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Drupal Overview For Techies
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Drupal Overview For Techies



A gentle introduction and overview to Drupal. Intended for a more technical audience

A gentle introduction and overview to Drupal. Intended for a more technical audience



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  • wget http://drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-x.x.tar.gztar -zxvfdrupal-x.x.tar.gz

Drupal Overview For Techies Drupal Overview For Techies Presentation Transcript

  • A Tech-lite Overview of Drupal Robert Carr @robertgarr rob@cognimatic.com Drupal - Technical Introduction 1
  • 20-ish slides:45 minutes Overview Technical structure Customizing Performance Getting started Q&A Drupal - Technical Introduction 2
  • What is it?Drupal is a free,community-builtwebsitedevelopment toolused across theworld.Mostly softwarewritten in PHPlanguage.Currently powersabout 1 in 50websites. Drupal - Technical Introduction 3
  • No licensing costs.Drupal is open-source software: noacquisition orlicensing costs.Built on other open-source projects Drupal - Technical Introduction 4
  • Build Websites Quickly.Assemble websiteswith the simple UI, or > drush dl drupal --drupal-project-rename=examplea powerful shell > cd example > drush site-install standard --db- url=mysql://[db_user]:[db_pass]@localhost/[db_name] --site-interface. name=Example >Out-of-the-boxdistributions forcomplete solutions. Drupal - Technical Introduction 5
  • Flexible.Add functionality with [10K+] plug-inmodules.Writing custom code with versatile API.Huge worldwide developmentcommunity. Drupal - Technical Introduction 6 © Drupal Association 2011
  • Customise the look.Hundreds of templates can be freelydownloaded to customize the appearance.Use custom HTML and CSS for uniquedesign. Drupal - Technical Introduction 7
  • Scalable and DeployableOut of the box, can drive simplewebsites or blogs.Can be scaled-up > 1000spages/sec.Re-use single codebase formultiple sites. Drupal - Technical Introduction 8
  • Secure.Code written to high standards.Dedicated security team.Patches and advice easilyavailable. Drupal - Technical Introduction 9
  • Social Publishing PlatformMultiple users canpublish contentTunable accesscontrolsOpen logins Allows people to connect Drupal - Technical Introduction 10
  • Let’s Get Tinkering Drupal - Technical Introduction 11
  • Drupal Stack PHP Database abstraction layer MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite/SQL Server/… Apache/lighttpd/IIS/nginx/… Linux/BSD/OSX/Windows/Solaris/…• Pre-configured DAMP stack (Win/OSX/Debian/Ubuntu) network.acquia.com/downloads• Virtualbox package:Technical Introduction Drupal - drupal.org/project/quickstart 12
  • Fundamental Drupal Architecture1. Data - Nodes (entities).2. Functionality – core and contrib modules.3. Blocks – data output4. Selective access5. HTML/CSS output Drupal - Technical Introduction 13
  • Entities• Nodes (data)• Users• Taxonomy• CommentsCan create custom entities.Can add custom fields + relationships toentities. Drupal - Technical Introduction 14
  • ModulesCore Contributed drupal.org/project/modulesOptional in default installExamples: Some of most popular:• Blog • Views • Token• Forum • Pathauto• Locale • WYSIWYG • Date• OpenID • Webform• Search 10,000 modules + sandboxes• RDF Reviews at drupalmodules.com Drupal - Technical Introduction 15
  • Site BuildingDRUSH (Drupal Shell)drupal.org/project/drush.Drush Make.SSH.Git.Distributions (off the shelf). Drupal - Technical Introduction 16
  • DrupalThemesEach webpage hasregions for contentand blocks.drupal.org/project/themesBase themesSub-themehierarchyDrupal (7) not quiteHTML5-ready. Drupal - Technical Introduction 17
  • Template File Content*.tpl.phpTemplate files – mix HTML and PHP snippets.Can override base theme templates.Custom templates for specific node types. Drupal - Technical Introduction 18
  • Theme DeveloperContrib module for page inspection (Firebug style) Drupal - Technical Introduction 19
  • Caching StartBlock caching (core) BootstrapPage caching - for anonymoususers: Load node by path• Core (anon) argument• Boost (anon > static HTML) Builder the render array for loaded nodeMemcached – DB + page cache Generate markup for whole pagePressflow – High PerformanceDrupal distro Sends rendered• Varnish + APC page End Drupal - Technical Introduction 20
  • Drupal 8 – Addressing ProblemsCode freeze early 2013,release within 12 months• Use of Symfony• Web services: REST• HTML5 ready• Mobile/responsive themes• Configuration/staging• Drag and Drop UI• Change to core functionality (-Blog, +WYSIWYG…) Drupal - Technical Introduction 21
  • Getting Starteddrupalgardens.com.DAMP stack.drupal.org/start:• Downloads/distributions• Documentation• Books• Issue queues• IRC Drupal - Technical Introduction 22
  • Going Solo – Drupal InstallationDownload via drupal.org/start andunpack to server directory Navigate to new site root in browser Drupal - Technical Introduction 23
  • Basic ConfigurationDB config – need to create newdatabase apriori. Drupal - Technical Introduction 24
  • Get StartedStart adding content, download modules (viabrowser) or configure structure, appearance ormodule settings. Drupal - Technical Introduction 25
  • or… Drush Install> drush dl drupal> mysqladmin –u rob –p create drupal7> drush site-install standard --account-name=admin --account-pass=letmein--db-url=mysql://rob:letmein@localhost/drupal7 (One or two steps missed out..!) Install Drupal with Drush via SSH: bit.ly/JB68oq Drupal - Technical Introduction 26
  • Where next?DrupalCamp Scotland25-26 May – Edinburghcamp.drupalscotland.orgdrupal.orggroups.drupal.orgDrupal Association:• DrupalCon – Europe: late summer – N America: spring – S America: winter• Local meetups: – Glasgow (monthly) – Edinburgh (monthly) – Tayside? The Community is here to help Drupal - Technical Introduction 27
  • Why Drupal?• Open Source => free• Rapid build• Customise functionality & appearance• Scalable & deployable• Secure• Designed for the social world• Community support Drupal - Technical Introduction 28
  • Questions? Robert Carr @robertgcarrrob@cognimatic.com Drupal - Technical Introduction 29