Asia Pacific Link News - May 2012


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The official news letter of the Asia Pacific (AP) Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), published three times a year.

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Asia Pacific Link News - May 2012

  1. 1. Thai Girl Scout Speaks Out on Body Image at the UnitedNations (UN) 56th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)Praewa Thamonwan from Thailand participated in a body image event in CSW (27 February to 9 March 2012) in NewYork. Praewa was the only delegate from the AP Region representing WAGGGS. Here is what she has to say about herexperience:Hi everyone! It’s Praewa. I am a guide and a member ofthe Young Board Committee of the Girl Guides (GirlScouts) Association of Thailand.I was selected by WAGGGS to be part of its Youth thDelegation to the UN 56 Commission on the Status ofWomen (CSW) at the United Nations Headquarters inNew York. On Tuesday, 28 February 2012, I had an opportunity to giveThe youth delegation comprises of eight young women an interview to the United Nations Foundation on “What’s itfrom seven countries around the world: Thailand, the like to be a girl in your country?” with the other twoUK, Rwanda, Tunisia, El Salvador, Malawi and Canada. delegates from El Salvador and the UK. It was my first timeI was so glad to find that two of them were the girls I giving an interview to the media and it was really fun workingmet at the Young Women’s World Forum 2010 in with professionals there.England. Also on Wednesday, 29 February 2012, I was given anotherCSW is a functional commission of the UN that is great opportunity to be a speaker at the side event “Bodydedicated exclusively to gender equality and the Image in the Media” at Conference Room A, the Unitedadvancement of women. We were there to ensure that Nations North Lawn Building. The room capacity was onlythe voices of 10 million girls and young women are 76 but I noticed many people sitting on the floor and moreheard at the UN. kept coming in. It made the room so crowded that the police entered the room. I believe there were more than 100The government delegations of UN Member States and people!NGOs from around the world gather at the event everyyear to evaluate progress, identify challenges, set It was a fantastic experience to meet other speakers like theglobal standards and formulate concrete policies to UK Equality Minister Lynne Featherstone, Nationalpromote gender equality and the advancement of Commission for Womens Advancement, Thailand Jureewomen worldwide. Our job is to influence those Vichit-Vadakan, Denmark Minister for Gender Equality Manudecision-makers to ensure that governments focus on Sareen, Deputy Executive Director, UN Women Lakshmigender equality and empowerment. Puri, and psychotherapist and writer Susie Orbach. I felt privileged to have shared my story, which I hope can inspireAt CSW every WAGGGS delegate attended several many people. You can read my speech here:side events, spoke on panels, gave media interviews met their government delegation. I think everyonedid such a great job! It was in the CSW that I heard voices of women around the world, which has given me many valuable experiences andYou can read more about our story here: developed my skills in life. Their stories have motivated me to continue to do things and make change in order to help as many girls as possible.
  2. 2. May 2012 Along with 500 leaders and parents, the girls went home tired and happy with lots of memories to share with their friends and families. “Create, Change, and Challenge” Training New Zealand Guides Experience Fun and Held by Girl Guides Association Pakistan Adventure The Pakistan Girl Guides Association (PGGA) organized a Training for Trainers from 12 to 17 March 2012. The theme of the workshop was “Create, Change, and Challenge”. Trainers from all over Pakistan participated in the workshop. The training was conducted in connection with the Training of Trainers (TOT) held in Malaysia, as participants of the TOT in Malaysia facilitated the workshop. Facilitators passed their knowledge to the participants in different but interesting ways. The training sessions consisted of presentations and GirlGuiding New Zealand’s jamborees are always a highlight activities that participants liked. Mrs. Salma Sajjad and Miss and this year, more than 2,500 girls from all over the country Maryam Farooq (participants of the Malaysia training), Mrs. met in Rotorua to have the time of their lives. Tahira Ahmad, Mrs. Shamsa Kashif and Syeda Khawar Ehsan were among the facilitators. Mrs. Farhana Azim, the Held at Tui Ridge from 14 to 20 January, the Tui 12 National Chief Commissioner, also addressed the trainers Jamboree was a huge success, with an amazing range of and highlighted the importance of adopting new techniques outdoor and indoor activities during the week-long event. and methods. Alongside the New Zealand girls were Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Fiji and Australia, making it a truly international event. “Our girls love coming to jamboree – they have so many opportunities to try new adventures and Rotorua has plenty to offer,” says Sonia Faulkner, National President of GirlGuiding NZ. Rangers spent the week camping at a range of locations around the Rotorua area, located in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. Activities included a tramp around Lake Tarawera, swimming at lakes and beaches, a walk to the spectacular Tarawera Falls and a visit to the amazing caves at Te Kouta Pa. st Sessions on WAGGGS, Comparison of current and 21 For the Girl Guides, highlights were a jet boat ride, and the Century training methods, Communication skills, Creativity, opportunity to try a huge range of activities, including Effective planning, Women health and problems, kayaking, raft making, abseiling, mountain biking, rock International guiding, Report writing and Stress climbing, cheerleading, playing the ukulele and Bollywood management were the main features of the workshop. dancing, along with team-based challenges and community During the workshop, special IT Skills sessions were service activities. likewise conducted to enhance the skills of the participants. On 14 March, the trainers organized a training market and GirlGuiding New Zealand’s jamborees are held every four displayed the cultural crafts of their respective provinces. years – the last one was J’08 in Christchurch. As always, jamborees are huge logistical exercises with the catering On 15 March, the Trainers organized a Day Camp. The teams working hard to make sure the girls were fed well. closing ceremony was held on 16 March with Mrs. Nuzhat The shopping list included 2,000 litres of milk, 10,000 bread Aamir Sadiq as the Chief Guest. She thanked the rolls and 500kgs or oranges, apples and bananas! participants for coming from Pakistan’s far-flung areas and This year, technology played a huge part in the event’s distributed certificates to them. organization, with a Facebook page that parents could check, and a webcam at the camp site. 2
  3. 3. May 201295th Anniversary Celebrations by the Sri Listening Volunteer at a shelter following the Great East Japan Earthquake, even though she herself was also one ofLanka Girl Guides Association the victims. Other speakers were the three Girl Scouts among the participants who had already taken action.To commemorate this occasion, the Sri Lanka Girl GuidesAssociation organized a number of activities at national and From the talks, the participants learned "what is importantprovincial levels. An All Island Camp for Girl Guides in for taking action" and in each motivating power they felt thatPolonnaruwa, a Fun Day for our Differently-Abled Girl "being Girl Scouts leads to us taking action ourselves."Guides in Galle, and a National Assembly on Stopping Participants then held discussions in the eight workingViolence Against Women were some of the activities that sessions and presented the results of their discussions inwere carried out in March and April. A hand over of a house the plenary session at the end of the gathering. One of theto a tsunami-affected family was also held on the morning of participants said, "Lets raise the profile of Girl Scouts!" bythe Celebrations. involving troops and schools (communities). It is hoped that if the participants take the outputs of the working sessionsSri Lanka Celebrates World Thinking Day back with them and act on them, then they would have shared what they have learned and thereby grow the circleWorld Thinking Day 2012 was celebrated and enjoyed by of Girl Scouts all over the country.Little Friends, Senior Guides and Leaders throughout SriLanka on 22 February with the WAGGGS theme, “We Can Thailand Attends ASEAN WorkshopSave Our Planet”. Activities ranged from managingpolythene waste, making vegetable beds, addressing On 28 March 2012, the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Associationlandslides, and awareness programmes related to protecting of Thailand (GGAT) led by President Associate Professorthe lake in Kandy, initiating garbage disposal projects and Dr. Wadee Kheourai, attended a workshop organized by themuch more. National Council of Women of Thailand, the country’s largest women’s organization, on the topic “The Role ofEach unit planted their own Women in Preparing for the ASEAN Community (AC)”. Thesymbolic “Thinking Day Tree”. objectives of the event were to increase the understandingMany units had a World of the Asean Community, women’s rights and responsibility,Thinking Day Programme in and their role and potential to be effectively prepared whentheir schools. Walks around Thailand becomes part of the Asean Community in 2015.the city were organized byunits to inform the public of the Not only was it a chance for GGAT to be visible, but GGATtheme – Little Friends, Girl Guides, Senior Guides carried also obtained insights about what others do.posters designed by them to convey the message of“protecting the environment” to the public. GGAT would like to share with other MOs what top Thai businesswoman Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanawarangoon, Chief Executive of the Toshiba Group of Companies, gave as tips in successfully moving a corporation forward in times of challenges (her factories suffered extensive damage due to the 2011 flood in Thailand). 1. Have faith and confidence that we can overcome obstacles. Japan Holds Global Action Theme 2. Have the knowledge and be able to think strategically, by Gathering knowing more about other ASEAN countries and adapt The National Ranger Girl Scouts Gathering was held at the ourselves, if need be. National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo from 23 3. Have respect for others with the attitude to work to 25 December 2011. The objective of the gathering was alongside – everyone is treated equally "To aim to take concrete action (Say) based on GAT by 4. Find our strength and use innovation to add value to it. involving families, schools and communities." 5. Be focused and become an expert on what we focus on. 6. Be efficient and deliver good quality – benchmark and 115 Ranger Scouts from all over the country participated and improve on efficiency, yet concentrate on quality. addressed the eight Global Action Theme (GAT) advocacy 7. Have good management and try to build successors or messages as the themes of the working sessions. bring in professionals to help. 8. Work with integrity and have good governance. Though it is difficult to take concrete action, the planned 9. Work in teams and have unity. programme acted as a trigger by providing the opportunity to 10.Work on a sufficiency economy (be self-sufficient) basis, listen to speakers who had actually taken action. One which is a philosophy initiated by His Majesty King speaker was trainer Rieko Yamamoto, who worked as a Bhumibol, the monarch of Thailand. 3
  4. 4. May 2012Volunteers from the Asia Pacific Region at a Scout Jamboree in Belgium. I’m most grateful for the amazing opportunity to complete one of the hardestPax Lodge challenges of my life – my Queen’s Guide Award. That certainly changed my life and let me do things I neverThree current volunteers at Pax Lodge from the Asia Pacific expected to.Region share their experiences: The decision to come to Pax Lodge Began when I stayed overnight at Pax Lodge before returning home from “Hello I’m Kiu from Hong Kong. My guiding life Belgium in 2009. After some research started at the age of 10 when I became a (and a new found love for travel), I made Brownie. Then I was a the decision to return back to London Girl Guide for four once I had finished school. Even halfway years. After finishing through my stay here I have already my master’s degree in set myself a new goal: to work at each at the World the UK, I returned to Centres before the age of 30! (Time to set up the travel Hong Kong and worked fund again.) for the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association There are many things I have enjoyed here at Pax Lodge. (which I had never imagined!!) and I had such a Aside from the fact that I am living and breathing the lovely time there. As it would be great to gain London culture, I enjoy meeting/working/living with many some overseas working experience, I applied to different people from a variety of different cultures and work for Pax Lodge and that’s why I am here now backgrounds. And also the challenges I face from time to (again it’s something I had never imagined!!) time. Life at Pax Lodge is filled with memorable moments you will never forget. But to really get the international My life at Pax Lodge has just begun and vibe, my favourite moment was my welcome ceremony everything seems so exciting and challenging where we made our promises and sang taps. One by one, because I am working with such an international each country represented lights its candle and says their staff team! So far I think what I enjoy most being Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting Promise. Then we all sung at Pax Lodge is that I can meet people from all Taps in our own languages, and then all together in around the world! I LOVE chatting with my fellow English. It was a very moving experience and one I will colleagues and learn about their countries and never forget. Being introduced to a new friendly family cultures! Also, I get to meet visiting guests and keeps me sane while being halfway around the world and share with each other interesting life stories! away from everything I’m used to.” There can’t be a better place to be than Pax Lodge if you want to learn about the world and meet amazing people!” “Hi, Im Miru from Seoul, Korea. Im a Resident Volunteer at Pax Lodge. Ive been here for about two months and Ive really enjoyed my time as a volunteer at Pax. I like participating in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting with other people, which is what I am doing every minute at Pax.“My name is Jess and I am a Resident Volunteer here atPax Lodge from the end of January to the end of May We, me and other volunteers and staff2012. At present, I am the youngest at 18 ½, straight out members, share everything, includingof High School! our cultures, skills, etc. We are a big international family :) There are nowI have been involved with Girl Guiding in New Zealand 14 nationalities in Pax Lodge, andsince I was seven. I have been involved continuously for Korea is one of them. Im glad I can11 years now. As a younger girl I was always obsessed share my Korean culture and mywith getting as many badges as possible, as my camp thoughts as a Korean Girl Scout in ablanket will easily tell you! My big passion to dream big World Centre. On every event or training, Ive gained soand take on leadership opportunities and explore Girl many skills, improved knowledge, and most importantly,Guiding outside of New Zealand began when I was a had fun! If someone asked me why I am working in PaxSenior Guide. At that time I started working with a Lodge, the first thing coming up on my mind would beBrownie unit as a Unit Helper and then a Ranger in friends. Im very grateful Ive met my friends here. We areLeadership (RiL) and was there for close to five years. I having such a great time together and I want to enjoy everyhave enjoyed many of the opportunities Girl Guiding has moment with them. As Pax Lodge is located in Hampstead,given me, from the chance to hike mountains and our a beautiful town in London, Id like to recommend you all tobeautiful landscape for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh, to come experience London and international Girl Guiding andattending Girl Scouting in Pax Lodge.” 4
  5. 5. May 2012 Over the past two years, the bras have been donated by Girl Guiding members, friends, family and complete strangers from throughout the country. Stores like Postie and Bendon Outlet also came on-board and bras were sent to Robyn from as far away as the United States, England and Australia.Pakistan Participates in International Robyn Martinovich said she was working with aid agenciesWomen’s Day Seminar to send the good quality bras from the collection to Africa and the Pacific.A Seminar on “International Women’sDay” was organized by SEHER,USAID & GEP at Quetta Serena Hotelon 8 March 2012. The President andmembers of the Pakistan Girl GuidesAssociation (PGGA) attended theseminar. Ms. Rahila Durrani was theChief Guest of the event. BegumHassan Baloch, the President ofPGGA-Balochistan Branch, was invited as a Guest Speakerto share her views regarding women’s rights. Japanese Girl Guide Provides Scholarships for Underprivileged Girls inThe seminar included speeches on women empowerment. ThailandGuest speakers explained women’s rights in differentreligions. Poems and skits regarding women’s rights andharassment were also presented in the seminar. The PGGA-Balochistan branch also set up a stall to display theiractivities. In the end, Lifetime Achievement Awards werepresented among all the guest speakers.Girl Guiding New Zealand Achieve LongestBra Chain in DargavilleA tired but happy team of Dargaville Girl Guides celebratedthe achievement of the longest bra chain in the world, afterspending two years collecting the bras from around the For the past 15 years, Sachiko Tominaga, a Girl Guide fromcountry and overseas. Initially started as part of a Japan, has been providing scholarships for underprivilegedGirlGuiding New Zealand challenge to raise awareness girls of Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association of Thailandabout the detection and prevention of breast cancer, Robyn (GGAT) from the IV Japan Foundation in addition to herMartinovich and her group of Girl Guides were happy but other charitable work. Recently, she received theexhausted. Contribution to Society Award from the Japanese Government. On this occasion, GGAT President andWith the help of massive support from Associate Professor Dr. Wadee Kheourai congratulated Ms.everyone involved in the dream, the Tominaga. The event was likewise witnessed by otherworld record for the longest bra chain Executive Board Members on 31 March 2012.was reached in Dargaville on 19February 2012 at 9.30pm afterspending the past two days stringing Girl Guide Biscuits a Popular New Zealand169,234 bras together at Dargaville IconMemorial Park. Girl Guide biscuits have become a New Zealand icon overDargaville’s Memorial Park was the years, and they have become a great way of raising thetaken over by rows of bras, all carefully profile of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting within locallinked together and then counted by Robyn and her team of communities. Biscuit sales provide over half of GirlGuidinghelpers. “With only a dozen Pippin, Brownie and Girl Guide New Zealand’s income each year.members based in Dargaville, breaking a world record wasvery much a huge community effort”, she said. Girl Guide biscuits were first produced over 54 years ago and are sold only during February and March – Girl Guide biscuit season. 5
  6. 6. May 2012Millions of biscuits are produced each year and they are Amy Bush was an Australian trainer who worked extensively with the International Fellowship of Former Scouts andavailable in three different varieties – original which is a plain Guides (IFOFSAG) and left a generous legacy to Sangam tobiscuit, Choc which has one side covered in chocolate andMini Chocs. be used to encourage international friendship. The Bursary covers the full event fee but does not coverThe Trefoil is stamped on the front of each biscuit and theyare produced to a special recipe by Griffin’s Foods in travel costs to and from Sangam and the Administration feeAuckland. Special biscuit tins were produced for the second of Indian Rupees 1,500.year in a row and proved really popular. In 2012 we are offering: Two Full Event Fee Bursaries for the 4-Week Community Programme experience The 4-week programme offers participants a short-term volunteer experience with one of Sangam’s Community Partners while living at Sangam. After a two-day orientation, Tare (participants) are placed with a Sangam Community Partner to volunteer for four weeks.The marketing campaign for these much-loved vanilla Participants in the 4-week Communitybiscuits changes every year. This year, Choysa Tea came Programme volunteer at the same sites as the 12-week Tare, who serve as mentors and help them to assimilateon board to support the campaign with the opportunity to wina year’s supply of tea. Launch day featured a “get dunkin” quickly to the Community Programme experience and theduring breakfast time at the Wellington Railway Station. ins and outs of their Community Partner organization. Open to all ages. advertisements featured the voices of Guides andwell-known Silver Ferns netball player Maria Tutai’a, aformer Girl Guide. The first biscuits were auctioned on the Six Full Event Fee Bursaries for Be the Change: MDG 6internet trading site TradeMe, with the winning bidder in India - 26 Nov- 2 Dec 2012receiving 49 packets of biscuits to munch on. Be part of this exciting event with participants from acrossOther businesses supporting the Girl Guide biscuit campaign the globe as you visit out community partners and immersefor 2012 included Westpac Bank whose branch managers yourself in Indian culture. Relate your experiences to thebecame Branch Biscuit Champions. The nationwide Mad Millennium Development Goals and the WAGGGS GlobalButcher chain of stores and clothing shops Postie and Baby Action Theme through participatory learning. Join ourCity also sold biscuits on GirlGuiding NZ’s behalf. Community Partners for World Aids Day initiatives and see first hand what is being done in India to advocate about thisRecipe sheets were also produced with a range of sweet issue. Be part of the change you want to see in the world!treats that can be made with Guide biscuits including lemon Ages: 16-30 yearscheesecake and rocky road slice. Guide biscuits are not only an important fundraising Five Full Event Fee Bursaries for Gifts for Change - 17initiative, making up over 50 per cent of the New Zealand Dec- 26 Dec 2012organisation’s income, but also provide the opportunity forgirls to be out and about selling at stalls throughout the Give the gift of yourself this holiday season as you volunteercountry. your time to a project at Sangam and also work with one of our community partner organizations. Bring about realYet again sales of Girl Guide biscuits exceeded expectations change in your own life and the lives of others. All ages.and everyone is looking forward to next year’s biscuits For more information, please contact your InternationalAmy Bush Bursary for AP Region Commissioner.There is an exciting opportunity for members of the AsiaPacific Region to receive funding to attend an InternationalEvent/experience at Sangam World Centre. This funding isprovided by way of the Amy Bush Bursary. 6
  7. 7. May 2012 The project aims to empower youth leaders and workers, and in particular young women, to educate, speak out, act and motivate others to take action for a greener planet. The project involves 46 young women from 42 countries across Europe, Africa, the Western Hemisphere and Asia who undertook national projects prior to coming together in aMembership Support to Earthquake-Hit leadership event which took place at Sangam in Pune, India, last March.Zone in Japan Participants experienced leadershipIt has been a year since the Great East Japan Earthquake in the field of environmental educationstruck. All over Japan, people remember the disaster, and and advocacy by using WAGGGSactivities are being implemented to heighten awareness of already existing resources in their ownthe need to prepare for future disasters. countries and then reflecting on how the resources could be improved or used in a better way to achieve greater impact.Two entries by the Girl Scouts were selected as winners inthe 8th Competition for "Exploration for Disaster Prevention" They were also guided to observe whether the use of theMaps by elementary school students. The contest was resources in their communities stimulated awarenessorganized by the General Insurance Association of Japan amongst the wider population as well as report thesewhich recruited entries after the earthquake. Chiba findings back during the training event.Prefecture Troop 3 looked back on the state of the townimmediately after the earthquake, and learning from it,created a disaster prevention map which won the UNESCO Stop the Violence Campaign by JapanJoint Event Award. The Stop the Violence Against Girls Seminar, in coordination with GAC, was held in the Girl Scouts of Japan National Headquarters in Tokyo on 23 December 2011. The seminar was jointly organized by the Cabinet Office and the Girl Scouts of Japan and 40 participants attended. In the hands-on workshop by a guest speaker who is involved in preventing domestic violence (DV)/date DV, the participants deepened their understanding of the problem of DV/date DV in which girls and young women can be both victims andGirl Scouts of Japan is currently moving ahead with assailants.membership procedures for next year. They also continue toprovide support, including grants for membership fees, to They realised that the underlying causes of the problem areenable members in the affected areas to continue their discrimination on the basis of gender and the sociallymembership, while moving ahead with plans to support Girl accepted view that "thats the way women should be." TheScout activities in the disaster areas. participants felt anew the need to develop girls respect for themselves and for others, and at the same time the need to speak out and change public awareness of the problem. In Girl Scouts of Japan, the young leaders are preparing a toolkit to raise awareness of the problem of DV/date DV, and they are planning activities linked to the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October.Young Women Leading for a GreenerFutureYoung Women Leading for a Greener Future is a year-longWAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP)project organized by the Europe Region in cooperation withthe Asia Pacific Region and funded by the EuropeanCommission (action 3.2 Youth in the World). 7
  8. 8. May 2012The Girl Scouts of the Philippines ReliefOperations for Typhoon Victims Featured World Centre:Hundreds of thousands of people in the southern Philippines Pax Lodge, London, UKsuffered the devastating wrath of tropical storm Sendong Every AP Link issue, we will feature stories from one of the(international name Washi) last December 2011, sending four World Centres. In this edition, read more aboutmassive floods that swept away houses and drowned over a activities in Pax Lodge in London!thousand people in their sleep.The Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) – from the National Pax Lodge Turns 21!Headquarters to Regional and Council Offices -- were quickto offer relief operations and assistance to those in dire need On 15 March we turned 21! To celebrate, we hosted fourof help in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Negros Oriental, and other days of festivities. On our actual birthday, we celebratedseverely battered areas in the Visayas and Mindanao with a fundraising dinner. On 16 March we led a DiscoverRegions. London Day and ended the night with a campfire evening program. On 17 March we had a BBQ and Friends of PaxCash donations raised from Girl Scout volunteers and staff, Lodge gathering. We wrapped up our celebrations on 18Girl Scouts of the Philippines Calamity Fund as well as March with a community open day and fete. Attendees ofJapan Girl Guides, Thailand Girl Guides and individual the events ranged from those who were involved with thedonations from Dr. JuSeon Byun, former Chairman of the planning and opening of Pax Lodge, to past and currentAsia Pacific Committee of the World Association of Girl volunteers, to Rainbows who use the facility for theirGuides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and the Antonio Maceda meetings.International School were used to buy relief goods for thetyphoon victims and school supplies for students to continue Traditionally, turning 21 is a monumental occasion in aattending school. person’s life. At this age, one is now considered a senior member of the family and thus presented a key to the familyVarious schools served as point areas for the distribution of home. For that reason, we had a special logo made up torelief goods and evacuation centres for the affected towns. mark this event. The Logo is a key design enclosed in anRelief goods were distributed to affected areas. oval, “21st Birthday” is written on the blade and our Pax Lodge dove adorns the bow. At our fundraising dinner, attendees received a snow-white bear dressed in a t-shirt printed with the birthday logo. The bears were so cute, and such a hit. People would cosy up to them for a photo. The bears might have even been more popular than our meal of pate, lamb and pavlova. And cake! Lots and lots of cake! Our community open day and fete included face painting, a bouncy castle, sausage sizzle, tombola, lucky dip, photo booth and fair games. At the photo booth, people dressed up and posed with a cut-out of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Some playfully ignored Kate so they could get a photo of themselves planting a kiss on the prince’s cheek. “In times like this, the Girl Scouts of the Philippines The bouncy castle wore many of us out. It was so funny to does what it does best – TO HELP. Despite the watch the adults struggle and fall while the little kids distance and remoteness of the devastated areas, bounced around with such ease. it didn’t stop us from taking action as there were many things to do to help. The National We had such an amazing birthday and are so grateful to all Headquarters in Manila pulled off a useable those who attended and sent their wishes our way. We Clothes Drive including blankets, towels and bed received so many warm wishes and beautiful cards. Thank sheets to send over to the victims in coordination you for truly making our milestone memorable. with our Regional Executive Directors, Naty Genargue.of Eastern Mindanao, Tita Alvarez of World Thinking Day at Pax Lodge Western Mindanao and Aida Saromines of Visayas. The volunteers and staff’s full involvement and active participation revealed a deeper sense of the Pax Lodge had a very eventful and exciting World Thinking Girl Scout spirit,” said Ma. Dolores Santiago, GSP Day. We kicked off the celebrations at morning flag. Later in National Executive Director. the evening, 26 of us attended an Evensong service at Westminster Abbey. Following the service we gathered 8
  9. 9. May 2012by the memorial stone to Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. There More information about Pax Lodge’s Calendar of Activitieswe said our promises, each in our own language, and paid our can be found at their website atrespects to the founders of the scouting movement. the service we returned to the centre for a WorldThinking Day ceremony. For our evening programme we held SANGAM CORNERa candle walk. We created a pathway on the floor and lit theway with luminaries. Along the way 45 participants readquotes related to World Thinking Day. Launch of Sangam’s four WeekOn the weekends of 18/19 and 25/26 February, we held World Community Programme Experience!Thinking Day open house and had over 216 attendants. Theevent featured the following internationally themed activities Sangam World Centre is proud to announce the launch offrom the AP region: the four week Community Programme experience starting 22 September 2012.Pax Lodge International Activity – Poi Swaps During your four weeks as a Tare (this means ‘Star’ inJess, a proud Kiwi from New Zealand, led a swap making Hindi), you will experience the sights and sounds of Indiaactivity where girls made miniature poi swaps. Poi is a and see preparation for Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.traditional performance art of the Māori women of New You will meet Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all over theZealand. The poi performance usually involves dancing, th world and join in to celebrate Sangam’s 46 birthday. Yousinging and storytelling in conjunction with choreographed will come home and live in the tranquil, beautiful andswinging of the poi equipment. The girls appreciated taking relaxing surroundings of Sangam while volunteering in thehome the swaps as a keepsake. hectic, fast-paced and challenging environment of India.Pax Lodge International Activity – Origami Fish For four days a week, you will volunteer with one ofMaori from Japan taught girls how to make origami goldfish. Sangam’s Community Partners. You will pack your lunch inThey first chose an ornately printed square piece of paper. a ‘tiffin,’ or Indian lunchbox, and head off in a rickshaw orThen Maori led them through the folds – which for some local bus to get to your Community Partner. One day abecame confusing quickly. But with Maori’s help, everyone week, you will be at Sangam to participate in activities suchwas able to create an origami goldfish which they proudly took as Hindi lessons from a professional language teacher,home. cultural excursions, debriefing sessions, planning activities for your site and other educational activities like cross-Pax Lodge International Activity – Pakistani Dance cultural awareness; all to further your self-development.Rameen taught girls how to move their bodies to the tune of aPakistani song. They danced up a storm in the hall and lovedlearning the swaying movements. Following the dance,Rameen demonstrated henna on the index finger of interested “Being a Tare has made me want to share my newparticipants. found knowledge and experiences back home and encourage others to expand their horizons and havePax Lodge International Activity – Jaegi awesome international experiences. Most of all I haveMiru taught the girls how to make and play Jaegi, a toy and had incredible fun and made lifelong friends with 10game very similar to a hackey sack. Jaegi is a traditional amazing and inspiring Tare.” – Charlotte, UKgame in Korea played by children especially during winter andaround New Year’s. Miru said she wanted to share this game Why wouldn’t you apply?with visitors because she wanted them to experiencesomething new and very Korean, instead of giving a history Visit Sangam’s Community Programme website pages tolesson. learn more. Limited full and partial scholarships are available, so submit your application today. Applications areIn keeping with WTD ideals, the Jaegi balls themselves were due 15 May 2012 for the four week programme as well asmade from recycled plastic bags and filled with rice. the 12 week programme starting on 25 August 2012. For answers to any questions, emailIn addition to the international activities we also hosted a fair, display and international taste testing. The food was acrowd favourite. From the Asia Pacific region, girls sampled “I have seen myself changing lives for the kids whoanzac biscuits from Australia, marmite and cheese are the future. During my stay here, I have also learntsandwiches from New Zealand, soy sauce flavoured crackers a lot about Girl Guiding, empowering young womenand peanuts from Japan and Gangnang popcorn from Korea. and building their esteem. I would like to spread theYum! word all over the world to make it a better place for each one of us.” –Stacy, Kenya 9
  10. 10. May 2012 “Since "that day", it has already been 366 days. It is estimated that one third of the Japanese population was affected in some way by the awful earthquake and tsunami. In addition to that, nuclear accidents made theDr Juseon Byun Awarded YooGwanSoon situation more complicated and worse. As each victimAward has a serious problem and they are all different, customized project and support for each person hasThe Committee of the YooGwanSoon Award, which aims to been needed. While just living in the everyday life needs maximum effort, people keep finding a clue and furtherdevelop women leadership and protection of children’s rights, steps to make a better future. We are all supportingselected Dr. Juseon Byun as the 11th YooGwanSoon each other and live together toward the recovery of ourAwardee. The YooGwanSoon Award commemorates woman country. This is the current situation of Japan one yearpatriot YooGwanSoon. This award is given to a woman or an after the disaster.organization who has devoted herself to her country andcommunity. This award is the top award for a woman in Korea However, the Japanese Girl Scouts are strong andand is sponsored by the ChoongChung Namdo, DongAh Daily cheerful. Girls are accepting this experience withNews and Ewha Girls’ High School. sensitivity and expressing it with their voice and/or writing down. They are standing up to take action. TheyThe Committee of the YooGwanSoon Award explained the are also considering other countries which suffered fromthree reasons as to why Dr. Juseon Byun was selected, to natural disasters and hoping to work together sharingwin: the pain. 18 leaders gathered from all over Japan to build a project team responding to the call of Girl Scouts 1. From 1971, she has devoted herself to develop the of Japan. They are planning various support projects of leadership of young girls and women in the Girl medium and long term. They are maximizing limited Scouts of Korea. resource, bringing together the fullest potential of Girl 2. Dr. Juseon Byun was the first Chairman of the Asia Scouts, and involving other organizations. Pacific Region from Korea. Additionally she has enhanced the prestige of Korea by establishing the The local Councils in the affected area made a great Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS and the Peace effort to contact all of the members and their families. Council staff often visits the members place and listen Campaign throughout her term. to them. Three Councils were able to plan summer 3. Dr. Juseon Byun has devoted herself to fulfill the camps at Council level in this summer. agreement of the children’s rights by the U.N. To establish the Children’s Rights systematically, she has Girl Scouts activities are contributing a lot to the put all of her efforts to make this possible. recovery of the affected area and our whole country. Girls and women are showing incredible and invaluableA Ceremony was held on 29 March at the YooGwanSoon potential. Girl Scouts are always willing to help otherMemorial Center in Ewah Women’s High School, where a people and it is our pleasure. Girl Scouts take action introphy and 20,000 USD were also awarded to Dr. Byun. any situation finding their role they should be and could be.Message from the President, Girl Scouts of We have received a lot of moral and material support,Japan Following the 2011Tsunami that Hit and it cannot be described in words how theyJapan encouraged us. We would like to express our sincere appreciation with a word "Arigatou (Thank you in Japanese)". Please keep an eye on us continuouslyMariko Asano, President, Girl Scouts of Japan writes on the until the day we would be able to return the courtesy aswork undertaken by Girl Scouts of Japan since the Tsunami the "Ongaeshi (Repayment in Japanese)" is a valuablehit their country on 11 March 2011. Japanese tradition. Believing that this would happen in 2020, the year of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts of Japan.” 10
  11. 11. AP Committee Meeting in PerthThe Asia Pacific Regional Committee met in Perth, Australia last11-16 May in order to further brainstorm on how to best deliverthe 2012-2014 Asia Pacific Operational Plan (APOP) this year.Together with the committee is WAGGGS Chair, Nadine El Achyand Sally O’Neil, WAGGGS Director for MembershipDevelopment.AP Regional Committee Chair, Low Lih Jeng, shares in her April2012 Chairman’s Letter the learnings from the meeting, as well asthe things AP MOs can look forward to in the coming years. Anexcerpt from the letter reads thus: OUR AP MEMBERSHIP TREE In conclusion, this is our vision for 2012-2014; an AP tree that:  is deeply rooted in the values of our Promise and Law;  that has the strong trunk of an MO;  has the vibrant and relevant programmes in its branches;  is fertilised by good training methods;  will grow lush, green leaves of dedicated leaders, volunteers and staff;  will bear the fruits of our girls and young women who are ready, able and willing to face the challenges of their world and be useful citizens to their community, country and beyond. Welcome Back from Maternity Leave AP Development Executive, Katheri Ann Charcos-Puyo is back from maternity leave. She delivered a healthy baby girl, Caitrin Raya, last March 11, 2012.