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Human Analytics and The Predictive Index May 2010

Human Analytics and The Predictive Index May 2010



Overview of Predictive Success and the Predictive Index

Overview of Predictive Success and the Predictive Index



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  • Hi Rob-
    Hope you are well. I'd love to borrow a slide or two from this presentation. Would you be willing to send it through to me?

    Thanks- Cheryl
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  • Slide 1This is David Osborne with Predictive Success and I want to thank you for taking the time to join me today as we review the touchstones on our Predictive Index Program
  • Slide 37Make every dollar count!As the delegates at our Leadership conference identified, your survival depends on making every dollar count. Great companies have the knack for doing more of what they do best and the culture that eliminates waste.
  • Describe the 3 graphsTalk about the change in self-concept Morale Describe synthesis M factor Judgement/decision making style
  • Our business model is based on providing a very crisp read of the talent around you, the transfer of knowledge so that you become self sufficient and in the process develop even greater agility and an ongoing commitment to a partnership to ensure that PI delivers the maximum ROI.Our consultancy includes Leadership review Optimization of your management team Team & organizational development Change management Leadership & Talent development

Human Analytics and The Predictive Index May 2010 Human Analytics and The Predictive Index May 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Using Human Analytics - Uncovering the Hidden Value in Your Most Valuable Resource
    Rob Friday
    Managing Principal, Predictive Success
    Copyright 2010 to PSC
  • Agenda
    What are your top people challenges?
    Are your people in the best possible role?
    Are they being managed for success?
    What is your Business Impact Data
    How is it measured?
    Solution Development & Implementation
    Q & A
    Next steps….
  • Who is Predictive Success?
    Canadian Licensee for Predictive Index (Wellesley Hills, MA, USA)
    Canadian Team:
    David Lahey, President, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    David Osborne, Vice President, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Rob Friday, Managing Principal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Doug McCann, Managing Principal, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Helen Rodrique, PI Consultant, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Gary Brown, Managing Principal, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    John Lobraico, Managing Principal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Bob Woodcock, Managing Principal, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    John Watson, Chairman & PI Consultant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Roger Banting Managing Principal, Toronto, Ontario
    Silias Dain, Managing Principal, Saskatoon, SK
    Dr. Todd Harris, PhD, Director of Research, Boston , MA
    Successor to the John Watson Group Inc.
    100+ of Fortune 500 as clients includes many Canada’s Top Corporations
    Canadian Head office is in Whitby (Toronto), Ontario, Canada
    Ernst & Young Top 80 Firm for 2008
    Copyright 2010 to PSC
  • PI Worldwide: Who We Are
    • International management consulting organization, since 1955
    Helping companies be more successful by focusing on their human capital assets
    52 years of success and growth 2009 (32%)
    50+ Licensees in over 180 countries
    300 Consultants
    7,500 Companies using PI, including some
    of the very best sales organizations
    48,000 Trained analysts currently utilizing PI
    Copyright 2010
  • Our clients are in good company…
    Among our clients………….
    The world’s largest shipping company Maersk
    The world’s largest cereal company Kellogg
    The world’s largest escalator company Schindler
    The world’s largest inspection company SGS
    The world’s largest software company Microsoft
    The world’s largest food company Nestle
    The world’s largest computer company Dell
    The world’s largest packaging company Tetra Pak
    The world’s largest oil company Exxon
    The world’s largest theme parks company Disney
    The world’s largest furniture company IKEA
    The world’s largest earthmoving company Caterpillar
    Copyright 2010
  • You will be in great company…
    Many of the World’s Largest Companies put their trust in the Predictive Index…
    + More than 100 of the 2009 Fortune 500 List of companies use Predictive Index!
  • Copyright 2010 to PSC
  • Educational Institutions Use / teach Predictive Index
    Copyright 2010 to PSC
    Boston College
  • Using Human Capital AnalyticsMoving to Evidence Based Management
    “The most frequent sources of problems and failure in a job are a result of mismatched personalities……
    …… and not through a lack of skill, knowledge or experience”
    Davenport & Harris
  • New Science of Winning for 2010+
    New age of information and technology now leveraged to make better use of people
    Use data and analytics to position your company for success
    Organizations at the top use human analytics to foster optimal performance
    Amazon, Barclay's, RBC, Google, Capital One, Harrah's, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and the Boston Red Sox
  • The Human Capital Equation
    • “A new era in human-capital management is approaching. Value increasingly comes from boosting the productivity of individual workers and from greater workforce innovation….a lasting source of competitive advantage.”
    26 March 2006| Member Edition
  • The Right People
    “ The executives who initiated transformations from good to great did not first figure out where to drive the bus and then get the people to take it there. No, they first got the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figured out where to drive it.”
    “The right people will do the right things and deliver the best results they’re capable of, regardless of the incentive system.”
    Jim Collins
    Good To Great
    Copyright 2010
  • War for performance….
    Copyright 2010
  • What drives exceptional performance?
    Copyright 2010 to PSC
  • Personality, behavioral profiling and the environment
    Behavior = The Function of Personality combined with the Environment,or B= F(PE)
    Behavior is flexible, changeable and adaptable. Personality is not.
  • Copyright 2010 to PSC
  • Metric provider Predictive Index®
    Confidential to PSC and QSB
  • Extroverted, Sociable
    Reserved, Introspective
    Patient, Relaxed
    Driving, Intense
    P A T I E N C E
    Formal, Conforming
    Informal, Independent
    F O R M A L I T Y
    Relative to Norm
    LOW Relative to
    Factor A - measures the drive to exert one’s influence on people and events.
    Factor B - measures the drive for social interaction with other people.
    Factor C - measures the intensity of a person’s tension and pace.
    Factor D - measures the drive to conform to formal rules and structure.
    D O M I N A N C E
    Copyright 2010 to Predictive Success
  • The Norm…we have over 1 million data points
    A V
    The Sigma Scale
    Copyright 2010 to Predictive Success
  • …Worth 1000 Words
    Low Level of Patience = Sense of Urgency
    High Level of Dominance =
    Take clear direct action where needed
    Innovative, venturesome, critical of “the book”
    Proactive, take charge style, emphasis on initiative, competitive drive to get things done
    The Job
    You on the Job
    Confidential to Predictive Successs
  • For measuring you need objectivity
    A behavioral instrument that helps us understand how someone responds to their environment and the people in it.
    Predictive index is a tool that helps answer questions like:
    What motivates people to action?
    For what kinds of work are they best suited?
    What meets their needs, and therefore unleashes their greatest energy and best efforts?
    How do they reach their judgments around people and things? What is their basis for judgment?
    Confidential to PSC and QSB
  • PI Differentiation
    Copyright 2010
  • 3 levels of characteristics
    Level I
    • Appearance
    • Manners
    • Expressiveness
    • Interests
    • Goals
    Level II
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Training
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Credentials
    Level III
    • Attitudes & beliefs
    • Self motivation
    • Stability & persistence
    • Maturity & judgement
    • Aptitudes/capacity to learn
    • Temperament/behaviour patterns
    Most managers make their hiring decisions based on Levels I & II…
    and their decision to fire based on Level III
  • PI measures level III potential
    Copyright 2010 to PSC
    Can Do
    Will Do
  • Gut + Science = better decisions
    Confidential to PSC and QSB
  • Key Connections…who’s in your team?
    People to people: Individual Relationships
    Departments, Teams, Groups: Organizational Relationships
  • Authoritative
    Creative Analytical
    ProActive Altruistic
    A over C
    ReActive Altruistic
    Social Interest
    C over A
    Know what you are looking for before you hire
    The PRO for your key role…
    Job Model
    A person being considered for this position will be required to efficiently execute these behaviors constantly in this position.
    A/C = ProActive, starter, new ways, initiative B/C = Quick with people, reads people, optimistic
    A/D = Decisive, action oriented, deal with uncertainty & change B/D = Flexible, poised, informal
    D/C = Follow thru, planner, options organizer, care about the rules High B = Open, positive, outgoing
    Low C = Quick, sense of urgency, multi tasking, do it now High A = Competitive, growth, resourceful
    It is also important to consider a candidate’s intellect, maturity, life experience and attitude in addition to the persons natural behavior discovered via the Predictive Index Survey.
    Individuals with these PI profiles have Natural Behaviors required in the Director position
    Individuals with these PI profiles must work hard to modify behavior to be successful as a Director
    Copyright 2010 to Predictive Success
  • Business life Cycle - Launch > Build > Maintain
    Your success as a Leader will need to demonstrate:
    •organization building while
    •tension between democratic/
    participative vs. autocratic/
    •expert maintenance
    •process control
    •task management
    • entrepreneurial drive
    •push change
    Leadership Strategy
  • Organizational/Succession Planning
    Confidential to PSC and QSB
  • Our Value Proposition
  • Next Steps
    Copyright 2010 to PSC
    Executive Overview of PI to assist with your business challenges…team building, communication styles, performance management
    Determine implementation timeline based on your expectations & assist to create immediate impact
    Determine who will be trained as analysts within the company
    Workshop schedule:
    • see www.predictivesuccess.com
    The entire contents of this presentation are under copyright to PI Worldwide & Predictive Success Corporation
  • For a Complimentary Predictive Index Assessment & Report Contact
    Rob Friday
    Managing Principal, Predictive Success
    Toronto/GTA Ontario