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SNAP Summit 2.0: MySpace Keynote
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SNAP Summit 2.0: MySpace Keynote


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Slides from Jim Benedetto's Keynote at SNAP Summit 2.0

Slides from Jim Benedetto's Keynote at SNAP Summit 2.0

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • Transcript

    • 1. SNAP Summit 2.0 March 25, 2008
    • 2. MySpace Developer Platform
      • EcoSystem History
      • MySpace Developer Platform APIs
      • OpenSocial
      • Platform Surfaces
      • Security, Privacy and Safety
      • Balancing Virality and User Experience
      • Monetization
    • 3. MySpace Application Ecosystem History
      • MySpace users have been using applications for years
        • YouTube
        • PhotoBucket
        • Slide
        • RockYou
      • Existed because of core MySpace values:
        • Minimal creative restrictions
        • Encouraging self expression
        • Maintaining high levels of customizability
      • Beneficial to users, developers, and the MySpace ecosystem as a whole
    • 4. MySpace Developer Platform: APIs
      • OpenSocial APIs
        • JavaScript/HTML for embedded applications
        • With MySpace-Specific Extensions
      • REST APIs
        • Enables server-server communication
        • Oath authentication
          • Lays the technical groundwork for data “availability” and “portability”
      • ActionScript APIs
        • Flash support
    • 5. Why OpenSocial?
      • Commitment to Open Standards
        • Openness has always been key to MySpace’s success
        • Openness helps everyone
      • Portability
        • Developers can spend more time building a great product rather than rebuilding it for every social network
      • Leverages existing web technologies
        • No need to learn proprietary development languages
    • 6. OpenSocial Support
      • Full support of OpenSocial public spec
      • Currently support V0.6
        • Support for V0.7 coming soon
      • MySpace-specific extensions
        • Bulletins
        • Additional attributes for bands, etc.
    • 7. Surfaces
      • Profile Surface
      • Canvas Surface
      • User Homepage Surface
        • Powerful, user specific surface
        • Enables the application to show
        • specific data to a user (that might
        • not be relevant on a users profile)
      • Application Gallery
      • Application Profile
    • 8. Security, Privacy and Safety
      • We have industry leading security technology and safety practices
      • Applications will go through a safety review process before going live to our members.
      • Applications will be governed by the same privacy controls that are in place for members
          • An application will never have access to information that cannot be found on any member’s profile page
      • We will be employing new technology designed to ensure that applications are safe for end-consumers
        • Caja – MySpace and Google Joint Javascript Sanitizer
        • Proprietary MySpace Technology
    • 9. Balancing Virality and User Experience
      • Ensuring Virality Vs. User Experience
        • Taking a long term approach to growth and distribution
        • Ensure a clean application experience
      • Artificial/Spammy growth is not necessary
      • Measured approach to application growth
        • Initially applications will be able to initiate the workflow for sending a message on a 1:1 basis
      • Restrictive early on, slowly increase communication channels
    • 10. The Business of Social Platforms
      • Monetizing social media is hard for traditional players because traditional approaches don’t work
      • We are laser focused on solving this problem:
        • 300 people in sales: Class 1 – branded sales, Class 2 – performance sales, Class 3 – network
        • 150 engineers and product managers in Monetization Technology
        • All of our inventory runs off of one ad server and we can yield-optimize every singe impression
      • Our philosophy: sell PEOPLE not PAGES
    • 11. Ad Products Driven by User Data Behavioral: Groups, Content pages Demographic Geographic Declared Interests Blogs & Unstructured Data Friends: Relationships Brand affinity Backgrounds and images
    • 12. Hyper-Targeting Product Overview
      • Powerful new tool that leverages MySpace’s unique platform for self-expression
      • Aggregates users with shared interests into targeting segments
      • Offers efficient means of targeting people around their passions
      • Meet Brad, Sports fan and Music lover:
    • 13. Hyper-Targeting vs. Traditional Models Freely expressed data in a user’s Personal Profile offers marketers more authentic, powerful, and direct targeting beyond common proxy methods General Web Proxies MySpace User-Expressed Demographic Behavioral Content Targeting Method Required or optional registration data Pages viewed, clicker retargeting Personal fitness and sports articles, search terms, shopping sections Male, 28, Aries, CU Boulder grad, nonsmoker, want kids someday Sample Target ATHLETIC SHOE BUYER (M18+, Active, Sports Fans, Healthy) About Me: “I feel the need for speed – bring it on” Interests : running, fitness, outdoors, South Park, travel, NFL, Phish Blog: “I need your support! have gone off deep end and agreed to cycle 100 miles…” Comments, Photos, Videos Member : The Raider Nation, Snowboarders, Track & Field Runners Friend: Nike and Jeep Communities
    • 14. Hyper-Targeting Example: Movie Category Action/Adventure Thrillers Comedies Concepts Action Classics Crime Thrillers African-American Comedies Tragedy Action Comedies Erotic Thrillers British Comedies Animals Action Thrillers Espionage Thrillers Cult Comedies Nature Adventures Foreign Mystery & Suspense Dark Humor & Black Comedies Educational African-American Action Mobster Foreign Comedies Holidays & Christmas Blockbusters Mystery Latino Comedies Battles Comic Books & Superheroes Murder Mysteries Political Comedies Betrayal Crime Action Political Thrillers Slapstick Heroes Deadly Disasters Sci-Fi Thrillers Spoofs & Satire Violence Espionage Action Supernatural Thrillers Sports Comedies Gore Foreign Action Suspense Stand-Up Affairs & Love Triangles Martial Arts Disney Film Military & War Action Animation Romance Sequel Westerns Anime/Japanimation African-American Romance True Stories Foreign Romance Essential Cinema Children & Family Dramas Romance Classics Based On A Novel Family Movies African-American Dramas Romantic Comedies Tragedy Children's Movies Biographies Romantic Dramas Animals Teen Comedies Courtroom Dramas Love Stories Nature Teen Dramas Crime Dramas Educational Teen Romance Cult Dramas Classics Holidays & Christmas Film Noir Classic Comedies Battles Documentaries Foreign Drama Classic Dramas Betrayal Latino Dramas Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy Heroes Religion & Spirituality Melodrama Classic Thrillers Violence General Religion & Faith Military Dramas Classic War Stories Gore Christianity & The Bible Period Pieces Classic Westerns Affairs & Love Triangles New Age/Metaphysical Political Dramas Epics Disney Film Death & The Afterlife Romantic Dramas Foreign Classics Sequel Good vs Evil Showbiz Dramas True Stories Sports Dramas Foreign Essential Cinema Tearjerkers Foreign Classics Based On A Novel Sci-Fi & Fantasy Foreign Drama Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy Horror Foreign Romance By Actor/Director/Title Alien Sci-Fi B-Movie Horror Foreign Action Top Films (100) Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy Foreign Horror Foreign Mystery & Suspense Top Actors (40) Fantasy Ghost Stories Foreign Sci-Fi/Fantasy Top Producers/Directors (20) Foreign Sci-Fi/Fantasy Horror Classics Foreign Comedies Sci-Fi Adventure Monsters Foreign Horror Sci-Fi Dramas Satanic Stories Sci-Fi Horror Slashers and Serial Killers Sports Sci-Fi Thrillers Supernatural Horror Baseball Space Teen Screams Basketball Supernatural Sci-Fi Vampires Boxing & Wrestling
    • 15. Hyper-Targeting Example: Auto AUTO Meet Thomas, car buff:
    • 16. Hyper-Targeting Example: Health & Fitness Meet Southern Girl, athlete and running fan: HEALTH & FITNESS
    • 17. Over 150 Advertisers Use MySpace Hyper-Targeting