4 the holocaust
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  • 1. The Holocaust
  • 2. Holocaust means complete destruction by fire. It is used to describe the period between 1933 and 1945.
    Many consider Kristallnacht as the beginning of the Holocaust because it was the first planned, violent attack on the Jews.
    After this Jews were sent to concentration camps.
  • 3. A ghetto is an area of a city that Jews are forced to live in. Living conditions were often very harsh. Many died because of disease, malnutrition, or starvation.
    The idea of a ghetto was not a new idea. They had been used throughout history in many places.
    “By time the Nazis came into power, the ghettos had gone, but the Nazis revived the idea.” Holocaust the Events and Impact….
  • 4. To carry out their orders, the Nazis set up Jewish councils.
    In the Lodz Ghetto, the Jewish council , sensing they would not survive, decided to photograph ghetto life so that their story could one day be told.
  • 5. In many other ghettos, Jews felt the need to record their experience through diaries.
    In the Warsaw ghetto, many Jews wrote diaries or their will. These were hid in milk churns and cans.
  • 6. They planned a uprising and right before they buried the milk churns and cans so the Nazis would not get to them.
    The only leader of the revolt to survive HerszWasser. In 1946 he helped dig them out.
  • 7. A Concentration camp is a prison camp set up to house a large number of prisoners.
    Concentration camps were first set up in 1933.
    The prisoners were used for labor and medical experiments.
    Although the main purpose of the camp was not to kill people, many people died due to brutality or disease.
    Concentration Camps
  • 8. Early in the Holocaust victims were killed in small numbers and using several different methods.
    Many “undesirables” would be forced to dig and stand next to it so that when they were shot, they fell into their grave.
    Using bullets was too expensive so a more economical method was needed.
    Death Camps
  • 9. Nazis also used mobile vans to kill “undesirables.” The vans were shut off in the back and exhaust fumes were pumped into them. The victims died in half an hour.
  • 10. The more countries Hitler took over, the more Jews he had to deal with. The previous methods were not efficient enough for him. He wanted a means to kill large numbers quickly.
    On December 8, 1941, Chelmos, the first killing center became operational.
    In 1942, fourteen high-ranking Nazis met toplan out or coordinate the “Final Solution” or the plan to exterminate Europe’s Jews.
    Death Camps
  • 11. Most of the Death Camps were located in Poland.
    The victims would be herded into “showers.” Gas would then be pumped into the showers.
    When everyone was dead, other Jews were forced to remove the victims and take their bodies to the crematorium where they were burned.
    Death Camps
  • 12. Genocide is the deliberate attempt to destroy a national, religious, racial, or ethnic group, in whole or in part.
    Hitler’s plan to kill all Jews is a genocide.
  • 13. Labor camps were set up specifically for holding prisoners for labor.
    Transit camps were temporary. Prisoners were sent here until it was decided where they would be sent
    Labor camps and transit camps
  • 14. Holocaust- total destruction by fire.
    Concentration camps- camps meant to hold large numbers of prisoners.
    Death camps – camps designed to kill large numbers of people.
    Genocide is the deliberate attempt to destroy a national, religious, racial, or ethnic group, in whole or in part.
    Final Solution- Hitler’s plan to kill all Jews.
  • 15. A ghetto is an area of a city that Jews are forced to live in.
    Wannsee conference – the meeting of high-ranking Nazis in which they planned the Final Solution.