Medical Simulation Industry Overview (TechNet 2012)


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This presentation is intended to provide an introduction and overview of the medical simulation market domain for defense modeling, simulation, and training audiences interested in applying their capabilities, expertise and products to medical and healthcare training and education needs.

Medical Simulation Industry Overview (TechNet 2012)

  1. 1. Bob HeinleinMedical Simulation Associates 20 Jan 2012 TechNet
  2. 2. Speaker Background  Education   BS Engineering (Mechanical)   Masters Business Administration   Master Science (Acquisition) Logistics Management   Doctoral Work at UCF, Industrial Engineering (M&S), ABD  Military   USAF (Ret O-5) Experience in Flight Ops, Acquisition, OT&E, Simulation   Last USAF Liaison in Orlando prior to AFAMS standup  Industry   Experience in Immersive VR, Simulation, Logistics, IT, Program Management and Business Development   Independent consulting since 2008  MedSim total focus since 2010  No Clinical Background1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 2
  3. 3. About Medical Simulation Associates  Specializing in connecting the medical simulation industry with the defense simulation industry to rapidly advance the state of the art and the use of simulation technology in healthcare.  Business Development & Marketing Support  Medical & Technical SME Support  Proposal & Program Development Support  Related Services1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 3
  4. 4. Disclosures  Recent MedSim Clients   General Dynamics Information Technologies, Health Solutions Division, Frederick MD   Hudson Simulation Services, Delmar NY   CHI Systems, HapMed R&D, Ft Washington PA   National Center for Simulation, Orlando FL1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 4
  5. 5. Presentation Context  Defense simulation & training solution provider with interest in Medical Simulation  FAQ   Where do I start?   Where are the customers?   Who are the players?   Where is the $$?   Where can I play?  MedSim Business Development for dummies   Based in my experience and perceptions as a newbie to medical simulation1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 5
  6. 6. What is Medical Simulation?(Some Definitions)  …a training and feedback method in which learners practice tasks and processes in lifelike circumstances.  …a cross-disciplinary effort that brings together providers, including nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals across a variety of disciplines with computer scientists, researchers, educators, and human factors engineers.  …an interactive way to further educate and train medical or health professionals. all-purpose term covering everything from using a block of resin or wood for would-be surgeons to get the feel of handling a drill to a surgical simulation so sophisticated that it reproduces an individual patients anatomy perfectly1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 6
  7. 7. Many Application Areas  Schoolhouse, Refresher, Skills Maintenance, Re-qualification, Certification, Assessment, Training, Education, Practice, Warm-up, Rehearsal  New Equipment, Product Procedure, Process   FDA Approval, Research and Development, Training  Architecture and Design of Facilities, People Orientation, HR  Medical IT applications, Medical Records, Telemedicine  Medical Scenarios and Simulated Illness  Team Training and Group Exercises  Develop & Practice Interview Skills, Cultural Training, Empathy Training  Doctor-Patient Interaction Skills  Triage/Trauma/Disaster Response  Rehabilitation/Therapy  Patient Education & Patient Actor Training1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 7
  8. 8. Many Users & Domains  Anesthesia, Radiology, Neurology, Cardiology, Audiology, Opthamology, Orthopedics, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Proctology…..+++  Surgeons, Physicians, Nursing, Dental, Pharmacy, Allied Health…  Emergency Medicine, First Responders, Veterinarians….  Therapy, Rehabilitation, Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental Health  Medical Teams & Patient Actors  Medical Equipment Vendors  Substance Abuse Education & Rehab  Special Needs Children/Families  General Public, Patient, Care Providers, Patient Educators  Office Staff, Human Resources, Utilization Reviewers, Insurers1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 8
  9. 9. Multiple Customer Groups  151 Medical Schools plus many more education programs  90 Professional Societies  400 Teaching Hospitals   98 Health Systems (National, Regional, Local)   68 VA Medical Centers, 173 Military Medical Facilities  Individual Hospitals (hundreds)  Military Units (medics, combat life savers, etc.) – (thousands)  First Responder Units – Fire, Police, EMS – (millions)  Clinicians & Specialists – (millions)  Commercial Training Providers – (tens)  Medical Equipment Vendors (hundreds)  Patients/Consumers – (hundreds of millions)1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 9
  10. 10. Medical Simulation Clusters Seattle U Wash ISIS, Simulab, Red Llama, Mimic, Boston Swedish MC, Madigan AMC CIMIT Minnesota Harvard Mass Gen CREST (U Minn) Brigham Womens Mayo Beth Isreal, MIT City Health Boston Medical, San Franisco Partners IME Draper UC Davis, Travis AFB Ohio Pittsburg Sutter Health Phoenix Cleveland Clinic, WISER (U Pitt.) DC Area AZTEC (Uof AZ) Simbionix, SiTEL, USUHS, SimMedical Banner Health Surgical Theater, Johns Hopkins Stanford CISL Mayo Case Western NC Va Duke EVMS Goodman Sim Center Palo Alto VA Sim Group ARA ODU CAPE Texas Therasim NH Portsmouth USC MITIE (Methodist) RTI Childrens Texas A&M HSC CAMLS – Tampa Mayo, UF CoM - Jacksonville Gordon Center (UM), Ryder Trauma, ATTC- Miami NCSA, VA SimLearn, UCF – Orlando Nemours, PEO STRI - Orlando Apologies to anyone that didn’t make the slide!1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 10
  11. 11. Multiple Solutions and Technologies  Human Patient Actors   Virtual Worlds (standardized patients)   Immersive Virtual Reality  Virtual Patient Avatars   Haptic-enabled Devices  Human Cadavers (whole   Interactive Courseware to individual parts/organs)   Web Based Training  Live Animals/Animal   Mobile Devices Cadavers (organs)   Serious Games  Human Patients   Video Recording  Virtual Patients   Video  Part task trainers Training,Teletraining,  Mannequins Telementoring, Live  Human Patient Simulators broadcasts, etc.  Surgical Simulators   Learning Management Systems1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 11
  12. 12. Multiple Solutions and Technologies  Synthetic Cadavers/Tissue   Projection and Display  Synthetic Tissue Systems  Virtual Tissue   Wearable Displays and  Moulage Devices  Wearable Cut Suits   Scenario and Simulation Control Systems  Bleed Simulations   Curriculum Development Tools  Environmental / Special   Courseware/ISD Development Effects Tools  Imaging   Electronic Classrooms  Video/Data Recording Systems   Interactive 3D  Performance Assessment   Instructor Control Systems Applications   Simulation Centers  After Action Review/Debrief   Transportable/Mobile Units Systems1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 12
  13. 13. Broad Base of Solution Providers  Human Patient Actors (standardized patients) -- Usually contracted directly with individuals  Virtual Patient Avatars - Universities (UCF, USC/ICT, UF, etc.) Industry - VCom3D, ECS, Breakaway LTD, ARA, Kognito, etc.  Human Cadavers – Science Care or direct donation to academic or research organizations  “Living” Cadavers - Connecting Cadavers to fluid pumps to simulate a living human or animal  Live Animals/Animal Cadavers – Limited use in medical education now, except for combat medics and vets  Human Patients – Yikes, me and you!  Virtual Patients - Therasim, Innovation in Learning, Healthstream, Decision Simulation, Medbiquitous.org1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 13
  14. 14. Broad Base of Solution Providers  Part task trainers - Limbs & Things, Simquest, Simulab, Nasco, CHI Systems, CAE, etc.  Specialty trainers - IngMar Medical (respiratory), Ventrioloscope (cardiac), MedSim (Ultrasound), CAE (Ultrasound), HAL (UM/Laerdal) (cardiac), etc., etc.  Mannequins - Simulaids, Gaumard, Laerdal, KGS, etc.  Surgical Trainers - Simbionix, Mentice, Medical Simulation Corp, Surgical Science, CAE, Red Llama, Simulated Surgicals, Mimic  Human Pt. Simulators - CAE/METI, Laerdal, Guamard, Simulaids,  Virtual Worlds - ECS, VCom3D, Breakaway, ARA, Innovation in Learning, SAIC, MYMIC, Kognito  Immersive Virtual Reality - UCF/IST, Siemens, USUHS  Haptic-enabled Devices - CHI Systems, Touch of Life, Simbionix, Mentis, CAE, Immersion, Medical Simulation Corp, Simulab1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 14
  15. 15. Broad Base of Solution Providers  Interactive Courseware/Web Based training – Healthstream, Medical Curriculum Technologies, Medical Simulation Corp, Interact Medical, Websurg  Mobile Devices & Apps - VCom3D, ECS, Interact Medical, Websurg… + 4700 apps on iTunes!  Serious Games - ECS, VCom3D, Breakaway, ARA, Innovation in Learning, SAIC, MYMIC, 360Ed  Video/Data Recording/AAR- Education Management Solutions, B-Line Medical, KbPort, CAE, IVIR  Video Training, Teletraining, Telementoring, Live broadcasts, etc. – Websurg, NCSA (FL Hosp), Universities & Hospital Systems, Websurg, iTunes (Yale Health and Medicine, UC Davis Medical School (UCTV), Univ of Arizona, Stanford)  Learning Management Systems – Syberworks, Interact Medical, Medical Research Management Healthstream  Performance/Assessment Applications - IVIR, Design Interactive, Kronos1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 15
  16. 16. Broad Base of Solution Providers  Synthetic Cadavers/Tissue - Syndaver Labs, Operative Experience, ASTEC (Univ of AZ), CIRS (imaging)  Virtual Cadavers/Tissue - U Minn (CREST), Red Llama, Touch of Life, Cyber Anatomy, Elsevier, BioDigital  Moulage – Skedco, Enasco, Military Moulage, Moulage Sciences…  Wearable Cut Suits – Strategic Operations  Bleed Simulations – Skedco (wearable), embedded in other products  Simulated Blood – HPS vendors, multiple sources and varying fidelity  Environmental / Special Effects – Strategic Ops, KBZfx, Military Wraps….  Imaging – Digital Art Forms, GE Healthcare, Able Software, Simbionix & Surgical Theater (pt. specific), Siemens, Phillips, MedicVision  Display Systems - Barco, Intevac, VDC, RGB, DP, Panasonic  Scenario, Instructor and Simulation Control Systems – METI, CAE, B-Line Medical, EMS, GDIT, Laerdal  Curriculum Development – SimMedical, Medical Sim Corp, MCT…1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 16
  17. 17. How do I get smarter?1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 17
  18. 18. Multiple Conferences  Int’l Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) – 27 Jan 12 San Diego (ORL 2013)  Military Health System Conference (MHS) – 30 Jan 2012 Washington DC  Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) – 9 Feb 2012 Newport Beach CA  Healthcare Information & Mgmt Systems (HIMSS) – 20 Feb 2012 Las Vegas  CAE/METI Human Patient Simulation Network (HSPN) – 28 Feb 2012 Tampa FL  Accreditation Council Graduate Med Education Conference – 1 Mar 2012 Orlando  Laerdal Simulation User Network (SUN) – 10 April 2012 Mashantucket, CT  Medical Technology, Training & Treatment (MT3) – 9 May 2012 Orlando  Patient Safety Conference – 23 May 2012 Washington DC  AUSA Medical Symposium – July 2012 San Antonio TX  Adv. Tech. Applications for Combat Casualty Care (ATACCC) – 13 Aug St Pete Bch  American College of Surgeons Annual Clinical Congress – 30 Sept Chicago  MODSIM (Healthcare Track) – 11 Oct 2012 Virginia Beach  EMS World – 29 Oct 2012 New Orleans  IITSEC 2012 – 3 Dec 2012 Orlando  Other Professional Society Conferences – Too many to list 1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 18
  19. 19. Various “How To” Courses
 !"#$%$&$()*+(,-%./0(1%2&0/$%*"( 1%2&0/$%*"(!"#$+&.$*+(3+/%"%"4( 567785675(9./-2%.(:/+( From the Ground Up: ! Simulation Center Building Blocks ! " ! Creating a Simulation Center " " ! ! " ! " ! " ! " ! Course Description: ! The purpose of this course is to provide the opportunity for participants to gain ! knowledge and skill in planning and designing. ! Course Topics: ! " ! " ! ! " ! ! " ! " ! Intended Audience: ! " ! " ! Course Directors: ! William Dunn, MD ! Greg Coltvet, MBA, MHSM ! Course Faculty: ! Jacqueline Arnold, MSN, RN " ! Thomas Belda, BA, RRT " ! Brian Brost, MD Donny Dreyer, MBA, BBA, CPM ! Roger Nelson, BArch, AIA, LEED, AP ! Matt Morgen, BA ! Course dates and registration deadlines are listed on the ! Web site at: ! Log on to: ! " ! " ! ! ! " ! " ! ! Mayo Clinic# Harvard Center for Medical Simulation# WISER Center# (U Pitt)1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 19
  20. 20. Useful References  Documents   VA SimLEARN compendium   AAMC Survey of Medical Simulation in Medical Education   MedSim Magazine   SSiH Journal   Professional Society Journals Medical Simulation in Medical Education: Results of an AAMC Survey "#$%&(#)*!+,-(./!! ! 0!1.2#.3!)4!"#$%&(#)*567.-! "(8(.9#.7!4)8!:.&(;<8.=! >-%<(#)*!*-!?8#*#*9! ! @%*.!ABCB! ! September 2011 Learn ! Serve Lead ! ! Association of American Medical Colleges1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 20
  21. 21. Useful References  On the Web   ACS Education Division   Medical Modeling and Simulation Database (EVMS/ ACS)   Harvard Center for Medical Simulation (1048 papers)   Bristol Medical Sim Center (UK)   Vendor White Papers & webinars (e.g.,   Websurg   iTunes!!1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 21
  22. 22. Business Opportunities1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 22
  23. 23. Joint Program Committee  JPC-1   Chair: COL Karl Friedl, PhD   Tri-Service Programmatic Committee   TATRC is primary execution agent (  JPC-1a Medical Simulation & Training   Grew from Orlando/NCS supported JMST-IPT   Efforts spawned AFSIM  JPC-1b Health Information Technology  JPC-1c Decision Support Tools & Modeling  JPC-8 Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 23
  24. 24. JPC-1a Voting Members  US Army – PEOSTRI  US Air Force - Air Education Training Command  US Army - Central Simulation Committee  USUHS – Nat’l Capital Area Medical Simulation Center  AMEDD C&S - Directorate, Combat Medic Training  AMEDD C&S - US Army EMS Office  US Navy - Office of Naval Research  US Air Force - Air Education Training Command  US Army - RDECOM / STTC  DARPA  Medical Education and Training Campus (METC)  Office of Naval Research1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 24
  25. 25. JPC-1a Structure Combat Casualty Medical Practice Training Initiative Initiative AFSIM Developer Tools Patient Focused for Medical Initiative Education1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 25 UNCLASSIFIED
  26. 26. 1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 26
  27. 27. FY 10 Combat Casualty Training Initiative  Live tissue / sim - metrics research - $370K  BCT-3 live tissue / sim study - $250K  Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer - $756K  Rapid trauma skills - $498K  COMETS improved capabilities - $450K  Maxillofacial & Ophthalmology Trauma Trainer - $3.1M  Award TOTAL:~$ 5,550,0001/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 27
  28. 28. FY 11 Combat Casualty Training Initiative  Awardees:   Univ of Minnesota (PI: Rob Sweet, MD) - $11.0M   Univ of Missouri (PI: Stephen Barnes, MD) - $5.3M   Critical Research Areas ○  Trauma Airway ○  Hemorrhage ○  Emergency Medical Skills (Nerve Agent Casualty)   Goals ○  Live Animal/Simulator Comparative Research ○  Curriculum Development ○  Simulator System Gap Analysis1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 28
  29. 29. Medical Practice InitiativeStrategic Building Blocks (MPI)Development of medical trainingsystems & competencyassessment for sustained militarymedical readiness. Advanced Doctor Education PFIContinuous Observation of Medical System DTME (COMRADRecords for Advanced Doctor Education E)(COMRADE) Virtual Human StandardizReal-time specialty specific evaluation for ed Patientsloss of skills & knowledge JPC-1b CCTI EHR Education JPC-1c DecisionReal world benefits: & Support-Reduced cost for training Reference Integration Educational Integration-Reduced liability Content Military Serious Medical-Cost savings by replacing expensive Games for Lifecyclestandardized live patient teaching Training Counselorcases with reusable virtual human (DKO) Loss of Commonpatients Skills. Curricula Military-Improved Tri-Service medical Retraining & Metrics Medicalinteroperability & (Tri Service Simulation Competenc Consortium Masters-Leverages Electronic Health Record e )system as training portal -Can use AHLTA or another EHR 1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 29 UNCLASSIFIED
  30. 30. FY10 Medical Practice Initiative Projects  Medical Training Evaluation and Review (MeTER) - $515K  Training Outcomes Research Metrics - $450K  Hospital disaster simulator – CBRNE Based – $2.6M  Redeployment skills evaluation -$800K  Tri Service Medical Simulation Training Consortium - $2.5M  Anesthesia and Anaphylaxis for Physicians $1.9M  Virtual Sick Call - $773K  Total: $9.6M1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 30
  31. 31. FY 11 Medical Practice Initiative Projects  Navy Redeployment Skills Degradation  Multiple Amputee Trainer (MATT) final year  Olfaction training device & study  Medical Simulation Training Consortium Years 2-3  Simulation for Futuristic Surgery (VR Urology)  CBRNE Hospital Incident Management Radiological Scenarios  Ocular Craniofacial Manikin Advanced Development  Medical Simulation Master’s Degree Program  Student Innovations in Medical Simulation (Skunk Works)  Unfunded request for large web portal hosted by Air Force  Total ~$13.5 Million1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 31
  32. 32. FY 12 Medical Practice InitiativeProgram Announcements  Breadth of Medical Practice & Disease Frequency Exposure (MPI-BMP) W81XWH-12-JPC1-MPI-BMP - $8.0M   Cognitive Skill Focused  Procedural Skill Decay and Maintenance (MPI-PSD) W81XWH-12-JPC1-MPI-PSD - $4.0M   Psychomotor and Procedural Skill Focused  Scope   1) Identify when and why degradation of cognitive/psychomotor and procedural clinical skills occurs.   2)Create validated analytical tools that can predict the probable onset of skills degradation and determine, with specificity, when skills have degraded or will be likely to degrade   3)Propose methods and tools which will enable physicians or surgeons to preemptively refresh the expected psychomotor/procedural competencies for their specialty or to preemptively refresh knowledge and maintain familiarity and fluency across the expected competencies for their specialty.1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 32
  33. 33. Patient Focused InitiativeStrategic Building Blocks (PFI)Advanced user interface andinteractive technologies forhealthy living, medical practice ,patient rehabilitation & training Advanced Virtual Reality MPI & Augmented Reality CCTIAdvanced technology for training Training Technologyapplications leveraging investments ofDoD and Government Partners Virtual Human Patients & CoachesAdapts therapeutic technology targetingwarfighter readiness and mental health Mobile Physical & Technology Neurocognitiv Integration forReal world benefits: e Therapy Health & Applications Training-High impact development at reducedcosts, especially for VR-based training JPC-8 NIH – Virtual Rehabilitation,-Technology highly adaptable to Reality for Obesity & Physical and Neurocognitivtraining Diabetes e Rehabilitation-Direct injured warfighter benefit -Traumatic Brain Injury ICT simCoach DARPA – Game -Psychological Health (PTSD, Suicide) & Emotionally Healing Industry Expressive Heroes Technology -Physical Therapy Characters-Adaptation of mobile and tele-healthtechnology PARTNERSHIPS 1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 33 UNCLASSIFIED
  34. 34. FY10 Patient Focused Initiatives  Vitalize Game Based Wellbeing (Kinect- based Physical Therapy Coach) $4.3M  Refining medical outcomes deployment $500K  TBI Rehabilitation Surface -$1.4M  Olfaction & Resilience Research - $4.0M  TOTAL:$10.2M1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 34
  35. 35. FY11/12 Patient Focused Initiatives  FY11   Natural Language Processing for Virtual Humans   3D motion tracking for rehabilitation   DARPA: Healing Heroes   TOTAL: ~$5.0M  FY 12 Possibilities (stay tuned)   Virtual Humans for Coaching   Assessment of off the shelf and easily hacked technology for the rehabilitation, assessment and therapy environments   Mobile Technology ○  Constantly proposing SBIR topics in this area1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 35
  36. 36. Developer Tools for Medical EducationStrategic Building Blocks (DTME)Transformational open sourceadvanced developer tools to reducedevelopment costs and democratizeaccess to technology. Affordable MPI TrainingBased on the need to greatly reduce the Content Creation CCTIburden to develop interactive medical &surgical training content. CCTI Character AIOpen Source (OS) promotes low cost andinnovation Surgical VR Advanced TrainingReal world benefits: System Displays & Interfaces-Greatly reduced development costs Standards Online-Saves development time Portal-Facilitates content creation OS Practical Physiology OS Speech & Motion -Greatest need as program matures Engine Recognition-Opens development to a more diverseand wider community OS VR OS Natural OS Medical-Reduced system procurement costs Language Anatomy & Haptic Asset Processing Library-Reduces redundant development Platform 1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 36 UNCLASSIFIED
  37. 37. Developer Tools for Medical Education  FY 10   Dynamic Holographic Displays & 3D in medical education - $2.0M   Tri-Service Open Platform for Simulation $3.0M  FY 11   Advanced VR Eyewear Display - $4 Million  FY 12   Public Physiology Research Platform (DTME-PRP) W81XWH-12-JPC1-DTME-PRP - $7.0M ○  Creation of publicly accessible, free, open-license, and/or open-source physiology platform1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 37
  38. 38. Army and VHA Opportunities  Medical Simulation   VA SimLEARN Training Centers Program Support   TC3  MedCenters  index.asp1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 38
  39. 39. Navy Opportunities  U.S. Navy is developing an R&D Agenda and Roadmap for Medical Modeling Simulation and Training   The approach included a series of facilitated workshops and a literature review completed in 2011   Findings to be briefed to senior leadership over next couple months  Stay tuned for resulting initiatives  ICF supported initiative; similar to previous USAF efforts1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 39
  40. 40. Air Force Opportunities  Virtual Medical Center   Request For Information (RFI) (Aug 11)   Solicitation #: N65236_SNOTE_00025EBE   Agency: SPAWAR  AF Medical Modeling and Simulation Training Portal  Other VW Efforts   Uses an IDIQ w/Dept of Ag.  POC is LtCol Dominquez ○ ○  407-208-56631/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 40
  41. 41. Other MedSim Opportunities  SBIRs – Write a topic and pursue it!#  BAAs#   USAF AFRL BAA 11-01-HPW ○  Aerospace Medicine, Clinical Research, Human Performance Research, and Expeditionary Medicine   USA, ARL W91CRB-08-R-0073, Amdt 5, Topic 6B ○  A--Virtual Patient technology with Virtual Worlds technology Sources Sought - $1.6M #  Commercialization of SBIR developments#   Many good solutions donʼt transition for lack of a solid business approach and investment#   Buying the IP may be a good market entry strategy….1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 41
  42. 42. Simulation Market Drivers  Sim Center access mandatory requirement
 for program accreditation and physician certification#  Role_of_Simulation_in_US_Physician_Licensure_and_Certificati on#  Rapid expansion in simulation centers#   Growing need for simulation center services#   Sim Center sustainability business models#  HR 855/S616?????   Proposal to allocate $50M/yr for medical simulation assets #1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 42
  43. 43. Simulation Research Opportunities  Overarching Architecture and Systems Engineering Approach  Standards and Interoperability (vs. Open Source??)  Modular Design Concepts (enabling a market for sub components) Graphic Presented by Dr Roger Smith at MT3 June 2011  VV&A Concepts RSmith_MT3_Interop_Panel.pdf  Common Definitions and Enumerations1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 43
  44. 44. Simulation R&D Opportunities  Smart Integration between Simulation, Electronic Health Records & Telemedicine  Integration of Virtual Worlds/ Games with other systems1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 44
  45. 45. Collaboration Opportunities  EDGE Innovation Network  Sponsored (facilitated vs. controlled) by GDC4S   Not a profit center for GD   Members collaborate amongst themselves at will  Open, Virtual, Collaborative Network of Industry & Academia   Many GD competitors are members; over 200 members   $0 full mbrship for academia/non-profits/$0 limited industry   Not a funding source, no contracts or obligation with government  EDGE has multiple domain foci   Currently establishing a Healthcare domain focus and recruiting members (~50 to date)   Kickoff meeting coming soon1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 45
  46. 46. &,-(./(0 1234-556 ,-./0102-3/403/56(78(9: ;<3361/03=;>4/<?6.4@A46.4-3BC6?D6.,.<E0B6.4 (7-489-:%,-;:3<.-=>?-2;9-%4@8>5>9>3A1234-55 EDGE Innovation Network End Users & Customers EDGE® Innovation Network Knowledge Management System EDGE® Innovation Centers (EIC) Network Members !""#$%&!#""(&)#*+ !""#$%&!#""(&)#*+ Industry Gaps Reception and Gathering Areas Academia TG!:-A9><BL5-2NJ-A92>4 UG!AA3I;9>3A"-9D32M RGJ8593K-25S;M-!A<32K-: Requirements Visioneering & Collaboration Facilities Non-Profits %:3F9>3A.-4>5>3A5 Needs Prototyping & Integration Labs "--:5;A:/;F5 J3==;?32;9-593H>==/;F5 Business Services Feedback Demonstration Areas & Tech Shelves (7-24>5-;ABC;==D;B593 J3A:849F23939BF>AEC N E;9,-2A--:5;A:E;F5G -7F-A5-G H359-2:--F=-I-=3< (A;?=-58A:-259;A:>AEO5F-4><>4;9>3AO43==-49>I-8A:-259;A:>AEG %FF=BK;982-9-4,A3=3E>-5;A: ;A:2;F>:;:3F9>3A3<9,-E33:N ,8K;A4-A9-2-::-5>EAG -A38E,A3DI5G9,-F-2<-49=;9-2G 123I>:-3FF3298A>9B<32J8593K-2 P9>==-A;?=-5;==A32K;=;I-A8-5<32 CL5-2H--:?;4M;9"3#?=>E;9>3A J8593K-2;4@8>5>9>3AQ;:3F9>3AG Identifying Needs & Providing Worldwide Network of Innovation Vast Network of Feedback on Innovations Centers to Facilitate Collaboration Technology Providers The EDGE process happens off-program, ahead of the deliberate acquisition process to integrate and demonstrate innovations. This enables rapid adoption & fielding. !! c. 2010 General Dynamics. All Rights Reserved ! c. 2010 General Dynamics. All Rights Reserved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edical Dynamics. All Rights Reserved c. 2010 General Simulation Associates !" 46 c. 2010 General Dynamics. All Rights Reserved GH
  47. 47. Summary  Significant medical and healthcare simulation, training and education industry exists (~200 US entities), plus foreign#  Lots of applications, customers, needs to be filled#   We have a lot of existing capability to focus on the market#  Many diverse and disconnected players#   Many small mom & pops (or Drʼs and Engineers)#   Lots of academic players (grant vs. mentality)#   Some academic business spinoffs#   No medical simulation industry coordination/organization#  Simulation is by and large an accepted method for medical education, but…#   Diverse customer base with multiple constituents and drivers#   Fragmented market makes business pursuits challenging#   No civilian Government regulating agency (no FAA equivalent) driving the requirements#1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 47
  48. 48. Summary  Simulation in Healthcare/Medicine where DoD simulation was 25 years ago#   Point solutions & stovepipes#   Lack of integration, limited to no interoperability#   No standardization in design concepts#   Limited standardized curriculum#  Lots of opportunity to apply DoD M&S lessons learned to medical#   If theyʼll listen and let us!#   We must learn to speak and understand the language of the customer!#   Realize medical IS different! (although much is the same!!)  Orlando is a late bloomer in medical simulation#   But we can make a HUGE difference in moving the timeline to the left!#1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 48
  49. 49. Questions? Bob Heinlein Medical Simulation Associates 407-719-6212 associates1/19/12 Medical Simulation Associates 49