Asia Pacific Link News - January 2009


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Official newsletter of the Asia Pacific Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

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Asia Pacific Link News - January 2009

  1. 1. everybody welcomed me and made me feel at home. It was a totally different experience for me, travelling so far from my country and for five months. For a girl like me, who is from one of the poorest countries in the world, to enter the United Kingdom with full sponsorship is very rare and difficult. Pax Lodge provides food and accommodation to all Experience at a volunteers. World Centre There is always a positive and negative part of any experience but at Pax Lodge I-M Possible, from Nepal to UK it is more Prerana Shakya, a Scouter from Nepal what I have Scouts volunteered at Pax Lodge last gained year. She writes: “I’ve been a Girl Scout through it. I in Nepal since I was 11 years old. It is explored sad to know that there are so many London, I opportunities for Girl Guides and Girl learned so Scouts that WAGGGS is offering and many things very few seem to utilize them. I never about knew about this before I was selected international relations, and I developed from my country to volunteer at Pax friendships with girls from all around the Lodge, London, one of the WAGGGS four world. I developed understanding World Centres. The other World Centres between people from different countries are Our Chalet in Switzerland, Our who have their own culture and lifestyle. Cabaña in Mexico and Sangam in India. It is very true that no matter how different we are according to our culture Pax Lodge and the other World Centres and living, after all we are girls and welcome volunteers from all around the somehow we have similar feelings and world to use this opportunity to explore, that is how we easily understand each meet different people and learn skills. It other. is totally related to the WAGGGS Mission which is: "to enable girls and young I had tiring and hard times doing women to develop their fullest potential housekeeping; working in the kitchen as responsible citizens of the world". and long day duties but it also provided me with an opportunity to meet eminent I was at Pax Lodge from 1 June to 31 people like Princess Benedikte of October 2008. The day I entered Denmark and the granddaughter of Lord 26 January 2009~11:54~MM R:Asia PacificPublication and PromotionLink News2009JanAsia Pacific Link News January2009Finaldoc.doc
  2. 2. January 2009 Baden-Powell. I also developed public Zealand as a Zone manager, assisting relations with lots of other members of volunteer Regional and District co- WAGGGS which will help me in the ordinators in their leadership of other future. volunteers in their local areas. This had been a rewarding position where I was Pax Lodge has changed my life and I directly involved in facilitating change encourage more Girl Guides and Girl within a Member Organization especially Scouts from the Asia Pacific Region to in how the organization supports new experience this rare opportunity. I want volunteer leaders joining the Movement. to tell everyone that: "nothing is impossible since impossible is I M In my volunteer leadership roles over POSSIBLE" so just go for it and see how the last 15 years I have had the your life changes after volunteering at opportunity to lead girls of all ages in Pax Lodge and any of the other World their unit programmes, organizing Centres.” camps and fun activities, and providing training opportunities for their leaders. I From 1st Asia Pacific Young Leader also had the opportunity to work with Scholarship winner to Deputy World young women and represent them on Centre Manager regional and national committees within GirlGuiding New Zealand. Maia Faulkner, a 32 year-old member from New Zealand, is currently working The opportunities that I have had in as Deputy World Centre manager - GirlGuiding have helped shape who I am Guest Services at Pax Lodge. She writes today. The experiences I have had both on her experience as a Volunteer at Pax within and external to the Association Lodge: have led me to my new role at Pax Lodge. Working at a World Centre has “I had always dreamt about visiting already provided me with new again (or volunteering or working at) a challenges and I look forward to working World Centre ever since I attended and as a member of the Pax Lodge team. My really enjoyed a Juliette Low Seminar at only disappointment is that I didn’t take Pax Lodge in 1998. The theme had been up this type of opportunity earlier. I ‘Building World Citizenship’ and the encourage you all to seek out topics covered and opportunities opportunities to work or volunteer at a provided had made me want to World Centre and experience everything experience more of what Girl Guiding each of them has to offer.” had to offer. New Zealand, however, is so far away from India, Mexico, Inspiring times as a Switzerland and the United Kingdom World Centre that my dreams had never become a Manager reality. Sally Thornton who I had had the opportunity to travel to worked at Sangam for other places in the Asia Pacific Region as six years as World the Inaugural Asia Pacific Young Leader Centre Manager shares Scholarship winner in 2002 but was her experience. Sally unable to get to Sangam, which had writes: always been a disappointment to me. However now all those dreams have "I have had an amazing journey in the come true! Recently I moved to London past six years. I have travelled to when I was appointed to the role of different continents and countries and Deputy World Centre manager: Guest met and worked with fabulous people Services at Pax Lodge. Before taking up both young and old - words fail to this role I had experienced Girl Guiding describe what this experience has in a Member Organization, both as a meant! I have had such incredible volunteer and as a staff member. I had opportunities to meet and work with been employed by GirlGuiding New volunteers and staff of WAGGGS from all 2
  3. 3. January 2009 regions but in particular having been Please see their website for more able to work in my own Region of Asia information and details of how to apply - Pacific has been a wonderful experience. The community projects and outreach The Asia Pacific Region has not been programmes from our World Centre represented at all at Our Cabaña. Why have taught me so much. As I have not be the first volunteer? touched the lives of many young ( women, so they have touched mine. I have found inner peace, experienced all Information on Our Chalet can be found of the major religions, their festivals, at culture and fun, ridden an elephant, camel and a yak! I have come to enjoy Further information on volunteering can the spicy, flavoursome food of India and be found in the September 2008 edition will certainly miss the variety and tastes. of AP Link News. I have tried homeopathy, meditation, channelling, ayurveda, Indian Christianity, Tarot cards, yoga and so much more! WAGGGS’ goals I have learned to appreciate the world at Goal 1 – Leadership large and what being an Australian really means. I have had various battles but Development through it all have had a fabulous time Members of Girl Guides Australia and I would do it all over again. Inc. receive Rainbow skills award Generally the Indian people and families in particular are so warm and welcoming. I have had a huge extended The first ACT Ranger Guides to gain the family here at Sangam and in the Rainbow skills award, Hannah and Jacqui community – there are so many people Coleman, were presented with the award here doing amazing things to try and by ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope. improve the lives of those around them. They were congratulated on their They are truly an inspiration!" achievements in environmental awareness, innovation, self-reliance, self-discipline and teamwork. It took the Grant opportunities girls about a year to secure the award. Like other World Centres, Sangam Based on the colours of the rainbow, the welcomes volunteers from the world, difficulty at each level increased. especially from Asia Pacific Region and Activities included learning to prepare a have grants to support volunteers meal for 40 people and a trip to the working in Sangam. For further unicycling world championships in information please go to Denmark. or contact If you want more information about the rainbox programme, visit Girl Guides of If you would like to volunteer, Pax Lodge Australia website: is currently seeking new volunteers for 2009. They are looking for two Event assistants, a Marketing and Public Relations volunteer and an Office volunteer to assist in their summer Pakistan runs skills training for peer months for 2009. educators Over 200 Guide Patrol Leaders and Senior Guides received training to work 3
  4. 4. January 2009 as peer educators. The training focused Thirty-two participants attended a specifically on empowering girls to be national training workshop for trainers more confident, informed and skilled in entitled ‘Soaring High’ at the Islamabad understanding projects on children’s National Training Centre from 24 July to rights, reproductive health and health 3 August. Objectives included building issues. Workshops and brief seminars capacity of Provincial Trainers and were conducted in the different districts Leaders, promoting non-formal methods of Punjab by Guide trainers and of Guiding and the Movement and instructors from other NGOs. understanding the international dimensions of Girl Guiding. Sofia Ikram a Girl Guide From 10 to 11 October a national from workshop for policy makers was Governmen organized to help them gain a better t Girls High understanding of strategic planning as a School Noor tool and to share how to market the Girl Pur 122/J.B Guide programme and learn more about Millat Road succession planning. Faisalabad noted: “Training in life skills is very good for girls as it teaches them Finally, two how to react in different situations Guiders and 16 especially in the class/school”. Junior Guides from three districts of ICT 1st Brownie Camp held by Penang Branch attended Branch of Persatuan Pandu Puteri a three-day residential holiday camp for Junior As part of the ‘2008 - Year for Cadet, Guides at Girl Guides national Undergraduate and Adult Guides: Headquarters Islamabad. The Theme of Building Esteem in Young Women,’ 70 the Camp was ‘Healthy, wealthy and members of the Penang Branch of wise’’. Persatuan Pandu Puteri, Malaysia took part in the first camp for Brownies in Juvenile Leadership Camp held August 2008. The camp was held at the Water Sports Centre in Tanjung Bungah, Girl Scouts of Taiwan held a two-day Penang. Juvenile Leadership Camp 2008 at the Girl Scouts Training Centre in Taipei Activities County from 1 to 2 November. More included than 90 participants joined in the camp, performance, which was designed for Brownies, Scouts statue and elementary school students aged 10 dancing, song to 12 years-old. sessions and games The aim of the camp was to discover throughout their fullest potential as future leaders the night. Girl by improving their observation, Guides improved their leadership skills responsibility and creativity through by taking care of the Brownies during reaction training, brainstorming and the camp. Many Brownies also gained group discussions. A peace angel confidence and became more competition was carried out during the independent following their participation camp where each participant introduced in the camp. themselves in English and then Pakistan holds a series of presented their hope and vision as a workshop/training promoting peace angel. This encouraged Leadership Development participants to be aware of issues related to world peace and also take action in building a better world. 4
  5. 5. January 2009 Margie’s achievements in her time as GOLD Project State Commissioner were considered, taking into account her leadership in the The Girl Guides Association of Thailand field of volunteer administrators, her in cooperation with Guides Australia held position as a role model for other the ‘Training for trainers/leaders on life- volunteer administrators and her unique skills programme planning’ and the achievements in her role. ‘Training for Guides/senior Guides on life-skills’ under the Guiding Overseas During her term as State Commissioner, Linked Development (GOLD) Project Margie has overseen a restructure of the from 18 October to 1 November 2008 in Regions in South Australia, improving Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai communication and ensuring better use provinces. Over 50 leaders/trainers and of volunteers’ time. Margie has also 69 Guides/senior Guides from all over devoted her time to visiting and the country participated in this project. supporting the rural and regional areas of South Australia, and the results have This was the first shown in the encouraging member year that four numbers outside of the metropolitan GOLD members area. The true reflection of Margie’s from Australia dedication, however, is in her personal along with four connection with and interest in each and Thai young leaders every leader in the state. together organized the training. The objectives of this Nominations were accepted for both paid project have been successfully fulfilled and unpaid volunteer administrators, so with all participants gaining knowledge for a volunteer to take this award is an in various aspects and developing achievement for Margie, and an leadership skills which would fruitfully exceptional success for Guiding to be promote the efficiency of forthcoming considered alongside major government Girl Guide activities. Subjects covered and national volunteer programmes. include adult leadership, youth leadership, decision-making, cultural Cambodia receive donation from exchange, physical health, environment, New York Rotary Club camping, sexual health and campfire. Twenty young girls, aged seven to 11, in Goal 2 – Strong and rural Cambodia are not dropping out of school but continuing their education, Growing Member thanks to the cooperation of the New Organizations York (NY) Rotary Foundation, WAGGGS and the Girl Guides Association in Cambodia (GGAC). The project started State Commissioner of Australia with the vision and determination of wins Award of Excellence Takako Johnson, a member of the New York (NY) Rotary Club. Takako felt the Margie pain of young girls with few future Berlemon, prospects because their parents were State too poor to keep them in school. She Commissioner chose to concentrate a small effort in for Girl Guides Cambodia because she was aware that South Australia, human trafficking is a problem there for has been girls from poor families who drop out of awarded the school. Australasian Association of Volunteer Administrators’ Award of Excellence for The first challenge was to find an agency 2008. in Cambodia to identify needy girls and to monitor their progress. Takako asked the advice of Barbara M. Burns, a fellow 5
  6. 6. January 2009 Rotarian and member of the Olave nine different schools in the Suva Baden-Powell Society. Barbara Guiding Province of Fiji participated at immediately recommended WAGGGS as the Suva Guides’ Rally on 25 October the ideal partner for the programme and 2008. The Rally was officially opened by she contacted Mengfei Wu, the Regional the President of the Association, Dr Director, Asia Pacific who was Akanisi Kedrayate Tabualevu. enthusiastic about it and referred Takako to Tan Phally, Chief The Association has marked a milestone Commissioner of GGAC. for Girl Guiding in Fiji with the main emphasis on addressing social issues for Funding of the programme for ten girls young girls and young women. While came from the generosity of the New addressing the Guide leaders, Dr York Rotary Foundation. The girls and Kedrayate said: “Leaders need to link their families were very grateful. Here is Guiding activities now with issues what one girl’s father told GGAC: "Since happening in the community and my daughter has been supported by the activities planned must be connected New York Rotary Foundation project, my with what the girls face in everyday life”. family’s life is getting better because we Indoor activities, games and songs were do not pay for stationery, a school organized for the day. uniform and daily payment for my daughter. Especially, I earn more money Approximately 300 guides and 50 adult from selling the piglet. With the leaders from the Central, Southern and payment, I bought another pig and Eastern Division schools in Fiji attended chickens and the rest I used for other a Guides’ Camp from 2 to 5 December business activities. Thanks to supporters 2008. It was hosted by the Central and the GGAC for helping my daughter Division Girl Guide Association and the to be polite, clever and bright." Camps’ theme was: ‘Reach Out and Enrich Lives’. In autumn 2008 a second programme to benefit 20 girls was funded again by the Korea opens Girl Scout History New York Rotary Foundation President, Hall Silvio Amori. The programme will continue to help the first 10 girls. GGAC Girl Scouts of Korea opened the Girl has identified 10 new young candidates. Scout History Hall on the seventh floor of their National Headquarters building on 12 November This is being done at a cost of only 2008. The US$113 per girl per year for school opening event supplies and uniforms, transportation, was attended by compensation to the parents in the form almost 100 of a piglet each and a small people including administrative fee for the GGAC. donors, Girl Scout leaders Education for young girls is a sample and former Girl Scouts. Girl Scout programme, but one that reaches out to leaders were very proud to have been individuals to provide resources that will the members of such a prestigious change their futures. The hope of all Movement and reminded of their happy involved is that the outreach programme memories together. can grow to assist more young girls in other countries. The Hall was established with the aim of publicizing the contributions of the Movement in Korea for the last 62 years as well as projecting their dynamic Fiji Girl Guides hold joint rally image for making the world a better place to live in. More than 100 Brownies, Guides and Scouts and twenty Guide leaders from Singapore hosts Be Prepared Quest 6
  7. 7. January 2009 It was not all studies and hard work during The Be Prepared (BP) Quest is a biennial the week. The international participants event organized by the International visited various places of attraction, Committee of Girl Guides Singapore which sampled the gastronomic delights of is open to members of the Asia Pacific Singapore, experienced the multi-racial Region and beyond. This is a quiz to cultures and much more! They went home promote the knowledge and spirit of with a truly unforgettable experience and International Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting. made many new friends. Last November, participants were tested on their knowledge of WAGGGS and the United Nations, Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting Goal 3 - The Voice of in the Asia Pacific Region, Girl Guiding in Singapore and knowledge in Girl Girls and Young Guiding/Girl Scouting skills. Women Fourty-three teams Girl Guides Association of Brunei participated in this marks World Peace Day 2008 event, amongst which three teams The Peace Day celebration is an were from the Girl important event in the Association’s Guides Association calendar. For 2008 the Peace Day of Negara Brunei celebration was held with community Darussalam and one from the Girl Scouts activities such as the Festival of Peace, of the Philippines. The Preliminary Round which was opened by Her Royal was a written test, held on 26 November Highness Princess Hajah Masna. During 2008. Much to the participants’ this festival nearly 20 stalls were set up anticipation, the results were announced by members of the Association and other on 29 November 2008. The best five youth and women’s associations. They teams based on the top average scores of sold food, drinks, toys, decorative the Preliminary Round (and the average ornaments and other items. Thirty scores between the qualifying teams were percent of the proceeds from the sales very close) proceeded to compete at the will go to the Orphans Funds. Finals. The quiz was both exciting and challenging Following the 33rd World Conference and enthralled the participants and the where all members were asked to make audience. There were three rounds for the a commitment in conjunction with 100 finalists – an individual round, a team years of the establishment of round and a buzzer (speed) round. In International Girl Guiding and Girl addition, there was a fourth round for the Scouting in 2010, the Girl Guides audience to participate. The questions Association of Brunei took the initiative included very wide ranging topics in Girl to plant 100 trees in the compound of Guiding/Girl Scouting that required both the association’s headquarters by 2010. theoretical knowledge as well as practical applications. The participants had to be India represented at International very alert and quick in their responses. AIDS Conference The winners of BP Quest 2008 were: Megha Tiwari was honoured to represent Henderson Secondary School (Champion), the Bharat Scouts and Guides, India at Girl Scouts of the Philippines (First the International AIDS Conference from Runner-Up), Raffles Girls’ Secondary 3 to 8 August 2008 as part of a School (Second Runner-Up), Crez Crescent WAGGGS delegation. The Conference Girls’ School (Third Runner-Up), Cedar Coy was the most important gathering for 2 - Cedar Girls’ School (Fourth Runner- the discussion of scientific, Up). programmatic and policy developments in the Global response to HIV and AIDS. The Theme ‘Universal Action Now’ 7
  8. 8. January 2009 emphasized the need for continued specially designed learning material on urgency in worldwide response to HIV maternal and child health focusing on and AIDS. It concluded that essential pregnancy and relevant knowledge strategies regarding eradication of required for safe-motherhood. The six poverty, gender, inequality and Community Learning Centres (CLCs) homophobia are required. have been established after conducting baseline surveys and identifying learning Megha Tiwari had the great opportunity needs of the community. The maternal to meet the first lady of Mexico Lic. health and infant mortality rate project Margarita Zavala. She also gave her has also been started in Bangladesh, presentation on HIV and AIDS work run Philippines, Nepal and Thailand. by the Bharat Scouts and Guides and the WAGGGS HIV and AIDS training toolkit. Youth awareness Seminar on breast cancer held in Pakistan She had the opportunity to speak A seminar on on Radio RASA and breast cancer during the press under Youth conference. Megha Awareness also meet with Mary programmes Mc Phail during the was organized conference (picture). by Pakistan Girl Guides Association in collaboration with Women Empowerment Group (WEG) at Mother and child health and Provincial Headquarters Lahore education project run by Pakistan Auditorium on 31 October 2008 for 400 senior Guides and young leaders. The The Literacy Resource Centre of Pakistan purpose of the seminar was to celebrate Girl Guides Association is conducting a the Pink Ribbon campaign, raising project on support of maternal and child awareness on breast cancer in the health education and literate month of October throughout the world. environments at six Community Learning Centre locations in three A doctor with expertise in the field gave districts of Punjab. Asia Pacific Cultural a presentation on risk factors, fear and Centre for UNESCO Japan and UNESCO apprehension, early detection, clinical Islamabad have provided funding for the examination and present scenario. The project. emphasis was given on monthly self- examination of girls and mothers. The Pakistan Girl Guides Association is girls have done follow up plans for implementing the project in partnership arranging master trainers training for with two other NGOs, Health, Education self-examination in colleges and schools and Adult Literacy (HEAL) and of Lahore. Community Support Concern (CSC). The objective of the project is to address the Together we can save our planet Millennium Development Goal’ to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. The A group of 28 project aims to promote health Girl Guides conditions of pregnant mothers and from the Girl mothers of children aged under six Guides years-old and to build literate Association of environments at homes and in the Malaysia were community. part of the 700 volunteers who The project will target 120 mothers and participated in the Canon Goes Green 600 community members. The activities tree planting event. During the event, are based on regular teaching of 2,500 tree saplings were planted at the 8
  9. 9. January 2009 Padang Kota Damansara public park place in the City of Taipei on 20 comprising 4 hectares of forested area September and in the county of Taitung and 3 hectares of open fields. The event on 8 November. Activities were was organized by Canon Marketing organized under the WAGGGS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in collaboration with adolescent key message “Fight AIDS” the Global Environment Centre, the and World Thinking Day Theme 2009 Selangor State Forestry Department and “stop the spread of AIDS, malaria and Petaling Jaya City Council. other diseases”. Doctors and↓ Experts from relevant professional fields were Margaret Lim, National Executive Board invited to give talks on drug abuse, Member, Girl Guides Association of knowledge and prevention of AIDS as Malaysia noted: “This activity is a good well as care and medical treatment for opportunity to bring awareness and those living with HIV/AIDS. Participants educate our girls in caring for the also learned about safe sex and human environment. It is also in line with one of rights of infectors through HIV and AIDS the Millennium Development Goals game and video. A number of messages launched by WAGGGS in July participants also developed their own 2008. We believe that one small act AIDS project. from each individual will make a difference, and together, we can save Asia Pacific participates in FAO- our planet!” WAGGGS project Besides tree planting, the girls made Girl Guides of their marks in the giant canvas painting Thailand took part in and took part in the Eco-Hunt Challenge, a competition run as where two Girl Guides won the second part of the joint FAO- prize. It was a fun and educational WAGGGS youth experience for the participants. education project ’Our World, Our We also had the chance to meet and Climate, Our Food’, have a photo with the in preparation for the “environMENTALS” consisting of General WAGGGS/FAO publication on food Green, Botany Girl and Green Grin, the security and climate change with the heroic trio who are ambassadors of this same title. campaign. The aim of the competition was to raise For more information of the event, log awareness among children and young on to You people about climate change, can also contribute by submitting photos environment and food security. The through the website. competition was directed at children and young people from 6 to 20 years of age, Taiwan holds Adolescent HIV and who were encouraged to create a logo AIDS Curriculums (emblem) for the 'Our World, Our Climate, Our Food' youth education Two Adolescent project. HIV and AIDS Curricula were Girl Guides Association Thailand called conducted by on all schools in Bangkok with a Girl Girl Scouts of Guiding unit to get involved. Ekusa Taiwan with the Wannasilp, a junior student, in ninth support from grade of Samsen Withayalai School, the Centre of joined in the competition. Disease Control for raising awareness about HIV and AIDS. More than 200 Ekusa writes: "I'm very participants including Girl Scouts, happy to have this leaders, students, parents and teachers opportunity to exhibit participated in the curricula which took my drawing skills at an 9
  10. 10. January 2009 international level. Thanks to the Girl awareness and engagement in efforts to Guides Association of Thailand for promote peace, development and human sharing this information with our school. rights. Cultural sensitivity is vital to By drawing, you can express how you development and aid effectiveness and feel and what you wish to convey to cultural factors are also critical for the others. It's time now that everyone successful, implementation of should be responsible for the world we programmes, plans and strategies as live in and make this world a better well as considering the context of the place for future generations". interventions and listening to the people in the communities who are the agents Girl Scouts of Taiwan also joined in the of change. Since people create cultures, international competition. More than 200 people can and do change them, drawings were received by Girl Scouts of although it can be seen as an obstacle, Taiwan. Through their participation the but on the positive side, culture is a door girls learned more about food, climate to open and promote human rights. By and also carried out activities on taking the culturally sensitivity environmental protection such as approach, you can get to the root of the community cleaning and/or recycle problems and ensure greater progress campaign. Thirty-five selected drawings for human rights in particular the rights from Taiwan were sent to FAO of women. The report also calls for headquarters in Rome for this worldwide cultural change within development competition. organizations. It is about working differently, thinking and acting as In total there were 1,352 young people development partners where everyone from 46 countries (9 from the Asia listens and learns from each other.” Pacific Region) who contributed to the competition. Nuj feels that this concept could be applied to WAGGGS’ girls and young women. Young people have their own WAGGGS ECOSOC Representative cultures which are different from those attends launch of World Report of the older generations. For cultural change, seek out these young people, Valaikorn Phromyothi (Nuj), WAGGGS they have an optimistic outlook and ECOSOC liaison flexibility as well as the dynamism and person writes on perseverance needed to make changes the launch of ‘The from within. Development programmes State of World should help them make the most of their Population Report potential, including their unique ways of 2008’ (SWOP) explaining and communicating their which was held on experiences which can help transform 12 November 2008 their culture. at the Siam Society Under The key to releasing young people's Royal Patronage, Bangkok. potential for change is to understand their cultural framework and work in The full title of the report was ‘Reaching partnership and networking to support Common Ground: Culture, Gender, and them as they try to find their place in Human Rights’ and there were around their communities. Young people can be 50-60 representatives from international highly effective as builders of peace, organizations (UNFPA), associations human rights and development and as such as Planned Parenthood of Thailand, mediators between cultural tradition and Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of cultural change. Social Development and Human Security and the Youth Advisory Planning. During the event Nuj had the opportunity to meet with the National Nuj notes: “This report is a call to action Programme Associate of UNFPA. She to increase cultural knowledge, learned how UNFPA not only supports 10
  11. 11. January 2009 countries in using population data for which they could improve and conserve policies and programmes to reduce the important mangrove habitat. poverty but also to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, The training was very well received by every young person is free of HIV and all of the participants, and left each AIDS and every girl and woman is person with a greater awareness of the treated with dignity and respect. importance of the mangrove habitat and practical ideas and a desire to conserve The report was also launched the same the area. day in London, by Dr. Thoraya Obaid, UNFPA Executive Director. One of the Centenary update main messages of this report is that change cannot be imposed from the The centenary theme girls worldwide say outside; to be lasting, change must “100 years of changing lives" (pictured come from within. right) was announced Thailand reaches out to the at the 33rd Mangroves World Conference The Girl Guide in South Association of Africa. Thailand received The centenary message incorporates the funding from colours of WAGGGS’ five regions. The the Thai Health centenary message and the guidelines Promotion for Member Organizations on how to use Foundation to it can be downloaded from the centenary train 30 students, teachers and page: community members in the importance of the local mangrove area bordering 100years. their community at Mattayomwatsrichanpradit School, You can keep up to date with all the Samut Prakarn province. This training latest news and information about the was held in collaboration with celebrations, badges, the centenary Environmental Education staff from The ambassadors or merchandise on the Prem Magic Eyes Barge Programme in WAGGGS’ website. Bangkok from 17 to 18 October 2008. Please send us your association’s Working in mixed age groups, the centenary plans to include in the next participants played environmental issue. games to understand the important role New Zealand hosts Flaming Food that the mangrove has as a coastline event protector in the event of storm surges or tsunami, as a place rich in bio-diversity Throughout 2008, and as a globally significant site for GirlGuiding New Zealand migratory birds from all parts of the girls competed in a world. Participants were taught the skills nationwide event called of bird watching and learned how to ‘Flaming Food’ to mark sieve the tidal mud flats and identify the their centenary. It animals living there. Participants also involved girls forming a team of up to carried out a community audit then role- eight, with one member from each of played different development scenarios. the Guiding sections: Pippins, Brownies, They interviewed elderly residents from Guides and Rangers. They were required the community to learn how the area to cook a two course meal on gas had changed during their lifetime, and cookers hoping to impress the judges considered the reasons for this. Finally and to be crowned the overall champion. each of the groups brainstormed ways in Each district/region then zone held 11
  12. 12. January 2009 Flaming Food cook offs to pick a winning they work with the Millennium team to represent them at the national Development Goals. This will include a final. Judges ranged from celebrity chefs GAT Badge curriculum (available April to outdoor specialists and of course 2009) with activities for girl guides/girl experienced Guiding members. scouts on all the MDG topics. The main There will be eight key advocacy aims were messages for the duration of the theme to celebrate and they will focus on the MDGs: 100 years • girls worldwide say “together we can of Guiding end extreme poverty and hunger” in New • girls worldwide say “education opens Zealand, doors for all girls and boys” encourage girls to have fun while • girls worldwide say “empowering girls cooking outdoors, increase core Guiding will change our world” skills and to encourage girls and units in • girls worldwide say “together we can all sections to work together. The save children’s lives” amount of effort and creativity the girls • girls worldwide say “every mother’s put into their menus and presentation life and health is precious” exceeded expectations. They had an • girls worldwide say “we can stop the enormous amount of fun and displayed spread of AIDS, malaria and other some great teamwork. New Zealand diseases” noted what a very successful event this • girls worldwide say “we can save our was for their girls and would recommend planet” other countries give it a go! During • girls worldwide say “we can create another event a number of peace through partnerships” Marlborough's Guides got together at Witherlea School to celebrate the centenary with games, competitions and The World Centres will also run a fashion parade. programmes, activities and seminars connected to the MDGs. The 34th World Conference will be an occasion to Asia Pacific focus showcase WAGGGS’ contribution to the achievement of the MDGs. Global Action GAT Champions Theme (GAT) Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and Pakistan have been selected as the GAT At the 33rd WAGGGS World Conference champions for the Asia Pacific in 2008, WAGGGS announced its new Region. These Member Organizations Global Action Theme (GAT) girls have been selected as they have shown worldwide say “together we can change expertise in the areas of advocacy, the our world,” which focuses on the ‘Our Rights, Our Responsibility‘ theme or Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). the Millennium Development Goals. They The GAT will replace Our Rights, Our will be the main drive to motivate other Responsibilities as the WAGGGS theme Member Organizations in the Asia Pacific from 2009 onwards. Region to work on the GAT. The theme encourages girls, young Girl Scouts of Japan have already women and members of all ages to started work on the GAT. They received make a personal commitment to change a request for cooperation from the the world around them. It also affirms United Nations Information Centre. As WAGGGS’ commitment to the United the first step of the cooperation, Japan Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. organized a 'standing up campaign' at their Local Council Chairpersons' WAGGGS will produce resource materials meeting held from 18 to 19 October in to support its Member Organizations as 12
  13. 13. January 2009 Tokyo. Forty-five delegates and 17 For this event, WAGGGS is targeting the youth delegates gathered from all 47 following groups: Local Councils in Japan, • Members from the Member Organizations who are responsible This campaign was held while everybody for WAGGGS six core areas and must stands up and the aim was to advocate be at the level where they are the importance of the poverty issue and experienced enough to bring implementing the MDGs. Working on the suggestions to confront the issues MDGs also ties in with Goal 3 of Japan’s WAGGGS is facing. Maximum six strategic plan "The Voice of Girls and participants. Young Women - Building a better • Girl members, 15-17 years old world''. especially those who have achieved high awards in their own Member Regular updates on our GAT Champions Organizations e.g. Queen’s Guide, and reports from other Member President Guide, Olave Guide, who Organizations on their GAT work will be have experienced Girl Guiding and shared in future editions of AP Link Girl Scouting for some years, who News. will likely be the future leaders. Two girls from each Member Organization. Member Organizations Asia Pacific Summit should return the Reply in Principle Form by 2 February 2009 to Mengfei The 40th Asia Wu. Pacific Regional Summit will be In order to better design the programme held in to match your Member Organization’s November needs, we want to give the opportunity 2009 in Manila, for members (girls and adults) in the Philippines. general to give ideas on what you feel could be included in the summit and It is an opportunity for our members to 40th anniversary celebrations. These can come together to share ideas and learn be submitted via email or in written form from each other. In order to have more to Mengfei Wu- young women under the age of 35 to be Feedback part of the committee and planning and ideas needed by 2 February 2009. team as stated in our Pillars, Ms. Nanae You can also comment online through Aida from Girl Scouts of Japan will be a the Asia Pacific micro site member of the planning team and ( contribute her views which represent the 107). voice of young women. We hope it will encourage more Member Organizations to join us and involve young women in the decision-making processes. Friends of Asia   As we celebrate 100 years in Girl Pacific Region, Guiding and Girl Scouting and 40 years of the Asia Pacific region, it is timely for WAGGGS members to look critically at Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and the way it was Members of delivered from the individual, national Friends of Asia and regional and world perspectives and Pacific WAGGGS how it could be delivered in the future to have a newly ensure sustainability seen through designed badge. strong and growing Member It features the Organizations. WAGGGS strapline surrounding the 13
  14. 14. January 2009 World Badge. Good news is that there is The tool kit is available for purchase on now a badge for all new members, the the WAGGGS’ online shop. wearing of which will inspire more potential members. The World Thinking Day theme links to our new Global Action Theme of girls Membership fees are used by the Asia worldwide say “together we can change Pacific Committee to enable girls and our world.” young women to become competent and confident leaders; provide opportunities Please send us your Thinking Day news for young women to attend essential life to include in the next update. skills training; give young women the opportunity to attend international UN events; develop the fullest potential of 33rd World Conference young women throughout the Asia Pacific Region; assist countries which are Reports working towards membership of WAGGGS; fund essential community You will find all the presentations and service projects and programmes and reports of workshops from the 33rd issues such as child health, illiteracy and World Conference on the members' environmental protection. area: Please log in and scroll down the page to World Thinking Day find the latest documents for Member Organizations. If you click on the link Are you getting ready for World Thinking 'more documents' you will be able to see Day on 22 February 2009? The World all the documents from the Conference Thinking Day theme is girls worldwide posted for Member Organizations (most say “stop the spread of AIDS, malaria recent first). and other diseases”. On the World Thinking Day website you Announcements will find lots of information about contagious diseases and interesting Thank you to Asia Pacific Training activities and fundraising ideas linked to Pool the theme ( The Asia Pacific Committee and Asia Pacific Region would like to thank the To help empower Asia Pacific Training Pool for all the hard young women to work they have done over the past three protect years. Members on the Training Pool themselves were Catherine Ann Heath Chiu from against HIV Hong Kong, Tahira Ahmed from infection, to Pakistan, Norma R Valencia from advocate in their Philippines and, Tek Mohamad Noor from communities and Malaysia. to fight stigma and fear, Their term will finish at the end of WAGGGS has December 2008. They had a busy term produced a HIV helping the Asia Pacific Committee carry and AIDS out the Training for trainers for Member training toolkit. Organizations in Japan, Korea and The toolkit includes case studies and Taiwan, Advocacy training in Singapore activities that have proved successful in and at Sangam, revision of Training several countries around the world, such Scheme of Fiji and Solomon Islands and as Brazil, Peru, Malawi, Kenya and India. they also lent their expertise in several regional events. 14