How to make a double page spread
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How to make a double page spread

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  • 1. How to make a double page spread using InDesign Rahel Fasil
  • 2. My task!I was given the task of recreating this Twilight magazine spread.
  • 3. Here is my finished product..THIS IS THE FINISHED PRODUCT!
  • 4. Now here are the steps to how I made it..
  • 5. Step 1I opened up the InDesign files that had all the pictures I needed for thespread.
  • 6. Step 2 This is the text box I createdBy clicking the Text tool on the left hand side I was able to create a text boxso I could write the first paragraph in the spread.
  • 7. Step 3In order to colour the text box I had to click the ‘Swatches’ button and I was ableto select the colour I preferred.
  • 8. Step 4Now that i’ve created my purple text box, I can now make white text. In order todo this you must click on the text box and go on ‘Swatches’ then click the colouryou want.
  • 9. Step 5I now want to make a navy blue text box so I do the same as before, but this typeof blue isn’t on the available list so I click on a similar colour and then modify thatcolour using these filters to make the desired colour
  • 10. Step 6I added a few more text boxes like I did previously and I moved the photos around totheir correct place.
  • 11. Step 7I made a white text box for the caption of the photo
  • 12. Step 8This is the textbox I havemade The next text box I need to make is diagonal so after creating the text box I will need to use the rotation tool..
  • 13. Step 9Firstly, usethe directselectiontool
  • 14. Step 10Then you click the selection tool (black arrow) to move it to where you want it tobe
  • 15. Step 11This is where it should be......
  • 16. Step 12After clicking on the text box I was able to add text