Holy Spirit, Session 5


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Holy Spirit, Session 5

  1. 1. Session 5 Before you begin this session, view the film HOLY SPIRIT. This discussion will be based on that film, and this session will include a clip from that film.
  2. 2. Session 5 Discuss your initial reactions to the film you just watched. What stood out to you? What got you thinking? What questions did it raise in your mind?
  3. 3. Session 5 When we talk about the Holy Spirit, too often we get caught up debating minor issues while neglecting the most obvious and critical ones. What minor issues do we tend to focus on? What are the obvious truths that we tend to neglect?
  4. 4. Session 5 Without the Holy Spirit, the church cannot be what God designed it to be. Think about the reputation the church has today. When people look at a typical American church, what do you think they see?
  5. 5. Session 5 If the same Holy Spirit who changed the world in the book of Acts lives within us, why do you think our churches aren’t more supernatural?
  6. 6. Session 5 Imagine what the church would look like if we relied less on our natural talents and began doing amazing things as the Spirit worked through us. Describe what the church might look like if we rediscovered the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance. How would people respond to a church like that?
  7. 7. Session 5 In a moment, read John 16:2-7. by this point, the disciple had been following Jesus for a long time. They left their homes, businesses, and families in order to follow Him. Their identity was wrapped up in being with Jesus wherever He went. In this passage, Jesus tells His disciples that He is going to leave and send the Holy Spirit to take His place. As you read the passage, consider how the disciples must have been feeling. Imagine what it would be like to hear Jesus say that He is leaving.
  8. 8. Session 5 Jesus warned His disciples that difficult times were coming. They were going to be persecuted and killed. And right after giving this warning, He told them that He would leave and send the Holy Spirit to take His place. How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus said He was going to leave them.
  9. 9. Session 5 Why would Jesus say that it’s better to have the Holy Spirit?
  10. 10. Session 5 People sometimes think that life would be easier if Jesus were physically walking beside them. But we have to take Jesus’ words at face value: “I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you.” Imagine for a moment that Jesus were walking beside you. How would following Jesus be easier with Him physically next to you? For each of the points you mention, discuss how having the Holy Spirit could actually be better.
  11. 11. Session 5 Recognizing the power of the Holy Spirit and acknowledging your need for Him is important, but it’s not the end of the road. There’s still a decision to be made. Relying on the Spirit involves choosing not to rely on yourself. Following His guidance involves choosing to give up control. For the rest of this session and throughout the next session we will get more practical and focus on how to actually walk in the Spirit. But before we talk about how to rely on the Spirit, you must first decide whether or not you want to rely on Him.
  12. 12. Session 5 Try to be honest. Are you willing to stop relying on your strength and abilities and begin pursuing the Spirit’s power and guidance? If you say yes, then why do you say that? If you say no, then what is holding you back?
  13. 13. Session 5 Let’s get more practical. We all battle against sin in our lives. To often we rely on our own strength in our struggle with temptation. What does it mean to rely on the Spirit’s power in a moment of temptation? What would that look like in your life?
  14. 14. Session 5 There are things in all of our lives that hinder the work of the Spirit. At this point, you may be longing to see the Spirit work in incredible ways, but every one of us has barriers that keep Him from moving through us. What things in your life might hinder the work of the Spirit? How can you begin removing those barriers?
  15. 15. Session 5 In the Follower’s Guide in session 2 we will explore what it looks like to be filled with the Spirit. But the first step is to simply ask Him to work in and through you. Spend some time in prayer. Ask God for the wisdom and strength to look beyond yourself and rely on the Holy Spirit. Pray that the Spirit will transform your life and your church. Ask Him to work through you so powerfully that no one can deny that something supernaturally is happening.
  16. 16. Session 5 Before your next group meeting, we recommend completing HOLY SPIRIT Session 1 in the Follower’s Guide. The Follower’s Guide is designed to lead you prayerfully and thoughtfully consider how the material you have just discussed should play out in your personal life.