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Newbie Link Master


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How to organize your articles and their links to get maximum link power to your website or landing page. And all are Free or almost nothing. Backlink power extreme. Newbie Link Master.

How to organize your articles and their links to get maximum link power to your website or landing page. And all are Free or almost nothing. Backlink power extreme. Newbie Link Master.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Created by: K lr R ider (aka Bob Hemken) All Rights Reserved (use at your own risk…lol)
  • 2. 1. Create Landing page. Use a free site like Google Blogger, Weebly, WordPress or your own domain. I myself prefer my own domain or Blogger. I recommend having an opt-in form to collect email and build a list. This doesn't have to be done at first but as you get more experience you should be sure to have one on your lander to improve ROI. 2. Write your first EzineArticle and place two links in your resource box, both to your domain. One using your keywords as anchor text, the second using your domain address as anchor text. “ In the Beginning”
  • 3. Nodes 3 - 7 all should have 2 links each. One to your landing page and the other to the previous article.Use your chosen Keywords as anchor text for both. Create a SlideShare video of 4 - 6 slides. It should be a boiled down version of your ezine article. Images and text in the slides can be the active links to 1 and 6. Now use your SlideShare presentation to make a video to submit to YouTube. Add background music or a reading of the text itself. Make sure to also have your landing page address clickable text in the slides. Put your landing page address as a link in your YouTube profile. It will also be visible in the video for branding purposes because it was in the SlideShare presentation, just won't be clickable. As you get more experience you will be able to complete the right side of your Campaign before your EzineArticle is approved. Now build the right side of your Link Master Campaign as you wait for your EzineArticle to be approved.
  • 4. Once 2 is approved you can go ahead and complete nodes 9 - 14. Submit a copy of video 8 to 14. Leave your two links in your profile using keywords as the anchor text. iSnare will accept articles for free but I recommend using their “paid distribution." This cost $2 or less and they will submit your article to their partners (100s) which includes GoArticles and ArticleBase. Your Campaign at this stage will get you lots of traffic and if you have picked your keywords wisely, will make you some bank but with an additional small investment you can turn up the heat!
  • 5. Node 15 will allow you to leverage 30 blogs for free with 2 links each. This is what I recommend but you can get more power with the paid service. Node16 is for a link boosting script that can be placed on any of your hosted domains and point to your landing page. This can multiply any existing links by a factor of 10 or more. I purchased one for $47, money well spent.
  • 6. Node 17 is for a BackLink service. These work great and are reasonably priced. I get 50 each month for $8. You can put up to 4 backlinks per site so this works well to boost nodes1,2 and any other article you have that might be sagging in the rankings. Remember, keyword rich anchor text.
  • 7. Nodes in the Link Master Strategy Green = Free sites that can be edited at anytime. Yellow = Free Article directories and similar free services . Purple = Free slide and Video sites. Blue = Paid services but well worth the small fees.
  • 8. 1. YourMoneySite lol 2. EzineArticles 3. Weebly 4. Amazines 5. HubPages 6. QuiZilla 7. SlideShare 8. YouTube 9. iSnare 10. WordPress 11. PrLog 12. Squidoo 13. ArticleDashBoard 14. Viddler 15. FreeTrafficSystem 16. BackLinkBooster 17. QualityBackLinks
  • 9. If you have read this far I would like to thank you for putting up with my less than perfect abilities to communicate. I hope the flow sheet made things a little easier to follow. If you are just starting out in your marketing endeavors and some of this is Greek to you, take heart, you will catch on. If you have any questions I will be glad to help (if I can). You may contact me at [email_address] . Put “Newbie Link Master” in the subject line. Remember, you don’t have to do things exactly as laid out here. The nodes are flexible and can be use in any order that will work best for you. Substitute some of your favorite article submissions sites if you like. However, I highly recommend using EzineArticles in #2 node because it is so well loved by Google and everyone else. Don’t fear making slide shows, videos or using press releases, they are fun and break up the monotony of article writing. I still consider myself a “Newbie” and have a lot of fun learning new things when it comes to learning how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Much of my success can be attributed to the lessons I learn and the interactions I have with fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate . I would like to invite you to join. It is the best investment I have ever made. There is no other affiliate marketing course that gives you as much for the money. Keep in touch and I wish you the best! KlrRider, Bob Hemken
  • 10. P.S. Here is a flow sheet my son created for me. LOL