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Rhonda M. Smith\'s background, experience and capabilities

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Rhonda M. Smith Bio

  1. 1. Rhonda M. Smith Rhonda M. Smith is the Founder of Breast Cancer Partner, an organization that focuses on breast cancer recovery through health and wellness and taking a more integrative and holistic approach to recovery. Breast Cancer Partner provides tools, resources and information to help breast cancer survivors recover, restore and reenergize themselves after treatment. The organization’s mission is to function as a "partner" to breast cancer survivors (and their families) who are nearing the end of or have completed treatment, on their journey to recovery, or who are cancer free. Through her work, Rhonda’s goal is to help breast cancer survivorseffectively cope with and manage life during and post-treatment, empower them tobecome their own health and wellness advocate and adopt a lifestyle and practicesaimed at cancer prevention and survival. Ultimately, Rhonda wants to create aworld in which each and every breast cancer survivor lives a life that is full ofvitality, cancer-free and without fear, so that recovery is a life-enhancing ratherthan a life-limiting event.Rhonda appeared in the October 2010 issue of More Magazine as a first runner-up inthe More’s Beauty Search Contest based on her essay “Why This is the Most FabulousTime in My Life”. The essay was about her breast cancer journey and how she hasemerged from that experience with a new identity and sense of passion andpurpose. Most recently, Rhonda was chosen to participate on the Merz Aesthtics’expert advisory panel for their “Stand and Deliver Program”, a national initiativethat recognizes women who stand up for a cause they believe in and have an impactin their community. Rhonda will also be profiled and recognized as a woman whostands and delivers on the More Magazine Reinvention TV Show in November 2011.With more than 20 years of experience that includes sales and marketingmanagement and learning and development consulting, Rhonda has parlayed herprofessional and personal experience into a unique skill set that includes creatingsurvivorship programs for breast cancer centers, and health and wellnessexperiences, events and products for breast cancer survivors.Rhonda earned her MBA in marketing and operations management from the ColgateDarden School of Business at the University of Virginia and her B.S. degree in CivilEngineering from Virginia Tech. She is the Immediate Past-Chair of the Board ofThe Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade and a CEO Forum member of The CommonwealthInstitute of the South Florida. Rhonda served on the 2007 NFL Super Bowl SpecialEvents Committee and, in 2006, was named one of the South Florida’s “25 MostProminent and Influential African-American Women by Success South FloridaMagazine.