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End user presentation

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End user presentation

  1. 1. Faster and safer EVACUATION<br />with Evacuaid emergency bracelets <br />Are you responsible for others safety?<br />Do you have challenging escape routes? <br />Situated in earthquake-prone areas? <br />
  2. 2. Brief risk analysis<br />What risks are your organization exposed to? <br />When the alarm triggers: Who does what? <br />(who is in charge in what section, who ensures that everyone are evacuated, who has challenging escape routes, etc)<br />What are the main safety challenges for those involved?<br />(personal safety for employees, crowd control, assisting guests and customers, challenging escape routes, etc). <br />
  3. 3. What if, <br />…you cant just leave the building when the alarm triggers, but have to execute vital tasks? <br />…you are facing a challenging escape route? <br />…its difficult to see and find the way out? <br />…you are trapped and need assistance to evacuate?<br />…you have to leave someone behind? <br />…the escape fails? If you fall unconscious while executing your emergency duties, it might be close to impossible to find you, even for fire brigades.<br />
  4. 4. Be prepared for any scenario<br />Some salespeople like to play the video in the meeting, others dont. This could be a good point for that, or for demonstrating the physical product. <br />
  5. 5. How evacuaid saves lives<br />Enhanced personal safety – a lifeline for your employees<br />Increased capabilities – a tool to execute tasks <br />Light and sound has been a lifesaver for fire fighters for decades. With Evacuaid, this way of being located has become available also for evacuation.<br />Evacuaid’s flashlight allows you to execute tasks and search the area with both hands free<br />Evacuaid makes you into an authoritative evacuation leader<br />A responsible employee might be unable to assist everyone. Avoid the traumatic situation of doing nothing. Marking others ensures quicker retrieval by trained personnel<br />
  6. 6. Simplicity in every step<br />Easy to use – simply strap on to activate<br />If the user is immobilized, the alarm automatically triggers. When the bracelet is taken off, the bracelet automatically deactivates, ensuring no false alarms<br />One size fits all<br />As Evacuaid in most cases is not a personal device, it is vital that the strap fits all wrist sizes. The strap might feel tight, but a secure fit is necessary to ensure activation in all situations<br />No maintenance, no installation, no software upgrades<br />Evacuaid’s powerful lithium batteries and standalone technology ensures a convenient service concept. Evacuaid can be stored for 6 years without any maintenance, and still be operational for more than 20 hours in emergency mode<br />Unique patented technology, developed in Norway. <br />Evacuaid AS is proud to be the first company combining the benefits of man down system (traditionally used by fire brigades) and an emergency flashlight<br />
  7. 7. Always at the ready – how many and where?<br />By escape hoods<br />With fire marshals kit<br />As travel safety<br />By estinguishers<br />In belt puches<br />By fire-alarm panels<br />With other PPE<br />With evacuation chairs etc<br />
  8. 8. Lifesaving simplicity – end user referrals<br />“We have tested Evacuaid on full scale trainings, and we find it as a remarkable evacuation tool!”Carina Brun, Security Manager.<br /> “I have tested the Evacuaid bracelet during realistic exercises and discovered the great value of the product and the way it increases the safety of our employees and guests (…). For those that prioritize the safety of their employees and guests, Evacuaid is a very useful product that any company should get!” Chris Pettersen, Security Chief, Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel Oslo<br />“We have tested Evacuaid on trainings, including man down scenarios. Our response teams are very happy with Evacuaid as it ensured quicker retrieval”Hans Martin Tørrestad, HSE manager at Jotun AS.<br />"We already had a situation where a worker had to use Evacuaid. (…) Evacuaid gave him light to find the way, and both hands free to climb the ladder. Also, for us in the safety apartment, we knew we could easily locate the worker if he had not managed to get out. Replacing Evacuaid with our old flashlight was a ‘no brainer’."<br />Svein O. Gauslaa, Chief Fire Warden at St. Gobain<br />“We tried the difference of locating a marker with and without Evacuaid. The difference is enormous. The team of smoke divers who tried to locate the marker without Evacuaid spent several minutes to locate it. But the next team, who was searching for the activated Evacuaid, could simply follow the sound and locate the marker within seconds.” Fredrik Lien – smoke diver instructor at FalckNutec Oslo<br />