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  • 1. New Year’s Resolutions
  • 2. Ms Meakin• To eat more healthily It’s Going Well!
  • 3. Mr Wilkins• Go to the gym more regularly It’s Going Well!
  • 4. Mrs Hill• To learn to play the saxophone I’m getting there!
  • 5. Mrs Chandler• To walk to school every dayManaged even inthe snow!
  • 6. Mrs Bolger• If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.
  • 7. Miss Winer• To floss
  • 8. Ms Lewis• To be a nicer personnot sure ifit’s workingthough
  • 9. Miss Poultney• To read for pleasure more
  • 10. Mrs Cooney• To eat less chocolatetrying to stick to itbut the RHS staffkeep bringing in food!
  • 11. Mrs Davison• To run at least 20 miles a weeksticking to it inorder to improverace times
  • 12. Mr. Grundy• To lose weight getting there slowly
  • 13. Mr Amara• To stop eating sweets not stopped exactly but cut down a bit
  • 14. Miss Prest• To start roller skating again I’ve been skating round my flat, if that counts?
  • 15. New Year’s Resolutions• 83% of people make a resolution.• The top three are: to give up smoking, lose weight and do more exercise.• 50% of people won’t have kept their resolution by the Summer.• Only 12% keep it for the whole year.• Only 10% manage to keep it permanently.
  • 16. Resolutions• It’s never too late!• Make a positive decision now.• Don’t let anybody hold you back.