JCPenney Repositioning


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JCPenney Repositioning

  1. 1. Media Plan Rachel Hardke Kirsten Quinn Amanda Riggio Brian Rosenberg Jonathan SanIt’s Your Life, Wear it Your Way 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Market Analysis 3 Audience Analysis 5 Media Vehicles 7 Consumer Interactivity 12 Media Schedule 14 Budget Breakdown 15 Budget 16 Budget Extentions 17 References 18 Appendix 20 2
  3. 3. M Analysis arket JCPenneyOverview:• Current marketing slogan: New Look. New Day. Who Knew?• Currently positioned as the “one-stop shop” for everything from appli- ances to clothing• Viewed by many as old fashionedPast Efforts:• Common themes expressed in their past advertisements: • Hip • In-style • Smart • Inexpensive• Launched a marketing campaign in 2010 where teens could receive cou- pons on their cell phones• Introduced CustomerFIRST service in which JCPenney associates go through intense service training to make every customer their immedi- ate priorityRecommendations:• Identify a more specific target audience: 25-34• Re-brand as a relevant and “hip” store to appeal to new target audience• Utilize modern media to reach new target audience 3
  4. 4. M Analysis arket General Market • Department stores are in high competition with specialty retail- ers and discounters • Department store chains have been suffering since 2006 • Loss of sales to high-end and specialized stores • Target,and Wal-Mart share a customer base with JCPenney • Increased competition from these stores • Revamped image • Style-focused Weaknesses (Market): • Department stores require the consumer to extensively search for what they need • Specialty stores create a sense of comfort and ease for consumers who know they will like what they find • Competition from brands shared by JCPenney and specialty stores • Shift toward online shopping Weaknesses (Economy): • High unemployment • Low consumer income and confidence levels • Effects spending on discretionary items 4
  5. 5. Audience Analysis XoomersDemographics• Male and female• Age: 25-34• Combination of two “generations” - Generation X and Generation Y• Annual incomes of $20,000 to $75,000 (majority on higher end of the scale)• Professional in nature• Primarily live in cities - New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and DallasPsychographics• Innovative, driven, and tech-savvy• Independent and goal-oriented• Fastest-growing group in the workplace• Trendsetters and “Fashionistas”• Very busy lifestyles• Obsessed with change and adapting the newest and latest trends, products, and services• Spend money on products they need - physiologically or psychologically - to “complete” their lifestyles • Frequently purchased items: clothing and technology• Delayed assimilation into adulthood • Includes settling down, getting married, and starting a family • Instead form “families” with their co-workers, roommates, and friends 5
  6. 6. Marketing &edia Objectives Media Goals • Increase “JCPBuzz” • Process of diffusion to engage our audience in the JCPenney message • Use of new media: • Expose Xoomers to new media, encouraging pas- salongs and word of mouth • Increases consumer involvement in the advertise- ments • Attractive to tech-savvy Xoomers • Engaging media vehicles excite audience about the JCPenney image Media Recommendations• New slogan: “It’s Your Life - Wear It Your Way”• Increase customer satisfaction: better inform and equip employees• Position it as a high quality and efficient one-stop shop• Improve customer satisfaction and efficiency in overall shopping experience. • New methods of shopping to complement the Xoomers’ busy lifestyles • New floorplan of JCPenney to make it easier to categorically shop: • “Worklife” • “Nightlife” • “Homelife” • “Activelife” 6
  7. 7. M Vehicles edia QR Codes• Further connect consumers to the brand• Allows for deeper interaction and familiarization with the brand• Appealing to Xoomers’ passion for technology• Target audience uses Smartphones• Increased convenience and ease in shopping • Codes to be found on print ads that would link customers to the store’s digital kiosk or online “quick purchase button” Online News Sources • CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times • Traditional newsprint index is extremely low for this audience and is declin- ing • Indices (MRI+) for online news sites are notably high • Popularization of digital news • Appealing to the Xoomer’s passion for technology and Smartphones • Specifically promote our JCPenney scene of life entitled “Worklife” on these websites • A majority of viewers tend to be in the business profession 7
  8. 8. M Vehicles edia Magazines • Print and online • Xoomers look to magazines for lifestyle suggestions and fashion tips • Will receive high reach - easy to read during commutes • Art Direction: illustrate Different scenes of life, reflecting the occasion-focused shopping experience • Technical Direction: QR codes on each advertisement • Copy Direction: ““It’s Your Life - Wear It Your Way” Male-Targeted Magazines• Maxim Magazine and ESPN the Magazine • Gender-specific to males • Magazine encourages males to look and feel their best • specifically in clothing • High indices (MRI+) for the male Xoomers • JCPenney’s presence in these magazines will help posi- tion the brand as one that can help them achieve their goals of looking and feeling great Female-Targeted Magazines • Brides and Elle Magazine • Gender-specific to females • Emphasizes a need to keep up with the fashion trends - specifically those of celebrities • Advertising in these magazines positions JCPenney as a brand on the “A-List” • encourages shopping to achieve this high-class mentality • Will work in conjunction with our pulsing media schedule • Increased marketing during wedding season, holiday season, etc. 8
  9. 9. M Vehicles edia Television• Reaches the portion of our audience who does not habitually follow social me- dia• Will maximize reach as television is a popular medium for our audience • Used to receive: • Up-to-date news • Entertainment • Social tips and topics• Will increase frequency for Xoomers who use both social media and television• Adds to consistency of the campaign • Commercials keep in theme with the print advertisements TBS JCPenney will have a full sponsorship of TBS • High index with Xoomers - prime channel to best reach tar- get audience • Allows for placement of advertisements during shows deemed most appropriate for Xoomers • Air commercials during the hours of 6 PM (after work/gym hours) to 1 AM (after the popular late-night shows - Conan and Lopez Tonight) • Variety of shows • King of Queens, Seinfeld, The Office, Conan, Lopez Tonight 9
  10. 10. M Vehicles edia In-Store Kiosks • Located at the front of JCPenney stores located in major cities - New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago • Goal: an easy-access catalog for increased enjoyment, convenience, and ease • Search items by code, product, or category • Geared toward satisfying the needs of our busiest customers • Lessens the need to search through racks or find sales associate • Locations consistent with interactive storefront (see below) • Interact with QR Codes to easily upload outfits and direct to loca- tions within store Interactive Storefront • Engages all potential customers - from tech-savvy Xoomers to less modern late adopters • Placed in high-trafficked locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago • Simulate a very realistic experience as a virtual dressing room for our consumers • Help create the JCPBuzz showcasing new technology and trends in a revolutionary, entertaining manner • High potentials for interaction and involvement with the medium • Xoomers enjoy remaining on the cusp of the latest technologies • This “digital dressing room” would expedite purchasing intent • Ideal medium to showcase the latest trends and newest arrivals in the fashion world • Emphasizes JCPenney’s new modern image 10
  11. 11. M Vehicles edia Guerilla MarketingBus Stop Shelters and Subway Cars• Decals will be placed on the windows of the shelters and subway cars to dis- play an “outfit” for consumers to view and “wear” • Encourages active interaction with the brand, new trends, and new lines • Increases reach as passer-byers can view the interaction between the brand and their consumers • Consistent with the print ads (in terms of art and copy direction) • Entice people to take pictures of their friends wearing the JCPenney clothes • Creates an emotional attachment to the brand as consumers would as- sociate a positive, fun, or enjoy able memory with this experience 11
  12. 12. Consumer Interactivity “Search for the Perfect JCPenney Family” Competition • Further develop JCPenney’s current position as a family store • Xoomers submit a photograph and video of their “family” - which tend to be co-workers, friends, and roommates • Research shows Xoomers are not starting nuclear families until later in life due to careers and fear of the increasing divorce rate • Purpose: winning family will be used in select JCPenney advertise- ments for six months and will be awarded a $1,000 shopping spree per person at JCPenney • Increase level of interactivity on both Facebook and Twitter • Fans of the JCPenney page can go on and vote for their favorite “family” • Widening the definition of family will de-stigmatize JCPenney as a store that is only for family discount shopping • Competition will drive consumers to the company’s sites and in- crease consumers’ knowledge about what JCPenney has to offer 12
  13. 13. Consumer Interactivity Foursquare Competition • Duration of competition: Labor Day (September) - Black Friday (No- vember) • Purpose: the winner - the official “mayor” during that time - will re- ceive a $500 JCPenney gift card and a JCPenney personal shopper • The personal shopper will offer guidance in the buying process • Additionally, this will illustrate the expertise of the JCPenney staff • First 25 people who “check in” at each participating JCPenney receive a 10% off coupon • Encourages participation and competition among shoppers • Increased interest in JCPenney • Increased customer frequnecy in JCPenney stores • Creates a deeper level of interaction, inevitably leading to a more per- sonalized relationship between the store and its consumers • Modernizes JCPenney’s image through the use of technology and • Use of technology assures consumers that JCPenney is fully capable of serving their needs 13
  14. 14. M Schedule edia Pulsing Holidays • Increase marketing around holiday seasons throughout the year • This could be the first holiday Xoomers are on their own • Need new decorations for the new house • An opportunity to create a new personal look Seasons • Increase during times for seasonal cleanouts of clothing and decorations Annual Cycles • Increase during “interview season” and “wedding season” 14
  15. 15. Budget Breakdown Television Magazine Internet Bus Stops Subways In-Store Kiosk Interactive Storefront 15
  16. 16. Budget1616
  17. 17. Budget Extentions Interactive Storefronts• Adaptable Layout • 1 storefront in each of 4 cities, each with 5 receptor screens• To appeal to the eco-conscious sector of our target audience JCPenney will control the power to the storefront’s receptor screens• The power to the screens will increase during peak traffic hours (lunch hours and evening commutes)• Decrease power during morning rush hours and late evening hours when Xoomers are unwilling to break their routines as they are already home or socializing • 7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.- 3 receptors • 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.- 5 receptors • 9:00 p.m.- 1:00 p.m.- 3 receptors • 1:00 a.m.- 7:00 a.m.- 2 receptors Magazine• JCPenney advertisements will have increased frequency during summer months • Many special occasions occur – graduations, weddings, beginning summer festivities (BBQs), and the Fourth of July. • Many look to magazines for ideas and inspirations to prepare for these events• This ensures that JCPenney will receive high impressions throughout these months Television• Increased frequency of television commercials during the summer months will compliment and reinforce print ad campaign • Allows JCPenney to reach consumers during peak summer buying seasons when they are already in a purchasing mindset and pre- pared to replenish their wardrobes for both the summer and fall• Commercials will run at the conclusion of our TBS “Search for The Per- fect Family,” campaign, which runs through the spring • Will run when JCPenney is at the consumers top of mind 17
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  20. 20. Appendix Calculations• Television: • The King of Queens - 17 total executions x $30,000 per execution = $510,000 • Seinfeld - 15 total executions x $30,000 per execution = $450,000 • The Office - 15 total executions x $30,000 per execution = $450,000 • Conan - 13 total executions x $30,000 per execution = $390,000 • Lopez Tonight - 15 total executions x $30,000 per execution = $450,000• Magazine: • Maxim - 12 total executions x $234,550 per execution = $2,814,600 • ESPN The Magazine - 3 total executions x $236,000 per execution = $708,000 • Brides - 3 total executions x $32,885 per execution = $98,653 • Elle - 12 total executions x $130,985 per execution = $1,571,820• Internet: • CNN - 4 total executions x $150,000 per execution = $600,000 • New York Times - 4 total executions x $150,000 per execution = $600,000 • Wall Street Journal - 4 total executions x $150,000 per execution = $600,000 • Facebook - 4 total executions x $1,000 per 1,000 = $4,000 • Twitter - 4 total executions x $1,000 per 1,000 = $4,000• Brand Activation: • Bus Stops - 45 total executions x $600 per unit = $27,000 • Subways - 25 total executions x $150 per unit = $3,750 • In-Store Kiosks - • Quick Response Codes - Price is determined based on production • Foursquare - Price is determined based on production • Interactive Storefront • New York City - 12 total executions x $7,000 per storefront = $84,000 • Los Angeles - 12 total executions x $14,400 per storefront = $1,728,000 • Chicago - 10 total executions x $7,000 per storefront = $70,000 • Dallas - 8 total executions x $6,200 per storefront = $6,200 20
  21. 21. Appendix TAI = Frequency x Reach• CNN: 12 x 5,544,000 = 66,528,000• New York Times: 12 x 1,824,000 = 21,888,000• Wall Street Journal: 12 x 28,000 = 336,000• TBS: 75 x 1,002,000 = 75,150,000• Brides: 3 x 1,844,000 = 5,532,000• Elle: 12 x 1,374,000 = 16,488,000• ESPN: 3 x 3,782,000 = 11,346,000• Maxim: 12 x 2,536,000 = 30,432,000 21