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Social Crm Scrm


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The Convergence of Social Media and CRM

The Convergence of Social Media and CRM

Published in: Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Convergence of Social Media and CRM January 26 th , 2010
    • 2. Introduction
      • Richard Bolton
      • President and Senior Consultant for Centricity360 Software Consulting.
      • 15 years experience in selling, marketing, consulting and implementing a very broad range of software and hardware solutions.
      • Microsoft Software Advisor – Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
      • Specialize and Strategize on:
        • Customer Relationship Management – Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.
        • Social Media – Consulting, Monitoring, Strategies, and Software Application Implementation.
      • Chair – Marketing and Communication Committee - Milton Chamber of Commerce. Recipient of the Volunteer of the Year 2008.
    • 3. Agenda
      • The New Economy – Social Media Impact
      • Traditional CRM
      • The Social Media Revolution
      • Social CRM
      • SCRM - Concept, Approach, Benefits.
      • SCRM Technologies 2010
      • Q&A
    • 4. The New Economy The Impact of Social Media
      • Social media is helping to forge a new era in business transparency and engagement, creating both new challenges and opportunities.
      • Today’s customers expect an honest and direct relationship with the companies with which they do business.
      • Companies are asked to be increasingly transparent and personal, revealing their human side.
      • Web 2.0 – 4 C’s – Content, Conversation, Collaboration, Community.
    • 5. The New Economy The Shift
      • The Old Game
      • Trying to Sell
      • Large Campaigns
      • Controlling our Image
      • Hard to Reach
      • Social Economy
      • Making Connections
      • Small Acts
      • Being Ourselves
      • Available Everywhere
    • 6. Traditional Customer Relationship Management
      • One to One Selling.
        • Company to Customer.
      • Improved Operational Effectiveness – Internal Focus.
        • Features and Benefits.
        • Process Centric – Automation.
        • Workflows.
        • Reporting.
      • Improved Interdepartmental Collaboration
        • Sales, Marketing and Service working as a cohesive unit.
      • Data Driven - Easier access to information.
        • Data Centric – All customer data in one Location
      • Grew out the need to store, track, and report on critical information about customers and prospects.
      • More about the internal operations of a company.
    • 7. Social Media Revolution Transitioning CRM Focus
      • Content-Driven .
        • Relevant, compelling content.
        • Developing a blog post, podcast, YouTube video, or Webinar, creating attractive content is a key pillar of Social CRM strategy.
      • Conversation-Centric .
        • Conversations generate value.
      • People/Community-Focused .
        • Social CRM is all about people and community.
        • Customers contributing to product innovation
    • 8. Social CRM Definition
      • “ CRM is a philosophy & a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes & social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business environment. It’s the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.”
      • By  Paul Greenberg, President, The 56 Group
    • 9.
      • Social CRM is a company wide philosophy and a business strategy of engaging customers through Social Media for communicating trust and brand loyalty.
      Social CRM Definition
    • 10. Social Media Big Picture
    • 11. Social CRM Concept - Benefits - Approach
      • What is it?
      • Web 2.0 is expanded the R in CRM:
      • C R M
      • R elationship
    • 12. Social CRM - The Concept
      • Social CRM is a new organizational philosophy for governing our businesses in the new social economy.
      • It’s a customer strategy by which sales, marketing and service departments use social media to engage and support the customer. Externally.
      • How we share, interpret and act on those conversations in the best interest of customer. Internally.
      • Interaction with the CRM software system.
    • 13. Social CRM
    • 14. Social CRM - SCRM
      • The 3 Pillars of Social CRM:
      • Social Media
        • Customers on the Social Web.
        • Content, Conversation, Collaboration, Community.
      • Customer Relationship Management
        • How Sales, Marketing and Service use Social Media both external and internal to the company.
      • Transactional CRM
        • Conversion process where we are converting nurtured conversations to transaction business .
    • 15. Social CRM
    • 16. Integrating Social CRM in Business The Approach
      • Create a Customer based Social Media Marketing Strategy.
        • Don’t lead with tools and expect your audience to show up.
      • P.O.S.T.
        • People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology
        • Groundswell - Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li
      • Set Company Social Media Policy .
      • Marketing should lead Social Media Strategy.
      • Monitor, Monitor, Monitor .
    • 17. Benefits of Social CRM Organizational Shift
      • Marketing Teams
        • Meeting prospect at the point of need, earlier in the buying process.
        • Real Time listening and monitoring of conversations.
        • Gain faster and greater insight into the effectiveness of their marketing and communication efforts.
        • Helps define and refine their message.
      • Sales Teams.
        • More relevant information on customers and prospects.
        • Integrated view of customer online conversations, analytics (SEO, Website) and existing CRM history.
    • 18. Benefits of Social CRM Organizational Shift
      • Service Teams.
        • Empowered to provide memorable service.
        • Responding to the customer on the customers terms using the customers medium.
        • Integrated view of the interaction, engagement and conversation history.
      • Product Development
        • Collaborate with the customer through the development phase.
        • Build advocacy and positive word of mouth.
        • Via forums, communities, contests and polls.
    • 19. Social CRM - Benefits What to expect
      • Raise Marketing ROI thanks to better targeting, better product solution, customer experience and word-of-mouth.
      • Improve marketing effectiveness.
      • Identify new business opportunities and improve cross/up-sell abilities through increasing contact with existing and potential customers.
      • Increase R&D capabilities and stimulate innovation.
      • Increase customer loyalty – Improve brand reputation.
      • Decrease customer service costs through self-helping communities.
    • 20. SCRM Products to Watch in 2010
      • Traditional CRM Vendors offering Social Integration
      • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – “Social Media Accelerator”.
      • – “Chatter” and “Cloud Connectors”
      • Sugar CRM – “Cloud Connectors”
      • Act! – “Social Media Integration”
      • Community Platforms Offering Social CRM
      • Lithium Technologies – “Social CRM Suite”
        • Community Applications, Reputation Engine, Actionable Analytics, CRM Connectivity, and Social Web Connectivity.
      • Brand Monitoring Offering Social CRM
      • Radian 6 – “Webtrends” and “SalesForce”
    • 21. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Networking Accelerator
    • 22. Social CRM Conclusions
      • Social CRM does not replace traditional CRM.
        • It extends the traditional CRM capabilities to engage conversations with customers and the market.
      • Social CRM humanizes the company.
        • The customers see it as a trusted peer.
        • Customers trust people like themselves.
      • Social CRM puts the customer at the core of the companies strategy.
        • Affects the entire organizational structure and culture.
        • A new organizational mindset.
      • Social CRM introduces new value drivers thanks to customers engaged with the brand.
        • Innovation through customers engaged with products.
    • 23. Q & A Discussion: Social Media Marketing Strategy 2010
    • 24. Thank you!