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...disaster strikes every day, year-round ..I had the wonderful opportunity to witness our STORM Team in action this year; being a part of the effort(s) are a certain life experience that I\'ll never ...

...disaster strikes every day, year-round ..I had the wonderful opportunity to witness our STORM Team in action this year; being a part of the effort(s) are a certain life experience that I\'ll never forget . ..with the end of hurricane season coming to an end, I am humble yet very proud to be a member of this organization.



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STORM STORM Presentation Transcript

  • Disaster Recovery Team TM Ready for whatever happens ... TM to help you make it Like it never even happened.®
  • You Know SERVPRO® isThe Brand You Rely onDaily To Get The Job Done ...“Faster to Any Size Disaster”With over 1,500 Franchises, you knowSERVPRO® is local to help you fast!1-800-SERVPROONLY one call to qualified vendors andthe most advanced job file managementand audit technology in the industry.Restore FirstSERVPRO® is an approved IICRCSchool, dedicated to trainingrestoration, rather than replacementto save you money and time. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • SERVPRO® is The BrandYou Trust ...After the emotional trauma of afire or water emergency, youlike to see a name brand youknow and trust! SERVPRO®Restore First!Replace Only When Necessary!And limit the time your property isinconvenienced. That’s value!Regardless of the size of thedisaster, you want results!Help make it “Like it never evenhappened” with SERVPRO®. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • But You May Not KnowAbout SERVPRO’sDisaster Recovery TeamSERVPRO® has answered yourcall for help in storm situations.We have developed aspecialized storm and large lossresponse network to provide theresources you need.Management, crews andequipment to get service to yourproperty when others can’t. Ready for whatever happens to help make it “Like it never even happened.” Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Storm ResponseHundreds of claims and local vendorsoverwhelmed? Call SERVPRO’sDisaster Recovery Team and we willprovide a dedicated storm team for yourneeds. The SERVPRO® FranchiseSystem has the resources to relocatetrained crews with equipment where youneed it, WHEN you need it.Large Loss Water ResponseSERVPRO® has a Large Loss Team ofspecialists ready to respond fast,24/7/365! Restoration professionals withthe equipment to get the job done.Large Loss Fire RestorationOur Large Loss Specialists focus onrestoration first to get your propertyback in business fast! Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Storm Response When the storm is a major event, you need more comprehensive restoration support! SERVPRO® is “Ready for whatever happens.” Storm TeamsSERVPRO® has mobilization teams across the country to travel as needed to support large storm events. Need a few hundred of our crews for a month? Only SERVPRO® can make it happen! Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Storm Response As the storms roll out, SERVPRO® rolls in to help make it “Like it never even happened.” • Early warning systems.Micro Storms • Pre-emptive action plans.When localized storms overwhelm local restoration • Immediate mobilization.companies, SERVPRO’s Storm Response helps to • Local management & pricing. • Dedicated resources availablemanage the volume you need served. at client’s request. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Structural Drying Time is MoneyAs a leader in water damage restoration, SERVPRO® knows that fast mitigation is the key to limiting business interruption. With an unmatched national footprint of over 1,500 Franchises, SERVPRO’s Storm Response can provide trained crews faster to any size disaster and can be on-site within a few hours to help reduce the future damage that water can cause. We have the right equipment, procedures and training to help ensure the structure is dry the first time, saving you time and money. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Structural DryingSpecific tasks to include:• Containment of damaged area to reduce in-flow of water.• Shrink wrapping of structures to control inflow of moisture.• Water Extraction to remove excess water from a structure.• Moisture Mapping – to determine impacted areas of a structure.• Selective Demolition to remove wet building materials that cannot be economically dried in place.• Containment – to assure that potential contaminants do not spread.• Evaporation Enhancement – to remove moisture content from building materials.• Dehumidification – to remove excess water vapor from the structures’ environment.• Temperature Control – to assist in dehumidification and to prevent the onset of mold growth.• Post Drying Cleaning – to remove any potential contaminants from dried building materials. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Fire Restoration A Fire Occurs every 18 seconds in the United States, but only one matters to you. No Damage Too Big With experience in mitigating damages ranging from small offices to skyscrapers–even the Pentagon–SERVPRO® Franchise Professionals can provide quick response to virtually every situation. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Fire RestorationSpecific tasks to include:• Detailed Cleaning – to remove excess soot or other contaminants from impacted areas through HEPA Vacuuming and dry sponging.• Selective Demolition – to remove unsalvageable materials or property.• Pack Outs – to remove salvageable personal property from the affected area for off site cleaning and storage.• Air Flow Management – to remove airborne contaminants and soot, and to reduce offensive odors.• Deodorization – to remove or mask offensive odors and return the affected area to a usable space. SERVPRO® has the Resources to Fully Manage these Tasks. Franchise Professionals have access to: • More than 10,000 trained personnel. • Over 140,000 pieces of restoration equipment. • Over 7,000 vehicles. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Mold RemediationSERVPRO® Franchise Professionals can help provide a solution to your property’s mold damage needs. Should mold be found within the facility, mold removal and remediation can help eliminate a potentially dangerous situation.The SERVPRO® Franchise Professional will arrive on-site alert for any visible signs of mold. Following industry standards for mold remediation, we will work to remove visible mold and reduce the potential for future mold growth. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Mold RemediationSpecific tasks to include:• Work planning with Industrial Hygienist to develop cost effective removal protocol.• Containment – to eliminate the potential for cross contamination.• Air Flow Management – to eliminate the potential for cross contamination and to provide data that will support the effectiveness of containment (through continuous pressure differential monitoring).• Selective Demolition – to remove impacted building materials.• Detailed Cleaning – to remove contamination through HEPA vacuuming, scrubbing and appropriate cleaning.• Ice or Soda Blasting – to provide for thorough and economical cleaning of building materials when there are large areas impacted.• HVAC Cleaning – to remove contamination from these systems. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • In the Aftermath of the Disaster there’s only one objective: Help make it “Like it never even happened.”While our competitors finish their work and leave the storm area, SERVPRO ® has Franchise Professionals that live in the area and are locally available long after other companies have moved on. We’ll be there to help ensure you feel “Like it never even happened” ... Customer Service Matters! Odds are, SERVPRO’s Franchise Professionals live in your town too! Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • When Disaster Strikes, So Do We! SERVPRO® has the largest national footprint ... Always! On site arrival within hours! This means you get help fast when you call 1-800-SERVPRO. Commercial Large Loss Program Best of our Best, SERVPRO’s Large Loss Response Team recruited to serve your commercial large loss needs. Elite group of large loss specialists pre-qualified and strategically positioned throughout the United States (approx. 110). Substantial resources through network of 1,500+ locations nationwide. Six and seven figure projects assigned to our Large Loss Response Team members routinely. Clients include: Insurance Companies, Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitality Industry, Restaurants, Property Managers, Universities, Health Care Facilities, Libraries, Churches, Municipalities, Local, State, and Federal Government. Corporate oversight and communication on every large loss file called in through 1-800-SERVPRO. Limited Warranty programs available for claims initially referred through 1-800-SERVPRO. Business interruption minimized due to our timely response. Unit Pricing utilized on routine losses, Time and Material recommended on losses exceeding $100,000. 24/7/365. • 1-800-SERVPRO – National Call Center at Corporate Headquarters – Gallatin, TN. • Immediate Response. • Every loss supervised by a commercial operations manager. Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM
  • Ready for whatever happens.TM