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Berbagi apa yang saya pelajari dari teman-teman di ekosistem technology / internet startup entrepreneurship. Language is so broken. sss..sorry

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  • Collaboration : Often happens at the highest level of communities—when participants work together to meet common goals and objectives for the community.
  • iStockphoto hosts a series of trips (called iStockalypses) where users can shoot photographs of interesting places and share knowledge about the stock photography trade. These active forums have made the iStockphoto community welcoming to new users and engaging for experienced users. In many ways it parallels the start of another popular online community, Craigslist. Just as Craig Newmark‟s personality has had an influence on Craigslist, so too has Bruce‟s personality and passion for photography had an influence on the iStockphoto community. Bruce was always a core user of the site, and as such attempted to nurture the needs of its users. As iStockphoto increased in popularity, hosting and bandwidth fees for the site grew proportionally, forcing a decision upon Bruce as to how to pay for bills approaching $10,000 per month. Bruce opened the discussion to the iStockphoto community, ultimately allowing the community to determine an acceptable solution . In February 2002, the community decided to charge $0.25 per photo mainly to cover site maintenance fees, with 20% of charges going back to the photographer.
  • Facebook build credibility from niche community, and then expand As an entrepreneur, how quickly you can establish trust with your users can be a critical success factor. Facebook built immediate trust via the home page by showing only a select few colleges as being open to registration. Coupled with the registration process, users immediately understood that the site was exclusively for use by college students . This made them feel comfortable disclosing information that people normally wouldn‟t post on the Internet
  • Facebook build credibility from niche community, and then expand As an entrepreneur, how quickly you can establish trust with your users can be a critical success factor. Facebook built immediate trust via the home page by showing only a select few colleges as being open to registration. Coupled with the registration process, users immediately understood that the site was exclusively for use by college students . This made them feel comfortable disclosing information that people normally wouldn‟t post on the Internet
  • Gimana content niche technopreneur strategy ini di monetize ? Seminar from campus to campus ? Not scalable ! Anne Ahira method ? Selling affiliates hosting etc Premium content? Terkait kondisi sekarang, semua sms premium di Unreg, Content Provider pasti kedepan butuh konten berkualitas !
  • When Digg was launched, it was critical to attract the power users who devoted the time to submit stories to Digg. Today, attracting submitters is not a critical success factor, but in the early days it was. However, one of the biggest challenges in starting any user generated content site is incentivizing users to contribute content before the network effects provide users with the appropriate motivation. Digg solved this problem using three techniques: transparency, recognition, and competition.
  • Presentation on channel, community, content for startupbisnis

    1. 1. Startup 3Cs strategies. Lessons from friends Rhein Mahatma @Reintweets
    2. 2. Rhein Mahatma. Intro1. Content & community manager2. VC Associate in Jakarta3. Co Founder
    3. 3. What’s tech startup ? Working 10 years 8.00 to 17.00 or Working 3 years, 8.00 to 01.00 with samefinancial results ? >> because you have shares
    4. 4. 7 Indicators of Consumer Internet Success1. Define a previously unrecognized niche2. Strong ability to leverage natural search as the primary means of user acquisition3. Service that empowers people to make a living4. Free (or near free) alternative for a previously high cost service5. True viral distribution potential6. Ability to jumpstart user acquisition through distribution partnerships7. Story that lends itself to mainstream PRBy Alltop
    5. 5. 3 types of consumer internet startup1. Technology type2. Content / media type3. Sales type
    6. 6. 3Cs ……. Create content to ENGAGE USER Find your Online/offlinePASSIONATE channel toINFLUENCER DISTRIBUTE your product
    7. 7. 3Cs is just a generic model that can’t be applied exactly the same to all kinds of tech startups and situations.
    8. 8. COMMUNITY
    9. 9. COMMUNITY Understand how community helps startups to growUnderstand that building a community is “Very heavy on personal relationship”Understand the variation of startup strategies to access the community
    10. 10. AUDIENCE Common InterestAudience Vs Community
    11. 11. COMMUNITY Shared belief, Shared goal Common Interest Shared belief, Shared goalAudience Vs Community
    12. 12. COMMUNITYWhen you support an activity, when you make people better at that activity, by either supporting them directly or helping them support each other, then you gain the opportunity for that group of people to call themselves a community.
    13. 13. Content: Your "gift" to the community—what you bring to the table.Continuity:Communities arent +Collaboration: whentemporary campaigns— participants work togetheryour ability to sustain to meet common goals andthem objectives for the community. Context: Your understanding of HOW the community wishes to be engaged.Connectivity: Yourability to form meaningfulconnections acrosscommunity members. “Small things matter
    14. 14. COMMUNITY Usual patterns :Content  Attract Audiences  Conversation  Collaboration  Community
    15. 15. (@Hanzkyy, “Secara periodic kami membuat “member on the spotlight” atau kisah-kisah pribadi para member supaya mereka saling kenal”“Di tahun ke-4, kami tahu behavior mereka, kami bisa memetakanprofile mereka, kami kenal mereka secara personal juga, kami bisa membaca brand preference mereka, kami juga bisa mengidentify influencer”
    16. 16. “Same passion in writing”“Let’s create a collaborated book” @Byotenega,
    17. 17. Seru, kan, obrolan kita? Pastinya. Kamu mau dapat giliran untuk makan siang sama dan menjadi bagian dari kelompok diskusi kami? Email dan daftarkan geng atau kelompok kamuFIMELA Luncheon adalah sebuah project editorial rutin yang mengundangsatu atau beberapa kelompok wanita yang saling berteman untukberbincang satu topik tertentu sambil hang out di restoran/café. Liputan dariacara ini akan mengisi rubrik tetap di kanal “Work & Lifestyle”
    18. 18. Content : Knowledge : quality discussion about money, career, sexContext : I know what discussion do you needConnectivity : 2 hours discussion - deep engagement & relationshipContinuity : Bi-weekly eventCollaboration : Your voice, opinions is featured in the article
    19. 19. “Kontribusi saya di Komunitas Kafegaul membantu saya memecahkan masalah ayam vs telor di Tokopedia, bahkan co-create UI dan UX bersama mereka” @LiamTanu, William Tanuwijaya, Tokopedia
    20. 20. COMMUNITY“Saya menghidupkan kembali kanal “Tanya apa saja” di Kafegaul dengan membuat karakter DJ (Disc Jockey) dan membranding kanal tersebut sebagai ‘Channel56” dengan slogan “Ask Anything, Expect Nothing” , dalam beberapa bulan channel56 menjadi kanal paling hidup di Kafe Gaul, personal branding saya sebagai DJ yang asyik pun mulai terbentuk dan saya mendapatkan banyak teman dari Kafegaul” “Keaktifan saya di Kafegaul membantu memecahkan masalah ayam dan telor dalam ecommerce, saat launch kami sudah punya 80 seller” (@liamtanu, Tokopedia)
    21. 21. “Anang, CMO mendekati 2000 member devianart dan mengirimkan personal email, belumtermasuk presentasi yang tak terhitung ke para influencer komunitas desain” @Rajasa,
    22. 22. is ecommerce for Japanese hobbiest, backed by Joi Ito (Digital – seed incubator of Twitter ~ 200,000 FB Fans Page likes in 10 months ~ “We spend a lot of time to become friends with the top guy” @Ariawan, CTO Flutterscape
    23. 23. COMMUNITY“Flutterscape getting noticed because of its 200,000 fans page. How? we spend lots time to become friends very heavy on with the top guy there … personal relationship, pendekatan kami tidak komersil, tetapi personal, dan salah satu insight utama dari japanfreak adalah : Mereka mengkoleksi barang-barang hobi Jepang, yang rata-rata tidak bisa didapatkan di Negara mereka, kami membantu mereka untuk mendapatkan barang-barang itu, itu cara kami membayar mereka” (@Ariawan, CTO Flutterscape)
    24. 24. COMMUNITYMisalnya kami mendekati komunitas di Gundam di Brazil, kami tidak pakai bahasa Inggris, kami mencari foreign student dari Brazil di Jepang yang suka dengan Gundam, lalu kami ajak internship di kami, tugasnya hanya satu : “Approach them with local language” (@Ariawan, CTO Flutterscape)
    25. 25. HowcanIhelpYou ?Hosting services, owned by Surabaya guys, big in US @Setiawanr, Wowrack
    26. 26. COMMUNITY Wowrack menjadi besar di USA karena “Startupweekend Community” Business development Wowrack datang ke panitia Startupweekend dan bertanya :“How can I help you?”Lalu kami jadi partner official startupweekend, jika ada anak muda yang punya ide brilian kebanyakan masih bootstrapping, kami berikan hosting murah, bahkan gratis, kalau startupnya sudah bisa di-monetize dengan baik, baru kami meminta mereka untuk membayar sesuai kemampuan. (@setiawanr, Rudy Setiawan, WowRack)
    27. 27. “One hug at a time”. Artinya, kita menghargai setiap orang,siapapun itu. Tidak melihat follower-nya berapa banyak, tidak melihat sering pakai HootSuite atau tidak, tetap kitacelebrate sebagai “a part of HootSuite” - @Stephawie , Community Celebratoire Hootsuite
    28. 28. COMMUNITY CREDIBILITY EXPECTATION The Flickr team targeted professional and semi-professional photographers as the core of the initial Flickr community. They worked very hard to nurture the development of this community. Catering to the power users raises the quality of the photos, thereby benefiting the entire community.“What strikes me about Flickr is how easy it is to find quality photos – the best quality pictures on a certain theme rise to the top”
    29. 29. “Your resource is in your relationship” “Sangat dianjurkan kita yang masih muda berkontribusi ke komunitas, membangun relationship ke semua orang tanpaterkecuali, tanpa pamrih, karena ujung-ujungnya resource kita di sana” (@KevinOsmond, WEEKENDINC, Filmoo, CTO
    30. 30. COMMUNITY“Your reputation is equal to the sum of your past actions within (a) community”
    31. 31. COMMUNITY “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” “A sense of belonging is what keeps people in communities. This belonging is the goal of community building“ “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” “Ego and personal glory are the enemy of every community” “You must define the area of collaboration within community” Very important philosophies for community managers / organizers
    32. 32. “How I built Wikipedia ? Countless presentation to passionate influencers, I spent a lot of initial effortcourting early editors and building a community around them” (Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia)
    33. 33. COMMUNITYDalam komunitas IDberkebun, semua kebagian melayani media, kami semua berbagi “fame”@ShafiqPontoh, Idberkebun,
    34. 34. COMMUNITYiStockphoto consciously fostered its community from day one through forums, emails and face-to-face meetings.  Heavy on personal relationship iStockphoto has many active online forums where new users can post questions and get help from experienced users  Community needs “mentor”Even as CEO, Bruce routinely takes the time to send emails to users to offer encouragement or help  The founder kicked his own ass
    35. 35. • Build Connection : iStockphoto hosts a series of trips (called iStockalypses) where users can shoot photographs of interesting places and share knowledge about the stock photography trade.• “Many to many” Connections : These active forums have made the iStockphoto community welcoming to new users and engaging for experienced users.• Founders credibility : In many ways it parallels the start of another popular online community, Craigslist. Just as Craig Newmark‟s personality has had an influence on Craigslist, so too has Bruce‟ s personality and passion for photography had an influence on the iStockphoto community. Bruce was always a core user of the site, and as such attempted to nurture the needs of its users.
    36. 36. COMMUNITY Understanding Network effect in community startups
    37. 37. COMMUNITY >> Network Effect / tipping point Students from schools where Thefacebook hadnt yet launched regularly came to the site and tried to sign up. They would go on a waiting list and be alerted when it came to their school. When the number on the waiting list passed 20 percent or so of the student body, Thefacebook would turn that school on. "I always thought it was wrong," says Colleran, "but now Irealize it was a major reason for our success." By keeping the gates closed and only opening at schools once there was proven demand, Zuckerberg and Moskovitz, the expansion guru, ensured that when Thefacebook did open, usage would explode.
    38. 38. Build connection throughFake account ??Steve Huffman:• Yes, yes. What we thought it was really bad if like you show up the site and there’s nothing going on because then you’d never come back. So we actually spent a lot of our time finding — like we had written all these scripts that would like scrape other new sites like slashdot, and CNN, and delicious and whatnot.• And basically show us the links that showed up multiple times on that. And then we would submit those to Reddit, and then we had tons of fake user names. Alexis and I had like 50 accounts each between us that we’re always switching between and all these fake voting numbers just to make things look alive. Because if you have a social community site, it has to look like there’s a community there; it has to be social.
    39. 39. COMMUNITY >> Network Effect / tipping pointKami tidak membuka channel forum baru sebelum kami nilairequestnya cukup banyak, supaya kalau dibuka nanti langsung ramai, tidak sepi terus dihindari orang - @Dwirianto – Kaskus CMO
    40. 40. CONTENT
    41. 41. CONTENT• Understand the roles of content to engage user for hybird startup : Media – Community (ex. Femaledaily Network, Kaskus, Fimela).• Understand content to engage user for Niche social network (SixReps, Myspace, BundaGaul, MothersOnMobile, TheUrbanMama).• Understand how content can build your own channel
    42. 42. CONTENT “MySpaces new strategy is to become the place that people go to socialize around content”“MySpace knows it won’t beat Facebook once they internally realized this, they began to evolve into content companies” (Techcrunch)
    43. 43. CONTENT Quora founded by Adam D’Angelo – Ex Facebook CTO.
    44. 44. CONTENTWhat is Quora value proposition ? Technology ? No. “Content”
    45. 45. CONTENT“Niche social network? Orang sekarang tidak butuh another FB dan Twitter, gimana dong ?”@DennySantoso, SixReps, Social Fitness Evangelist
    46. 46. CONTENT“Orang sekarang tidak butuh another Facebook & Twitter, jadi satu-satunya cara untuk build niche social network adalah dengan memberikan konten (atau tools) yang tidak ada di FB dan Twitter - buat konten yang menarik, sesuai nichenya lalu ditwit linknya lewat FB dan Twitter, seperti yang dilakukan Instagram”(@DennySantoso, Sixreps, Social Fitness Evangelist)
    47. 47. CONTENT Kalau ingin terkenal, buatlah BUKU alias “CONTENT”,posisikan diri sebagai expert, lalu jadikan diri anda sendiri sebagai CHANNEL @DennySantoso, SixReps, Social Fitness Evangelist
    48. 48. 1. Content ! Blog & book. Build authority & credibility2. Build channel :: Pembatas buku Build channel Phsical bookmark, social media3. Online content & email databases4. Sell product & get affiliate comission
    49. 49. CONTENT@DennySantoso “Orang gedean itu memindahkan traffic (sumber duit) ke sana sini, kanan-kiri, orang hebat seperti Anne Ahira business modelnya menjual konten belajar internet marketing, lalu dari situ membuat forum support – yang butuh masuk forum harus membayar, yang mau membuat website sekalian disediakan hostingnya, newsletter dan infrastruktur lainnya. alumninya yang sudah sukses juga menjadi viral channel untuknya”
    50. 50. CONTENT “We create barrier to entry by keeping the content quality high & regular updates . Siapa sih yang mau lihat website event tapi tidak terupdate? selalu keep in touch dengan schedule, update dilakukan setiap hari untuk konten dan paling tidak seminggu sekali untuk placement “ (Carmelita Bahrun, @pearlstears,
    51. 51. CONTENT“Kami mengusulkan konten gosip artis dan konten blog seleb ke Yahoo ID, hasilnya, traffic Yahoo ID naik fantastis” - Dentsu Strat
    52. 52. CONTENT “Kami mulai dari blog. Dalam menulis blog, kami tidak pernah memposisikan diri sebagai expert, namun karena pembaca kamimenemukan preferensi disitu, maka mereka menganggapya sebagai expert” - @Hanzkyy , FashioneseDaily
    53. 53. CONTENT“Dari 2005 s/d 2007 ternyata pembaca kami bertambah banyak, komentar di blog juga bertambah banyak,komentar yang ada semakin ke bawah semakin OOT (Out of Topic), sehingga blog tersebut tidak cukup lagi untuk memfasilitasi para member kita, lahirlah forum “ Converting Audience  Community (@Hanzkyy,
    54. 54. Dulu orang ke Kaskus karena nyari (konten) cewek cakep, terus lama-lama bosen ngomongin cewek, jadinya interest mereka yang lain mulai muncul, “yang suka bola yuk ngumpul di forum bola”
    55. 55. CONTENT “Konten di itu longtail, kami tidak mengandalkan penjualan dari naskah yang laris, tetapi dari naskah “biasa saja” tetapi itemnya tidak terbatas, kuncinya adalah tidak memegang stock fisik dan on demand printing. (@byotenega,
    56. 56. CONTENT “Urbanesia punya content strategist yang bertugas memilih tema untuk diangkat setiap bulan. Content calendar” “Urbanesia mengandalkan konten long tail, yaitu search item yang keywordnya tidak powerful, tetapi jumlah itemnya tidak terbatas” “Di awal berdiri, kami fokus di data entry untuk menciptakan kondisi long tail” (@MissDimps, Selina Limman,
    57. 57. CONTENT Why user keep coming back ?“Pengalaman saya pribadi (dan sudah saya tulis di beberapa tempat): ... Update yang continue ... Kuantitas masih lebih efektif dibandingkan kualitas. Blog saya setiap hari dikunjungi sekitar 1100 orang. (Dahulu sekitar 3000/hari)Saat ini rank 3 indonesia maters. Padahal isinya biasa saja. (Budi Rahardjo, Dosen ITB)
    58. 58. CONTENT
    59. 59. “8 orang content writer @8 artikel per hari, CTO yg memahami SEO, 3 bulan awal kami sempat salah – konten yang kami buat terlaluhardcore gadget ! Gopego kami posisikan sebagai media bagi komunitas gadget
    60. 60. iStockphoto was originally started as a hobbyist site in May 2000 by Bruce Livingstone. Bruce created the site as a means to share and publicize his portfolio of photographs. Initially seeded with 1,600 of Bruce‟ s photos available for free download, the popularity of the site prompted Bruce to open the site to other photographers who also wanted to contribute their photo collections. This transformation took place 6 months after initial launch, creating a thriving community of contributing photographers.
    61. 61. • Adam Penenberg at writes about the WSJs loss of respect and links on the Internet due to their desire to make content available only to paid subscribers. He notes how the value of their long-time content will therefore decline as information seekers are increasingly trained to use the web.• The business model lacks any foresight or recognition of value. The visitors generated to the online site through search engines is practically nothing compared to their competition, lowering the value and number of ads they can run on the site. Paid subscribers will be hard to come by without traffic and even if they do get a few, the value of 1000 times as many visitors through free referrals is far higher than the $80 per year they earn for a few subscribers.• Dont make the same mistake - give away for free as much content as you possibly can, the value of a link and thousands of visitors far outweighs the value of a few paid subscribers.
    62. 62. CHANNEL
    63. 63. CHANNEL “Ability to jumpstart user acquisition / traction through distribution partnerships”“Startup harus bekerjasama dengan pihak lain yang sudah memiliki traction / awareness besar, buat ngangkat dirinya sendiri” Online Channel Offline Channel
    64. 64. CHANNEL“Saya memiliki 30 ribu fans lebih di akun facebook saya, saat ini 49,500 lebih followers di twitter saya. Saya juga memiliki sebuah newsletter di dimana anggotanya sudah 40 rb lebih, ini semua adalah modal awal saya untuk memperkenalkan ke banyak orang”
    65. 65. CHANNEL Printed trial version of Coming soon to your gym! :) “Bridge from offline to online” The conversion rate maybe low, but still not bad for awareness @DennySantoso, SixReps
    66. 66. CHANNELAwalnya, kami bingung FB itu pesaing Kaskus atau bukan,ternyata, FB itu seperti kereta besar yang tidak bisa dilawan, If you can’t kill them, be friend with them, alhasil kami naiki gerbong itu. We made “Share to FB button” and .. BOOM !! dari tahun 2009-2010 Traffic Kaskus menggila seiring dengan kenaikan FB @Dwirianto, CMO Kaskus, Semut Api
    67. 67. CHANNEL “Who owned distribution channel will be rich & most powerful” Disc Tarra (30 stores) Vs KFC (300 stores), Agnes Monica mending jualan CD di mana ? Vs Kantor Pos Indonesia gimana ? @AndiSboediman, Ideosource
    68. 68. CHANNEL Prior to starting Digg, Kevin was the host of a technology cable TV show called Screensavers that aired on the TechTV cable channel. Digg got its initial site traffic by having Kevin Rose announce the Digg launch during a broadcast of Screensavers. This gave Digg immediate exposure to ~100,000 target users – a nice initial distribution impulse function to get started. @Kevinrose, Digg
    69. 69. CHANNEL Yahoo no 1 search engine in Japan is owned by Softbank (no 3 biggest telco in Japan),that’s why in January this year, Google, no 2 search engine in Japan inked a deal with the country’s no 1 telecom company NTT Docomo, and the country’s No. 2 carrier KDDI au Both NT Docomo and KDDi au incorporated Google’s search engine directly into their default start menus (Techcrunch)
    70. 70. CHANNELImportant distribution channels before launch :• Deal partnership before launch with XL for SMS Blast.• Partnership with RIM, Page 1 on BB Appworld
    71. 71. dan Grand Indonesia juga melakukan kolaborasi retail, dimana Fimela akan membuat POP Up Office dimana kegiatan Pemotretan, Talkshow, Community event dan bahkan aktifitas redaksional dapat dikunjungin dan melakukan interaksi bersama pengunjung mall. Buat kami, retail space ini akan menjadi pusat brand experience untuk dapat berjumpa langsung secara fisik dengan para member komunitasnya. (@bensoebiakto,
    72. 72. @JasonLamudaCHANNEL (Ex.Mckinsey. CEO Disdus) Date News May 2010 (City Review) Aug 2010 Citzel closed, founded Disdus, Groupon clone. Oct 2010 Appointed Andrew Darwis as advisor Killer distribution channel !! Dec 2010 Incubated by East Venture Feb 2011 Acquired by Groupon
    73. 73. CHANNEL
    74. 74. The ability to embed the external player on any web page turned the tide for YouTube. Once users started adopting YouTube in mass, blocked video links to YouTube. However, MySpace caved under pressure from MySpace users and reinstated access to YouTube content.
    75. 75. CHANNEL >> Badge
    76. 76. CHANNEL >> Badge Flickr prioritized the development of viral product features.They did explicitly focus their limited development resources on product features that directly helped to grow their user base. Features that have become synonymous with Web 2.0, like easy blog integration / export and post to Flickr badges on people‟ssites were developed early on. As a result of these efforts, nearly 80% of new users found Flickr through the blogs of other Flickr users. Flickr also gave incentives to its power users to activelypromote Flickr to friends by offering premium features (e.g. extrastorage) in exchange for user referrals. initial buzz created by viral marketing.
    77. 77. Other social media as important channel
    78. 78. Awalnya, tombol like dan tweet di ada di bawah artikel, sekarang saya taruh di atas artikel. Tujuannya supaya saya bisa tapping ke friends / follower pembaca saya kalau di RT @DennySantoso , Sixreps
    79. 79. Kaskus Follower sebelum Des 2010 : 60,000Kaskus Follower setelah Februari 2011 : 254,000 (Setelah Follow @Kaskus banner placement in premium area)
    80. 80. Followed ….
    81. 81. Building own channels on somespecific niches : Fashion, beauty, online shopper, motivation 2,000,000+ Twitter followers @DannyBaskara,, Socmed specialist
    82. 82. CHANNEL >> Past customer as channelThe rule of sustainable growth is really simple it simply means that new customers are a result of the actions of past customers, either because the past customers invited them or because you’re using revenue that you made from past customers to get them. (@Eric Ries, Lean Startup founder)
    83. 83. CHANNEL >> Past customer as channel Purple Cow Viral Strategy of Zynga
    84. 84. CHANNEL >> Past customer as channel
    85. 85. CHANNEL >> Past customer as channelAndy Dunn, Bonobos CEO, touted the company’s net promoter score of 74 (a greatscore) Customers loved the product. The logic likely went, “how can we incentivizecustomers to tell their friends about the company?”
    86. 86. CHANNEL >> Past customer as channelTheir solution sneaked up on me. At work, I received a strange email from my Director atAmerican Express. He wrote with passion about his affinity for Bonobos pants andrecommended that we use his “special” link to get 15% off our first order (such referral linksearn him a $50 Bonobos credit) . Such a large incentive for a recommendable product provedpowerful. My director had sent this referral email to 20 of our colleagues (over $1000 inpotential value!). Bonobos also allowed users to create custom referral codes that they couldpost to Twitter or Facebook. When used at checkout, users get 15% off and referrers get a$25 credit. I noticed these codes popping up all over twitter, likely because of the sweetfinancial incentive.
    87. 87. Google as channel @Nataliardianto : Google is your salesperson when it comes to web. My previous company got 92% traffic coming from search engines. Djarum- yg punya iklan offline dimana-mana, masih dapet 39.09% traffic coming from search engines, sedangkan directnya 47.23%. Jadi kalau kampanye offlinenya senilai semisal Rp 4 milyar, maka kampanye googlenilainya Rp 3,3 milyar! Tapi khan traffic dari google gratis. Kaskus, yg populasi membernya salah satu yang terbesar dimana average pageviewsnya 12 pages/visit, still got 53,92% traffic coming from search engines.
    88. 88. Google as channel@Nataliardianto : (my wife business)got 66% comingfrom search. Bottomline is, focus on SEO first when it comes to web. Itscheap, all you have to invest is time, learnable (tutorials everywhere) danbeberapa open source web apps sudah SEO banget, jadi ngga perlubelajar lebih keras lagi. cukup build backlinks dan naikkan pagerank.
    89. 89. Reid Hoffman 10 rules of entrepreneur Rule #8: Having a great product isimportant but having great product distribution is more important. I meet a lot of entrepreneurs who think the best product is the most important thing and that the bestproduct should always win. What a lot of people fail to realize is that without great distribution, the product dies. How will you get your product in the hands of millions or hundreds of millions of people?
    90. 90. CHANNEL that didn’t convert • @Ariawan : Flutterscape’s 200,000 fanspage didn’t convert to sales • @Dennysantoso : logo on bottle didn’t convert to user acquisition. Offline event just little convert. FB ads CTR is lower than Google ads, because people use FB not to click ads• @DannyBaskara : Offline activation for PRJ (Pekan Raja Jakarta) conversion rate is very damn low to follow PRJ Twitter • @AndiSBoediman : Offline channel of (an undisclosed tech brand) activation campaign didn’t contribute much to fans page’s like. 125,000 fans at the end of the campaign rely on facebook ads (80%), the rest is generic
    91. 91. What next ?Now you know some insights how startup use Community, Channel, Content to build their userbase
    92. 92. Youthfulness is your weapon• Startup is an opportunity• Find your way to increase : – Your knowledge capital (skill) FIRST – Your network / social capital / social credibility by contributing to community (network) SECOND – Your financial capital (money) or access to investor THIRD
    93. 93. Thank you