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Social Networks And The Eight Levels Of User Engagement

Social Networks And The Eight Levels Of User Engagement



SWAT Summit Keynote Presentation by David Smith

SWAT Summit Keynote Presentation by David Smith



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Social Networks And The Eight Levels Of User Engagement Social Networks And The Eight Levels Of User Engagement Presentation Transcript

  • Social Networks and the Eight Levels of User Engagement
  • What is Engagement?
    • The term Engagement was first used by Phil Guarascio from GM and Jim Stengel from P&G as a concept to communicate the advantage that digital had over traditional media
    • The ARF and the AAAAs worked to establish a “definition” several years ago
  • Current Definition
    • Engagement is “turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding content”
  • Proposed Concept
    • Use of the ARF’s Media Model for Communication:
      • Vehicle Distribution
      • Vehicle Exposure
      • Advertising Exposure
      • Advertising Attentiveness
      • Advertising Communication
      • Advertising Persuasion
      • Advertising Response
      • Sales Response
  • Why is this model relevant
    • It defines the communication model for both digital and traditional media
    • First suggested in the early 50’s to normalize the communication effects of TV viewing, Radio listening and Magazine reading
      • Adopted in 1961 by the ARF
    • Update in 2002 to add digital/interactive media effects
    • Accepted by the most sophisticated advertisers as the model for communication
      • They are the ones with the big budgets!
  • Vehicle Distribution Engagement
      • Loyalty of circulation (subscriber renewal for a magazine or a paid web site)
      • Loyalty of TV watching (every week or night for TV)
      • Regularity of visits:
        • Passers by
        • Regulars
        • Addicts
          • (quantcast measurements)
  • Facebook Effective Uniques
  • Mapquest Effective Uniques
  • Vehicle Exposure (Content Exposure) Engagement
      • Someone who views a video from beginning to end
      • Does not leave the room or change channels for TV
      • Reads a magazine all the way through
      • Someone who uses a widget to the finish
      • Someone who plays a game to completion
      • Has a Web site in the foreground window most or all of the time
      • Any medium in the “foreground”
      • It’s possible to have exposure with no apparent effect that proves to be effective later…
  • Advertising Exposure Engagement
      • Vehicle Reach on the Internet does not mean that they are exposed to your ad
      • TV, could have left the room
      • Web, ad could be buried in another window
      • Magazine reader does not turn to the page
      • What the ARF calls an OTS-Opportunity To See
      • A true impression
      • DR involves and exposure and action all in one. That’s true engagement
      • In social media, this could also be a product recommendation
  • Advertising Attentiveness Exposure Engagement
      • Companies like Starch and ASI were built on testing ads for attentiveness
      • A pure measurement of Engagement
      • In social networking, this could be brand discovery
  • Advertising Communication Engagement
      • Recall absorption
        • If they remember your ad, you have a lot better shot
        • This means that the consumer “gets it”
        • Many times, frequency is needed to break through
        • Understanding of the premise is necessary to break through
        • Creates interest, maybe the consumer to tell others, one of the most positive effects of communication
          • E.g., sending a widget or video to others
          • Or, telling someone about something they saw or read
  • Advertising Persuasion Engagement
      • One of the most important
        • Persuasion is a terrific measure of changing people’s predispositions
        • Some times this comes from an endorsement from a friend
      • Persuasion can also create purchase intent and preference
      • In a CRM mode, it can create heavier usage or even increase loyalty
      • In theory, once they are persuaded, you just have to keep communicating to them until they are in the purchase cycle
  • Advertising Response Engagement
      • This is why we advertise, or develop other types of communication, whether it is a video, widget or other mechanism: to get them to do something
        • Clickthrough
        • Viewthrough
        • Physical interaction
          • Download
          • Sign up
        • Behavioral engagement
          • Getting them to do something
            • Pass along/forward
            • Invite someone else
  • Sales Response Engagement
      • The reason we all are here
      • True engagement
      • The ultimate consumer action
      • Top of the scale on the money level
        • Vote with $$
  • The 8 In Review
      • Vehicle Distribution Engagement
      • Vehicle Exposure Engagement
      • Advertising Exposure Engagement
      • Advertising Attentiveness Engagement
      • Advertising Communication Engagement
      • Advertising Persuasion Engagement
      • Advertising Response Engagement
      • Sales Response Engagement
  • Thanks! David L Smith CEO Mediasmith [email_address]