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XML Sapiens unified site-building concept in focus of XML/PHP
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XML Sapiens unified site-building concept in focus of XML/PHP


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Presentation of XML Sapiens markup language for CM-based solution developers

Presentation of XML Sapiens markup language for CM-based solution developers

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. XML Sapiens unified site-building concept in focus of XML/PHP Dmitry Sheiko lead developer at Red Graphic Systems sheiko @ cmsdevelopment .com
  • 2.
    • Why are Windows Forms, Win32 API, MFC models inapplicable in web-development ?
    Part I Desktop GUI Web GUI … Any web solution needs a new information architecture and a new graphical design
  • 3.
    • User Web-interface Kit
    Part I Web GUI User instructions UIML, XAML, XUL , Flex Models GTK SMARTY W3C XML/XSL
  • 4.
    • The Reality of W3C Compounding
    Part I Interface Document WWW XML Data + Model XSLT Representation + Model
  • 5.
    • The Desired Way of Web GUI Formation
    Part I Interface Model Representation Data Document WWW
  • 6.
    • The XML Sapiens Approach
    Part I Interface WWW Interface XML XML Sapiens XSLT Data Model Representation XML Data XML Sapiens Model + Representation
  • 7.
    • Canonical CMS definition
    Part II XML Publication Management Collection CMS
  • 8.
    • Collection
    Part II DB SOA
    • DB
    • CD
    • LAN/WAN
    • WEB
    Multi Media XML
  • 9.
    • Publication
    Part II Web GUI Syndication
    • DB
    • CD
    • LAN/WAN
    • WEB
    Print production Publication PDF and other electronic formats
  • 10.
    • Management
    Part II Site Document Information space Management Model Object Object Content
  • 11.
    • CMS Developers’ Wishes
    Part II
    • Unified conception
    • Cross-platform
    • Independence from data representation formats
    • Simplicity of interfaces logic description
  • 12.
    • Document objects in focus XML Sapiens
    Part III DDC Dynamic code , based on scenario QC Editable content fragments SDC Static code common for a group of documents
  • 13.
    • DDC General View
    Part III Condition 1 Applying to CMS application Condition 2.1 Condition 2.2 Enumeration Condition 2 Code returning Code returning Code returning
  • 14.
    • The MVC Paradigm In Focus XML Sapiens
    Part III Browser XSL View Model Controller Environment XML Sapiens processor XML Sapiens declarations CMS API Structure Template
  • 15.
    • XML Sapiens Processor Inside
    Part IV Enter Document Template Data QC analysis System instructions analysis SDC analysis Environment variables analysis DDC analysis Exit Come new objects?
  • 16.
    • Totals
    Part V
    • XML Sapiens allow s non-programmers to implement web UIs;
    • XML Sapiens declare infrastructure of dynamic site near CMS ;
    • XML Sapiens provides a natural separation among UI code , application logic code, data and their representation ;
    • XML Sapiens support semantic web principl es ;
  • 17.
    • Resume
    Part V XML Sapiens – open project , created by web-developers web-developers . Project contains site-building conception , convenient for using by CMS . Project evaluates dynamic and each of you can join to it . Thematic links XML Sapiens project site : http:// xmlsapiens .org Open library of interface solutions : http:// xmlsapiens .org/lib/ Project mail list : xmlsapiens / Open source CMS based on XML Sapiens: http://sapid. sf .net XML Sapiens PHP processor :
  • 18.
    • Contacts
    Red Graphic Systems Pervomayskaya str. 24/2-108 Minsk, BY-220088 Belarus info@ redgraphic . ru www. redgraphic . ru phone : +375 17 233.90.09 Interactive design and programming