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About the application Cooliris

About the application Cooliris

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  • 1. By: Alex Judson Etienne Khalife & Rachael Fischer
  • 2. Who makes it/Publishes it?
    • Cooliris Inc.
    • Headquartered in Palo Alto Ca.
    • Privately owned
  • 3. What is the application?
    • Web browser plug in
    • Provides for highly attractive web slideshows of online video and images.
    • Supports: Google images, Yahoo images, Flicker, YouTube, Live Image Search, Photobucket, Smugmug, Fotki and any website that uses RSS.
    • Also One can shop and compare on through Cooliris
  • 4. Why Did we choose it?
    • Its pretty
    • Pretty KICK ASS!
    • We chose it because of the visual appeal and how easy it makes it to find images and videos online.
    • We saw it as the visualization of Web 2.0
  • 5. How does the company make money?
    • As you scroll through the results for your searches on videos or images a number of the included results are advertisements.
    • The theory behind this is that as you look through the videos you may see an add of a product related to your search that would interest you and you would click on it.
    • Then the company sponsoring the add gets more directed viewership.
  • 6. An Add
  • 7. Does the Application have potential?
    • Most likely this website will not be the next mega company on the net.
    • However the ability to search through this many image and video hosting websites has a definite appeal which will only grow as the number of host websites grows.
    • Additionally the ability to create online slideshows including images and video will be increasingly useful with the growth of user created websites in web 2.0.
  • 8. Evaluation
    • The application is very easy to use both in searching for videos or pictures online.
    • Additionally its very easy to upload pictures and videos to the website to contribute to the growing web 2.0 mass of user information.
    • And of course, it looks awesome.
  • 9. Why is it web 2.0?
    • User contributed content
    • Tagging
    • Community
    • Synthesis of websites and applications
    • Rich user experience
  • 10. How does it matchup?
    • Very few websites or applications out there have an identical or even similar purpose.
    • The application of transverse searches on multiple browsers is highly innovative and useful.
    • Additionally it is free!
    • Cooliris is unique in that it allows you to visualize your search objects which removes limitations and makes searches much more efficient.
  • 11. Team fantasies
    • Our team wishes that the application had more databases available. Especially for video.
    • Plus we would like to see a more in depth summery as you scroll over a search option.
  • 12. The End!!!