Asia Pacific Link News - May 2011


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The official newsletter of the Asia Pacific Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

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Asia Pacific Link News - May 2011

  1. 1. events hosted by Sri Lanka Girl Guides42nd Asia Pacific Association (SLGGA) including a meeting with Board and Committee Members of SLGGA,Regional Committee the "You are very Special" Concert held by the differently-abled Girl Guides, the pressMeeting discusses new conference of the launching of the "WAWE"plans for the 2012-2014 (War Affected Women Empowered) Project and the Rally 2011.triennium At the end of the meeting, the Asia PacificThe Asia Pacific Regional Committee Meeting Regional Committee presented a Silverwas Membership of the Friends of Asia Pacificsuccessfully WAGGGS (FAPW) as a farewell andheld from 2 to 9 appreciation gift to Mengfei Wu, RegionalApril 2011 n Director of Asia Pacific who will be leaving usColombo, Sri soon. We wish Mengfei all the best in herLanka. future undertakings!Innovativeinitiatives suchas Microfinance Message of thanks fromfor MemberOrganizations Girl Scouts of Japanwere proposed. A piece of good news was Tohoku-Kanto Earthquakedelivered at the meeting - the membership ofAsia Pacific Region has increased from 2.5 Dear Girl Scout and Girl Guide sisters;million to 2.6 million in this triennium. Thank you very much for all your warmDiscussion on the Asia Pacific Operational messages and prayers for the people of JapanPlan (APOP) for the 2012 - 2014 triennium who are affected by earthquakes and tsunami.was the most important part of the meeting.Diverse opinions and innovative suggestions It is our pleasure tobrought many breakthroughs. Some highlights inform you that weof the APOP activities are using the AP Link were able to confirmNews as the main platform to share best the safety of all Girlpractices in the six Global Outcomes and Scouts and Leadersimproving image and raising the Region’s in the mostprofile by speaking at external events. damaged areas. Some of them lostThe Asia Pacific Regional Committee has also everything but their lives. But, even thoughcommitted to several events over the next they are in hard and difficult situations, theytriennium and these will be announced in the are already showing their Girl Scout spirit andupcoming Chairmans letter. helping others wholeheartedly. I am so proud of all the surviving Girl Scouts for their courageDuring our stay in Colombo, the Asia Pacific and strength.Regional Committee also took part in several 17 May 2011~08:34~MM R:Asia PacificPublication and PromotionAP Link News2011MayAsia Pacific Link News May 2011 Final.doc
  2. 2. January 2011It was the biggest earthquake and tsunami on joined thethe record in Japan. More than 20,000 people projectare dead or missing. Around 350,000 people, which wasincluding our Girl Scout members, need to held ontake shelter in uncomfortable surroundings or Saturdayhave been evacuated from their home towns. andMore people living near Fukushima, including Sunday.the Tokyo metropolitan area, are affected by The activities focused on protecting thethe serial accidents at nuclear power plants environment, tree planting and waste disposal.and electricity shortages. But Japan will never They also plant vegetables as a source of foodgive up. We will face this challenge and and income generation. In this way they learnrecover from the devastation of this disaster. how to plant and grow vegetables – knowledge that is passed on to their families,Girl Scouts of Japan is so grateful to our Girl friends and also their community.Scouts and Girl Guide sisters who alwaysencourage and support us. Please give ourbest regards to your fellow Girl Scouts and Girl AdvocacyGuides. WAGGGS’ Vision is to be the voice of girlsI am sure that all the Girl Scouts in Japan will and young women to build a better world.unite in gathering courage to face this difficult Advocacy is about speaking out and takingsituation with the Girl Scout sprit. action to influence others and bring about positive change.With sincere gratitude for all your support andencouragement, We not only speak out on behalf of girls and young women everywhere, but also empowerTeruko WADA, President, Girl Scouts of Japan young women to advocate for themselves.GAT WAGGGS’ advocacy definition Several definitions of advocacy exist already.WAGGGS’ Global Action Theme (GAT) For WAGGGS, advocacy is simply: Wefocuses on the UN’s Millennium Development influence people to take decisions that willGoals (MDGs), eight specific goals to be met improve our lives and the lives of othersby 2015 that aim to combat extreme poverty In detail this means:across the world. • we influence people (= by speaking, doing and educating ) • to take decisions (= for exampleGAT Champions change policies or regulations,WAGGGS encourages everyone to take action allocate funding, provide support)and change the world around them and 20Member Organizations have made the • that will improve our life and the livescommitment to ‘champion’ the GAT within their of others (= the result we are trying tocountry and region. These 20 ‘GAT achieve)Champions’ have contributed to thedevelopment of the GAT resources. They haveworked on MDG topics in the past and have You can download an electronic copy of theagreed to work with the GAT programme in a WAGGGS Advocacy toolkit for free in Englishbig way with their members. The diverse -experience and advice of these ‘GAT’ will help every Member ument/view/3384Organization to implement the GAT. Support from Great Rivers Region,There are four GAT Champion Member Australia Trefoil Guild to BangladeshOrganizations in the Asia Pacific Region:Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and In 2009 the Nepean Valley Trefoil GuildThailand. sponsored a child and their family to cover the costs involved in the Aussie Bangla SmileGirl Guides Association of Thailand project. The project helps children inimplemented a community action project and Bangladesh who have cleft lips and30 girls and young women aged eight to 18 deformities. Children with such deformities are 2
  3. 3. January 2011likely to be ostracised by society. $200 self-esteem and improved skills through Girlseemed such a small amount – yet it made the Scouting make valuable contributions to theirworld of difference to this child and its family community.who are then allowed back into thecommunity. Pakistan organizes International AIDS Day On 2 December 2010 , Pakistan Girls GuidesIn 2010 they managed to get other Trefoil Association Punjab Branch organized aGuilds from the Greater Rivers Region area to programme in connection with World AIDSsponsor a child as well, and provided 100 gift Day in collaboration of Rahnuma – Familypacks for the children in Bangladesh. Planning Association of Pakistan,” at theThese packs contained pencils, paper, Guidestickers, sharpener, toothbrush, and a Koala Auditorium,bear. Lahore.Girl Scouts of Japan President promotes Mrs NafeesaMillennium Development Goal 3: gender Sikandar Malhi,equality and empowering women (MDG 3) Provincial CommissionerThe President of Girl Scouts of Japan (GSJ), Punjab, Dr.Teruko Wada is a member of Subcommittee to Nighat Arshad and other Executive MembersEnlight to End Violence against Women which attended, along with 150 Guides and a part of Liaison Conference for the The seminar highlighted the importance ofPromotion of Gender Equality, Cabinet Office, Aids day and emphasized the importance ofGovernment of Japan. She attended the youth participation in disseminatingmeeting on behalf of GSJ on 23 March 2011. information about HIV.This subcommittee is working to promotepractice educational activities to help end Another seminar on health and HIV was organized on 18 December, 2010, inviolence against women and makes policyrecommendations to the government. At the collaboration with “VITE N HOPE” at Pakistanmeeting, Teruko presented how Girl Scouts Girl Guides Association’s community hall. Mr Abdul Qadir, a former cricketer, was the chiefand Girl Guides all over the world are workingfor MDG 3, which was the theme for World guest and delivered a lecture on HIV/AIDS.Thinking Day 2011. Furthermore, she The seminar was attended by 120 Guides andannounced that WAGGGS would be launching students.a global advocacy campaign to end violenceagainst girls in July 2011. She asked support Philippines International Friendshipfor these programmes and called on other Exchange (Infex) and DX Contestorganizations to establish a networkingplatform. GSJ will implement education forgirls and development of leaders Senior and Cadet Girl Scouts exchanged theirstrengthening cooperation with the Thinking Day greetings on the air through thegovernment and other organizations from now International Friendship Exchange (INFEX)on. and DX Contest onYouth Activity Forum representation from 19 FebruaryJapan 2011. This activity wasOn 6 February, the Youth Activity Forum was sponsoredheld at Nippon Seinen-kan in Tokyo. On behalf by the GSPof the Girl Scouts of Japan, Mari Kataoka, Scouts HamDeputy Secretary-General of GSJ, attended Radiothis forum as a member of a panel, addressing Enthusiaststhe 100 participants at the event. This event for Service (GSP SHARES) with the help ofwas organised by the National Council of the Philippine Amateur Radio AssociationYouth Organizations in Japan, which (PARA). A total of 23 Councils and 28 amateurcomprises major Japanese youth radio stations participated in the event.organizations. Mari Kataoka delivered apresentation on how Girl Scouting has been This Thinking Day activity aims to fosterimplementing the programme for girls aged 12 international friendship and understandingto 15, and the fact that girls with enhanced among Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across the 3
  4. 4. January 2011globe and to communicate the message oflove and peace through the use of the ham The next training was held on 24 to 26radio thereby enabling the girls to exercise February 2011 at the Alano Regionaltheir knowledge and skills learned in Ham Programme and Training Centre (AlanoRadio training. Girls who participated earned RPTC) in Toril, Davao City. Four regions andbadges on the Challenge of World Community 48 participants attended the event.and Preparedness. Chief Girl Scout Medal Presentation CeremoniesWAGGGS’ Goals A total of 415 Senior andGoal 1 – Leadership Cadet GirlDevelopment Scouts from 61 Councils were awardedInternational Award/Duke of Edinburgh the Chief GirlAward Leader Training held in the Scout MedalPhilippines at the presentation ceremonies held on 5 FebruaryThe Girl Scouts 2011 at the SMX Convention Centre, Pasayof the City. The Chief Girl Scout Medal is the highestPhilippines award of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.(GSP) offers 138 girls had worked on ecology, 38 onlimitless livelihood, 227 on health and 12 on culturalopportunities to heritage. Through these projects, Girl Scoutsour girl and developed their sense of responsibility,adult members. leadership and commitment.They increasegirls’ and adult GSP National President Dr Salud A. Bagalsomembers’ participation and bring international presented the Chief Girl Scout Medal. Sheventures to local communities. With this in was assisted by GSP 1st National Vicemind, GSP has partnered with the President and Programme CommitteeInternational Awards Association (IAA) in order Chairman Mrs Susan R. Locsin, GSP 2nd Vice-to deliver the International Award, also known President Dr Cristina Lim Yuson and Nationalas “The Duke of Edinburgh Award”. To Executive Director Ma. Dolores T. Santiago.effectively implement the award, two separate Presidential sister, Ms Kris AquinoAward Leader Training activities were represented His Excellency Benigno Simeonconducted for the selected pilot councils of the C. Aquino III as the Guest of Honor andsix GSP regions. Mr Rob Oliphant, Regional Speaker. She was invested as a Girl Scout byManager for Programme of the IAA-Asia Dr Bagalso after her speech.Pacific, facilitated the sessions whichconsisted of lectures, discussion, group Life skills project run in Thailandactivities, exercises and games. Fifty-three girls and young women aged 11 toThe first training took place on 17 to 19 18 years old from underprivileged and ruralFebruary 2011 at the Helena Z Benitez communities attended the “To teach life skillsNational Programme and Training Centre for living a meaningful life and develop(HZB NPTC) in Tagaytay City. It was attended community” project between 1 to 30 Aprilby a total of 28 participants from the Northern 2010. Some of the participants were orphans,and Central Luzon Regions. while the rest were from large families living below subsistence level and unable to payGSP National Executive Director, Mrs Ma. education expenses. This project was fundedDolores T. Santiago, and GSP National by the 3L Project grant provided by thePresident, Dr Salud A. Bagalso spoke at the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW).opening ceremony, which was also attendedby Dr Amelita Dayrit-Go, GSP International The activities included Guiding activities asCommissioner. The closing ceremony address well as training in various skills such as careerwas given by Mrs Susan R. Locsin, GSP 1st improvement skills, basic skills such asNational Vice President and Programme weaving, sewing, crochet and patchedCommittee Chairman. 4
  5. 5. January 2011material work, handicraft, cooking, basiccomputer training, and many more. Goal 2 – Strong and Growing MemberIn 30 days, all the girls and young womengained knowledge and experience in various Organizationsskills which they can use to adapt to their dailylives. They learnt how to earn additional Cooperation in Cambodiaincome while studying. The training alsoallowed them to develop as role models for The beginning of this year has seen a busyother girls. time for Girl GuidesWassana Saetor, a 14-year-old participant Association ofwho attended the training, said: “It made us Cambodia.feel that we can rely on GGAT to teach us life From 11 to 16skills more than what we learnt at school. They February 2011,taught vocations, sewing and embroidery, Della Salway,flower arranging as well as the English WAGGGSlanguage. This project is a very good project. TreasurerMy parents have permitted me to participate in visited the Girl Guides Association ofthis project every year since I was 10 years Cambodia (GGAC). The Minister of Women’sold. I like to make desserts and learn how to Affairs warmly welcomed Della’s visit touse the computer, because I have no such Cambodia.opportunity at school. I think I learnt a lot fromthis project. Although there are computers in On 7 March 2011, at Peace Building of thethe schools, they are not enough for every Ministers’ Cabinet, the Girl Guides Associationstudent to have a chance to learn. of Cambodia participated in the celebration of 100 years of International Women’s DayIrada Malah, a 15-year- hosted by the Ministry of Women Affairs.old participant, said“When participating in On 20 March 2011, the Girl Guidesthe project, I gained Association of Cambodia received supportmore self-confidence, from Sokimex Co.Ltd for running a Day Careable to think and share Centre Srey Praseur at Takeo province for onemy views. The trainers year. The Day Care Centre benefits 60gave us the opportunity children aged three to five years old for earlyto express ourselves childhood education.freely. I also learnedvocations such as Anniversary Celebrations for Malaysiasewing, crocheting, arts. I also learnt self-discipline as well as computer and the English Girl Guides Association Malaysia (GGAM)language. This provides me with the Perak Branch celebrated its 90th anniversaryopportunity to develop my life-skills more than on 26 March 2011 in Taiping. It was a greatmy other friends at school. In my school I show of solidarity among sister Guides. Theyorganize a group to make desserts for sale to put up a stage show which mesmerized thefind supplementary income for my education. It crowd with their excellent showmanship andhelps to relieve my parent’s burden as well as creativity. Thebeing able to make valuable use of my free Branchtime. I am very happy and proud to be able to Patronparticipate in this project. I will be a role model Tuankuto my junior friends at school and for this year, Bainun andI volunteer myself to be a teaching assistant, President,to give advice and take care of young girls Raja Norwho will join in this project. I want to thank Mahani Rajaeveryone who support such a good project like Shahar Shahthis and also hope that this project will and GGAMcontinue for the benefit of girls who are under- Chief Commissioner Datin Seri Zalillah Mohd.privileged like us and other young women in Taib were among those present. Happythe future.” anniversary, Perak! Around 1200 Girl Guides from 189 schools in the city of Kuala Lumpur also braved a heavy 5
  6. 6. January 2011downpour in a 2km parade in conjunction with which has branches in 14 other countriesits branch level World Thinking Day including the UK.celebration on 16 April 2011. A fleet of vintagecars ferried past Patrons, Presidents and State Everyday for a month the Star advertised theCommissioners. Datuk Yeoh Soo Keng, event online and in print, and everyday thereBranch President said it was a proud day for was a pagethe Association as it also commemorated 95 of newsyears of Girl Guiding. The celebration was reporting onparticularly memorable for Branch Vice fundraisingPresident Puan Sri Janaki Athinahapan who efforts,was instrumental in helping set up the Girl includingGuides, KL Chapter. The event also saw past efforts bypatrons and pioneer members being honored Girl Guideswith medals. of different Branches in Malaysia. Maybank helped by encouraging customers using Maybank ATM machines to make a donation.Goal 3 - The Voice of Girls Whenever anyone used a Maybank ATMand Young Women machine during the month, they received a message asking for a donation to the GirlGreener x Greener project with UNIQLO in Guides-Maybank tsunami fund for Japan andJapan they could donate directly from their bank account using the ATM machine.Girl Scouts of Japan has built a partnershipwith UNIQLO, The fundraising effort ended on 20 April.a Japanese GGAM President Datin Seri Rosmah Mansorclothing firm, presented the cheque to the Japanesefor the Peace Ambassador Masahiko Horie, who received itProject on behalf of the Japanese Red Cross, at thenamed Prime Minister’s residence on 20 April 2011."Greener x "The humanitarian effort reflects the close tiesGreener". between Malaysia and Japan which is goingUNIQLO has through a difficult time," she said. Thealready been campaign was featured on the National TVcooperating with UNHCR and they reuse and channel prime time news and in nationalrecycle all used products. Each year in March, newspapers.June and September they promote recyclingactivity months and they will launch a State Commissioner for Sarawak Annie Simcampaign in the future. Girl Scouts were in said the campaign has been beneficial inUNIQLO shops with UNIQLO staff and educating young members about theUNHCR on 5 to 6 March in Tokyo, and 19 to importance of helping those in need.20 March in Hyogo. They promoted recycling Organizing chairperson Datuk Yeoh Seohused clothes and also handed out leaflets Keng praised and thanked members of theintroducing "Greener x Greener" project. It Movement for their tireless efforts in ensuringbecame a very good opportunity to raise the success of the project.awareness on Girl Scouting for huge amountof people. This cooperative activity will be Pakistan forms Young Leaders Committeerolled our throughout Japan in the future. and holds Youth ForumGirl Guides Association Malaysia Lend a Pakistan Girl Guides Association, PunjabHand Branch, has formed a young leaderMembers of the Girl Guides Association group which aims toMalaysia (GGAM) have successfully raised support girls andRM 1.8 million in aid of Japan’s tsunami and young women inearthquake victims. Over a period of one skills, confidencemonth, GGAM ran their fundraising activities and leadershipwith the support of the Star, the most widely English newspaper in Malaysia, and Elections for the group were held on 17Maybank, one of the major banks in Malaysia August 2010. Senior Guides selected their 6
  7. 7. January 2011President, Vice President and Reporter from accommodation, meals, conferencedifferent colleges and universities. facilities/materials and airport transfers.A Centenary Youth Forum was held on 10 Each Member Organization of the Asia PacificApril 2011 at Pakistan Girl Guides Association Region is invited to send two participants andNational Headquarters, Islamabad. It was register two reserves. Reserve participants willarranged as the initiation of a Mega Youth be considered upon availability of more placesForum at National Level and to celebrate the and are not eligible for grants.Centenary of Girl Guides Movement. Twentyyoung leaders (with international exposure) The delegation should consist of the followingfrom Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, AJK, Gilgit two persons:Baltistan and ICT participated in this forum. Participant 1: Person responsible for theThe forum was inaugurated by National review and delivery of training for adult leadersCommissioner of Pakistan Girl Guides in the Member Organization. This personAssociation, Mrs Farhana Azim. In her should also be an experienced trainer who isopening remarks she shared the Mission, currently training, ANDVision and structure of PGGA. She foresaw Participant 2: Potential trainer aged 35 andthe young leaders as successors of the below, with a minimum of three years’Executive Committee of PGGA. The experience in leading girls.participants shared their key learning frominternational events with other young leaders. Circular 1 and application forms for the workshop will be sent out soon. Therefore, weAfter comprehensive discussion, the young suggest that Member Organizations start topeople prepared suggestions and identify suitable applicants and budget for therecommendations which were presented to the costs to attend this workshop now.Executive Committee Members of PGGA. Friends of Asia PacificEvents WAGGGSJoint Asia Pacific-Arab Regional Trainingof Trainers Workshop 3rd General AssemblyThe Joint Asia Pacific-Arab Regional Training The 3rd General Assembly of the Friends ofof Trainers Workshop will be held from 28 Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) was held atNovember to 3 December 2011 at Grand the Yeungdeungpo Youth Hostel, Seoul, SouthBlueWave Hotel, Shah Alam, Selangor, Korea on 20Malaysia. The 4-day workshop with the theme – 24 April“T=C3 (Trainers = Create, Challenge, Change) 2011. Whilstis expected to bring together 100 participants a Generalfrom both the Asia Pacific and Arab Regions. Assembly is the majorDate: 28 Nov to 3 Dec 2011 (Arrival on 28 meeting ofNov, departure on 3 Dec) FAPW and aVenue: Grand BlueWave Hotel, Shah Alam, time to reportSelangor, Malaysia on the activities of the past triennium, the( (Arrival gathering of members from countries acrossAirport should be Kuala Lumpur International the Region is an important opportunity to showAirport (KLIA) or Kuala Lumpur Low Cost support for the work of the APR CommitteeCarrier Terminal (LCCT)) throughout the Region, renew friendships andFees: meet new people. Through the social eventsGBP 300 arranged by FAPW Korea as well as theper business meetings, this Assembly achieved allperson these expectations and more. There were a(Twin total of 154 participants from thirteensharing) / countries, namely Australia, Cambodia,GBP 420 Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea,per Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Singapore, Sriperson Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.(Single occupancy). Fees will include 7
  8. 8. January 2011The Membership Presentation Ceremony and Susan Locsin (Philippines) to join the threeInternational Night are very important aspects who remain – Chempaka Emalin Pahaminof all FAPW gatherings. Presentations were (Malaysia), Annette Woo (Hong Kong), Sooncarried out by our Patron, HRH Crown Duck Chung (Korea). Following this, thePrincess Azizah of Pahang, Malaysia who also Working Group elected Chempaka asprovided an inspirational address to those Chairman for the next three years with Susanpresent. This was followed by a most as Vice Chairman. The retiring Working Groupenjoyable meal and performances by members were thanked for their contribution.participants. A total of 67 new Silver members, The Working Group has been careful to24 Gold, 10 Diamond and 19 Major Donors maintain membership donations at a levelreceived pins during the ceremony. During the within the financial scope of a vast majority ofGeneral Assembly period, a total of GBP potential members within the Region. Until9,217 was collected (this does not include now, membership donations have beenmoney of new members directly sent to offered in both US dollars and GB pounds.WAGGGS). A further amount of GBP 942 was This has meant variation in amounts beingraised in the bazaar. received by the World Bureau, caused by currency fluctuations. The decision was madeA very fitting closing to the Assembly was a in 2010 that, following this Assembly,dinner cruise on the River Han – watching the membership donations would be GB poundssun gradually set and the lights of the City take only. Additionally, entry level for Silverover. Entertainment was provided by two category would be increased to 80GBP. Thisyoung singers whose music again inspired is the only change in membership donationdancing by participants. levels since the inception of FAPW in 1999. They also launched the new FAPWParticipants also took part in the Girls’ Day of Membership Brochure. The new membershipthe Girl Scouts of Korea. It was indeed the fee tier and brochure can be downloaded atevent of the year, with more than 30 booths the Asia Pacific microsite.set up to exercise cognitive learning for girls invarious skills ranging from personal health FAPW Korea as well as Girl Scouts Koreacare, emergency health response, mentoring were congratulated on their wonderfulto women, environment care, modern art, volunteers and hard work to help make this acultural art, promotion of international camp, very happy and successful event.etc. More than 6,000 girls and young womenjoined the event. Young Women’s WorldThe business meetings provided anopportunity to hear a report of activities and Forum 2011achievements of FAPW over the past threeyears and a report of projects undertaken with At 14.30GMT on 20 March 2011, delegatesthe support of funds raised by FAPW. from 82 countries gathered in WAGGGS’ fourWe talked more about the Terms of World Centres in India, Mexico, SwitzerlandReference, the role of Country Co-ordinators and the UK for the opening ceremony of theand heard about FAPW activities in several Young Women’s World Forum. The ceremonycountries. The Olave Baden-Powell Society was also broadcast online, with people tuningand the new membership scheme which in from countries as far afield as Brazil,enables donations to FAPW be accumulated Singapore, Mauritius, Latvia and Tunisia.and taken into consideration for OBPSmembership was also introduced. Guest Delegates and viewers renewed theirSpeaker Dr. Kwang Tae Kim, Chairman of the Promises, committing to help build a betterPermanent Fund Committee for Korea world and contributing to the achievement ofRotary International, addressed the group on the United Nations Millennium Developmentthe importance of fundraising for the survival Goals.of organizations and some ideas of how toapproach fundraising. One viewer said that when they heard the Promise said in so many different languagesAt the end of each triennium three members of from people all around the world it gave themthe Working Group of six stand down and “goose bumps on my arm, even after all thesethree new members are elected. The new years!”Working Group members elected are – HelenHargreaves (Australia), Junko Satoh (Japan), 8
  9. 9. January 2011WAGGGS World Board Chairman, Margaret Development Goals and concerning Guiding inTreloar encouraged Girl Guides and Girl our home countries, with a group of vibrant,Scouts around the world to take responsibility passionate, committed and concerned groupfor being agents of change in their own lives of young women. Discovering that Veroniqueand in their communities. from Guyana was running a Trash Up Day with a concept almost identical to Clean Up“You are at the start of what will be a very Australia Day, as well as a Life Skillsexciting and life-changing week. You will be programme similar to one run in Southdebating global issues of enormous Australia brought home just how universalimportance – ending hunger and poverty, many of these issues are. Further, it gave usachieving gender equality, and environmental an opportunity to discuss sharing resources (Isustainability. Our individual actions and have already committed to sending informationvoices together create a powerful Movement, about various parts of the Australian Guidingand you as individuals have a responsibility, Programme to Hungary, Guyana and theand the opportunities, to fulfill your potential to Ukraine, as well as emailing some informationbecome agents of change.” Margaret Treloar, to the Maldives and Papua New Guinea!). WeWAGGGS World Board Chairman. discussed, we planned, and we committed ourselves to action at home. How much ofYou can read about the daily updates on the what we set out to achieve actually eventuates remains to be seen, but the effects of theWAGGGS website - forum will certainly be felt within WAGGGS and the wider community. We have prepared the way, and in 2012, a further group of girlsAnna Baulderstone from and young women will be taking what we haveGirl Guides Australia learned and what we have done out into theIncorporated writes on her community.”YWWF experience at OurChalet: “From 19 to 26March 2011, around 160 World Centresyoung women fromaround the world Volunteering at Pax Lodge- A life timegathered at the four World ExperienceCentres to participate inthe Young Womens Pax Lodge is the WAGGGS World Centre inWorld Forum (YWWF) 2011. I was lucky London,enough to attend Our Chalet. We were situated next tofollowing up on the declaration drafted by the the WorldYWWF delegates in 2010. With roughly 45 Bureau. AllWAGGGS nations represented, it was World Centresundoubtedly the most diverse group of women have a regularI have ever encountered, but we nonetheless programme forhad much in common; a passion for Guiding, a volunteer girlswillingness to overcome cultural boundaries to come andand a deep commitment to pursuing the stay to work,Millennium Development Goals in our home learn and get an international experience.countries. The focus of the week wasdeveloping our advocacy skills. We learnt Azka Ejaz from Pakistan Girl Guidesabout managing diversities, about using Association Punjab branch was the first girldifferent methods of communication to convey from Pakistan Girl Guides Association to worka message, about lobbying and campaigning as a volunteer at Pax Lodge.and about knowledge management. We alsohad an amazing opportunity to visit the United She worked as resident volunteer at PaxNations for a day trip. We saw the General Lodge from 1 November 2010 to 1 JanuaryAssembly room, as well as hearing from a 2011. As resident volunteer she wasspeaker on environmental sustainability. responsible for housekeeping and at timesSeeing the place where so many decisions are conducted evening programmes or assistedmade to change our world was inspiring, and a with day events. During her stay at Pax lodgeonce in a lifetime opportunity for most. What she participated in a seminar and conductedreally made this forum special for me, international nights. She also worked onhowever, was the opportunity to discuss MDGs.issues, concerning the Millennium 9
  10. 10. January 2011 delivery of our strategy in the Region. As aAzka Ejaz thanked the Pakistan Girl Guides key member of the Global Operations team,Association for providing her such an you will also actively participate in andopportunity and stated that she had an contribute to our global initiatives. Working inexperience of working in a multicultural partnership with volunteers and throughenvironment. “I gained a lot of confidence and member organizations, you will support andleadership skills. Life at Pax is very exciting encourage the development of Girl Guidingand very busy but it teaches you lessons for and Girl Scouting in the Region and and strengthens you as a female, shapes Willing and able to travel extensively, you willyou as a person and enriches your soul. I will be fluent in English and a highly effectiveforever cherish these memories. I strongly communicator at all levels.recommend other girls with good English skillsto have this experience and represent Please give this vacancy your fullPakistan.” consideration, and please use your personalPax Lodge website: and professional networks to make this vacancy as well known as possible. Closing date for applications is 25 May 2011. First interviews by telephone will be held on 1,Announcement 2, and 3 June 2011. Final face-to-face interviews will take place in the week of 13 June, location to be confirmed but likely to beFarewell to Mengfei Wu London, India or Singapore. We would like the successful candidate to start their contract asWe informed you in March that Mengfei Wu soon as possible. If an early start is notwill complete her time with WAGGGS at the possible, then we would still like the successfulbeginning of June 2011. Mengfei has decided candidate to attend WAGGGS’ Worldto move on to the next chapter of her life, and Conference in the UK from 9 to 15 July.we wish her well. During her time as RegionalDirector, Mengfei has supported the AsiaPacific Region Committee to develop itsoperational plans, to strengthen the Region,and to implement programmes to buildcapacity in the Member Organizations.We thank Mengfei for her work with theprevious Committee under the Chairmanshipof June Cameron. More importantly, Mengfeigave support and advice to Jeng and the newCommittee in the crucial months after beingelected. This put the Committee on a firmfoundation to begin work as a new Committeewith a new Chair. We are extremely grateful toMengfei for this and we wish her all the verybest.Recruitment of new Regional Director, AsiaPacific RegionIt is with eager anticipation that we announcethe opening of the vacancy for the Asia PacificRegional Director. Please look on WAGGGS’website and the Asia Pacific microsite whereyou will find a full job description and for moredetails( ). We are looking toappoint a Regional Director to lead thedevelopment, implementation and evaluationof our work in the Asia Pacific Region. Anexperienced manager, with practicalknowledge of the region, you will drive the 10