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An overview of how Twitter works as well as trends and history.

An overview of how Twitter works as well as trends and history.



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Tweet!tweet! Tweet!tweet! Presentation Transcript

  • Tweet!  Tweet!   Using  Twitter  to  Reach   an  AudienceRichard  Harrington,  PMPCEO  –  RHED  Pixel rhedpixel RichHarringtonStuff richardharrington rhedpixeltv
  • •Social  Networking  is  becoming  increasingly  important  to  the   modern  professional•Works  for  business  development  or  a  private  support  network•Excellent  way  to  build  an  audience  and  stay  in  touch•But  getting  started  can  be  a  little  intimidating   (especially  if  you’re  late  to  the  party)
  • State  of  the  InternetJust  who’s  out  there?
  • Internet  for  the  Masses 100 83% 82% 85% 84% 79% 81% 81% 72% 75% 80 62% 55% 60 50% 40 20 1999 2000 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Arbitron/Edison  Research  Media
  • Residential  Broadband 100 82% 84% 78% 76% 80 68% 69% 60% 58% 60 48% 48% 37% 38% 40 28% 28% 21% 20% 20 15% 13% 2002 2003 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Arbitron/Edison  Research  Media Dial-­‐Up Broadband
  • People  Who’ve  Watched   Internet  Video  Last  Week 40 29% 32 27% 24 18% 15% 16 12% 7% 8% 8 3% 2003 2004 2005 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Arbitron/Edison  Research  Media
  • All  Adults  Who  Have  a Social  Networking  Profile 2010 52% 48% Yes NoArbitron/Edison  Research  Media
  • 12–24  Year  Olds  Who  Have  a Social  Networking  Profile 2010 23% 77% Yes NoArbitron/Edison  Research  Media
  • Social  Media  Overview  What’s  social  got  to  do  with  business?
  • Social  Networking•Good  for  reconnecting   with  colleagues  and   former  co-­‐workers•Do  not  overstep•Share  your  personality   and  passions  •Use  good  taste
  • Social  Media  Outlets•Blogging•Business  Networking•Social  Networking•Mobile  Networking
  • Social  Media  Outlets•Twitter•Facebook•LinkedIn•Ning•Online  Forums•Community  Help
  • What  is  Twitter?I  know  I’ve  heard  of  it...
  • What  is  Twitter?•A  micro-­‐blogging  platform  (similar  to  texting)•Limited  to  only  140  characters •You  can  insert  links •Photos  with  helper  services •Audio  and  video  also  available
  • What  is  Twitter?•You  can  follow  people  and  they  can  follow  you•You  can  feed  a  blog  or  Facebook  into  Twitter•Twitter  draws  6  million  unique  visitors  per  month•You  can  embed  Twitter  on  a  blog  or  website•Available  for  mobile  phones•Leads  to  passive  intimacy
  • Twitter’s  Core  Technology•Device  agnostic  message  routing  system•Contains  rudimentary  social  networking  features.  •Accepts  messages  from  SMS,  web,  mobile  web,  instant  message,   and  third-­‐party  API  projects•Twitter  is  designed  to  be  easy  to-­‐use
  • Twitter  Has  Grown•Awareness  of  Twitter  has  exploded  from  5%  of  Americans  12+  in   2008  to  92%  in  2010  (by  comparison,  Facebooks  awareness  is  95%)•Twitter  trails  Facebook  significantly  in  usage:  8%  of  Americans     while  41%  maintain  a  profile  page  on  Facebook.•Nearly  two-­‐thirds  of  active  Twitter  users  access  social  networking   sites  using  a  mobile  phone•51%  of  active  Twitter  users  follow  companies,  brands  or  products   on  social  networks
  • Twitter  Has  Grown•New  users  are  signing  up  at  the  rate  of  300,000  per  day•180  million  unique  visitors  come  to  the  site  every  month•75%  of  Twitter  traffic  comes  from  outside  •Twitter  users  are,  in  total,  tweeting  an  average  of  55  million   tweets  a  day•Twitters  search  engine  receives  around  600  million  search  queries   per  day
  • Twitter  Has  Grown•Over  half  of  all  tweets  (60  percent)  come  from  third  party   applications.•Twitter  has  a  user  retention  rate  around  40%•Twitter  users  are  3  times  more  likely  to  follow  brands  than   Facebook  users•Twitter  users’  propensity  to  interact  with  brands  make  them  a   huge  potential  source  for  Mass  Influencers
  • 100% 92% 87% 75% 50% 26% 25% 5%2008 2009 0% 2010 Awareness 2011
  • 10% 8% 8% 7% 6% 4% 2% 2%0.5%2008 2009 0% 2010 USAGE 2011
  • 27% 28% 15% 7% 14% 8%Socializing Publishing ResearchWork Marketing Professional
  • Who  Uses  Twitter?•The  majority  of  Twitter  users  are  “lurkers,”  passively  following   and  reading  the  updates  of  others  without  contributing  updates   of  their  own.•Most  (70%)  regular  Twitter  users  do  post  status  updates  to  some   social  networking  service  (likely  Facebook).•Twitter  appears  to  be  functioning  as  more  of  a  broadcast  medium   compared  to  Facebook  and  many  other  social  networking  sites   and  services.
  • 55+ 45-­‐54 7% 12-­‐17 12% 18% 35-­‐44 18-­‐24 19% 11% 25-­‐34 33%12-­‐17 18-­‐24 25-­‐34 35-­‐44 45-­‐54 55+
  • Who  Uses  Twitter?•Strong  with  early  adopters  and  tech-­‐savvy  audience•Big  following  in  California•Government  agencies,  Media,  and  Businesses  rapid  growth•Biggest  group  25-­‐34
  • 11% 1% 3%16% 69% Caucasian African  American Asian Hispanic Other
  • Who  Uses  Twitter?•The  percentage  of  Twitter  users  who  are  African-­‐American   currently  stands  at  roughly  25%•Approximately  double  the  percentage  of  African-­‐Americans  in  the   current  U.S.  population.•Many  of  the  “trending  topics”  on  Twitter  on  a  typical  day  are   reflective  of  African-­‐American  culture  and  topics.  •This  segment  of  the  U.S.  population  may  be  using  Twitter  more   conversationally  than  other  Twitter  users.
  • 40% 30% 30% 23%17% 20% 16% 12% 10% Usage 2% 0% Advanced  Degree Some  Graduate  Credits Four-­‐Year  College 1-­‐3  Years  of  College High  School/Less No  Reply
  • 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 23% iPhone 7% 49% iPod 28% 28% Blackberry 10% 9%Kindle/eBook 3% Twitter US
  • Top  10  Cities  for  Twitter1. Los  Angeles 6. Chicago2. New  York 7. Atlanta3. San  Francisco 8. Las  Vegas4. Washington,  DC 9. Seattle5. Hollywood 10.Austin
  • Where  did  Twitter  come  from?An  abbreviated  history...
  • History  of  Twitter•Created  by  Jack  Dorsey  who  had  grown  interested  in  the  simple   idea  of  being  able  to  know  what  his  friends  were  doing  •Saw  an  opportunity  to  build  something  compelling  around  this  a   simple  status  update  which  others  could  follow.•Twitter  was  funded  initially  by  Obvious,  a  creative  environment   in  San  Francisco,  CA
  • History  of  Twitter•The  first  prototype  was  built  in  March  2006  (in  only  two  weeks)   and  launched  publicly  in  August  of  2006.•The  service  grew  very  popular  very  quickly•It  made  sense  to  move  it  into  its  own  product  •In  May  2007,  Twitter  Incorporated  was  founded
  • Build  a  Twitter  ProfilePut  your  best  foot  forward...
  • Creating  a  New  Account•A  Twitter  account  is  free  to  set  up•Many  users  set  up  multiple  accounts•One  account  per  email  address
  • Build  a  Twitter  Profile•Choose  an  easy-­‐to-­‐remember,  branded  user  name  (≤  15  characters)•Write  a  one  line  bio  (limited  to  160  characters)•Use  a  clear  photo  or  logo  (must  be  square) •JPEG  or  PNG •Less  than  700k
  • Michael Tolosa: “I’m a professional writer, blogger, and fashion photographer. I also do improv comedy acting and produce video podcasts.”Effective  bios  are  specific
  • Build  a  Twitter  Profile•Experiment  with  a  custom  background  image•Change  the  default  colors   •Match  your  brand •Keep  the  text  dark  and  the  background  light•Consider  creating  more  than  one  Twitter  profile •One  for  each  business  use,  for  each  product,  etc.
  • Twitter  in  ActionWhat  exactly  happens  in  the  Twitterverse?
  • Twitter
  • Twitter
  • Twitter
  • Twitter
  • Twitter
  • Advice  on  TweetingJust  what  should  you  say?
  • Good  Tweeting  Habits•Post  updates  whenever  you  add  new  blog  post•Post  quick  tips  related  to  your  content•Ask  provocative/open-­‐ended  questions•Share  good  news  and  accomplishments•Include  links  to  useful  articles  relevant  to  your  interests•Engage  others  and  comment
  • Some  Special  Language•Use  hashtags  #  to  indicate  the  subject  of  your  tweet •  –  directory  to  tags•Use  @  to  indicate  the  person  you  are  tweeting •@rhedpixel  to  talk  to  me•Re-­‐Tweet  something  you  want  to  share •Start  tweet  with  RT •Consider  official  Retweet  function
  • Use  Twitter  to  Build  a  Following•Who  do  you  want  to  meet?•What  characterizes  your  niche?•Follow  people  who  are  in  that  niche•Next...  follow  their  followers  (they  will  often  follow  you  back)
  • Ray  Ortega’s  Produce  Picker  Twitter  Page•Custom  background  and  colors   reflect  his  preferences  and  brand•Good  ratio  of  following  to   followers•Personal  updates    make  it   authentic  and  interesting•Landed  guest  spot  on  Emeril  Live
  • Gotta  have  a  sense  of  humorAmerican  Red  Cross
  • Twitter  GoodiesOfficial  Twitter  Guide  –
  • Useful  Twitter  ToolsGet  more  done  with  some  help...
  • Useful  Twitter  Tools•  –  URL  shortener  •Twitpic  –  Add  photos  to  tweets•Tweetscan  –  Like  Google  Alerts  ($20/year)•Twitterfeed  –  Promote  blog  posts    or  Podcast  •TwInbox  –  Integrates  Microsoft  Outlook
  • Useful  Twitter  Tools•CoTweet  –  Several  tools  for  business•  –  Provides  statistics  for  a  Twitter  user•Twuffer  –  Schedule  tweets  •Twtpoll  –  Run  a  poll•Twendz  –  Watch  a  keyword  over  time
  • Useful  Twitter  Tools•TweetMic  –  Add  audio  posts  to  Twitter•BackUpMyTweets  –  Archive  service•Chirpstats  –  Track  who  stops  following  you  •Friend  or  Follow  –  Who  is  not  following  you  back?•  –  See  your  most  popular  tweets•FollowCost  –  How  annoying  will  it  be  to  follow  someone?
  • Mobile  TwitterSocial  Media  on  the  Go
  • Dedicated  Applications•iPhone•Palm•Android•Symbian•Blackberry•Windows  Mobile•Widsets
  • Crowd  SourcingAn  Exercise  in  Twitter
  • Questions  &Answers
  • Richard  Harrington,  PMP rhedpixel RichHarringtonStuff richardharrington RichardHarrington
  • Tweeting,  Friending,  and  LinkingRichard  Harrington,  PMPCEO  –  RHED  Pixel rhedpixel RichHarringtonStuff richardharrington rhedpixeltv