacific Region, it is timely for hopes that senior leaders in the members to reflect on the changes that Association will share their knowledge Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has and experiences with the younger brought to lives of girls and young generation to prepare them for women in the Region and what they leadership in the future. expect the Movement to bring in the future. Girl Scouts of the Philippines Elect New National Officers The Asia Pacific Region will hold a video competition in conjunction with the Asia The Girl Scouts of the Philippines elected Pacific Regional Summit, which will take its new National Officers during the 21st place at the Philippines this November. National Council Convention held last Selected videos from the competition 18
  19. 19. September 2009 will be adapted into promotional AP Top 40 Chart materials for the Asia Pacific Region. This is for all music lovers... bring out The video competition will provide a your Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting chance for you to share your success songbooks. We need your help to send stories in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in your favourite Girl Guiding and Girl and to express your hopes, plans, vision Scouting songs. Please ensure that the and expectations for the Movement. song you submit is a royalty-free song, Your voice counts! not for commercial and not a popular band song. A list of 100 songs, based on The theme of the video, ’Plant, Grow, popularity, will be compiled. Share’ was chosen in line with the celebration theme of 100 years of Girl The 100 songs will be played throughout Guiding and Girl Scouting worldwide and the Asia Pacific Regional Summit and it will also be the theme for the 10th some will be sung at the Welcome Asia Pacific Regional Conference in 2010. Campfire of the Regional Summit. Participants from the Regional Summit The competition is open to all members and Girl Guide and Girl Scout members of WAGGGS in the Asia Pacific Region online will then vote for the Top 40 and divided into two categories of WAGGGS AP Region songs. participation, Category A for participants below 18 years old and Category B for Please note that should your songs make participants above 18 years old. Entries it to the list of 100, we may need your can be from individual or group, with help to bring a recording of the songs to each group not exceeding six persons. the Regional Summit. The submission There is no limit to the number of form for the AP Top 40 Chart can be entries per Member Organization. downloaded at es/documents/3415. The video should not be more than three minutes in length, including titles and credits. Submissions can be of any commonly-recognized video format with good quality. We would prefer DVD quality (640X480). We also need you to post a smaller version of the video on YouTube and send us the full-quality version on physical media (DVD, CD or flash drive). You need to send us a link of the YouTube video on your entry form. The prize winners’ names will be announced at the Asia Pacific Regional Summit during the AP 40th Anniversary celebrations and dinner. More information about the competition can be downloaded from es/documents/3420 Therefore, pick up a camera and let your imaginations go wild. Let this be the beginning of the challenge of another 100 years of changing lives. We can’t wait to see your creation! 19