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EA - Gaining And Retaining Stakeholder Buy In
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EA - Gaining And Retaining Stakeholder Buy In


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Open Group presenation that takes a hands-on look at the challenges of starting an EA practice and real life tips and tricks necessary for maintaining critical stakeholder support. To be successful, …

Open Group presenation that takes a hands-on look at the challenges of starting an EA practice and real life tips and tricks necessary for maintaining critical stakeholder support. To be successful, an EA practice must employ a strong framework and processes, but there are often on the ground realities required to keep stakeholders informed and supportive of the EA directive.

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  • 1. The Key to a Successful EA PracticeRuss GibfriedEnterprise Architect, CareFusionPresented at the Open Group Conference, San Francisco 2012
  • 2.  EA Challenges ◦ EA Industry Trends ◦ Improving the EA Message Best Practices ◦ EA Charter ◦ Architecture Principles ◦ Communication Plan Q&A
  • 3.  Session Objectives ◦ Techniques to gain stakeholder buy-in during EA practice start up. ◦ How to utilize the EA Charter and Architecture Principles to provide stakeholder guidance. ◦ Communication strategies for retaining and managing stakeholder support. My Takeaway ◦ Gain information and hands-on methods to manage EA Stakeholders to improve EA success.
  • 4. Delivering Business Strategic Value Drives EA DemandDistinct EA Practice 22% 95% 55%EA engaged withBusiness Although EA 62% adoption trends increasing 40% 66% dramatically, a large percentageIT Focused EA 12% will not meet 4% 4% 1% Stakeholder 2011 2020 expectations. (Estimated) The Future of EA in 2020; EA Is Integral to Strategic Planning, published by Gartner, 4 November 2011 How the Future of Corporate IT Impacts Skills, CIO Executive Board, 8 November 2011 Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture 2011, Gartner, 26 July 2011
  • 5. 1. New Leadership Team2. “All Hands on Deck”3. Roles and Responsibilities not clearly defined4. Overly IT Focused - Lack Business Knowledge5. Communication Gaps  Executive leadership  Technical leads6. Ivory Tower7. Governance Police8. EA Self Focus
  • 6.  Clear line of sight linking business objectives to expected outcomes. Demonstrate balance between short-term value and long-term visioning.
  • 7. EA Scope COMMUNICATION PLAN Decision ARCHITECTURE Guidance PRINCIPLES ValueEA CHARTER  EA Charter: Define Scope, Roles and Responsibilities.  Architecture Principles: Decision Framework.  Communication Plan: Action Plan for Communications. 7
  • 8. • Define EA Charter• Identify Stakeholders and confirm commitments• Establish Architecture Principles• Identify Stakeholders (Stakeholder Map)• Communications Plan
  • 9.  Business Objectives ◦ Review Organizational Context. ◦ Confirm Business Operating Model. EA Scope and Priorities ◦ Define ‘Architecture Footprint’. EA Team and Method ◦ Define EA Team and Roles. Governance and Support Framework. ◦ Set up governance and business support process through ADM. Sponsor/Stakeholder Commitment!
  • 10.  Core set of values, rules and best practices that influence a range of considerations relevant to business strategies. Framework to make decisions. Evaluation criteria guiding investments. Drive the definition of future state architectures.
  • 11.  Improve the Value Proposition - IT is expensive!  IT budgets are not increasing dramatically.  Firms using a principles-based strategy generated higher returns on IT investments. Optimizes Core Capabilities - IT is pervasive!  A lot of IT spend is not in IT budget.  New technologies available as rapidly as current assets decay.  Focus on core capabilities to build a global, extensible and scalable IT model. Source: IT Governance , Copyright 2008 Jeanne W. Ross and Peter Weill
  • 12. Build - Customized Reuse - Out Of The Box What do you want? Will this work?REQUIREMENTS& DESIGNAPPROACHTYPICAL • Starts with the presumption • Presumption that 80% ofBEHAVIOR of customization requirements already met. • Significant time spent • No time spent overcoming building current state group freeze and common process flows. vocabulary • Blank white boards cause the • Time spent focusing on the true group freeze and/or “nice to gaps (< 20%). have wish list” piling on • Prevents “nice to have wish list” requirement creepOUTCOME • Difficult “up hill” climb to • Easy “down hill” movement, achieve any benefit from when required, to gain benefit leveraging OOTB from customization 1 2
  • 13.  Audience Analysis ◦ Identify target audiences and classify their motivations, preferences, needs and expectations. (RACI Chart) Message Strategy ◦ Define specific messages that need to be developed for each target audience. Communications Plan ◦ Capture action plan for communicating with each target audience.
  • 14. Event Audience(s) Description of Owner FeedbackDate EventTarget Target Describe the Responsible Identify howDate or audience or communications for Message communicationsEvent group event, objective and feedback and expected will be solicited. outcome.1/25/2012 Stakeholder Confirm Roadmap EA Reoccurring Activities Monthly 1-1 Meeting2/1/2012 Core Team Status update EA Reoccurring (Consulted) Upcoming Weekly milestones Meeting/Web Group topics Conference Action Items
  • 15.  EA is not a spectator sport! ◦ Gain executive buy-in early. ◦ Demonstrate EA value with quick-win projects. ◦ Continually focus on business goals and long-term strategic vision and. Don’t let EA be left out!