Open stack defcore update jan 2014

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  • 1. @OpenStack Jan 2014 Board Meeting #DefCore Update Mid-Elephant Cycle Report
  • 2. Housekeeping Using “DefCore” to make search easier Named cycles: last was “spider” this is “elephant” Very active committee with >10 meetings since inception including 2 face-to-face.
  • 3. Aggressive Schedule Havana Tests for Atlanta Summit considered “provisional” set for review Preliminary lists of tests due by 3/1! Future Cycle Efforts: Ice House Tests +90 Juno Tests for Paris Summit
  • 4. Major Work Item: Test Selection Test Selection Criteria Subcommittee ● Quantitative score to identify must-pass tests ○ preliminary scoring using 13 criteria ○ will be weighted, but weights are TBD ○ this a the substantial amount of effort ● >1000 tests! ● Need to classify into “capabilities” note: criteria are to pick must-pass tests only, tests are binary once selected
  • 5. Major Work Item: Data Collection RefStack Data Collection ● Use Cases document defined ○ focus change from running probes to self-service ○ enable community to run tests & uploads ○ website design to focus on comparisons ● Tempest in Container (“T-CUP”) ● RefStack Website & Upload Target ● May be able collect user committee data
  • 6. Bylaws Changes Postposed ● Formed Subcommittee: Eileen is leading ● Will be major topic for next cycle ○ Require community vote, so align with election ○ Generally agreed that we do need changes ● Looking for ways to clarify by-laws ● Prevent Future Lock-in on “Core” in by-laws ○ Suggestion to engage TC as proxy for community
  • 7. Programs vs. Projects ● Not expected work, but considered essential ● Need to clarify “Program vs. Projects” ○ Required to help resolve “promoting projects to core” requests from TC ○ Helps address use of Trademark by projects ● Driving to joint TC/Board discussion ● Likely will require Board resolution
  • 8. Work Remaining, Help Needed ● Piston, Dell, IBM & Huewai contributing ● Need work on T-CUP and RefStack site ● Need help classifying must-pass tests ○ this will likely take several passes ○ weighting efforts will be iterative ● Discussing/Promoting the results in March