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  • 1. “7HourWealth Business Network”Presentation and Fast Start Training 7 Days, 7 Hours…No Excuses! Livecast: Lead Machine: System Business Cards and Flyers: www.7hourwealth.bizTool: Solavei – Network: SmartGuy – Training: 7HourWealth This is an internal training document for 7HourWealth. Not for public distribution Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 2. Realizing Your Escapeartist DreamLearn How to Use ‘Lifestyle’ Design to Transform Your Life andOwn Your World: Start a portable business that could be operated from anywhere in the world Compound monthly Cash Flow with residual income making money from your efforts and the efforts of others Gain flexibility in your schedule – work from home – Travel the world Build a business that you build by giving, sharing and saving…not selling or recruiting and chasing family and friends Utilize a proven comprehensive sales and marketing system that works 24/7 Live where you want to live, live how you want to live and make money doing it Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth –
  • 3. The Dirty Secrets of Home Based BusinessThe Question: Why does one person have a 3,000 personnetwork, another only has a 10 person network and othersnever enroll one person. People fall in love with an overpriced product or service Family friends (literally) run out in 21 days and people enter the NFL draft The unspoken topic of attrition The TRUTH about longevity of continuity Blinded (or befuddled) by a 3 that get 3 that get 3 compensation plan Bottomline: The traditional approach sets people up for failurePowered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 4. The TNT of Home Based BusinessWe offer the complete solution that makes Lifestyle Designreal: Tool Solavei and Social Commerce Networking Networking Solution with the SmartGuy Alliance Training and Automated Technology with 7HourWealthThe New Business Model: Represent a product and service that people will buyregardless of a compensation plan; Approach other entreprenuerPowered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 5. McDonald’s Success FormulaThe McDonalds Food Commerce Network T - Tool is milkshake, hamburgers and fries N - Network with families and community T - Training for franchise system McDonalds UniversityIf McDonald’s was missing one of these elements it would create a ‘point of failure’and their model would not have been nearly as successfulPowered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 6. Solavei - Powered By Relationships“T” Tool $49 Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, no contract Referral incentive to get mobile service for free Cash reward and point of sale instant discount and coupons Compensation Plan offering residual income and bonuses A single relationship has the power to change millions of peoples lives -Ryan Wuerch, CEO of SolaveiPowered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 7. Social NetworkingSocial Networking 1.0 Exchange of data that makes others rich Average person spends 37.5 hours a month 12 Work weeks per year - $10,000 a year Non-income earning activity for most people Limitations on growth and activity Question: How much was the last check that Facebook paid you?Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 8. Social Commerce Networking The New ParadigmSocial Commerce Networking 2.0 Sharing of value that makes you wealthy Average person spends 37.5 hours a month 12 Work weeks per year - $$$$$$$ a year Income earning activity for people who participate NO Limitations on growth and activity Question: Would you like to get paid for what you are currently doing for free?
  • 9. Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 10. Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 11. Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 12. Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 13. Solavei – Social Commerce Networking “T” – Tool  Strategic Partners  Leadership  Business Model  First to Market Mover Advantage  Product, Service and Value Propositions  Market Timing  Compensation  Global Scope Solavei officially opened its doors on September 21st, 2012Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 14. SmartGuy – Be the Market Network Leader“N” Networking Constant flow of prospects for your Solavei business Credibility as a City Network Leader Cash flow for expanding your marketing and awareness of Solavei Every relationship begins with giving….not selling -Jordan Wexler, CEO of SmartGuy.comPowered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 15. 7HourWealth – The Formula for Success“T” Training & Sharing Proven 5 Step KISS sharing system Lifestyle Design to work less and earn more Lead generation and follow up communications Live and Evergreen based webinars Online and offline training events 7 Days 7 Hours No Excuses - Thomas McMurrain, Founder of 7HourWealth, IncPowered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 16. SmartGuy – The Game Changer!Secure an EXCLUSIVE business network, gain instant credibilityand awareness for your Solavei business Attract customers by giving away free websites Create a Board of Advisors Hold monthly networking events/parties Become a Small to Medium Business Enterprise Media Authority Earn revenue from premium memberships to invest in marketing Joint venture with people with BIG lists $99 First month Position yourself for Success with SmartGuy and 7HourWealth Business NetworkPowered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 17. 7HourWealth Marketing SystemA Done-for-You Internet Tool box 15 Niche Lead Capture Pages 15 Email Auto Follow up Sequence Blog with Training Program Banners, Business Cards, Flyers Live and Automated ‘Evergreen’ Webinars Online and Live Training Events $99 One-time investment includes future upgrades.
  • 18. 7HourWealth Lead Machine1. The Lead Machine: Website – Lead Capture Pages – Banners, B-Cards, Blog, and FREE Training.2. The Sizzle Call/Video 1-877-356-8090 or www.7hourwealth.us3. The Solavei Vision Presentation www.7hourwealth.co4. The 7HW Evening Live Call 1-218-632-0550 Access Code: 951268# or LiveCast www.7hourwealthtv.com5. The 7HourWealth Business Network6. FaceBook Private Room – By invite only Powered by TNT - A dynamite system for exploding wealth
  • 19. The 7HW ProcessStep 1 - Email/B-Card, Call, Friend, Flyer, AdStep 2 - Listen to 5 minute Sizzle Call/VideoStep 3 - Watch Vision Presentation/7HW CallStep 4 - Request Invitation to JoinStep 5 - Hit repeat
  • 20. 7HW The Miracle of Success StrategyM - Mentor Advisory Panel (MAP)I – Integrity-Intention (Compass)R - Re-engage you purpose (F-N-R)A - Attitude Determines your Magnitude (Throttle)C- Create Dreams with Goals Achieve Goals with Tasks (Manifesto)L - Leverage Time, Talent and Technology (Helm)E - Envision your World and OWN IT (Telescope)Become an Escapeartist – Live anywhere in the world on your own terms!
  • 21. How to Get Started: Enroll - Get with person who invited with you enroll in Solavei Expand - your reach in the community with the SmartGuy Network email Jordan to Engage - Your success system by securing the 7Hourwealth Formula