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  • 1. Hastings and Prince Edward School Board “Belleville”The Personalized Program El Programa Personalizado!
  • 2. How we help you sleep at night! …. . I value the fact of how the student was cared for once they arrived. When students begin their overseas education journey, as an advisor, all I am asking is a peaceful sleep in the night. I slept very well!! Cause they are in the good hands with Hastings and Prince Edward schools.”
  • 3. Problem Solving Academic Problem• A grade 11 student (John) is having difficulty in a class.• John’s teacher contacts the guidance counselor at the school• The guidance counselor contacted the ISP Coordinator to make her aware of this problem and to problem solve some approaches to help the student.
  • 4. Problem Solving• ISP guidance counselor sent an email to his student’s teachers to check on the status of all of the student’s classes.• Student was failing in 2 classes.• Coordinator emailed the student’s homeland agent: – to make her and parents aware of problem – of steps been taken to address it. – further communication once a plan had been set to assist the student.
  • 5. Problem Solving• Coordinator called the homestay parent – to make them aware of the student’s academic problems and to gain the homestay parent’s input. *• Upon receiving responses from the teachers and the homestay, the coordinator – met with the student and the guidance counselor and they set up a plan to assist the student to achieve success.
  • 6. Problem Solving• The Plan – Clarified for the student when tutoring was available after school – Developed a plan and schedule to do homework each night. – Set a schedule for the student to meet with the teacher for 15 minutes per week privately to discuss his progress.
  • 7. Problem Solving• The PLAN (cont.) - Coordinator will email teachers in 2 weeks then meet with the student to discuss progress, next steps.• After meeting Coordinator will call the homestay parent to make them aware of the progress and gain their support at home.• Coordinator will email the homeland agent with an update and to inform parents.
  • 8. Problem SolvingFollow Up:A: Student follows plan and marks improve - Coordinator will continue to monitor progress with teachers to ensure success continuesB: No change in marks - meet with student to determine why failures continue: Difficulty in understanding? - extra help, tutoring, course change
  • 9. Problem SolvingLack of effort on student’s part -Set more structured plan including compulsory attendance at tutorials, homework monitoring by host, weekly follow up - outline possible consequences of continued lack of effort- Contact agent to: - inform of continuing problem, new plan and future consequences - request agent and parent contact to student for support to plan
  • 10. Problem Solving Loneliness/HomestayBACKGROUND• Mother contacts consultant concerned about daughter being lonely and not doing many activities, family not doing much with her, overall unhappiness• Consultant contacts Homestay Coordinator with mother’s concerns• Homestay Coordinator contacts host family to collect their input, perceptions and activities to date• visits student with same questions
  • 11. Problem Solving Loneliness/Homestay• I am writing to follow up with you about Daniela. I spoke with her homestay mother yesterday and I met with Daniela today. Daniela seemed quite happy to be at her homestay family’s home. She did tell me that she does get a little bored on the weekend sometimes but during the week she is fine because she has dancing and also she does her homework.• I asked Daniela to tell me what they did over the past weekend.• She said that they went to a farm for dinner and to spend time with family and friends. They went to an orchard and vegetable market, they went skating and she also had another friend over for a visit. I explained to Daniela that it sounds like her homestay family is doing lots of things with them and I also told her that this coming weekend, her family is taking her to a cottage overnight and also to visit the city of Kingston.•
  • 12. Problem Solving• I told Daniela that while the homestay family will plan some activities with her, it is not up to them to plan every weekend. Her homestay mother has encouraged her to invite friends over for dinner or a visit or to spend the night with her but Daniela must take the initiative. I told Daniela that I would give her homestay mother the phone numbers and addresses of the Mexican girls that are here and if she needed help to call them their homestays her homestay mother would help her.• I also gave her homestay mother the gymnastics club information, classes start at the end of November and also some information about indoor soccer because Daniela might want to play.• Daniela told me that she is also talking to her homeland parents less and is instead sending messages and talking every few days. This may also help her to make a better transition to her life here. *
  • 13. Problem Solving• The Devolin homestay family is a wonderful homestay family who are very caring and kind. They will do whatever they can to ensure that the students are comfortable but it will be up to Daniela to try to create play times with her friends as well. I think that now that Daniela has the phone numbers of her friends she should be encouraged to call them and spend time with them. They are her own age and they will have things in common. Daniela is a very bright and fun little girl and it has been a pleasure to have her here with us.• I am confident that Daniela is feeling better and that things will only improve.• UPDATE: She is involved in dance classes, gymnastics and soccer. Speaks less to her parents and is more positive when she does..
  • 14. Homestays
  • 15. AA Consultants say about us“Jose is indeed very happy with everything: Hostfamily, school, Belleville, etc. He’s enjoying histime in Belleville. … THANK YOU for putting him in“Moira”, for finding such a great host family forhim and for giving him your attention. Emy, VeracruzThank you for this wonderful video!!! We can seeJaqueline is VERY HAPPY with you!.... Goodjob! …. I will not be in Mexico City but I wish you thebest success with my partners in AdAstra. Youalready conquered me!” Silvia, Merida
  • 16. Questions?Comments?Suggestions?