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Creating and managing e profile
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Creating and managing e profile


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Presentation given to S5 pupils to help them create a blog for their coaching program.

Presentation given to S5 pupils to help them create a blog for their coaching program.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Creating and Managing e-Profile Using Blogger
  • 2. From the splash page click here You can also access your account by logging into google.
  • 3. Enter your username and password. Note: your username is your full email address! Example: Username: Password: same as school password with 09 on the end of it.
  • 4. Set up some contacts. Click on Mail
  • 5. Click on Mail and select Contacts from the menu
  • 6. Your contacts list appears. Use the search bar to find people.
  • 7. After you have found the person you want click on the box next to their name. Then click on ‘Add to My Contacts’
  • 8. Click on the ‘More’ menu at the top of the page and select Blogger Setting up Blog
  • 9. Create a New Blog This page shows all the blogs you own and will give you quick access to simple commands.
  • 10. Blog Title example: Richard H’s e_Profile Address: rhrhall13 You can choose/ change your template later from the settings.
  • 11. Click on the title of your blog to go to it’s control dashboard
  • 12. From here you will be able control all aspects of your blog
  • 13. Click on Settings and make sure Basic is selected. This is where we will change your Privacy Settings and Permissions. Click here to edit your Privacy Settings.
  • 14. Make sure both these options are set to No and save changes
  • 15. We now need to make sure the right people can see your blog. Click Edit for the Blog Readers.
  • 16. Choose the ‘Private – Only these readers’ option Then click on ‘Add Readers’ Select ‘Choose from Contacts’
  • 17. In this window you can search for anyone who has an @edubuzz account and give them permission to view your blog Can you please add me ( and your mentors/coaches
  • 18. Any Readers you add should appear in this window Make sure you click on Save Changes
  • 19. Invitations have now been sent to your potential Readers. You can view the status of these here.
  • 20. Now select ‘Other’ in the settings menu.
  • 21. We are going to import a template blog so that you all have some basic info.
  • 22. To Import the template click Choose file and go to: Subjects:CDTPupilsBlogger and select RHS Blog template Type in the two words/ numbers it asks for and click Import Blog
  • 23. You will now have a post on your site reminding you to use labels to categorise your posts with some examples of tags.
  • 24. If you click on ‘View blog’ it should now look something like this! Close this Tab to return to your dashboard.
  • 25. Click here to write a post. This window will open and is where you add the content of your post.
  • 26. Write the title of your post here. Add Labels here. Add the content of your post here.
  • 27. You can manage your posts within the dashboard for your blog.
  • 28. Any Questions? Its now up to you to keep the blog up to date!! You can use this account to contact me through email Blogger Apps SMS email