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Practical Perspectives On Dealing With SharePoint Complexity


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Published in: Technology
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  • How can I get help?- Community (Twitter, Blogs, SPS events)- Conferences (SHARE)
  • Transcript

    • 1. April 10-12, 2013 Atlanta Marriott Marquis Designed by and for SharePoint business users! Content tracks include:  Building the Roadmap  Training & Adoption  Delivering Business Value  Culture & Change Management Produced by: Supported by:#share4biz @share4business
    • 2. Practical Perspectives on Dealing with SharePoint Complexity With Richard Harbridge & Ruven Gotz#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 3. Your presenters today…#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 4. Submit your own questions… (We have a few to get us started and then we’ll try to get to as many as possible.)#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 5. Why is SharePoint so complex? (Is it really tougher than other IT systems?) •SharePoint Team Services - STS •SharePoint Portal Server - SPS 2001 •Windows SharePoint Services v2 – WSS2 •SharePoint Portal Server 2003 – SPS 2003 2003 •Windows SharePoint Services v3 – WSS3 •Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard – MOSS 2007 •Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise – MOSS 2007 2007 •Business Productivity Online Suite - BPOS •SharePoint 2010 Foundation •SharePoint 2010 Standard •SharePoint 2010 Enterprise 2010 •Office 365 – o365 – SharePoint Online - SPO •SharePoint 2013 Foundation •SharePoint 2013 Standard 2013 •SharePoint 2013 Enterprise#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 6. How can I get help?#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 7. My project has so many competing needs: How can I prioritize them? Project Priority Fileshare Migration 1 Partner Extranet 1 Executives Kitten Picture Rotator 1 Legacy Application Integration 1 Governance Planning 1 Put Out Server Room Fires 1#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 8. How can I apply control without killing adoption?#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 9. Do you have questions for us?#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 10. Success With SharePoint Requires…#SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 11. Next Steps Come see us at SHARE! Sessions Date/Time Practical Tools & Techniques for SharePoint Wednesday April 10, 8:00am – 3:00pm Information Architecture Gathering Requirements and Building the Thursday April 11, 11:30am – 12:15pm Taxonomy: Tools You Can Use for Success Succeeding With SharePoint In Seven Steps Friday April 12, 11:45am – 12:30pm Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Let Us Know:Sr. SharePoint Architect: Richard Harbridge Director of Collaboration: Ruven Gotz @RHarbridge @RuvenG #SharePerspectives #Share4biz @RHarbridge @RuvenG
    • 12. April 10-12, 2013 Atlanta Marriott Marquis REGISTER TODAY for SHARE & GET $100 OFF! Rate valid until Feb. 18 USE CODE: Produced by: Supported by: #share4biz @share4business