Your Membership Organization: Does It Provide Value?

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  • 1. Your Membership Organization: Does It Provide Value?
  • 2. The Question on Every Prospect’s Mind “What am I going to get out of this organization?” People won’t be committed to an organization that doesn’t provide substantial returns for their time. What they want: VALUE
  • 3. Review Your Organization’s ValuesExercise: Write down a list of services/ advantages your association provides members
  • 4. Ask Following Questions for Each Value Listed Is this value reflected in the marketing tools? If not, how can you incorporate them into your brochures, emails, website, etc.? Are your able to tell a real life story about a member (or yourself) who has benefitted from this value? Have these stories committed to memory so you are ready to share them on the spot.
  • 5. Were the following items on your value list? Networking Education and Accreditation Recognition and Awards Social Benefits AltruismThese are common expectations for membership organizations, soif your association is lacking any these items, come up with waysyou can add them.
  • 6. Get Insight from Existing Members Best way to understand the mood of your organization is to ask members Survey current members to find out what value they gain from the association Use your membership management software’s survey software or a free online survey tool Responses will allow you to find out what are your best assets are and areas for improvement
  • 7. Conclusion Turn prospects into dedicated members by demonstrating the VALUE of your association Share your VALUE in: written materials marketing brochures website emails verbally when you are asked questions
  • 8. Inspiration to ShareYour Association’s Value “Strive not be a success, butrather to be of value.”Albert Einstein
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