Holy Spirit - Session 6


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Holy Spirit - Session 6

  1. 1. Session 6 As you begin this session, you may want to go back and watch HOLY SPIRIT again. This discussion will be based on that film and will continue where session 1’s discussion left off. If you’d rather not spend the time, this session will include clips from HOLY SPIRIT to remind you of the important sections.
  2. 2. Session 6 In session 1 you began discussing the importance of living in the power of the Holy Spirit. Do a brief recap of that session. Why is the Holy Spirit so important? Why and how have we neglected Him?
  3. 3. Session 6 You prayed that the Holy Spirit would begin working in your life and in your church. Learning to walk in the Spirit can take a long time as you rely less on yourself and more on the Spirit of God. Though you’ve had only a brief time since the last session, discuss what it has been like to pursue the Spirit’s power and guidance. What have you found difficult? What has been encouraging? In what ways have you failed? What have you seen the Spirit do in and through you?
  4. 4. Session 6 Understanding that the Holy Spirit is a person rather than an impersonal force changes our approach to the Spirit-filled life. For many Christians, recognizing the power of the Holy Spirit means praying that the Spirit will help them accomplish their goals. But if the Holy Spirit is supposed to be guiding us, we should come to Him seeking to be led, not to lead. What does it look like to seek and follow the Spirit’s guidance?
  5. 5. Session 6 In a moment, read Galatians 5:16-25. Paul refers to this process of following the Spirit as being “led by the Spirit.” He also makes clear and simple distinctions: If you walk by the Spirit, you won’t fulfill the desires of the flesh. The works of the flesh and the works of the Spirit are opposed to each other. If the Spirit has given you life, then walk by the Spirit. As you read this passage, pay attention to what it means to follow the Spirit.
  6. 6. Session 6 According to this passage, what difference should the Holy Spirit make in a person’s life?
  7. 7. Session 6 What does it mean to be “led by the Spirit” or to “walk in the Spirit”? If possible, include examples from your own life.
  8. 8. Session 6 Sometimes we’ll look at a list like the fruit of the Spirit (verses 22-23), see that some of those characteristics are missing in our lives, and then try harder to produce fruit. But Paul refers to these characteristics as the “fruit of the Spirit”. In other words, these aren’t things we conjure up on our own. They are the byproduct of the Spirit working in our lives. Discuss this distinction. What does it mean for the Spirit to produce this fruit in a person’s life? Have you seen this happen in your own life?
  9. 9. Session 6 When we begin following the Spirit’s leading, we find that He leads us to be united with other Christians. The Spirit places us together as a body. He works through us to meet each other’s needs and to be effective in reaching out to the people around us. As a group, how can you seek and follow the Spirit’s leading together? What should that look like?
  10. 10. Session 6 In 1 Corinthians 12:7, Paul says that God gives each of us “the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” this means that every Christian is empowered by the Spirit to do something supernatural. Sometimes He enables us to do something shocking like healing or prophesying. More often, however, He enables us to perform an ordinary activity in a supernatural way: encouragement, hospitality, prayer, service. And regardless of what the Spirit enables us to do, His purpose is to work through you “for the common good.”
  11. 11. Session 6 Spend some time discussing how the spirit has already been working or how He might work through each member of your group. Encourage each other with how the Spirit is working and challenge each other to pursue the Spirit in specific areas.
  12. 12. Session 6 As you seek to walk by the Spirit, you will need to constantly seek His direction in your life. Is there anything that the Spirit is leading you to do right now, either as an individual or as a group? If so, what is stopping you from following Him right now?
  13. 13. Session 6 It’s important to remember that this is not about working harder in your own strength. Walking by the Spirit can be difficult and our natural tendency is to try working harder with our own goals, our own ideas and our own strength. What would it look like to simply “relax, jump on the wave and enjoy the ride”? How would this differ from working harder in your strength?
  14. 14. Session 6 Spend some time in prayer. Ask the Spirit to lead you on a daily basis. Pray for a heart that is willing to follow wherever the Spirit might lead and the strength to do whatever He puts in front of you.
  15. 15. Session 6 Before your next group meeting, we recommend completing HOLY SPIRIT Session 2 in the Follower’s Guide. The Follower’s Guide is designed to lead you to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider how the material you have just discussed should play out in your personal life.