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  • The supermarket chain, Tescos, offers loyalty cards to its customers. When customers use the loyalty cards during pay transactions for goods, details of the purchases are stored in a database which enables Tescos to keep track of all the purchases that their customers make. At regular intervals, Tescos sends its customers money saving coupons by post for the products that the customers have bought in the past. The aim of this is to encourage customers to continually return to Tescos to do their shopping
  • In this regard, players like MGM, Caesars and Mandalay resorts were concentrating on building replicas of the Eiffel Towers, volcanoes and sinking ships in order to lure customers
  • Crm

    1. 1. Shivani Parikh CRMCustomer is the king
    2. 2. Customer relationship management (CRM)• CRM concerns the relationship between the organization and its customers• A customer-centric focus – Customer relationships have become a company’s most valued asset – Every company’s strategy should be to find and retain the most profitable customers possible (Paretos Law - 20% of customers account for 80% of your turnover / profits)• CRM focuses on fact that not all customers are equally important• Therefore, relationships should be built with customers that are likely to provide value for services• Building relationships with customers that will provide little value could result in a loss of time, staff and financial resourcesCRM – Examples- Casinos - Jewelry Shops- Banks (flags on large amounts) - Buying book on the internet (
    3. 3. CRM• The three phases in which CRM help to support the relationship between a business and its customers are:• Acquire: a CRM can help a business in acquiring new customers through excellent contact management, direct marketing, selling and fulfillment (e.g. people call Just Dial for numbers)• Enhance: a web-enabled CRM combined with customer service tools offers customers excellent service from a team of trained and skilled sales and service specialists, which offers customers the convenience of one-stop shopping (cell phone service providers like Vodaphone offering schemes for movies every Tuesday, movie theaters offering tickets, first citizens get first preview of the sale goods)• Retain: CRM software and databases enable a business to identify and reward its loyal customers and further develop its targeted marketing and relationship marketing initiatives (e.g. Hyper city / food bazar – discuss retail industry, Airlines have FFP)
    4. 4. What is CRM?• Managing the full range of the customer relationship involves – Providing customer-facing employees with a single, complete view of every customer at every touch point and across all channels – Providing the customer with a single, complete view of the company and its extended channels Large businesses with multiple product divisions sometimes have single clients that buy products across the company. However with separate sales and support teams for each division, client data is entered over and over by different teams and one particular sales team may have no idea as to what other purchases the client may have made. A CRM solution with a centralized database allows everyone in the company to access all available data on a particular customer which enhances cross-selling opportunities, reduces repetition and allows for a more informed sales and support team. E.g. if user has bought a house using home loan the same bank shall share this data with its insurance agents for home insurance, life insurance, selling petro cards to car loan customers
    5. 5. Application Clusters in CRM
    6. 6. Contact and Account Management• CRM helps sales, marketing, and service professionals capture and track relevant data about – Every past and planned contact with prospects and customers – Other business and life cycle events of customers• Data are captured through customer touch points – Telephone, fax, e-mail – Websites, retail stores (give example of diapers), kiosks – Personal contact Example: Property exhibition collects phone nos of people who visit it
    7. 7. Sales• A CRM system provides sales reps with the tools and data resources they need to – Support and manage their sales activities (e.g. Onida) – Optimize cross- and up-selling Cross Selling: An Wholesale mobile retailer suggesting a customer to choose a network/carrier after one purchases a mobile, mobile and mobile cover Up-selling: selling an extended service contract for an appliance, suggesting a customer purchase more RAM or a larger hard drive when servicing his or her computer, selling luxury finishing on a vehicle• CRM also provides the means to check on a customer’s account status and history before scheduling a sales call (e.g. ICICI direct calls customers having shares more than 10 lakhs worth in their account for portfolio management)
    8. 8. Marketing and Fulfillment• CRM systems help with direct marketing campaigns by automatic such tasks as – Qualifying leads for targeted marketing – Scheduling and tracking mailings – Capturing and managing responses – Analyzing the business value of the campaign – Fulfilling responses and requests• Perhaps the quintessential role of CRM software is to make it easier to market to existing and prospective customers. A pet supplies company that sells via mail order found that sending out catalogues to their internal Excel contact list is unprofitable and does not reach all of the firms previous and prospective customers. The CRM solution the company installed made it easier for all staff members to enter the details and preferences of every single customer including those who have enquired but not as yet ordered. This has enabled the pet supplies company to send a vastly more targeted catalogue maillot to a broader set of contacts.
    9. 9. Customer Service and Support• A CRM system gives service reps real-time access to the same database used by sales and marketing – Requests for service are created, assigned, and managed – Call center software routes calls to agents (e.g. IVR shall route call to the right agent e.g. Hilton) – Help desk software provides service data and suggestions for solving problems (e.g. bank IVR provides certain details like account balance after user authorization)• Web-based self-service enables customers to access personalized support information
    10. 10. Retention and Loyalty Programs• It costs 6 times more to sell to a new customer• An unhappy customer will tell 8-10 others (e.g. Dominos – 30 mins)• Boosting customer retention by 5 percent can boost profits by 85 percent• The odds of selling to an existing customer are 50 percent; a new one 15 percent• About 70 percent of customers will do business with the company again if a problem is quickly taken care of• Enhancing and optimizing customer retention and loyalty is a primary objective of CRM • Identify, reward, and market to the most loyal and profitable customers • Evaluate targeted marketing and relationship programs• Examples: Shoppers Stop, Hypercity, Jet Airways, Tesco
    11. 11. Benefits of CRM• Benefits of CRM – Identify and target the best customers – Real-time customization and personalization of products and services – Track when and how a customer contacts the company – Provide a consistent customer experience – Provide superior service and support across all customer contact points
    12. 12. CRM Failures• Business benefits of CRM are not guaranteed – 50 percent of CRM projects did not produce promised results – 20 percent damaged customer relationships• Reasons for failure – Lack of understanding and preparation – Not solving business process problems first – No participation on part of business stakeholders involved (e.g. Gevity HR installed Oracle CRM software which helped users solve problems online without an operator. Employees felt threatened and discouraged customers from using the system) – Example: installed a CRM software that was very slow in getting customers data so employees stopped using the same
    13. 13. Trends in CRM• Operational CRM – Supports customer interaction with greater convenience through a variety of channels like phone, fax, e-mail and mobile (e.g. mobile banking, ICICI bank has online chat, Jaslok hospital) – Synchronizes customer interactions consistently across all channels – Makes the company easier to do business with
    14. 14. Trends in CRM• Analytical CRM – Extracts in-depth customer history, preferences, and profitability from databases – Allows prediction of customer value and behavior – Allows forecast of demand – Helps tailor information and offers to customer needs Example: women aged 55-65 is the fastest growing segment on facebook
    15. 15. Trends in CRM• Collaborative CRM – Easy collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners – Improves efficiency and integration throughout supply chain – Greater responsiveness to customer needs through outside sourcing of products and services – use technology to build bridges between departments For example, feedback from a technical support center can enlighten marketers about specific services and product features clients are asking for. Reps, in their turn, want to be able to pursue these opportunities without the burden of re-entering records and contact data into a separate SFA system.
    16. 16. Trends in CRM• Portal-based CRM – Provides users with tools and information that fit their needs – Empowers employees to respond to customer demands more quickly – Helps reps become truly customer-faced – Provides instant access to all internal and external customer information
    17. 17. Harrahs CRM Strategy• This case gives a detailed account of customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives pursued by Harrahs Entertainment Incorporated, a leading casino entertainment company in the US.• It explains the various elements of Harrahs CRM strategy and how each element contributed to the overall success of the strategy.• The late 1990s witnessed a rapid expansion of casinos, especially in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, New Jersey due to relaxations in the US State and Federal gaming laws.• New laws had legalized gaming on riverboats and this led to intense rivalry between casino operators who started spending millions of dollars in opening new extravagant properties that featured shopping malls and hotels in order to attract customers.• Harrah’s is the World’s largest provider of branded casino entertainment, it had business interests in casinos, food & beverages and hotel rooms, there were 4 million square feet of casino space, 40,000 hotel rooms, 100,000 employees , and Operated 21 casinos across the country.• Harrahs decided to follow a different approach as it realized that about 90 percent of its revenues came from its casino business and not from associated ventures.
    18. 18. Harrahs 1• Instead of opening lavish properties, Harrahs initiated a customer relationship management (CRM) program that aimed at developing long-term relationships with its customers that would enable the company to capture a bigger market share in the gaming business.• Harrahs discovered that its customers spent only 36% of their annual gaming budget at the company. It realized that increasing customer spends would translate into significant increase in revenues.• At the heart of Harrahs CRM program was a loyalty program called Total Rewards that rewarded customers in order to stimulate loyalty.• The Total Rewards program was aimed at gathering information about customers and using it to customize the companys marketing programs for each customer.• Customers who enrolled in the Total Rewards program were given an electronic card, which they inserted into the machines they played on.• Customers who agreed to join the Total Gold program had to fill a membership form through which Harrahs obtained data such as their name, address and telephone number, games they played while in their casino, total amount spent on gaming and on which games
    19. 19. Harrahs 2• Total Rewards lets customer earn Reward Credits every time they play with their Total Rewards card at participating casinos• Total rewards program members receive points on based on amount they spend at Harrah’s facilities• Reward Credit balance can be used towards hotel stays, dinner comps, spa visits, and more!• Customer can earn Reward Credits when playing slots, table games, and other games at nearly 40 casinos across the United States and Canada.• He can also earn Reward Credits for his entertainment purchases at participating outlets and participating locations.• He needs to keep his card inserted at the slot machines the entire time he plays, hand it to the cashier when making entertainment purchases, or hand it to the dealer when playing table games.• Every time customer uses the card points are added and more these points more the benefits customer gets• From the moment a customer checks in to the hotel or registers with the casinos loyalty scheme data relating to that individual becomes gold dust and is analyzed and segmented in countless ways
    20. 20. Harrahs 2• Total rewards form basis for 2 part CRM process. First the company uses Total rewards to collect information about its customers. This makes it important to identify its most valuable customers and fine tune its market offerings to its most important customers.• Casino gambling has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment today and this industry still continues to grow even now• With the appearance of online casino gambling, this kind of entertainment grew even more in popularity since it also offers casino free gambling in its online form.• Some of the benefits given by Harrah’s to its premium members are 10% discount at participating gift shops, Discount when you book a cruise vacation, Special Birthday Offer, Exclusive gift every year, Free tournament entry and hotel stay, Tickets to shows in Las Vegas, Complimentary Room Guarantee with 48 hours notice, Annual Celebration Dinner, 15% discount on all regularly priced merchandise in the Total Rewards Merchandise Catalog and so on
    21. 21. Harrahs 3• 250,000 customers come through our doors every day and to give each of them the sense of a personalized experience relies heavily upon technology• So complex is the technological back end to the loyalty card schemes theres hardly an industry which hasnt come to Harrahs to find out how they do it• Three years ago less than 60 per cent of visitors used their loyalty scheme, now it is well over 80 per cent.• Effective mailshots, marketing, hospitality and the tailoring of special offers all hinges on the data which is stored within the CRM systems.• Harrahs CRM has delivered 389 % ROI, year-on-year.• Effective CRM at Harrah’s creates an environment in which customers feel valued and believe they are getting a tailored experience• Casinos are all alike. Most customers can’t distinguish in terms of slot machines, game tables, restaurants, and hotel rooms in different casinos• Customers might go to the Mirage to see the Volcano erupting or go to Steve Wynns new place to see the flowers. They may even throw a few quarters into a machine while they are there but they will come back to Harrahs
    22. 22. Harrahs Mobile Initiative• Their new mobile initiative is fairly straightforward.• Total Rewards guests staying at a Harrah’s property are invited to opt-in through on site promotional collateral.• Once opted into the program, Harrah’s can begin texting offers to the customer• The offers vary, from free parking offers to entertainment tickets. Once the user receives an offer he can redeem the offer via an on-site self service SMS scanner –that authenticates the text message and provides the reward.• One of the examples used to describe the program, was an initiative to get rid of unsold seats for a show. When excess seats are available, a text message is sent to Total Rewards customers. The offers are based on location (meaning the customer is currently staying in the vicinity of the resort and time, therefore the customer is reached when and where it is relevant-when the member is at a casino property. The participant is already fully engaged in the brand experience (visiting a Harrah’s property) so, by adding a mobile Harrah’s is able to add a “real-time” reward dimension to their existing rewards platform.
    23. 23. Harrahs Mobile Initiative 1• What makes the mobile CRM program novel is also what makes it intelligent– not forcing the customer to open themselves up to a barrage of marketing messages, but instead preventing unused inventory from going to waste by giving something of value to its most important customers
    24. 24. Thank You