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Board Development Strategies for Success


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  • 1. Good Morning! Rebecca Gordon, CFRE Director of Development MissouriKidsFirst
  • 2. Today’s Agenda • Missouri KidsFirst, just some background. • The Children’s Center, Review of Mission • SWOT Analysis • 3 Major Goals • Raising Money to Meet Our Mission. • Where do we go from here?
  • 3. Introductions…. Name Organization Title Why are you here? What do you want to get out of this day? What are you passionate about?
  • 4. Mission Missouri KidsFirst is dedicated to providing the resources, training and public awareness necessary to end child abuse in Missouri. 6
  • 5. Missouri’s Medical Response to Child Abuse
  • 6. Missouri KidsFirst • Technical Assistance • Training • Advocacy • Development
  • 7. Building for the Future 10
  • 8. MISSION Mission Statement: Caring professionals working together to provide a friendly setting for the investigation of child abuse and begin the healing process. 11
  • 9. Our Mission Missions have two elements. Purpose Business
  • 10. Purpose Why does the Children’s Center exist?
  • 11. Business What does The Children’s Center do?
  • 13. Strengths (internal) Weaknesses (internal) Opportunities (external) Threats (external)
  • 14. Goals
  • 15. Goals: What do we need to do to meet our mission? (3 goals) Administrative Programmatic Resource Development 19
  • 16. Raising Money to Meet our Mission and Reach our Goals 20
  • 17. Giving USA Foundation, Report
  • 18. The Triple Whammy!  Donors/Stock Market/Retirement  Foundations/Stock Market  Government Grants
  • 19. Keys To Success  Diversify  Diversify  Diversify
  • 20. Source Advantages Disadvantages Costly to develop, small return per individual Largest source of giving unit · Ongoing source one can build · Hard to generate unless broad-based direct Individuals · Once a giver, also an advocate service appeal · Risky for the inexperienced · Volunteers are a good source of money · Need significant assistance from the organization's board and volunteers Source of large sums of money · Accessible, professional staff · Hard to access, no professional staff Foundations · Clear guidelines, process · Most likely to research your request · Often not large sums of money · Without personal influence, may not be · Board volunteers can help, not always possible key Large sums of money possible · Application procedures may be long, tedious Government · Process is set, clear · Political clout helps · May only pay by unit of service, fluctuates · Unspent monies may be returned · May be source of ongoing money · Difficult record keeping Steady source of relatively large sums of Generally can't be a start-up organization Federated Funds money · Clear process · Must be social service and fit priority focus United Way · Professional staff, can be agency staff driven · Very lengthy entry process Very informal approach · Money may be ongoing · Small amounts of money Corporations · Personal connections will suffice · Narrow range of interest · Personal contacts are key · Neighborhood focus will help In-kind services most likely · Need to fit their service focus, Churches/Organizations · Often looking for group projects neighborhood or religious outlook Events Build Organizational Awareness Time consuming, don’t raise enough money to cover staff time.
  • 21. Next Steps….. 27