Curriculum Vitae      OfRhonda M. Smith
Curriculum Vitae of Rhonda M. Smith1. Contact DetailsRhonda M. SmithRhegal Consulting, Inc.1234 Euclid Avenue, Suite 3Miam...
Rhonda has worked for the last 14 years as an independent consultant under the company name of RhegalConsulting, and has c...
Apply: An effective course design must not only be highly engaging but also incorporate realisticsituations that allow par...
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Rhonda M Smith CV


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Rhonda M Smith CV

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae OfRhonda M. Smith
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae of Rhonda M. Smith1. Contact DetailsRhonda M. SmithRhegal Consulting, Inc.1234 Euclid Avenue, Suite 3Miami Beach, Fl 33139Phone: 305-812-2573 Fax: 786-513-4686Email: rmsmith@rhegalconsulting.com2. Academic Qualifications and BackgroundProfessional Qualifications: MBA in Marketing and Operations Management – The Colgate Darden School of Business, University of Virginia B.S. in Civil Engineering – Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech)Professional Memberships: American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) American Marketing Association (AMA) Commonwealth Institute of South Florida - CEO Forum MemberPublications/Research/Public Speaking:Speaking: Best Practices Global Benchmarking Council Conference, Toronto, Canada – Presentation and Roundtable Discussion on “Developing Talent to Create a Marketing and Customer Focused Organization” Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) North American Conference, San Diego, CA -“The Virtues of Marketing”Research/Articles: “What is Marketing Effectiveness?” 2007 Rhegal Consulting eNewsletter “Marketing Learning and Development”, 2008 Rhegal Consulting eNewsletter “Workforce Development Issues in South Florida”, Independent Research3. Experience in Business and Working GloballyRhonda M. Smith has over 20 years of experience that includes sales and marketing management andlearning and development consulting. As President of Rhegal Consulting, Rhonda is responsible foroverseeing learning and development projects, client relationship management and business developmentactivities. She has broad international consulting experience and has facilitated workshops and seminars,and managed client engagements in 5 continents and more than 20 countries, including Brazil, India,China, Israel, Turkey, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Through her international consulting experience,Rhonda has worked with adult learners from many diverse cultures and nationalities. In addition, withMiami being a diverse cultural mecca, Rhonda is accustomed to networking, developing, maintainingbusiness relationships, and working with colleagues, clients and business associates from diverse culturesfrom a variety of countries. 1
  3. 3. Rhonda has worked for the last 14 years as an independent consultant under the company name of RhegalConsulting, and has created and implemented learning and development solutions for a variety of clientsin a multitude of industries, on a global basis. Rhonda designed and developed a training program for atop-three pharmaceutical company’s marketing executives, at all levels. This program was rolled out totrain brand teams in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America on the new Global Brand PlanningProcess. Prior to founding Rhegal Consulting, Rhonda was a Senior Consultant at StratX International, aParis, France based marketing training and development firm. Prior to joining StratX Rhonda heldpositions in sales, marketing, and market development at E. I. Dupont DeNemours & Company, and insales and marketing at Eli Lilly. Rhonda’s work experience also includes Strategic Planning at ScottPaper Company. She is proficient in English language only.4. Industry Knowledge and Subject ExpertiseRhonda’s industry knowledge, through her work practical experience, is in sales and marketing. Herbusiness background has enabled her to translate “real world” experience into relevant and practicaltraining and development programs for clients at StratX and Rhegal Consulting. Rhonda has developed astrong competency as a learning and development strategist. She helps clients achieve greater costsavings, drive greater revenue growth and profitability by taking a more strategic and holistic approach tolearning and development; an approach that integrates people, process and performance. As a learningand development consultant, she has designed, developed, and managed learning and developmentprojects for clients in the business-to-business arena, the pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics, buildingproducts, and retail industries as well as the government and not-for-profit sectors.5. Experience in Learning and DevelopmentRhonda has extensive experience and a highly successful track record creating and implementing learningand development solutions for multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies. These solutions rangefrom new hire orientation/on-boarding programs and functional training curricula to integrated learningand management development strategies that drive individual, team, and organizational performance andeffectiveness.Rhonda’s experience as a senior consultant for StratX International includes designing, developing, anddelivering marketing training workshops and seminars for mid- to senior level marketing professionals.Through Rhegal Consulting, Rhonda has created and implemented training and management developmentprograms for U.S. based companies such as Office Depot, South Florida Water Management District, GE,Dow Chemicals, Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo SmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Kodak, DuPont, XeroxCorporation, and many European-based companies including Novartis, Siemens, Rolls Royce, and SonaeIndustria.Design:Rhonda’s philosophy and approach to the design of learning and development programs is as follows:Teach: Enhancing skills and capabilities begins by establishing a foundation of knowledge andunderstanding. The most effective teaching methodology in presenting fundamental concepts for adultlearners is through interactive discussion and facilitation, which promotes shared learning and criticalthinking among training program participants.Practice: Deploying a “learn by doing” approach is effective in building the knowledge, skills andcapabilities that can lead to a behavioral change back on the job. In addition, active learning engagesadult learners in the course content, helps re-enforce the learning, and enhances retention of the subjectmatter. 2
  4. 4. Apply: An effective course design must not only be highly engaging but also incorporate realisticsituations that allow participants to apply what they have learned to their day-to-day roles andresponsibilities. This ensures that job applicability is a critical part of the learning and that course contentis based on real life scenarios, case examples and client processes.Using the above approach, Rhonda has designed learning and development solutions that vary from thevery simple to the complex. Simple solutions include topic specific training programs and workshops forsales and marketing executives. More complex solutions include the design and launch of a learning anddevelopment portal for all employees of a $1 billion medical diagnostics company, and a strategy tocreate a Sales Training Academy for a multi-billion dollar office supply retailer. In addition, Rhonda hasachieved many accomplishments through her role at Rhegal Consulting and StratX International. AtRhegal Consulting, she designed and developed a marketing training classroom-based program and acomplementary online suite of courses for product management professionals at Janssen Pharmaceutica, aJohnson & Johnson operating company. The Janssen classroom program was recognized by the Johnson& Johnson corporate training organization as a company “best practice” and was adopted as the model totrain all product management professionals across the pharmaceutical sector, which is comprised of fouroperating companies.Facilitation/Teaching:Rhonda has facilitated marketing strategy workshops and seminars and delivered simulation-basedtraining programs to over 1000 marketing executives during her tenure with StratX International andRhegal Consulting. In addition, she has taught marketing courses at institutions such as: Chartered Institute of Marketing (United Kingdom) IMS Marketing Strategy Seminar (Portugal, Hungary) St. Joseph’s University Pharmaceutical Executive MBA Program Capstone Course (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Jack F. Welch Leadership Center (Crotonville, New York)Coaching:Rhonda has conducted one-to-one coaching with sales and marketing professionals in nearly all of hermajor consulting projects, as well as with small business owners. The coaching sessions typically focuson enabling individuals to become more effective in their jobs, think through various business challenges,and close the gap in their professional development needs.6. Relationship ManagementRhonda excels at client relationship management. She has developed this skill from her experience inguiding Rhegal Consulting to success over the past 14 years. One of the most complex sets ofrelationships she has managed was meeting the needs and objectives of 3 different internal clients(President, VP of Sales and VP of Marketing) simultaneously for the same project. While each had theirown agenda, Rhonda was able to rally them all together to agree on a single goal for the project, and togain buy-in for outcome of the project.7. Logistics and PlanningRhonda has extensive experience and superior skills in designing organizational learning anddevelopment strategies, and workshop/seminar planning, management, organization, logistics andcoordination. She is a master orchestrator of learning events and experiences for adult learners.8. ReferencesAvailable upon request 3