Asia Pacific Link News - January 2012


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The official newsletter of the Asia Pacific Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

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Asia Pacific Link News - January 2012

  1. 1. AP and Arab Regions Unite for Training of Trainers Workshop For the first time ever, the Asia Pacific and Arab Regions jointly organized a Training for Trainers Workshop, and Malaysia was given the honour of hosting the event. Some 100 seasoned and potential trainers from 32 countries across the Asia Pacific and Arab regions participated in the 1st Joint Asia Pacific-Arab Regional Training of Trainers Workshop. The event took place from 29 November to 2 December 2011 at the Grand Blue Wave Hotel in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Girl Guides Malaysia’s Training Commissioner, discussions during the workshop proved to be Tek Mohamad Nor, noted that the workshop, with most beneficial for Member Organizations when the theme of “T=C3" (Trainers= Create, Challenge, they build partnerships. Change) focused on the latest training methods that can benefit young girls and women in the 21st The international event also saw the Prime century. "The Association feels very lucky to be Ministers wife, who is also the Malaysian Girl chosen as host for this historic event," said Tek. Guides Association President, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, deliver the keynote speech which The event not only forged a closer relationship launched the four-day programme. between the two regions, but the training and Suteki (cute), for the four-day camp. On the first day, after the Opening Ceremony, the girls pitched their tents. The on-site activities the next day included camp crafts and eco-cooking. On the third day the girls went hiking along theNational Camps run by Japan Togakushi Kodo trail and enjoyed a campfire in the evening. The girls all spent a fulfilling and enrichingThe National Senior Girl Scout Camp was held at four days.the Togakushi Girl Scout Centre from 5-8 August2011, based on the theme, "Test my Strength - Meanwhile, the 4th Young Leaders National CampDiscover my Strength". 325 Senior Girl Scouts was held from 17-19 September at the Aminoparticipated in the camp. The participants were Campsite in Kyoto prefecture. 52 young leadersdivided into three groups, Happy, Lucky and
  2. 2. gathered from all Rangers will be involved in designing packagingover the country and creating an advertisement for their favouritefor the three-day recipe, and also look at potential careers involvingcamp. The camp- was locatedin a pine forest The Get Going Girl Challenge relates to the keybut lacked utilities action “Together We can Change our World” fromsuch as electricity WAGGGS. “The challenge looks at “our world” at aand water, and the participants had to build their personal level and by educating girls we contributeown cooking fires, washing areas and toilets. to GirlGuiding New Zealand’s role as influencers,”Planned and run by the young leaders themselves, says Ruth.the event followed previous camps held inTogakushi, Shizuoka and Chiba. The next camp will Other WAGGGS goals that relate to New Zealand’sbe held in Yamanashi prefecture. It is hoped that Get Going Girl Challenge include eradicatingthe camp will continue to serve as a place for young extreme poverty and hunger, reducing childleaders to gather and rediscover the fun of Girl mortality and improving maternal health. “BeingScouting. healthy, in all its meanings, is integral to these international goals. We hope that everyone willHealthy Lifestyle feature of Challenge support and undertake our Get Going Girl challenge and find it to be both fun and informative.”The emotional, mental, spiritualand physical wellbeing of girls Pre-Celebration Activity of the Girl Scoutis extremely important to Week successfully launched in theGirlGuiding New Zealand Philippineswhich has introduced theGet Going Girl Challenge. To kick off the celebration of the Girl Scout Week on 18-24 September 2011, the Girl Scouts of the“We want to make sure that our Philippines launched the GSP Special, a Pre-girls and young women are Celebration Activity, on 10 September 2011 at thenurtured, supported and safe at the most important Manila Ocean Park. The WAGGGS campaign “Stoptime of their personal and social development,” says the Violence. Speak Out for Girls’ Rights.” is theGirlGuiding New Zealand’s Chief Executive, Ruth fitting theme of the celebration.Teasdale. Around 1,700 Girl Scouts,The focus of the Get Going Girl Challenge is for Troop Leaders, Council,girls to feel good about themselves through living a Regional and Nationalhealthy lifestyle including eating nutritional food, Staff from 25 Councils ofexercising, and developing an understanding of how Northern Luzon, Centralto cope with challenges. Luzon and Southern Luzon Regions participated.“The personal skills and knowledge gained throughthe fun activities of Get Going Girl will last a A short video presentation of the WAGGGSlifetime,” says Ruth. campaign complemented by video clips of Girl Scouts from six Philippine regions reinforced GSP’sAll girls, from Pippins through to Rangers, will take support for the campaign. The ceremonial signing atpart in the competition with their involvement based the campaign wall “From a whisper to a shout” alsoon their age. At Pippins level they will discuss earned much attention and prompted girls to writetypical ingredients in cereals, taste existing cereals meaningful messages:and create their own version, including the 1) Let’s find the voice to create globalingredients and a name. 2
  3. 3. movement to end violence. 2) Equal Rights, Equal Korea holds IT Girl Career Exploration CampOpportunities for a better society. 3) Every girl in 2011every nation deserves respect! The IT Girl Career Exploration Camp 2011 was conducted at the International Youth Center, Seoul, Korea from 22- 23 October 2011, with the participation of 59 Senior Girl Scouts and Young leaders. This Camp was based on self-directed career exploration by visiting persons working in their respective fieldsAfter the official programme, the girls explored theManila Ocean Park. They savoured every momentas they rode the Glass Bottom Ride, went to theFish Spa, viewed the Oceanarium, watched the BirdShow and marvelled at the Daytime Fountain Show.The afternoon was made more meaningful as thegirls participated in a hands-on training onEmergency Preparedness and Management at the For career exploration, there were a lot of campnearby Quirino Grandstand. Headed by Prof. Allan activities which were divided into three major areas:Camacho from the Philippine Public Safety College Internet/IT area, Science/Aerospace area; and theand his team, the girls were oriented on Disaster Broadcast/Entertainment area. Camp participantsPreparedness complete with mock exercises, met Senior Girl Scouts who majored in relatedpsychological first aid handling and basic fire departments of university. These Senior Girl Scoutssuppression. It was a day filled with fun, laughter, served as the campers’ career mentors. Thecamaraderie and special training - a day just fit for participants developed their potential and sharedour Girl Scouts. friendship through this camp. Sri Lanka runs Leadership Development Programme 2011 26 participants attended the Iris Blacker Leadership Development Programme (IBLD) 2011 from 4 to 6 November 2011 at NTC Kadawatha, Sri Lanka. The programme included all theoretical and practicalWLDP to be held in Tokyo knowledge to enhance the leadership qualities of young leaders.A WLDP event will be held this year in Tokyo,Japan, from 4- 8 October 2012. Until now, this The aim of the Iris Blacker Leadership is to draw outprogramme has mainly been held at one of the the potential of young leaders. The IBLDP wasWorld Centres with participants from all over the named as such in honour of Mrs. Iris Blacker, theworld. The aim of holding it in Japan is to enhance first training commissioner and commonwealththe leadership capacity of young leaders who will trainer.lead the next generation and to publicize GirlScouting widely among society. Details will be The award is specifically aimed at young leadersavailable at a future date in documents that will be who can be considered as the future of theissued by WAGGGS. association. IBLDP was inaugurated in 2010 with 23 participants as a centenary activity with the aim 3
  4. 4. of creating wholesome personalities with the ability Rameen from Pakistan:of facing challenges which they may encounter intheir lives. Previous JLS and WLDP participants Hi my name is Rameen, and I am from Pakistantook the main responsibility of planning the Punjab Lahore. I am 20 years old, and I have been involved in Girl Guiding since I was nine.sessions, sharing the knowledge they haveacquired at international level and tallying these with I started as a Junior Guide, and I am now working as alocal needs. young leader with the Pakistan Girl Guide Association. Guiding is very dear to me because it completely changed me from a shy girl to a confident young woman. I love camping and participating in the “It was a great experience I have never had before. different activities of Girl Guiding. I have attended I met many friends from every part of the country many provincial, national, and international camps. and we had a great time. We were given a lot of knowledge as well as practical knowledge. I think Through my passion and spirit towards Girl Guiding, I the IBLDP programme is one of the most valuable was honoured as a Fatima Jinnah Medallist. I am programmes youth can ever have. ” always eager to learn new things, observe and meet new people, and learn about new places and - Smart Samurdhi traditions. I am really happy to be a part of the team at our Girl Guiding World Centre, Pax Lodge. I am working here as a resident volunteer, and it has been a really great opportunity for me to live and work with people from various cultures. Through working as a “Simply I can say that IBLDP was awesome. The volunteer, my advocacy, interpersonal, communication days I spent with my new friends at IBLDP made and leadership skills have been polished. I am ready to face every new challenge, and I am excited to be a me so much thrilled. And those lovely memories part of the World Centre family. At Pax Lodge, I have will lasts forever. Experiences I gained from IBLDP the opportunity to share my ideas and experiences stand as a new beginning and a remarkable with people from all over the world. turning point in my life” - Jovial Jayathi. Maori from Japan: My name is Maori, and I am from Japan. I learnedPax Lodge volunteers from the Asia Pacific about volunteering in London on the Pax LodgeRegion website. I wanted to meet people from all over the world and learn more about WAGGGS. I also wanted to learn more about other cultures, customs, and Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in other countries. I have been here one month, and I am still getting accustomed to my new surroundings. Everything is different from my country and some of my jobs are completely new to me. Sometimes work is hard, but I am really enjoying my volunteer experience and getting to know the other volunteers and staff. My favourite part of my job is assisting in evening programmes. These are great opportunities to get to know the guests and learn new games, songs, and activities from other countries. I cannot wait to share everything I have learned with the Girl Scouts of Japan.Pax Lodge is very lucky to have 3 guides from theAsia Pacific Region: Rameen from Pakistan,Eunyoung from Korea, and Maori from Japan. Readon to learn what these three volunteers have to sayabout their experiences: 4
  5. 5. Eunyoung from Korea:I am Eunyoung from Korea, and I serve as a resident Examples of activities offered were the Girlvolunteer at Pax Lodge for five months. I decided to Scout Leadership Institute, Girl Scoutsvolunteer at Pax Lodge to meet new friends from University at the Convention, Nationaldifferent countries and be able to travel abroad. Young Women of Distinction, Girl Scouts Forever Green, Hall of Exhibits, GlobalI am very involved with the Girl Scouts of Korea, so I Lounge, Conversation Pits and Centeram excited to work with other Girl Scouts from all over Stage by famous speakers, WAGGGS andthe world, because I know the other girls will teach me many more. The activities discussednew things that I can take home to my organization. I leadership, empowerment of girls andwant to help with the programme development of the young women, human rights, volunteering,Girl Scouts of Korea when I return. management, environment, technology,I have really enjoyed meeting so many people from sciences, creation and internationaldifferent countries and sharing our cultures with each experiences. Im glad I had the opportunityother. Meal times and evening programmes provide an to meet Nadine El Achy, Chairman of theexcellent opportunity to talk and share about our WAGGGS World Board and Mary McPhail,cultures, traditions, and personal experiences. My Chief Executive of WAGGGS, and thefavourite experience at Pax Lodge has been living with WAGGGS team. I also met Mariko Asano,my roommate, Michaela from Canada. I enjoy talking to President of Girl Scouts of Japan.her and listening to her play the keyboard in our room. Countries in Asia Pacific Region that wereShe is such a sweet and cheerful person, and I enjoy invited to the convention were Japan andspending time with her. She has made my experienceat Pax Lodge very special. Australia. I am very thankful to Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting for enabling me to get fabulous experiences such as this.“Young Leader from Thailand attendsGSUSA conventionKorrapin Lertkittisuk, a young Leader of the GirlGuides (Girl Scouts) Association of Thailandwrites about her experience: Ms. Lea Salonga brings cheer and inspiration to Girl Scouts of the Philippines’ Chief Girl Scout Medalists 505 Senior and Cadet Girl Scouts from all over the Philippines who have completed various development projects resulting in a positive “I had a great opportunity to attend the impact on their community were awarded the GSUSA 52nd National Convention on 10-13 Chief Girl Scout Medal on 14 November 2011 at November 2011 in Houston, Texas, USA. I the Philippine International Convention Center in volunteered as chaperone and member of Pasay City. Internationally acclaimed artist, Ms. the Girl Scout Leadership Institute Support Lea Salonga, was the guest of honour and Team. The convention had more than speaker. She personally handed over the Chief 10,000 participants. The convention was huge and had plenty of activities. Girl Scout medals and certificates to each awardee. She was joined on stage by the 5
  6. 6. National President, Dr. Salud Bagalso, 1st One of the Girl Scouts interviewed was PreranaNational Vice President and Program Committee Shakya who works at the Nepal Scouts as aChairman, Susan Locsin, National Executive coordinator in the Finland-Nepal PartnershipDirector, Ma. Dolores Santiago and the six Project (F-NPP). She is also Nepal’s centenaryRegional Chairmen of GSP. ambassador. The other Girl Scout interviewed was Vilma Westerlund from the Finland Scouts, who works as a volunteer in Nepal Scouts on the same project. F-NPP is a project of Nepal Scouts funded by the Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the Finnish Scouts and Nepal Scouts. The pilot project was originally planned for two years. The main goal of the project in the long run is to promote participation of children and youth, as well as of the civil society, in developing local communities by strengthening the capacity of Nepal Scouts. The other objectives cover leadership development, community development, and educational methodsIn her speech, Ms. Salonga revealed that the Girl development. Similarly, the project hasScouts played a significant part when she was completed its five Regional Strategic Plan andjust starting her career in theater. While Leadership Development Trainings and Latrineauditioning for Repertory Philippines’ “The King Construction in Rasuwa District (on the way toand I” at age seven, the director asked her to BP Peak).recite a poem or any nursery rhyme but Leainstantly remembered the Girl Scout Promise and Scout Darshan is an FM programme which is aLaw, and that was what she recited. youth-focused programme broadcasting since 2006. Each Friday morning, Youth FM providesLea instantly won the hearts of the Girl Scouts an hour for a Scout programme entitled Scoutknowing that she was once a girl in green. She Darshan. The DJ, Mr. Mani Malla, runs thischallenged each girl to dream her own dream, program voluntarily. He is one of the active scoutlive it, and own it. She said that no one should leaders in the Kathmandu District and is thelive in someone else’s dream or ambition. National Community Development CommissionerEveryone should identify her own aspirations in of Nepal and should not just imitate someone else’sand one should work hard to achieve it.The Chief Girl Scout Medal PresentationCeremony commenced the year-long projectimplementation, stiff evaluation and months oftedious preparation of the awardees.FM Radio Programme Promotes NepalScouting The issues discussed during the interviewOn 16 September 2011, 2 Girl Scouts were covered the Finland-Nepal Partnership Project,interviewed by an FM Radio programme called personal experiences, learning and feedback forScout Darshan. improvement. 6 Vilma shared about scouting in Finland and the activities they run. She also shared her
  7. 7. Vilma shared about scouting in Finland and the Association of Thailand organized several reliefactivities they run. She also shared her efforts for the victims e.g. collecting donationsexperiences of working on the project with the from the skytrain station in front of GGAT’sNepal Scouts. She feels very proud about headquarters, preparing ready-to-eat meals fromScouting in Nepal and that F-NPP has been very their canteen to flood relief centres and providingeffective. One of her dreams is also to see more accommodation to their staff whose homes wereinternational activities and participate in a flooded.jamboree in Nepal. The camp activities also concentrated on MDG1On the other hand, Prerana shared her (Eradication of hunger), MDG7 (Environment)experiences working on the project and her and MDG8 (Peace).experiences in scouting. Before the interview, sheattended the 34th WAGGGS World Conferencein Edinburgh which was an extraordinary Malaysia: “On behalf of the Malaysian contingent, Iexperience for her. She attended the conference would like to thank the Girl Guides of Thailand foras a Young WAGGGS Representative inviting us to the Guiding Centenary Camp to th(Centenary Ambassador) and shared the Celebrate His Majesty the King of Thailand 84centenary celebration in Nepal. She has also Birthday. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselvesbeen a volunteer at Pax Lodge for five months. tremendously. The activities were interesting and we gained a lot of experiences especially in the learningShe has been professionally working for Nepal of Thai culture. We also had a chance to learn otherScouts for a year now. languages such as Thai and Tagalog. We also made new friends from other countries. The food wasBoth of the interviewees were very positive delicious and made us feel at home. We collectedtowards the future of the project and Nepal 1,600 Baht from our Bazaar night and would like to donate it to the flood victims of Thailand.”Scouts.Thailand holds Guiding CentenaryCamp Pakistan: “It’s an amazing experience being among you. Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity of learning. Thai culture and customs are as beautifulThe Guiding Centenary Camp to Celebrate His as Thai people. We heartily appreciate your hospitality.Majesty the King of Thailand’s 84th Birthday in All we have learnt here will always be beneficial for us.Chiang Mai, Thailand was held from 11-15 All the trainers and resource persons were fully skilledNovember 2011 with great success. and competent. We also want to thank the other participants in the camp for being very accommodating and friendly.” Philippines: “On behalf of the Philippine’ delegation, this Guiding Centenary Camp to celebrate the 84th Birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand leaves a place in our heart. We are very glad and thankful to all the people behind this success. The camp is surprisingly full of activities that made us enjoy and at the same time tired. Everything on camp seemed so perfect. Lastly, we the girls and the leaders are able to develop friendship and inculcate true camaraderie despite of cultural differences, from the culture of Thailand, Malaysia, Laos to Pakistan. If is true that Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting bridge the gap and “Together we can change the World”.Amidst the flood situation in Bangkok and manyother provinces, the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) 7
  8. 8. Project WALK by Singapore’s St. New Zealand’s initiative to increase diversityAnthonys Canossian Guides An innovative project to encourage girls fromThe Girl Guides of St Anthonys Canossian refugee families started in the Manawatu district.Secondary School initiated Project WALK - The initiative developed from discussions about howWalkers in Action for Love and Kindness – in the region could fulfil one of GirlGuiding New2005 in an attempt to inculcate in the Zealand’s goals to encourage and support diversitySingaporean Guides the spirit of our motto, "Be within their membership and local community.Prepared". As part of this initiative, Girl Guideslearn to be prepared to give, to be prepared to Outdoor Team Leader Sue Arnold and Regional Co-respond to any circumstances along the journey; ordinator Kathy O’Neill were part of that discussionto be prepared, and to let those whom they serve and were excited about its potential. Sue thenchange their lives. The project allows the Girl contacted the local Refugee Services. “RefugeeGuides to adopt a charity and raise funds for its Services were very keen to work in partnership withwork. GirlGuiding and provide these girls with something as simple as opportunities to meet and play with girls their own age,” says Sue. The group then applied for funding from the Newman’s Own Foundation, received $7,500, and the Manawatu Refugee Integration Project came into being at the beginning of this year.This year, the Girl Guides adopted the SpasticChildrens Association as its beneficiary. To meettheir goal of helping the charity, the Girl Guidesactively volunteered their services at the CerebralPalsy Centre and sold magnetic bookmarks, notonly to raise funds but also to raise awareness ofthese groups of people with special needs. Todate, the Girl Guides have raised more than$2,800.Clearly, Project WALK 2011 has been atremendous success, not solely because of theamount raised but as indicated by how theguiding unit bonded across different patrols andlevels during the walks. Indeed, the words of LordBaden Powell rings true: "The sport in (GirlGuiding) is to find the good in every (girl) anddevelop it." 8
  9. 9. “Guiding is a safe way for these girls to be involvedin the Palmerston North community and immerse Aung San Suu Kyi has a personal connection tothemselves in New Zealand life and to try new Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting as her mother wasthings and achieve new challenges”, Kathy says. once a chief commissioner of the Union of Burma“The project is all about embracing diversity and Girl Guides Association before it disbanded in theending isolation. All our girls benefit by experiencing 1960s. At her meeting with the Japanese Girland interacting with girls of a different culture, which Scouts, Ms Suu Kyi expressed a wish for Girlexpands their horizons and encourages Guiding to return to Myanmar.understanding.”The project has focused on Bhutanese, Burmeseand Congolese girls as an initial starting point.Although the project is still in its early phase, Suesays she has already seen the confidence of the sixregular members grow, as they mix with the othergirls and enjoy the huge range of activities that arebeing offered. Future plans for the RefugeeIntegration Project in the Manawatu includeextending the involvement to Brownies and Pippinsand to other nationalities. Girl Scouts of Japan has now sent PeaceJapanese Girl Scouts meet Aung San Suu Messengers to Myanmar 5 times since 2008. TheKyi Peace Messenger project won the Olave Award at last year’s WAGGGS World Conference. This visitA delegation of Girl Scouts from Osaka, Japan met allowed Girl Scouts of Japan to deepen its existingwith activist Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar connections with girls and women in Myanmar.government officials to discuss how to helpMyanmar’s girls and women.The Girl Scouts asked Ms. Suu Kyi’s advice on howbest to support girls and women in Myanmar. Sheanswered: “It is very important to increase theeducation level. Literate children can share theirknowledge, which makes children progress to thenext stage.” 54th Jamboree On The Air and the 15thShe also advised the Girl Scouts to give “heartfelt Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA/JOTI)smiles” to children in developing countries. Living in an era marred by a number of natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floodsKuniko Tatamitani, chairperson of Girl Scouts of and volcanic ash clouds, Girl Guides acrossJapan’s Osaka Council, also met with U Htay Oo, Australia joined their counterparts in the US,secretary general of the Myanmar government’s England, Canada, Germany and Nigeria andUnion Solidarity and Development Party. They gained much from participating in the 54thdiscussed how to improve welfare and education in Jamboree On The Air and the 15th Jamboree OnMyanmar through cooperation. The Internet (JOTA/JOTI) on 15-16 October 2011 with the theme of Peace, Environment and Natural Disasters. 9
  10. 10. Launch of UN Women’s flagship reportThe largest activity in World Scouting, annualJOTA/JOTI events enable Girl Guides and Girl On 1 September 2011, Dr. Lucy Tan-atichat, theScouts from all corners of the globe to connect incoming WAGGGS ECOSOC Liaison Personwith each other (WELP), who succeeded Ms. Valaikornin their various time zones Phromyothi on 1 January 2012, attended the Eastby means of amateur and Southeast Asia Regional launch of UNradio and the Women’s flagship report, “2011-2012 Progress ofinternet.This provided an the World’s Women: in Pursuit of Justice”.excellentopportunity for The keynote address was given by Ms. LakshmiGirl Guides to make Puri, Assistant Secretary-General and Deputyfriends, exchange stories, develop survival skills, Executive Director of UN Women (United Nationsexperience different cultures and have fun. Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women). A panel discussion followed withThis year’s theme focused on ways to prepare high-level panelists representing various circlesourselves for emergency situations, how to act working on justice for women.quickly and support others. Girl Guides took partin a variety of activities including setting up In the effort to ‘Stop the Violence ‘ against women“portable” radio stations supervised by amateur and children, Thailand is very honoured to haveradio operators and learning how to use the Princess Bajrakitiyabha, a Ph.D. graduate in lawequipment in order to contact their peers. from Cornell Law School in New York State strongly advocating on this issue. Her Royal“I liked talking to people across the world and Highness is also UN Women’s GoodwillAustralia as it is fun learning about other people,” Ambassador.said Madeleine Hennessey, aged 12. The event also yielded the ’10 RecommendationsScouting Australia, in conjunction with clubs that to Make Justice Systems Work for Women’,included the Coffs Harbour and District Amateur aimed to spread awareness and giveRadio Club and the Fishers Ghost Amateur Radio encouragement for everyone to continue with theClub, Girl Guides were provided opportunities to effort to “Stop the Violence” in their respectivetake part in JOTA/JOTI. countries:JOTA/JOTI weekend programmes included first- 1. Support Women’s legal organizations.aid response training where local fire brigades 2. Support one-stop shops and specializedand other local authorities who handle services to reduce attrition in the justice chain.emergencies demonstrated their tactics and 3. Implement gender-sensitive law reform.talked about their experiences. The Winston Hills 4. Use quotas to boost the number of womenand Kellyville Girl Guides were shown emergency legislators.preparedness techniques. The Hills branch of the 5. Put women on the front line of lawState Emergency Service spoke to them about enforcement.natural disasters and safety issues. Winston Hills 6. Train judges and monitor decisions.Girl Guide Leader Lorraine O’Hare said that thegirls enjoyed making morse code bead bracelets 7. Increase women’s access to courts and trustand Braille name tags using lentils. commission during and after conflict. 8. Implement gender-responsive reparations programmes. 9. Invest in women’s access to justice. 10. Put gender equality at the heart of the Millennium Development Goals. 10
  11. 11. Girl Guides New South Wales, Australia Act Center in Miyagi Prefecture. This camp was theand Get Heartistic first project of the “Girl’s Power Unite Project” by GSJ and was a huge success with participationIn the lead up to Universal Children’s Day on 26th from 100 children.October 2011, Girl Guides NSW & ACT took partin a card design competition to help raiseawareness about children living in poverty. Thedesigns were set around the MillenniumDevelopment Goals. Winning Designs by MaijaTan (Woolich Junior Guides), Ellen Wildey(Lindfield Guides), Leesa Abrams (Lane CoveSenior Guides) & Claudia Ho (Lindfield Junior GSJ members, including Ranger Girl Scouts who are high school students, supported the participants. Before the camp, all staff members learned psychological support for affected children as it is important to care about their mental health. One of the camp’s aims is to give the affected children opportunities to feel free and in the midst of nature. They enjoyed outdoor activities, learned outdoor skills and built campfires. The children especially loved roasting marshmallows on sticks, and some ate manyGuides) were selected for the exclusive UNICEF marshmallows. They also enjoyed learning FirstAustralia gift card pack. Funds raised will go Aid, knots and lashing.towards UNICEF’s life-saving assistance in 150countries around the world. Sliding along grassy slopes usingThe project provided an exciting opportunity for cardboard boxes alsoGirl Guides to use art to send a positive message proved to be fun, andabout ways on how to help children affected by campers appreciatedpoverty. It opened the girls to new perspectives what nature has toand possible ways to change our world. offer while lying on the grass or crawlingSpringwood-Winmalee District Girl Guide around. Ranger Girl Scouts went all out to makeAnnabelle Gibbons was chosen as Runner-up by the children happy. All the staff were happy tothe artist and UNICEF Ambassador Ken Done see smiles and the shining eyes of the childrenand was presented with an award by Blue during the camp.Mountains Mayor Daniel Myles (pictured). The expenses of this camp were covered by theSpecial Summer Camp for Children in goodwill donations from Girl Guides and GirlAffected Areas by the Higashi-nihon Scouts all over the world. GSJ strongly believesEarthquake that camping makes people energetic, so planning the next camp for children in affectedThe Girl Scouts of Japan (GSJ) held a Special areas is now in the works.Summer Camp for children in areas affected bythe Higashi-nihon earthquake from 14-16 August2011, at the National Hanayama Youth Outdoor 11
  12. 12. Funding opportunity for young women:the Anne Scott FundThe Olave-Baden Powell Society (OB-PS) ispleased to welcome applications for funding ofprojects under the Anne Scott Fund. As my term ends, I would like to extend my appreciation to WAGGGS who has given me theNamed after a former OB-PS President, the fund opportunity to serve in this challenging role. Myseeks to support projects aimed towards the successor, Dr. Lucy Tan-atichat, who isrealization of WAGGGS mission and goals. In experienced in the corporate world and otherparticular, the fund is keen to support projects run voluntary organizations will immensely contributeby young women under the age of 30. Grants up her knowledge and experience towards the roleto a maximum amount of £400 are available. of WELP.Applications may be submitted at anytime. I want to drop a few lines for our girls in Guiding:Application forms and other related documents ‘Don’t ever be afraid to try the IMPOSSIBLE, nomay be requested from matter what others may think. Remember, youInformation is also available at the OB-PS are UNIQUE in your own special way. Don’t everwebsite, stop wanting what’s right for you!.”Farewell Message from the WAGGGS Update on Membership DevelopmentECOSOC Representative Resource teamOutgoing WELP Valaikorn Phromyothi writes: Morwenna Moseley, Global Operations Coordinator, has supported the Global“Girl Guiding has given me opportunities to do Operations team for a number of years. Inand work for something which may seems January 2012 the Global Operations departmentImpossible for me. My service as the WAGGGS will change its name to MembershipECOSOC Liaison Person (WELP) since 2006 has Development.been a real challenge, meeting people fromdifferent countries with diverse professions and The term Membership Development betterculture in different events . reflects the nature of the work the department does in supporting Member Organizations andIt was with this opportunity as WELP that I was more accurately describes the department’s workable to express myself and interact with people to external agencies and funders. Morwenna’scoming from different backgrounds. There are role supports WAGGGS’ work across the fivemany interesting events hosted by UN agencies regions with more specific support for the Africayearly, for example, International Women’s Day Region where she uses her French. Morwennacommemorated by the United Nations yearly also works closely with the Asia Pacific Region inunder the regional theme. This includes keynote providing support to Friends of Asia Pacific withinpresentations, a dialogue with practitioners on the WAGGGS and producing the quarterly Asiadiverse impacts of the crisis on women and Pacific Link News. Further support for the Asiarequired responses as well as short films and Pacific Region is provided by the Resource teamalso inter-agency exhibitions. within the Membership Development team. 12
  13. 13. Morwenna is a great fan of the Asia Pacific Happy World Thinking Day!Region and has visited Japan, Malaysia andThailand on a number of occasions. With World Thinking Day just around the corner, we would like to take this opportunityAriana Chamberlain also recently joined the to extend our warmest greetings, ourMembership Development Resource team. fondest thoughts, and our best wishes to allAriana has been working for an NGO in Uganda Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over Asiafor the past 12 months and brings development Pacific and the World.and grassroots experiences. Ariana has jointSpanish and British nationality. She has a degree We hope you will make the most out of thisfrom Bristol University and we welcome her to the event. We suggest that you download ateam. Ariana’s role will be to support all of the copy of the Fundraising Ideas Sheet and theMembership Development Team, working closely Activity Pack. Both documents are availablewith Morwenna across the spectrum of the at the WAGGGS website, at this address:department’s work. ng Have fun, and do not forget to share your stories and experiences with us! 13